My Cheap Mercedes 500E Has Been Continously Broken For 1 Year-- Benz Reliability Myth

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Blue Eyes Willy
Blue Eyes Willy Prije dan
Lol.....Toyota corrola passes you
Aristotelis Venieratos
Aristotelis Venieratos Prije 5 dana
Howevere the issues it propably has, it looks like an incredible car to me. No plastics, a well rounded design and a heavily built chassis can set itself an all time classic Quality premium sedan
Kevin Nolan
Kevin Nolan Prije 7 dana
Do a total restore on an Opel GT please. You found two in the junk yard. It would be a great project. Classic, small fun car and looks thst never aged..!
jay john
jay john Prije 12 dana
This guy and Scotty Kilmer should team up. Buy multiple models of cheap mercedes, trash talk them then put them in a car crusher or shredder.
zibi1988pl Prije 12 dana
"Has Been Continously Broken For 1 Year" If you buy a 500e for 10K what do you expect. You bought it for about 10K cheaper. Your differential was bad because no one serviced the car correctly the Breather was probably stuck. You had original spark Wires and A cracked Radiator. Someone ran it to the ground. Dont tell me a 100K mile 28 Year old honda holds up anywhere as nicelly. These cars are dependable and built like tanks theyre just not Dumb proof. If its not maintained it will brake at some point. Once a old Mercedes Brakes its not as cheap as a civic to fix. Transmission fluid has to be replaced every once in a while Mercedes Effed up saying it is not serviceable. any 28 year old fluid is SHOTT!! You wouldve been much better off buying a sorted 500e that was not molested and was well maintained. I tell everyone you can polish a piece of shit all you want but it stays a piece of shit. People look for ways to save money but It does not work that way. There is nothing more expensive then a cheap Mercedes. Hoovie I like you and your videos. Thumbs up.
Saltiest Salt
Saltiest Salt Prije 13 dana
These dead Opel GTs just hurt my little heart
Flying Hedgehog
Flying Hedgehog Prije 17 dana
That air vent..must take out main instrument pod to get at clip..there is a yt video on it..I have '95 E280 M104 with same problem..cheers from Malaysia!
FIFO Crew Prije 19 dana
Oh yer, your different alright, but I think that's why I find you entertaining. Keep doing Cartreks also.
Bianchi Prije mjesec
A guy with a giant garage with 200 luxury cars complained an old Mercedes... Hum...
Wumpus- Prije mjesec
i can take it if you can send it to fiinland :)
Marcel Patel
Marcel Patel Prije mjesec
Don't make excuses for Mercedes Benz. Their cars are trash. In their heyday, they only competed with other European makes and stood out. When Lexus came out they never recovered.
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Prije 2 mjeseci
so,instead of spending any money you could put back the old set of wheels and sell it for 40.000€´s profit or more in a few years,it´s a numbered production made by porshe not mercedes, entirelly put together by porshe ,any collector would pay you anything to have one but in the first video it seems that you don´t even have a clue about the value of this car ,i also would like one but it´s too expensive , i saw one in mint condition and it was sold by 140.000€´s, regards
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Prije 2 mjeseci
i have a diesel w124 250D ,and in 95 ,the last year of production ,mechanical engeniers , magazines experts in reviewing cars, etc. idependent ones had to choose the best car in the world in every specification , guess what car they did arrive to the conclusion it was the best car sold in the all world , the Mercedes w124 with the most recent diesel engine from mercedes the 2.5L ,this is it´s last year of production having them to be released in the second alf of the 80´s, so i did was proud of having 3 at the time and one more 2 years ago with all original from a 1st owner with already 87 years of life ,this last i paid 700€ with a 2.0L diesel engine all paint burned by the sun including the dash top cracked in 3 diferent parts(i live in the hottest place, temperature wise of all europe, this last summer in jully all days only starting to decrease the temperature at 11.30 p.m.but still around 38 degrees ceslsius and maybe a degree each hour being the coldest hour of the day 29 or 30 degrees) and the driving seat with a holding metal thread broken in the midle so you felt the both legs sliding into the midle of the seat ,and being a 87 car with original 60 h.p. having 250.000km´s ,it only as 52 h.p. to the wheels ,i measured it in a garage from a friend who tune cars for rallyes, but the old man or he forgot or only had changed breaking pads twice ,original drum breaks in the back and i changed the seat ,in a junkyard from a friend he ofered me a good condition seat in leather being the interior in cloth soft brown, changed the oil after driving it through 1.000km´s ,mostly in dirt roads it needs two new tires in the front, so reliable i think it is 2020 to 87 ,33 years ,only oil changes ,maybe a few new tires ,breaking pads almost none by the shape of the disk wich due to it´s thickness could be straightened ,the drums are original (they don´t brake ,but hold steady the car), but i own other 3 ,a 300D, a250D, a 3.0l in-line engine with 24 valve this one gasoline like the sl´s and it´s a coupé(two doors), the other 3 ,always changed the oil the filters , the oil ,the pads, the tires, nothing else and all work perfect but i can also add that i own also a 1974 w115 220D with around 3.000.000km´s either than a litle number of horses having runed away ,it works perfect ,every years it´s inspected and not a remark on it ,to cut short a long story only a bit of rust on the expected places not much ,i have a 69 car of the same model that had to stop it because it rusted all around allthough it works perfect the body could fall to the ground if i drove it on the road(it´s used to bring wood to the fireplace in a house that it´s in the midle of a property where i work in agriculture, to finish in 82 i bought in germany a 300d w123 car with turbo , it as a bit of rust but in places that you don´t see it or not important for the stability of the car , not even the switches that are used to open and close the electric windows or the sunroof are damaged , i have other cars and normally one or two of those switches have to be changed every 5 years, so i don´t understand why you say that first it´s a myth or it´s not if you spend a lot of money in maintenance , if they are not reliable ,wich car in the world is and i din´t went to the gasoline ones i own just one i refer to, the w124 coupé, did i change anything expensive in all the cars i talked about, so i think they are reliable and not only me all around the world there are taxis from mercedes and if they weren´t good ,taxi drivers all around the world didn´t kept buying them, and automatic transmissions i don´t know them bvecause i only have what it´s known for 190E a car that was given to me by a friend i have in holand it´s a 2.0L gasoline and because he worked for mercedes he send the car to a mercedes garage and tell them to change everything ,only the engine is original because the car was working perfect but all was changed ,so i vcam tell you that manual transmissions from mercedes are considered the best in the world, even the car i own with almost 3.000.000 km´s as not a new one but in 86 it took some parts but nothing expensive, the others including a what today is the S-class from the 61 but the 50´s model still uses the original manual transmission, and to end the car you have there i saw the first video if you take those wheels and install again the previous ones ,they looked like the original ones ,you could sold it for 50.000€´s wich is more than dollars ,to a colector those cars are rare and runing ,with problems but like i saw you drive it ,you would sell it fast and make 40.000 dollars of profit ,it seems that you don´t ubderstand that any mercedes colector in the world looks for one of those made entirelly by porshe not from one place to another this to help porshe that almost closed doors by that time, (maybe the best car you own)and if you repair it and kept it for some years it would give you more profit ,regards
phil towle
phil towle Prije 2 mjeseci
Respect due for saving a great merc, it would have rotted away by now in the uk
CCOCCARO Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you still have that Hirschmann antenna? My ‘94 E420 might be calling for it...
justvoorfun Prije 3 mjeseci
Man what you are saying is just so much bullshit, im really sorry. But my father has this car with over 300k km on it and it almost had no issues at all(he owns it for more then 10 years). Also 2 friends of him got the same car that is also running for years without issues. You are saying that it is not reliable because you are just unlucky lol (or you got scammed), these cars are known for the reliability and that's why they are still expensive and at the same time they are unique. My father and his friends are for sure not rich and run it for years (My father is also running it on LPG)
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 3 mjeseci
Very early z28?? Ugh....think again
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 3 mjeseci
Mercedes are really nice looking and driving GARBAGE. Pure money Pits. You can buy them for almost nothing....ALWAYS cost more to repair than it's worth. My 97 mercedes is a piece of well maintained shit and my 98 accord has 298000 thousand miles ....doesnt leak a drop and purrs like a kitten
Tim Polman
Tim Polman Prije 3 mjeseci
I never knew you had the Opel GT in the US too. Love the looks of those cars. Nowdays they're super rare here in europe. (pretty much all rotted away.)
musicdontstop Prije 3 mjeseci
Continue buying Jonkers
noth606 Prije 3 mjeseci
Opel GT?! No matter what's broken or missing, I'd restore the fudge outta that!!! Beautiful legendary car!
Kennur Larsson
Kennur Larsson Prije 3 mjeseci
pooor poor mercdes.... so many of them. sad sad sæd
Kennur Larsson
Kennur Larsson Prije 3 mjeseci
The retarded past owner did not ...... im drunk,,, Oil!,,, Goodno
Alexander Mchugh
Alexander Mchugh Prije 3 mjeseci
Surely you can wire a plug in. Jeez, can you change a light bulb?
Mohammad was illiterate
Mohammad was illiterate Prije 3 mjeseci
I would soak that antenna in WD-40 before fitting it.
crush on ty
crush on ty Prije 3 mjeseci
2:35 hoovie judging Mercedes based on a one off petrol model built with porsche! Take a Diesel model from europe with 1 million miles and review will find PLENTY.
crush on ty
crush on ty Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie....Mercs reputation wasn't built on big motor gasoline sports models.....grow up! :-)
Mark Wainwright III
Mark Wainwright III Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh man that salvage yard was depressing with all the great vehicles there. I would literally watch an hour long video of you walking around the salvage yard.
Dmitry America
Dmitry America Prije 3 mjeseci
I did replacement for the same antenna on my W140, also from junkyard, not so easy to rebuild and get it working
Pat Posse
Pat Posse Prije 4 mjeseci
The interior is almost completely the same as my '86 190e 2.3 16v! The headlights, mono wiper, sunroof, the rearview mirrors... if it ain't broke don't fix it huh! 💪💪💪
Nate Davis
Nate Davis Prije 4 mjeseci
I just realized I have been enjoying you videos and forgot to subscribe. Sorry! I have now fixed my mistake. Keep making fantastic videos.
George Kuntz
George Kuntz Prije 4 mjeseci
You were walking just by a W124 500 E in the video :-)
Cana box
Cana box Prije 4 mjeseci
I want the diff out of that Lincoln but I’m in Canada!
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone Prije 4 mjeseci
man ! u have got to be the cheapest person on earth ! U have a lambo and more , but u wont buy new parts for this Merc !?...really !?
Kenneth Givens
Kenneth Givens Prije 4 mjeseci
🤣 No! It’s never going to be done Hoovie!! I’m starting to feel the same way about my ‘04 SL500.
Rocco Fiore
Rocco Fiore Prije 4 mjeseci
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije 4 mjeseci
Your buddy Bob at the junk yard is awesome love it👍😃
JdougKnight Prije 4 mjeseci
I got a 41k 88 k1500 for $6500 in Ft Worth
CheekiPapi Prije 5 mjeseci
"...Which means I completely wasted a day, and accomplished nothing" Sounds like my standard day at the junkers.
Brandon S.
Brandon S. Prije 5 mjeseci
This video made me realize that I can never go pull my own parts because I could think of nothing but wasp nests and snakes while he was walking around.
Akamechanized Prije 5 mjeseci
Really.. I see that us mechanics are out of their league when serving 500E legend... But yeah, i wont throw any hate, its just EU car that need EU mechanics. Nice video thou.
Panaceias Úberes
Panaceias Úberes Prije 5 mjeseci
The car that paid for The Wizard's Cobalt motorboat...
J M Prije 5 mjeseci
I found 1 on autotrader, same year with 71k on the clock and they were asking 49k for it.. So you did good!
J M Prije 4 mjeseci
@Awkward Seal I have seen some crazy shit in my time, thus anything is possible look at real estate.. Think about it like this, have you ever took someone on a date or 2 and paid some $$ and didn't get a sense of satisfaction? It happens, some folks are happy some arent.. Some do upgrades, some don't.. One of lifes mystery's is trying to understand "why" people do what they do.. But know this, a car can be fixed.. Women/men cant be fixed.. Cars/real estate will always have a value to someone, who is willing to part with their money..
Awkward Seal
Awkward Seal Prije 4 mjeseci
@J M Do you think someone would actually pay 49k for one of these with 71 thousand miles? I'm not asking sarcastically, I don't know much about car values really. Just sounds a bit higher than what I'd expect someone to want it for.
J M Prije 4 mjeseci
@Awkward Seal Its worth what someone is willing to pay.. Sure books, websites like Nada, and Hagerty track certain data and will probably put a number on something.. However, regardless of what the number is, if someone wants it bad enough they will pay for it, if not pay more when told "nope"..
Awkward Seal
Awkward Seal Prije 4 mjeseci
49k? Isn't that super overpriced?
Márk Stefán
Márk Stefán Prije 5 mjeseci
ContinUOUsly. Otherwise good.
rooster sideburbs
rooster sideburbs Prije 6 mjeseci
hoovie needs to hire a personal mechanic
Erwin Bianca
Erwin Bianca Prije 6 mjeseci
Wow I love the 500E. Beautiful Mercedes.
bogdansss Prije 6 mjeseci
While the myth was true until the early '90s, I think all these problems are actually related to this being a very small run/high performance model. And probably poor maintenance. I daily drive a manual W124 from 1992, with a 2.4l engine and almost 300.000 Km on it. Except for replacing the clutch pump and the alternator once, had no real issues with it yet.
bogdansss Prije 6 mjeseci
I also own a 1976 W115 and a 1981 W123, and those really are built like tanks.
alan gossett
alan gossett Prije 6 mjeseci
Buddy of mine had a 300e it was a disaster
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 4 mjeseci
probably bought one that was poorly maintained
Michael Walker
Michael Walker Prije 6 mjeseci
I hit 112000 miles on my car. I'm happy that I don't have issues with my car yet
Brian O'C
Brian O'C Prije 6 mjeseci
It's funny how we know exactly what to do, but are terrified to do it. I feel your pain. I work on small engines, equipment, etc. It's second nature, could do it blind folded. But, adjust the timing on my truck, replace axle seals, or a Pinon seal? Are you crazy? Thank God we both have our own Wizards!
John Rusting
John Rusting Prije 6 mjeseci
I owned a '93 400E; all of the downside with none of the upside of the 500E. It was a great relief when it went down the road to a new owner...
MGTOCRETES Prije 6 mjeseci
I just bought a 1999 W140 Grand Edition s500, needs about $6000 of work. These cars are worth it if you have the time and mental fortitude
Даулет Абимолдаев
Даулет Абимолдаев Prije 6 mjeseci
How much you asking?
james James
james James Prije 6 mjeseci
GERMAN CARS, perfect one day, Very expensive repairs the next.
james James
james James Prije 4 mjeseci
@Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Hey baby stop calling me names, because as the old saying goes, takes one to know one. and I like to think none of us is stupid.
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 4 mjeseci
not all you idiot
MakeSh00t Prije 7 mjeseci
its 1.110.000 miles.. why ? In europe they handle more than 1.000.000 km
Henrik Jensen
Henrik Jensen Prije 7 mjeseci
that model they all have the same flaw ;) change ground 3 of them once a year and you save your self a lot of trouble and fault codes ;)
fZ57EWtAgkLzyQ2 Prije 7 mjeseci
biodegradable wiring harness 😅
Stefan Pantovic
Stefan Pantovic Prije 7 mjeseci
Situation in Balkan countries: Engine 200e Transmition 100e Differential 50e :)
Niclas Prije 7 mjeseci
who said this car has just 111.000 Miles ? The TACHO ? 😂😂
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 8 mjeseci
The phrase "...pretty useless if we can't program the clutch" pretty much defines where BMW and some other high priced cars are headed. Too many electronic lockouts and not enough car. Keep It Simple Mfr's. We like to work on our own cars!
james James
james James Prije 8 mjeseci
Typical German, turns into a pumpkin as it ages. After that comes the final transformation, it turns again, but this time it morphs into a bottomless money pit. Good luck to all German owners out there. See you all in money pit hell.😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Hussey
Daniel Hussey Prije 8 mjeseci
Surprisingly Mercedes parts are quite reasonable and you can buy those grills off Ebay (made in China mind you) for $50 or less. So, stuff like those air vents are cheap to replace.
General Oranger
General Oranger Prije 8 mjeseci
Scotty Kilmer was right about Mercedes, kids.
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 4 mjeseci
he likes the w123 and they are solid built and this idiot bought the cheapest one of the most expensive to repair w124, any regular w124 that was well maintained is good and can run, do your research and scotty goes on about the new Mercedes , and kids already know how expensive it is to repair a new one
justin haller
justin haller Prije 8 mjeseci
whats going on with that 635 bmw?
tim beard
tim beard Prije 8 mjeseci
Mercedes-Benz junk imho But the best This is the worst
port starboard
port starboard Prije 8 mjeseci
another hard to listen to video -
david of the junkyard
david of the junkyard Prije 8 mjeseci
Hey if you need any parts for that check out my channel its full of raw unedited video if you like them subscribe and i will make more. If you are ever in Cincinnati ohio stop in jacks used auto parts 4500 kellogg ave Cincinnati ohio they are HRpostrs friendly and encourage. HRpostrs to make content and just have a good time. There are around 3000 cars there and That's a lot to be able to make good how remove videos keep up the awesome work and have a good day
murat adnan
murat adnan Prije 8 mjeseci
what a useless presenter....cant fix anything ass can do a better job XD
IsaakHunt Prije 8 mjeseci
I think, you'd get a decent amount of money for the Opel GTs.
Devastator Prije 8 mjeseci
I like you Tyler.. so I give you an advice. buy yourself a diesel and you wont know what broken Mercedes means. :) greetings from Deutchland :)
Trevor Marron
Trevor Marron Prije 8 mjeseci
Rule #1 when buying used electrical parts from a breaker's yard. Cut off the connector with as much of the loom as you can.
Dominic Prije 8 mjeseci
See if you can find ans restore a citroen xantia.. that would be an interesting project :)
Brett Piersma
Brett Piersma Prije 8 mjeseci
e30s for days!
Javier Rios
Javier Rios Prije 8 mjeseci
That guy knows how to set your ass up! Next time you see him shuffling 3 cards, walk away!
kens97sto171 Prije 8 mjeseci
I can possibly see a transmission failure at that age, although it really shouldn't. But the differential failure at 110,000 mi. Definitely leads me to believe either the car was abused at some point, or The other possibility is they use the standard differential, and didn't upgrade it to take the higher output from the big engine from Porsche. Could also be why the trans failed. either way to me regardless of age a differential failure at 110,000 mi does not equal reliable well-built car.
Heiko Panzlaff
Heiko Panzlaff Prije 8 mjeseci
That f** king aerial antenna ? Can buy a new automatic Herrschmann here in Germany for less than 200 bucks. Grill, emblem , interior parts - same .
Muppetpaster Prije 8 mjeseci
The nineties was death of great Mercedes reliability....Pre 90s was THE era....built like tanks....
sminnims Prije 8 mjeseci
10:10 thank you so much hahaha
CRAZY Nightmare
CRAZY Nightmare Prije 8 mjeseci
I hate junkyards 😠
oberuser123 Prije 8 mjeseci
Doug DeMuro is already waiting in the right corner of my screen, ready to review this model
PropanePete Prije 8 mjeseci
In an Australian car salvage yard (we call them wreckers yards), if you did what Hoovie did and just opened the door of that Merc' and sat in it, there would be an 80% chance that you would be bitten immediately by at least one lethal snake. Then as a follow up, the poisonous spiders would finish you off...
John Nickolsen
John Nickolsen Prije 8 mjeseci
There is a Sunbeam Alpine sitting there at the Boneyard. Or could It be, by chance, a tiger
Awkward Seal
Awkward Seal Prije 4 mjeseci
Beautiful cars, the Sunbean Alpines.
FOertel Prije 8 mjeseci
My heart is bleeding watching that graveyard q.q
Amadin Lucky
Amadin Lucky Prije 8 mjeseci
This 500 E is beautiful and intimidating i want to own one so help me God
yiyoto Prije 8 mjeseci
lol no men ou are so sinceere thats why i love your video, it makes me felt like this was something i would do lol thanks for share
Sergio Cuevas
Sergio Cuevas Prije 8 mjeseci
300E non 24v is the most reliable
wholeNwon Prije 8 mjeseci
So many things broken for the mileage because it's a poorly engineered, poorly constructed, very unreliable piece of German.....(fill in your own vulgarity) with no factory quality control to speak of.
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 4 mjeseci
no your wrong it's the cheapest one and the engine is built by Porsche not Mercedes benz
Emmanuel Prije 8 mjeseci
Mohamed firaz
Mohamed firaz Prije 9 mjeseci
Great car Hope u will find those small parts broken👌
John Karas
John Karas Prije 9 mjeseci
Haha, didn't know it was originally purchased by one of the Koch brothers.
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia Prije 9 mjeseci
Look at all the e30 and e21 in there
Dwarfmanvash Prije 9 mjeseci
What happened to the Toyota Preiva?
Dance Hotel Zumba
Dance Hotel Zumba Prije 9 mjeseci
Must be nice to be so rich that you've forgotten that you own a Mercedes. I'm sure that happens to all of us.
Awkward Seal
Awkward Seal Prije 4 mjeseci
It's an old, very cheap used one though.
jim dandy
jim dandy Prije 9 mjeseci
You should have pondered that Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger in the background
Marty Zielinski
Marty Zielinski Prije 9 mjeseci
Must be nice to be rich........
Marty Zielinski
Marty Zielinski Prije 9 mjeseci
Would have made sense to first remove the old air vent to see how it’s done....
David Kelm
David Kelm Prije 9 mjeseci
Tyler at a junkyard ? first for me 😁
7633J Prije 9 mjeseci
I really like the old MB. I've been a fan all my life. After my MB was totaled I switched to BMW and now I can't wait to go back to MB!
Clemente de la Cuadra
Clemente de la Cuadra Prije 9 mjeseci
The best car ever manufactured. Good buy. Got one and a 300 TD, the W124. Very good cars
Mike Gehre
Mike Gehre Prije 9 mjeseci
Try Classic Mercedes in Irvine CA for parts. They’re owned by Mercedes and the other one us in Fellbach, Germany
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