I Took My "Pimp My Ride" Van to Carmax for an Appraisal

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The Prodigy
The Prodigy Prije 3 sati
This is a caravan 🤦
NoisySkully Prije 4 sati
Sounding like Shaggy
Dm755 Prije 11 sati
Sending that van to Africa is a bit racial. Just sayin’
Vinny Flores
Vinny Flores Prije 14 sati
Gawd Yur shaggy voice and impressions is so annoying.
hvd_ethan Prije dan
them subs look junk, he said 4 subs lmao there are 2 10s n 2 coaxial speakers
jesse b
jesse b Prije 2 dana
i would've stripped the electronics n sold it for 500
MarchHare59 Prije 2 dana
The quad-monitor entertainment system in the back of the Pimp-My-Ride mini-van is a great idea, because it gives you something to watch while you're pushing it around town. Every Chrysler should have this feature!
nate Prije 3 dana
now doug and hoovie are gonna be beefin.
JJwtff Prije 4 dana
This is the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen
Talk Siick
Talk Siick Prije 4 dana
Car max be like - 1500$ n resell it for 29k
Linda H
Linda H Prije 5 dana
I driven a few cars to it's final resting place. Here they call them Junk Yards. lol
Linda H
Linda H Prije 5 dana
I saw a Dodge Grand Caravan done up a little better. A 40" flat screen and a PS4 Pro in the back seat. 2,000 watt amp and 4 12" Pyle driver speakers. On yours I don't get the 4 small TVs way in the back.
r0c_it films
r0c_it films Prije 5 dana
Yooooo.... You are amazing for doing this. I’m LOLing so hard... Poor Doug! 😭😭😭
Daniel Kubenz
Daniel Kubenz Prije 6 dana
1.9 million??? Sure why don’t you tell me about the quirks and features leave dog alone 🧀🍆
GerardoN85 Prije 6 dana
Can’t wait to watch part 2 in 9 years
clive mwallo
clive mwallo Prije 7 dana
He just need shorts to complete the Doug look
Ryan Wequ
Ryan Wequ Prije 8 dana
I still hate the trend of putting TVs in cars. Thankfully it has died out
Jonny Fodaw
Jonny Fodaw Prije 9 dana
You remind me of Morty (from rick and morty, if you didnt get if). The way you look and the way you talk xD
William Hall
William Hall Prije 9 dana
Stop stealing dougs “this”
William Hall
William Hall Prije 9 dana
Oh... oh.... nvm
Tristin Blaisdell
Tristin Blaisdell Prije 9 dana
This guy looks like Frankie Muniz if he was missing a few Chromozones , great videos tho keep it up
Chuck Sterbunny
Chuck Sterbunny Prije 10 dana
I almost bailed when he said 30 minutes.
Yacob Irie
Yacob Irie Prije 11 dana
Yacob Irie
Yacob Irie Prije 11 dana
Build it better
mizzouxc Prije 11 dana
Vince Neil
Vince Neil Prije 15 dana
they are stil pimping rides in EUROPE
Pablo 1
Pablo 1 Prije 18 dana
His voice sort of sounds like nardwuar
Diesel's Garage
Diesel's Garage Prije 19 dana
I travelled from Alabama to Kansas just to see the van at Midwest. They would not let me see it because it was on a lift and only a mechanic could get it down. I was just so let down... not really. They were very sorry as I had come so far. I did get a good video up of the Museum.
Hodge Quinn
Hodge Quinn Prije 21 dan
That Doug bit was perfect I literally lol
Chris Orobello
Chris Orobello Prije 21 dan
This guy is so corny its painful
SlimesByMrSalma Prije 23 dana
I like how he did a Doug intro and the Doug style I like that
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije 28 dana
Out of all the 90's grand caravans I've ever seen this is definitely one of them!!!
James Tate
James Tate Prije mjesec
1.50 he sounds like shaggy lmao
Michael Knight
Michael Knight Prije mjesec
Trolling Doug Demuro
Mikhail Anatoliy
Mikhail Anatoliy Prije mjesec
HRpost autoplayed in the background while I was writing an essay and I SWEAR I thought this was Doug at first
yulmp2 Prije mjesec
I love the tramp stamp paint job!
Wicked Snake
Wicked Snake Prije mjesec
I never thought I would say this but lucky owner for having this car
Edwin Lewis
Edwin Lewis Prije mjesec
You copied Doug
FLINTmitten810 Prije mjesec
You gained all my respect for that spot on Doug impression along with the retro motorweek music. Now let’s give it a dougscore. 🤣
cuda 74- studios
cuda 74- studios Prije mjesec
Did he just roast Doug demuro?
J L Prije mjesec
Now I want to visit this place.
Kedar Zambaulikar
Kedar Zambaulikar Prije mjesec
You talk too much
joe schmuckatelli
joe schmuckatelli Prije mjesec
Your personality sucks. You are trying way too hard
Jerry Li
Jerry Li Prije mjesec
It's worth scrap metal
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Prije mjesec
In America, that does qualify as a cultural monument, sadly.
steven heckert
steven heckert Prije mjesec
Any hopes I might have that this van might have any quality or pride of craftsmanship are instantly dispelled by the fact that they left the back of the jewelry station so rough and crude. Would it have been so hard to duplicate some of the detail on the back area by the sub woofers and four screens at this point as well so you could show of that? If your going to gold plate a turd at least flip the thing over and get all sides of the thing
Streams4Charities Prije mjesec
Car max hates youtubers I bet you
Leo Sierra
Leo Sierra Prije mjesec
Do Doug and hoovie have beef???
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox Prije mjesec
Surprised they didn't even do anything about those massive wheel gaps
Francis Oliver
Francis Oliver Prije mjesec
Im gonna buy this for a dollar. You know Im taking a lot of risk in here. #GumGumz lofi music ✌️
_Saints_Madness_ Prije mjesec
lol feels like I'm watching a children's TV show. You could host blues clues and the background music is 80s weird.
Brandon Leavitt
Brandon Leavitt Prije mjesec
lolmanboss Prije mjesec
Actually i am satisfied where it landed. Better in a museum where its taken care of instead of some random guy who does not appreciate as much and parks it in the front yard. And as a plus you can just visit the place if you want to see it yourself.
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith Prije mjesec
I think the new LA car museum may have a place for it also.
Jared Gillespie
Jared Gillespie Prije mjesec
To much theatrics
Eliteguille Prije mjesec
1:35 I believe that was called a dougasm -Tavarish
Shawn Miller
Shawn Miller Prije mjesec
I would have watched this entire video if it were not for the narrator being a douche
Mike Hamelin
Mike Hamelin Prije mjesec
Manhattan Kansas?
Sevencityrandomvids Prije mjesec
Did anyone else think drew was harry styles at first?
LegoBeast Prije mjesec
Doug 😂
Charlton Heston
Charlton Heston Prije mjesec
The doug impersonation is easy for him because he has the same mannerisms to begin with
AtomMother Heart1970
AtomMother Heart1970 Prije mjesec
Did his BALLS drop by the end of this video???
Carl Witherspoon
Carl Witherspoon Prije mjesec
Why do you sound like Doug Demuro?
film79 Prije mjesec
Your shirt game is off the hook, Daddy Doug better watch out because the student might soon become the master.
badtolz2122 Prije mjesec
Thank you Advanced Auto Parts....
Medical Dabs
Medical Dabs Prije mjesec
I need this
anoop prashar
anoop prashar Prije mjesec
I would have given him 5k for it.
Torrin Santana
Torrin Santana Prije mjesec
da fuck shaggy
_life_is_a_meme_ :3
_life_is_a_meme_ :3 Prije mjesec
I think this guy definitely came in his pants multiple times
LikwidFoX Prije mjesec
The 3 shirts is spot on but at least one needs to be bacon necked
Kurt Dasman
Kurt Dasman Prije mjesec
I literally had to stop watching the video because of that stupid fucking whimpering you were doing. I would’ve loved to see the whole video too, but that whimpering noise was WAY too explosively irritating
yan boissonneault
yan boissonneault Prije mjesec
Ls swap it 😂😂😂🤣
Daniel Clay
Daniel Clay Prije mjesec
Love the Doug parody 😂
Willybuck Vashai
Willybuck Vashai Prije 2 mjeseci
Look what it’s doing to your hair!! Yeah, was super close to his eye; honestly a little surprised he didn’t start writhing in. “OH HOLY SHIT BALLS! I’M BLIND!” I mean obviously not, but you know... lazer right next to your eye... it could happen.
Not the Real James Woods Woods
Not the Real James Woods Woods Prije 2 mjeseci
He wanted to say "this really belongs in a scrap yard"
Sick Boy
Sick Boy Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotta be stupid...
NSU Lil Ezi
NSU Lil Ezi Prije 2 mjeseci
Isn’t it a dodge
Islam and Coffee
Islam and Coffee Prije 2 mjeseci
That show was actually fake for the most part and bullshit if you actually look into it and know the history
the Opinionator
the Opinionator Prije 2 mjeseci
Another brilliant Hoovie episode. The Smithsonian...meh,the Louvre...meh. Under Gravedigger at a car crushing...maybe.
the Opinionator
the Opinionator Prije 2 mjeseci
Is this still Tavarish' car? Didnt watch Tavarish' whole series on this ride.
Ashwin ps
Ashwin ps Prije 2 mjeseci
He gave it to hoovie
Thomas Ross
Thomas Ross Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah they took that off the floor as soon as they stopped taping this. I wouldn't want that piece of crap on the same floor as all those classic cars. Junk yard no doubt
Fanboy Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m sure Doug talks nothing like that
Scott Threet Jr
Scott Threet Jr Prije 2 mjeseci
Did Doug demuro get younger
Yis Prije 2 mjeseci
"Starting with the weekend catagory with styling...."
Chris Thayer
Chris Thayer Prije 2 mjeseci
Get the Lamborghini suv
Hassan Safwan
Hassan Safwan Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy is trying so hard to be Doug demuro
clayton decowski
clayton decowski Prije 2 mjeseci
This dude wants to be Doug so bad
Casey Michel
Casey Michel Prije 2 mjeseci
I just stumbled across this channel. what is wrong with this guy? is he autistic or something?
Thomas Cowden
Thomas Cowden Prije 2 mjeseci
You sound like nardwuar
kevin pitts
kevin pitts Prije 2 mjeseci
Jesus! Who gave shaggy from scooby doo a car show?
Ryan B
Ryan B Prije 2 mjeseci
This dudes just creaming his pants the whole video💀💀
GaNgOuTrAge Prije 2 mjeseci
gamestop: 25$ in store cash
Dominik Apodaca
Dominik Apodaca Prije 2 mjeseci
Wish he was doug
ChristopherKnowsBest Prije 2 mjeseci
Phillip Stewart
Phillip Stewart Prije 2 mjeseci
Such a nerd
Daily Stupid And Interesting Videos
Daily Stupid And Interesting Videos Prije 2 mjeseci
You should have taken it to the museum in Branson, MO where some of the fast and furious cars are.
Jasper Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude sounds like nardwar
Andre Oliver
Andre Oliver Prije 2 mjeseci
You kinda sound like shaggy not going to lie 8:30
Alexander Carlsson
Alexander Carlsson Prije 2 mjeseci
I watched for 20 seconds. Then i realised it wasnt Doug Demuro... I feel cheated 😂
Jacob Papadopoulos
Jacob Papadopoulos Prije 2 mjeseci
Send it to Africa to feed starving kids or something lol
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