This $700 VW Beetle Turbo S Wants To Be A Porsche SO BAD! Cheapest Beetle?

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Sean Prije dan
cobradwight1 Prije 2 dana
Hoovie: what’s that sound? Wizard: that’s a transmission......wizard begins to bang shift and floor it . Lmao awesome
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Prije 12 dana
I hope Tyler buys another VW 1.8L Turbo. Love the beetle projects. Thats when you know the Wizard is happy. Lol
WgM Prije 14 dana
Your videos are hilarious to watch because you have such a good mechanic that likes as weird of cars as you do haha.
Samir Nader
Samir Nader Prije 18 dana
Why does the Porsche 911 carea and the Volkswagen Beetle look almost the same car??? It’s like they had a slow beetle and they extended it longer and made it a Porsche Or combined a sports car and a beetle and made a abomination called Porsche 🤣
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly Prije 19 dana
You'll give away hoopties to complete strangers but make a profit off of your honest loyal mechanic, who is vital for your channels success
NUNO LP Prije 26 dana
I love that car. I could have paid 3.000 dollars for it.
kjchicago1 Prije 29 dana
But it’s a nice looking VW Beetle
kjchicago1 Prije 29 dana
They called it a Poor Man’s Porsche
ladyyuna2000 Prije mjesec
You have one of my dream cars and it's so cute and adorable and I want one so bad.
lu m__yo
lu m__yo Prije mjesec
Damn im struggling to get a car 700 I wish
Will Hatzer
Will Hatzer Prije mjesec
Ok I have Stories and shit about my life with a turbos beetle including pissing off a community with video proof :) hook me up on buying that off oyu thats the same color as mine.... you should see if it came from ohio orginally maybe its my old beetle.
Jordan Gross
Jordan Gross Prije mjesec
The look when Tyler realizes he actually made money on a car, lol.
Jason S.
Jason S. Prije mjesec
29th street tracks are a bitch 😂😂👌🏻
Dominik Behr
Dominik Behr Prije mjesec
Haha, this brings back PTSD flashbacks. My wife had just plain Turbo Beetle. The number of recalls this thing went through was ridiculous. The pop up spoiler broke all the time. It was zippy though and had good cargo capacity especially with back seats folded. And great headroom for tall people. I think we went through like 3 sets of ignition coils, some replaced as part of recall. Also faulty brake pedal sensor. Which causes the engine to go into limp mode and switch off the turbo. Finally we got rid of it when pieces of plastic trim just started to fell of. Also the rubbery covering of some trim pieces just started to peel off.
audi tts have rear seats
Justus Americans
Justus Americans Prije mjesec not my ad btw just saw it local in wichita
Aidan Derheim
Aidan Derheim Prije 2 mjeseci
I love the comment about the check engine light in Volkswagen cars! 😂
Gem Spotting
Gem Spotting Prije 2 mjeseci
Classic secondary air injection pump fault showing
Mr Mcfly
Mr Mcfly Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie is the greatest.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Prije 2 mjeseci
Yo that dude got golden wrenches now. Its like the australium wrench you can get in team fortress 2
oscar salazar
oscar salazar Prije 2 mjeseci
“Check engine light that’s kinda standard in Volkswagen product’s”
knut riis
knut riis Prije 2 mjeseci
I watercool this comment
Cassandra Foxx
Cassandra Foxx Prije 2 mjeseci
I noticed your Enterprise-D poster up on the wall behind you at the beginning of the video... I have one of those, too! Block-backed and bought three days before Next-Gen was released on Australian tv. Good to see someone else has one.
m6a6t6t Prije 2 mjeseci
my friend had a turbo s always had that clunk when you downshifted
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 2 mjeseci
Hé is like a kid in a candy store.
BMX Yeezygeezy
BMX Yeezygeezy Prije 3 mjeseci
i have a turbo s with a two step anti lag with wheels and air suspension and it’s so nice
Ancalagon Prije 3 mjeseci
I went the opposite, went from a 1.8t jetta to a TDI beetle lol
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
She’s my Beetle now!!! shes a runner!!! very happy with my purchase
Miiss Ann
Miiss Ann Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a 2003 turbo s for sale if anyone is interested in one 120,000 miles really good condition lmk
Rachel Black
Rachel Black Prije 3 mjeseci
You could watch all of Hoovies videos with the MUTE on, and still know exactly what he is thinking via the expressions on his face!
Queen Bluntress
Queen Bluntress Prije 3 mjeseci
I paid 650 for mine its gonna be a baby girl lady porche soon
John Miller
John Miller Prije 3 mjeseci
2:00 diesel 911 ?
Amanda Gosper
Amanda Gosper Prije 3 mjeseci
I love my VW turbo beetle. She’s been being a royal pain my butt recently but she’s also 17 years old so it’s pretty much expected at this point. Just a blast to drive.
DanTheManIOM Prije 4 mjeseci
CEL on, standard with VW products....oh a look a line of hoopties....ha ha ha
RC TAZ Prije 5 mjeseci
Lovely engine. A chick i knew had the audi a3. It was a silver bullet
speshul Prije 5 mjeseci
I wanted one too. I hope it is not total junk
Leroy's New Beetle Squad
Leroy's New Beetle Squad Prije 5 mjeseci
awesome find im a dealer and i never come across them I have 12 new beetles
Campsnowcactus Prije 5 mjeseci
Wow! You stole that for 700.. I dont think I will ever part with my 02 Turbo S.
JC1966 Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice Alpine Lambo poster 👍
Triamgle Prije 5 mjeseci
hard to find? my family has 3! 2 from 2002 and 1 from 2004, but the 04 needs a clutch and has a mold issue and 1 of the 02s is for parts and doesnt run, but still!
Subaru Impreza
Subaru Impreza Prije 5 mjeseci
Me too! They are adorable!
grandma ashley
grandma ashley Prije 5 mjeseci
what a shrew negotiation
Braulio Torres Arceo
Braulio Torres Arceo Prije 5 mjeseci
3:28 lmao
Jake Prije 5 mjeseci
"Aggressive Front End"
RAPTOR RAY Prije 5 mjeseci
The turbo whine in my turbo s is pretty crazy for a VW beetle.
Jimanuel Baloran
Jimanuel Baloran Prije 5 mjeseci
Congrats Wizard!
rob hafer
rob hafer Prije 5 mjeseci
FYI...there's a charity auction through July 31st for the "Snow Princess", a 2003 manual Beetle Turbo S w/ only 81k. My mom was the 1 owner, is a super-careful driver, kept it well maintained/garaged, had the internal stuff checked out at her local Porsche dealer and only gave up the car as it couldn't easily fit a wheelchair. She donated it the Benedictine School, an exceptional place in rural Maryland for exceptional children. We need to remember that for everyone on the third deviation of intellectual ability there is one on the sadly other end of the spectrum that needs our support. More info at and
the brick God himself yt
the brick God himself yt Prije 5 mjeseci
buy a crown vic
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 5 mjeseci
Mechanics always like the rare interesting stuff, and not the boyracer tuner cars.
The Screaming Chicken
The Screaming Chicken Prije 6 mjeseci
I knew the VW Beetle was still hot! That was the reason I made my VW Bug Heaven video!
Shane T
Shane T Prije 6 mjeseci
I also have a huge gaping deep gap
Dave Scheer
Dave Scheer Prije 6 mjeseci
And I guess that's why he's called the wizard he just made hoovies $700 dollar vw disappear into his garage ! For a grand , and will probably drive it for the next 5 years 😄👍🏼.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix Prije 6 mjeseci
@5:36 It is a stylish Golf IV. :)
jesse Simmons
jesse Simmons Prije 6 mjeseci
I bought my non turbo bettle 2.0 for 500 from a family member its pretty great speedo doesn't work tho
choboc Prije 6 mjeseci
I just picked up a 2002 color concept in yellow. They only made 500 of the manuals (mine is manual of course).
kjchicago1 Prije 6 mjeseci
Gotta take care of the VW Beetle Turbo S
James Hughes
James Hughes Prije 6 mjeseci
1000 dollars off ya repair Porsche bill
James Hughes
James Hughes Prije 6 mjeseci
Get it remapped to 225bhp
Dustin Tolsma
Dustin Tolsma Prije 6 mjeseci
TT's had a back seat too
jack ofhearts
jack ofhearts Prije 6 mjeseci
How much did the plugs and coils cost?
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Prije 6 mjeseci
12:53 *warning* Don't ever put any painted or made out of non food safe objects in your mouth because that could be harmful and carcinogenic.
HR Ford
HR Ford Prije 7 mjeseci
need more advertising
bepriceless Prije 7 mjeseci
I have a 2001 Turbo, and it's a blast to drive, but a nightmare to fix even the smallest of problems. You have to take it half apart to repair anything, which translates into big $ to fix.
Thomas Herron
Thomas Herron Prije 7 mjeseci
Paint it as a herbie tribute that would be so cool
SD Cleveland
SD Cleveland Prije 7 mjeseci
I knew from Wizard’s body language as soon as you compared it to his old Beetle, he was gonna make you an offer on the Turbo S by the end of the video.
StarXLR Prije 7 mjeseci
That is indeed a great find! I would have loved to have bought that car for myself. We have a black 2003 Turbo S Beetle in the family that my dad bought in early 2005. Still have the car with under 40k and is still like brand new inside and out. All the interior plastic still held up nicely and absolutely nothing is broken. This is the nicest and fastest beetle ever produced next to the color concept Beetle's from 2002-2003. Also have a 2000 Beetle TDI with almost 235k and is another fun little car. These are great little cars that also don't get much credit and are easily overlooked. I'm glad this car ended up in the right hands.
Audiblearc avr
Audiblearc avr Prije 7 mjeseci
I recently bought a 2002 turbo s for $500 from a friend of my dad's and we have been restoring it as a family and its awesome.
Victor f
Victor f Prije 7 mjeseci
for the first time in my life i didnt go directly to the comments and instead waited til the video was over. What an excellent lil surprise
O G Prije 7 mjeseci
15:00 if you look carefully you can catch Clark Kent outrun the Beatle Turbo S
David Cappotto
David Cappotto Prije 7 mjeseci
I love when he talks to the car.
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks Prije 7 mjeseci
This had more innuendos than a gay porn.
Cory John
Cory John Prije 7 mjeseci
Wizard what is up with that trans am ws6/firehawk in the background
Tech481 Prije 7 mjeseci
Well I have a 2004 in automatic so I'm confused lol
Tech481 Prije 7 mjeseci
Im about to go pick one up tomorrow for 2900 I think I'm getting screwed
Paula Ledoux
Paula Ledoux Prije 7 mjeseci
01:36 08:06 10:37
captainchaos087 Prije 7 mjeseci
What got me into the VW Beetle was playing Beetle Adventure Racing for the N⁶⁴ when it came out. I believe I rented that game from Blockbuster.
Akhil Bolla
Akhil Bolla Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie: reviews a $700 beetle turbo Tech reviewers: reviews apple’s $700 Mac wheels
CGbabby Prije 7 mjeseci
My parents recently bought me a 2002 VW Beetle for my first car it was $500 salvage titled and it needs some work but man it is such a girly car haha I can’t pick a girl up and look cool at all haha
Alex Speckin
Alex Speckin Prije 7 mjeseci
This is where the journey began and Wartortle was effectively captured by the Car Wizard. Those country roads are owned by the glorious Wartortle and the Car Wizard's magical welds and suspicious tune. How did Wartortle get his strange powers? Time will tell why is torque curves like so. All that is certain is triumph will be his.
Paul Scott Baker
Paul Scott Baker Prije 7 mjeseci
I’d like your video more if you put the phone down and use two. Hands to show us the car
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta Prije 7 mjeseci
Hair is overrated
Timothy Blake
Timothy Blake Prije 7 mjeseci
These American Bumpers... yuck
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl Prije 7 mjeseci
Interestingly in the age of computer design, a company with the "deep pockets" of VW mock up a Porsche 356 or Karma Ghia body using Golf/Jetta underpinnings ($30k car targeting Miata), or at least the VW Squareback.
Jerry Harkins
Jerry Harkins Prije 7 mjeseci
“Just as God intended” I love it so much more
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 7 mjeseci
700 dollars my ass. Let me just needed something cheap....this is SO fake. Why not show us proof that that is what you actually paid?? Without plants?
Tormod Skoog
Tormod Skoog Prije 7 mjeseci
It felt weird and dirty watching the wizard slide his hand down the bug's fender.
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell Prije 7 mjeseci
Fuck, $1k for that?! I'd definitely have paid *significantly* more. Very envious.
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
I paid 500 for my turbo s but I had to do a lot more than coil packs...
Jack Brewer
Jack Brewer Prije 7 mjeseci
I understand this isn't like a repair video but I just bought a 98 vw new beetle 2.0 just a week ago for also $700 but it won't start. I have removed the crank sensor and ordered a new one haven't put it in do you have any idea if that doesn't solve it what it could possibly be doing.
d-tex80sbaby Prije 7 mjeseci
Damn! How many railroad tracks did you cross? 15?
RC Hobbyist Extreme
RC Hobbyist Extreme Prije 7 mjeseci
Isn't that the Wizzards new ride? He really likes your choice in cars. I hope he keeps is daughter away from this one. Really? Hair loss spray? Come on not do any more of those ads.
Andrey Haifisch
Andrey Haifisch Prije 7 mjeseci
11:07 4 beetle XD
Cop Cuffs
Cop Cuffs Prije 7 mjeseci
Harley riding coworker 16:22 wanted a Beatle to drive in the dark or rain. He gave up on the Turbo S because 9:40 he thought the sound of that auto spoiler closing was a problem 7:36. He bought a regular new Beatle, he regretted it immediately when I told him about the auto spoiler on my X's Turbo S.
Handskemager Prije 7 mjeseci
Love the doctor who badging!
Paul _
Paul _ Prije 7 mjeseci
The vag 1.8 tsi engine is also known for drinking oil (the oil control piston rings need to be replaced by different ones because they fitted too small ones )
Artronics Prije 7 mjeseci
I would have bought them for $1000
Kurt Watson
Kurt Watson Prije 7 mjeseci
Those railroad tracks!! Those are straight out of my nightmare where I'm walking and get stuck in the middle with trains on all the tracks trying to run me over. Weird thing is, I've never actually been anywhere with more than 2 sets of tracks.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 7 mjeseci
Always wanted to get one of these in Gran Turismo 3. Cool car!
shavpookie Prije 7 mjeseci
Sells it to the wizard...A true friend. Btw Hoovie...I thought I installed add block? Lol.
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