Beardy McBeardface
Beardy McBeardface Prije 14 sati
Always thought it was an ugly car. Certainly never dreamt of owning one. Now the F40 on the other hand...
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Prije 14 sati
you're doing good in life even if you aren't driving and just see this out the window of your house
The Smoking Plank
The Smoking Plank Prije 14 sati
When it comes to 80s and early 90s supercars the f40 would be my choice
Nicolas Taylor
Nicolas Taylor Prije 14 sati
Those two cars could pay for all the cars on hoovies channel in the past two years
Jdp1901 Prije 14 sati
My only question is where is he finding these vehicles under 1000?
Jay Pence
Jay Pence Prije 14 sati
Try years and not months
fZ57EWtAgkLzyQ2 Prije 14 sati
I wouldn’t sell these, they’re going to go through the roof long term
Jimmy P
Jimmy P Prije 14 sati
You cant park in some garages with the van. Its good for the country
Faustino T
Faustino T Prije 14 sati
my favorite car is a chevy astro van. I love that car so much in spirit due it's sentimental value and meaning to me. Do you have one in the garage I can own spiritually?
Silas Marner
Silas Marner Prije 15 sati
Interesting appraisals and I though that was cool of you to do all of that.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Prije 15 sati
The only Lamborghini that’s really beautiful is the Miura
Ron Chang
Ron Chang Prije 15 sati
"That's not a door you should open."
race38dirt Prije 15 sati
Get an original personality. It's seriously distracting with the hokey breathy talk and the wannabe Jim Carey impersonations. It doesn't make you funny or interesting, it just makes you look like you're trying too hard.
Stanley Chung
Stanley Chung Prije 15 sati
Design a car trek episode with them featuring them then sell them all except the one you like the most.
Curt Nelson
Curt Nelson Prije 15 sati
I think he sounds more like Carl Sagan than Jeff Goldblum. But then a lot of people watching this have sadly never heard him talk.
Adi Vemireddy
Adi Vemireddy Prije 15 sati
“They could bring back the Hummer. Obviously a comeback is never gonna happen.” - Hoovie GMC in 2020: The all new Hummer EV, now meaner and faster than the H2.
Treachery Prije 15 sati
Awesome style! But that smog/emissions friendly engine has got to go!
Gerry Freeman
Gerry Freeman Prije 15 sati
Whoever put those wheels on it ? Man you people stateside make mechanics millionaires. Sorry repair shop are out of control And customers are victims ' Depending on how deep your valet ' My acessment would be to look it away and find a Benz mechanic , from a dealer to work at a weekend for $500
Scrapcash2 Prije 16 sati
Warranty is good till he is out of diapers. LMAO. How far did it make it. 4 or 6 months before you bought the extended Range Rover for her? You have a problem, just put the checkbook down and seek help for your hording issues.
race38dirt Prije 16 sati
Why is this goof so breathy when he talks? I can't pay attention to anything he's saying. It's too irritating and distracting.
pancudowny Prije 16 sati
Two complaints about the earlier Countaches was their temperamental nature with carburetors, and the vented fuel system causing the odor of gasoline to permeate the cabin. Thankfully, the conversion to fuel injection on American models (Part of meeting EPA smog requirements) included a vapor collection system, as commonly found on American cars beginning in the 1968-m/y.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Prije 15 sati
How tall are you? Just so we would get a perspective of how tight it is
Rick Shaw
Rick Shaw Prije 16 sati
That Doug guy called. Stop.
SIR ROUND SOUND Prije 16 sati
Gee whiz you're a schmuck Hoovie
Throttle Response
Throttle Response Prije 16 sati
Hoovie confused on his Lamborghini value Few weeks later THISSS.... is 1998 Lamborghini Diablo vt and thisss is mine
corey Wilmer
corey Wilmer Prije 16 sati
Were the rolling shots filmed on a toothpick?
cody louis
cody louis Prije 16 sati
Dood.. I am sorry but how the fuck much was it? That's legitimately like the main reason I sat through this. Guess I'll just Google? Fucking straight up ANNOYING HRpostrs......
Treachery Prije 16 sati
i don't like this particular year of the Countach. I like the year of the black Countach featured in The Cannonball Run. That model year was so cool including the front wing.
thsuperreallycoolguy Prije 16 sati
Casey Groves
Casey Groves Prije 17 sati
Nathan For Yoovie
samfungccim Prije 17 sati
so you just need some valuation for insurance purpose?
Casey Groves
Casey Groves Prije 17 sati
Flat as a pancake... Indiana?
Валентин Мишустин
Валентин Мишустин Prije 17 sati
You are the best men..... Hi from Kazakstan😁💪
Rick Towers
Rick Towers Prije 17 sati
I didn't know Dough de Muro lost weight!! 🤣 🤣
Vintage Feen
Vintage Feen Prije 17 sati
Dream car... only thing i would do is change everything to make it a smoother driving car in the modern era
deadlypotatoes Prije 17 sati
7:09 to know the appraisal price. Then move on to another less annoying video.
Stoyan Georgiev
Stoyan Georgiev Prije 17 sati
E38 body undoubtedly is my favorite BMW 7 series sedan and one of the best looking 4 door executive cars period! This era of cars together with E39 - 5 series, E36 and E46 - 3 Series generations are the last decent cars from BMW that still have the quality of the materials from the 90's and even 80's. And yes, they have their problems too, but Nothing like the Era of the plastic BMW's starting with E60, E65 and the following cars with the Turbo- JUNK motors. ( E90 an E92 M3 with a S65 engine excluded). It is a real shame that "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is turning to be a company producing way too many and pointless X- drive and ugly SUV's and Crossovers with awful design and poor reliability. Not to mention the absolutely terrible resale value. I wish the executives in Munich wake up soon and look at carefully the Iconic Real Bimmers like E24, E28, E30 M3, E36 M3, E39 M5 ....
TheNecromancer6666 Prije 17 sati
A well maintained Countach is actually a great car. I drove my bosses one on multiple occasions. It is terrible to park and go slowly but when its warm, you make that 6 Weber Carbs Breathe, and you push it.... Suddenly it starts working. It comes alive.
Farfars Favoriter -TriJ
Farfars Favoriter -TriJ Prije 17 sati
jesus fkn christ sir those couples of lambos are out of this frkn world
Cletus Cletus
Cletus Cletus Prije 18 sati
I have a 27 year old ford and a 22 year dodge
FishHardOrGoHome Prije 18 sati
First time watcher of your channel this popped up had to watch it great idea loved the vid subscribed now
Steven S
Steven S Prije 18 sati
Hoovie, are the Lambos heirloom pieces or are they going to sell at some point?
jason speratos
jason speratos Prije 18 sati
Douche bag
chris lucas
chris lucas Prije 18 sati
Your a Funny Man
Saitama Prije 19 sati
That belongs to Tommy Vercetti. He took it from a guy named Lance Vance.
Saitama Prije 19 sati
I just really want my Japanese shitbox dream, and even that is still too much to ask for.
Geof Bigbear
Geof Bigbear Prije 19 sati
‘Mercedes reliability is a myth’ so the first thing Hoovie buys is a set of mags😂
keytothegate K
keytothegate K Prije 19 sati
Said he doesn't want to sell it-let;s bet he sold it
rapierce99 Prije 19 sati
My 2011 6.7 has 230k on it and there are millions out there since 2011 they have 200k on them and still selling for 25k plus. These trucks are easily 500k truck. There was a 2011 few years ago traded in with 840k on it was a transport truck.
jack black
jack black Prije 19 sati
I think it’s extremely tacky to buy a dream car of this magnitude and dog it out for HRpost views. The car is beautiful and you don’t deserve it
Pex_the_Unalive Drunk
Pex_the_Unalive Drunk Prije 19 sati
Car Max is low balling on that Diablo....1 of only 200 with the removable top, I wouldn't accept any less than $220,000 on that one, and would keep it until someone made me an offer of around a quarter mil for it.
OG Daz
OG Daz Prije 19 sati
Thats a real fine slab you got there buddy :)
Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells
Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells Prije 19 sati
those damn luudes!
Andy Brown
Andy Brown Prije 19 sati
I now have something in common with a Lamborghini owner. My 1973 beetle used to honk the horn when turning a corner.
ari rizaj
ari rizaj Prije 19 sati
That shop need the Albanian flag 🇦🇱! That’s all that it’s missing! Hajde oh Shqipe
John Williams
John Williams Prije 20 sati
Did I hear a fart at 8:08???
Lee Duncan
Lee Duncan Prije 20 sati
Jeff Goldblum would play you in a movie. Just saying.
Lion Infamous
Lion Infamous Prije 20 sati
Diablo was the first car i fell in love with summer of 96💪
Anthony Lawson
Anthony Lawson Prije 20 sati
Never seen you so excited. It was like Christmas morning and you were 5! lol Amazing cars!
jaysmooth6103 Prije 20 sati
How tall are you? Just so we would get a perspective of how tight it is
Fredmfk2005 Prije 20 sati
You know you oldschool when you can identify the alpine radio on that dashboard ;)
Yu Toob
Yu Toob Prije 20 sati
i first saw this in Playboy in mid 80s and I think the price was $130,000. (I just typed this before you said $145,000. damn now you just said porn and porn star, it's like you're reading my mind). I think miami vice had an episode with it..
ncrdisabled Submarine vet
ncrdisabled Submarine vet Prije 20 sati
i am just a poor disabled vet and man it would be nice to have money like you do.
Blinddruid1 Prije 20 sati
If you are six feet four, there won't be too many cars that you will like. Just sayin--
Joel Likes Cars
Joel Likes Cars Prije 20 sati
A funny prank would be getting out of a luxury car in public dropping stacks of cash looking at it and then waving your head as you walk away as if you don't car at all
RSVTuono Prije 20 sati
0:40 "But the Challenger name had a *worst* fate." A "worst" fate? OK I'm done here...
Olegario Martinez
Olegario Martinez Prije 21 sat
Keep all three. I would love to own just one but if I were you, I would just have the wizard fix them and I would keep them.
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson Prije 21 sat
John its amazing what you've done, you dress, look, and slouch like a homeless guy under the nearest bridge
Antonio Robles
Antonio Robles Prije 21 sat
Great video buddy !!!! Keep up the great work 💪🙏👍
polystictus Prije 21 sat
Remarkably, they did have a lot of drag. Before the latest ones they had air boxes as intakes that really created drag. I had a 1979 Countach S with the "low body" that was a little narrower between the roof top and rocker panel bottom. They had even less driver head room so they changed that in 1980 which created a bigger gap between the front tire and the bottom of the front flare. I was 5'8" so not a problem and pretty comfortable. At full throttle, it would not go past 6,000 rpms and about 145 mph. My car was carbureted with a little higher horsepower rating than the next fuel injected cars. At the time there were no such thing as Lamborghini dealers, they were gray market cars. I don't think much more than 150 like mine were made and only 50 with the Bravo (telephone dial ) wheels that I had plus early SW gauges before those with Lamborghini logos in 1980. Was pretty radical then...like a spaceship and so few around except the occasional original Countach with no flares that are pretty rarely seen these days.
John Koppel
John Koppel Prije 21 sat
Hoovie I am a loyal supporter of yours I've been watching your channel for well over two years probably well over three Teen Nick Harper brought back great great great memories from my I was a kid if you're ever looking to get rid of this please hoovey reach out and just let me know if I have the money for it I promise I will buy this off of you I love everything you have been doing I love all your content the Wizards great the ninja is awesome and thank you again for making my day a little better every time one of your videos comes out sincerely Johnny K
DJ SuperstarRockin Jay
DJ SuperstarRockin Jay Prije 21 sat
The side window that you call useless, is what you use to reverse the door is up and you sit side ways on that big wide door sill and reverse, that’s what this window is for
Tu Papi 69
Tu Papi 69 Prije 21 sat
Best car team on youtube. It's like Batman and Robin🥰🥰🥰
jeff 775
jeff 775 Prije 21 sat
11:31 ford ranger
Cicada Smasher
Cicada Smasher Prije 21 sat
Is this guy related to Jeff Goldbum?
Dae Dismantled
Dae Dismantled Prije 21 sat
You have way more money than you deserve.
John Teslov
John Teslov Prije 21 sat
Dude sell it. We saw the video, we got what we needed, you got the views, just sell it and make some money
Skydive Prije 21 sat
i wanted to strangle somebody when i saw the first part of the title
Andrew Dees
Andrew Dees Prije 21 sat
Ya, u aint lying. Ive lusted after that car since i was a lil dude, killing everyone with the sword of greyskull. But i have as much a chance now as i did then.
Dan Velikaneye
Dan Velikaneye Prije 21 sat
GT5 and GT5S Pantera's have same width parelli tires, annoying listening to this guy bash the coolest poster car in the world. Why buy it and just talk trash.
Gray Matter
Gray Matter Prije 21 sat
your title is a fallacy... never generalize... not everyone dreams of owning a lamborghini.