Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy 3 Cheap Exotic Cars For Less Than A C8 Corvette

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Why you should NEVER EVER buy a Cheap 360 Spider ►www.youtube.com/watch?v=IK0OK...
Why you should NEVER EVER buy a Flooded Lamborghini, which is FOR SALE STILL, obviously... www.autotempest.com/details/ag-1?showDescription=1&fbclid=IwAR1g_z7IiH_rweNTAW-NCEtWaDmwsy_BNxXmt_BJcQFvM6F_Lu8fBL9gtno ►www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cjzI...
Find your DREAM car on AutoTempest!►bit.ly/CarTrekAT1
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Introducing the Hoovie cut feature length film of Car Trek! We bought a pimped-out Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, and a gated manual Lamborghini Gallardo that may have been underwater at some point in its life. Then we found out what's wrong with them, and then they broke some more, oh boy...
#CarTrek #FoundOnAutoTempest
Car Trek Episode 1 ► hrpost.info/history/dtKeaMbOoMeXd5g/video
Car Trek Episode 2 ►hrpost.info/history/qbOaY6arqZCyppg/video
Car Trek Episode 3 ►hrpost.info/history/ha14ic-aoLtsbIo/video
Car Trek Episode 4 ►hrpost.info/history/a7qgl5GxoKxxpJw/video
Car Trek Episode 5 ►hrpost.info/history/h8qQebbNebRoknY/video
Car Trek Episode 6 ►hrpost.info/history/adCWa96TitdxY4o/video
Car Trek Episode 7 (FINALE)► hrpost.info/history/fsWhesfFY9OZa34/video
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Car Trek 2 premieres Monday at Noon Eastern on Tavarish's channel. We think you'll love it.
Phil Narhkom
Phil Narhkom Prije 22 dana
Oh Oh well and
Phil Narhkom
Phil Narhkom Prije 22 dana
@Hisham Shariff you are the best for life
Phil Narhkom
Phil Narhkom Prije 22 dana
@Hisham Shariff own own own own home business is to make a suggestion
Phil Narhkom
Phil Narhkom Prije 22 dana
@Hisham Shariff I I I was not sure if I can make this is Phil or the guy
Phil Narhkom
Phil Narhkom Prije 22 dana
@Hisham Shariff own home in New Orleans has a very unique atmosphere and is the best choice I have been but It'll take a few more
David Elliott
David Elliott Prije 2 dana
First prize gets to swap his car for one that works (including a Fiat Panda). Second prize hands back the car. Third prize has to keep the car and fix it.
David Elliott
David Elliott Prije 2 dana
Avgas is high octane. Pump gas is souped up Kero so no wonder they struggle.
David Elliott
David Elliott Prije 2 dana
Spanner (wrench) the bolts loose and whiz them out with a cordless drill. Easy.
David Elliott
David Elliott Prije 2 dana
Love the golf bats solution.
scott clark
scott clark Prije 3 dana
Guy with aston looks like epstien from welcome back kotter
John Manning
John Manning Prije 3 dana
pedal shifters are soy boy
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Prije 4 dana
In 2000 I beat a 360 Modena stop light to stop light in Market Street SF in my 87 C4 Corvette with headers LOL stomping him up to 60
Big Sky 1991
Big Sky 1991 Prije 7 dana
Is this the show that didn't make it? Gallardo guys pseudo Seth McFarland voice is Über-irritating...
David Quarells 4
David Quarells 4 Prije 7 dana
Having experienced these old supercars, u still thing the brand new c8 is over hyped?
Stuart Trave
Stuart Trave Prije 7 dana
I'm ready for a 4x4 off road challenge on Car Trek
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know Prije 8 dana
Ace Golemi
Ace Golemi Prije 8 dana
The new Vette ?!? No way , no soul , no looks. Yes it has the performance to spare for the asking price but ... Naaahhh, not for me . A manual Lambo cabrio in Europe, with only 13 000, perfect all-around, is something I'm looking at this moment ! It is 149 000 Euros here and , no I dont care that I can get two Corvettes for that money , I dont need all the modern tech and performance ! p.s But a Viper R/T 10 from lets say 2006 is something that I'm def. considering as well ! Some treats for when this pandemic insanity is over !
Scott Carlon
Scott Carlon Prije 9 dana
Why would any self described car enthusiast drive his treasure through a car wash, . . . .sorry fellas, I’m going to have to ask you to turn in your car enthusiast cards, you can leave them at the door on your way out.
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Prije 10 dana
18:53 *warning* Never ever put your mouth on any car parts because that could be harmful and carcinogenic
Paul King
Paul King Prije 10 dana
Good stuff guys, highly amusing and entertaining.
SNinja Sixtynine
SNinja Sixtynine Prije 10 dana
Love it...alot like top gear, better than new top gear.
Dawn Hale
Dawn Hale Prije 11 dana
Are u injured?? Call us now at 333 333 3333 33333333333333333..lol 👌 only some ppl will get this!!
POWERHOUSE Prije 12 dana
Why is he using a torque wrench to remove the gravel pan? LOL!
Freddy Fray
Freddy Fray Prije 12 dana
Ferrari 360 spy fee is so beautiful
Xavier Superflyy69
Xavier Superflyy69 Prije 12 dana
I really enjoy these videos and I want more !
David Bandel
David Bandel Prije 13 dana
Tavarish sticking a knife in a toaster next to the pool - classic.
Paul Cosentino
Paul Cosentino Prije 15 dana
Guys fantastic job. If there was a trio that could pull off an American top gear type show its you guys. I have years of turning a wrench under my belt and if this were to go long term I'd love to help out behind the scenes next time. Thats one thing that you are lacking i feel to get to the full top gear potential.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Prije 16 dana
The closed creator assembly grate because work really water apud a equal team. moaning, loutish face
scooby dew
scooby dew Prije 16 dana
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Prije 16 dana
The US Top Gear we needed??
Vikum Kodituwakku
Vikum Kodituwakku Prije 17 dana
This is as good if not better than top gear. The production was awesome and you guys worked really well together. This needs to be a show
Gdirty 3537
Gdirty 3537 Prije 17 dana
Tyler- James may Freddy- Richard Hammond Ed- Jeremy Clarkson
anthony berrios
anthony berrios Prije 18 dana
Can't beat a Lamborghini
...and cut
...and cut Prije 18 dana
“Chow, Mr. Clutch.” There’s a T-Shirt waiting to be sold. Nice one Ed. :D
Pittsburgh 412
Pittsburgh 412 Prije 18 dana
This dyno shop was at Jack Cecils
my surly trucker
my surly trucker Prije 18 dana
Are you seriously bothered what a fat toilet like clerkship thinks.
Louis Stellini
Louis Stellini Prije 18 dana
Happy 2021for all of us
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Prije 18 dana
The spooky snowstorm jekely travel because jumper firstly meddle out a blue-eyed network. equable, synonymous segment
OCMotivator Prije 19 dana
Finally got to watch this beginning to end. Sooooooo great and fun to watch!!!!! Loved it!👍
Josh Rosema
Josh Rosema Prije 21 dan
Better than American Top Gear!
Tom K
Tom K Prije 21 dan
Ed MAYBE you can make it a Lambo parts car. The bad parts take to the scrap yard get a few dollars and the good parts MAYBE someone will buy those few good parts. Considering they have been washed on the interior and exterior. The next video will be ED's repurposed Blue LAMBO!!!
Puck roger
Puck roger Prije 22 dana
Unfortunately I can't work on a cars. Would not it be dependent on what's your problem on the ABC suspension? And the age and how many miles driven. I've called around and the coilovers would cost me $3,500? When I go to resell my r230 how much does it affect the value?
Angry TechAddict
Angry TechAddict Prije 23 dana
Clearly a TopGear ripoff but I love it...
Brandon Hattingh
Brandon Hattingh Prije 23 dana
Hoovie, post this in parts, they'll do better and make more money
Mariana Avalos
Mariana Avalos Prije 23 dana
Freddy is the youngest that’s why 😂
Vince Neil
Vince Neil Prije 23 dana
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton Prije 24 dana
Absolute perfection. If they were to revamp Top Gear YOU GUYS should be the new presenters. Kudos
Warummussmein Nameangegebensein
Warummussmein Nameangegebensein Prije 24 dana
Its so funny that the Lambo isnt even half of a dumpster fire after the flood. Audi tech seems quite reliable by super car standards
Darren Neal
Darren Neal Prije 25 dana
Mqondisi Zondo
Mqondisi Zondo Prije 26 dana
What's the title of the song at the beginning...
Geoffrey Gorski
Geoffrey Gorski Prije 27 dana
That was intresting. I thought the lambo was never going to make it. It had me at FLOOD. Please do again once the family is older. Maybe a Griswald vacation to Wally world?
Levi Thomson
Levi Thomson Prije 27 dana
I loved this so much. You guys are making me long for a fun car or at least a road trip. Can AutoTempest point me to dealers who don't know what they have and vastly undervalue their cars?
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds Prije 27 dana
Post-purchase inspection...that's me.
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez Prije 29 dana
I'm a couple months late to the party, but I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Best movie of 2020. Better than any Netflix original. Well done boys.
No Mature Content
No Mature Content Prije 29 dana
I'm 30mins in and only just realised this goes for 1.5hrs.
Zach Goebeler
Zach Goebeler Prije 27 dana
I didn't finish it haha
Daniel Rolph
Daniel Rolph Prije mjesec
zabnat Prije mjesec
I kind of watched this too early. I need at least two years before rewatching any movie or TV show. But I do like the concept like this. Watch that good show again, but this time it is slightly different with footage you didn't see on the first go.
Megan Craine
Megan Craine Prije mjesec
The aromatic dedication finallly object because mist behaviorally release per a joyous random. grandiose, steadfast lunch
bighgaming Prije mjesec
Im amazed that Gallardo Spyder looked as good as it did
Toyota Racing Development Supporter
Toyota Racing Development Supporter Prije mjesec
Got some hubala?
Robs 24 hour mobile assistance
Robs 24 hour mobile assistance Prije mjesec
Gotta do something whit tanner foust and adam ferrerra. That would be the bomb.com i promise your youtube ratings would triple
Josh Maust
Josh Maust Prije mjesec
This was awesome! Keep the coming!
Ned Slanders
Ned Slanders Prije mjesec
This Ferrari looked better with the rims on it.
Alex Bourg
Alex Bourg Prije mjesec
I love this series, but I think autotempest is trying too hard to be like the top gear "producers"
marc stedman
marc stedman Prije mjesec
Need you gents in the UK to do TG. Pleeeaaaseeeee...
Phillip Neyman
Phillip Neyman Prije mjesec
not quite jezza, may and hamster, but its not bad guys.... work on the shtick and you have a winner on your hands...
unfiltered_ reaction
unfiltered_ reaction Prije mjesec
This is the best Top Gear replacement 👌 yall did good guys
Javair Barron
Javair Barron Prije mjesec
Yo the guy in the blue Lamborghini is the guy from z Nation Murphy i dont care wat no one says lmfao
luminazkidd21 Prije mjesec
I can't watch this dollar store version of Top Gear anymore. Real Original
J C Prije mjesec
no masks? has to be pre covid
Jan Ruud
Jan Ruud Prije mjesec
The Ferrari 360... I was there at the launch back in the day. And it's true. It didnt really go much better than our 355 Berlinetta. But there was TALK. Just talk... Of heavily taxing the shit out of bigger engines at the time. So car manufacturers over in Europe were afraid to make things over 3 and a half liters.
fuax hzu
fuax hzu Prije mjesec
> who’s surviving 2020?
dudu999 Prije mjesec
Is this Top Gear ?
Manny C Weiss
Manny C Weiss Prije mjesec
Andersion545 Jaksion587
Andersion545 Jaksion587 Prije mjesec
> if a someone you didn’t know sends you a link to a website saying... “look at what they did to your photos...” > you click on the link and it takes you to an odd looking, realistic google website and it tells you to put your username and password. what will you do next??
Upcycle Shoes
Upcycle Shoes Prije mjesec
A gator manual?
Garth Adams
Garth Adams Prije mjesec
bring me one or i un follow
Don Stevens
Don Stevens Prije 2 mjeseci
This is great! Every bit as good as TG...
T Hman
T Hman Prije 2 mjeseci
Congratulations guys on the children and the great show loved it 👍
Johnathan Kain
Johnathan Kain Prije 2 mjeseci
When are you getting an Amazon / Netflix show? Next time has to be a true "budget" challenge.
Eagle Fit
Eagle Fit Prije 2 mjeseci
How Cool .. Absolutely!
The Shipp Family
The Shipp Family Prije 2 mjeseci
PotatoPlayer Made in China.
PotatoPlayer Made in China. Prije 2 mjeseci
Nice... 🏁
Libberty Sy Piecco
Libberty Sy Piecco Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes the 3 of you should be on the top gear US Edition.
Libberty Sy Piecco
Libberty Sy Piecco Prije 2 mjeseci
As long as there are idiots who love to buy exoensive useless reliable exotic junks car manufacturers will keep on making . And selling them. Why not Listen to scotty kilmer and save ur money.
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 6 dana
Save your money and do what with it? If have enough money to afford a super car and you like them, who's to say don't buy one, "Life's too short to drive boring cars" Do you think car enthusiasts want something as boring as a Camry, you're the type of person who loves to put a Lexus badge on a wrong wheel drive Camry and rant about it 24/7 calling it the best car in the world, well kid everyone doesn't have you're boring taste in cars or you're opinion or a like toward Scotty's content
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 6 dana
Junk? Wonder why junk is worth more than Scotty's trashelica and has more of a fan base
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 6 dana
You mean that crazy dude that rants mindless, nonsense 24/7 that doesn't even know shit from rice Krispies and has a biased opinion and thinks everyone should be like him, oh yeah him, he makes no sense you can't compare a Camry a cheap economy car with no soul to a super car that is fast af, the Camry is cheap to buy in the first place and the maintenance will be cheap on it since it's an appliance and a commuter car not a track oriented car, of course the maintenance is going to be expensive, people who buy super cars have money set aside for maintenance obviously, a Camry is a whole different type of car compared to a super car, that's like comparing a swimmer to a runner, obviously a swimmer is going to suck art running, people who buy super cars buy them cause they love them and don't mind spending money on them, a guy will buy a Corvette over a Camry because he loves the car, grow a brain before comparing cars that aren't the same kid, people who buy super cars can keep up with a exotic car companies bad reliability, any way in terms of super car reliability the Audi R8 is actually one of the most reliable super cars
Libberty Sy Piecco
Libberty Sy Piecco Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do u guys like buying exotic junks . Listen to scotty kilmer.
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 6 dana
Listen to some rant cultist? NOPE, his Celica is junk, I don't follow people who rant BS 24/7 like you and Scotty just to feel like you have the best car in the world
colin bradley
colin bradley Prije 2 mjeseci
These guys should just be the new Top Gear.
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars Prije 2 mjeseci
I got half way through before the 40 second advert breaks every 10 mins or so became just too much.
navicapolia1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Ed needs double denim
James Bell UK
James Bell UK Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi Tyler, I’ve done a Porsche 996 turbo review on my channel. I’d really appreciate any advice you have
Brandon Leitz
Brandon Leitz Prije 2 mjeseci
This is amazing!
m r
m r Prije 2 mjeseci
50:36 “It’s not the size of the numbers that matter, as I tell my wife” -Tyler Hover 2020
Cheddur Tipton
Cheddur Tipton Prije 2 mjeseci
"most beautiful" bruh it's the same uninspired desingn the db8 had back in like.. 2007
Art of Dying
Art of Dying Prije 2 mjeseci
What a dream. Amazing video and happy you guys enjoyed the weekend while making an great video in the process.
Kane Patrick Hobson
Kane Patrick Hobson Prije 2 mjeseci
It's like Top Gear on Honey
Dean Curry
Dean Curry Prije 2 mjeseci
thanks for the ride
michael mcinnis
michael mcinnis Prije 2 mjeseci
God I hate Ed's game show host voice
John Buck
John Buck Prije 2 mjeseci
Uhh, sorry but.. No. Nowhere near og top gear. Cringeworthy at times imo
T5rux Lee
T5rux Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
Putting a precious exotic car through a lowly car wash ? What kind of barb-arian are you ?
Brad Avery
Brad Avery Prije 2 mjeseci
Especially appreciate the coup in the review portion. lol.
scooby dew
scooby dew Prije 2 mjeseci
Sorry i boycott anything with TAVARISH
Richard Long
Richard Long Prije 2 mjeseci
So much fun to watch so go make season 3 guys.....
Pięć Siedem
Pięć Siedem Prije 2 mjeseci
I hope you recorded this a year ago and not in the middle of a pandemic, wearing no masks, shaking hands, standing next to each other, hovering over the mechanic, etc. If not, you are a bunch of stupid idiots, and the reasons the US IS THE WORST IN THE WORLD WITH NUMBER OF CASES. SHAMEFUL
Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson Prije 3 mjeseci
How do you know when 'traditional media' get involved? They put shitty music OVER EVERYTHING
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