The Renault Alpine Is a Very Rare, VERY WEIRD 80's Car That You Actually Want to Drive

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Graz Prije 2 dana
The misato car
Shilo Kominarek
Shilo Kominarek Prije 4 dana
The seats look like E.T
Richard Hurst
Richard Hurst Prije 4 dana
I had the turbo version after owning the turbo R25. The Alpine was plastic in more ways than one and horribly unreliable. It was a good thing that the engine came out relatively easily, for almost every job needed it. The turbo engine at least was a fantastically tight fit. The R25 was a much nicer car.
Jonah Gustafson
Jonah Gustafson Prije 5 dana
Ross Isaacs
Ross Isaacs Prije 9 dana
looks like it came from a synth-wave video
bob gromit
bob gromit Prije 9 dana
Marcus Tandy had one, Drivers car
Simply Wonderful
Simply Wonderful Prije 9 dana
Haha he actually used the phrase Quirks and Features... Muah hahahaha
Jamie Coogan
Jamie Coogan Prije 12 dana
bet you cant find a renualt fuego turbo,,nice and rare
LEBARON RAOUL Prije 2 dana
Alpines are ok, but for a true Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather at Venturi :
Rafael Fiallo
Rafael Fiallo Prije 13 dana
17,000 mile drives like, really?
gotham61 Prije 13 dana
The beeping turn signal isn't an 80s thing, I don't recall any other car with that. It's just a weird French car thing.
LEBARON RAOUL Prije 2 dana
Alpines are ok, but for a true Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather at Venturi :
Dr Pangloss
Dr Pangloss Prije 17 dana
I wouldn't want to go too far on 30 year old tyres.
Marii Os
Marii Os Prije 21 dan
Renault Clio is my shit
Michael Hasse
Michael Hasse Prije 22 dana
Kinda looks like a 84 daytona. Hopefully it was better than the other 80s renaults like the le car
LEBARON RAOUL Prije 2 dana
Alpines are ok, but for a true Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather at Venturi :
Robertlyn Schultz
Robertlyn Schultz Prije 22 dana
I was stationed in West Germany in the mid 80s... there was one of these machines in the town of Boeblingen... I feel in love with it.
Robertlyn Schultz
Robertlyn Schultz Prije dan
@LEBARON RAOUL Now that was an interesting race... I forgot about the NSX. Seeing all those nice cars actually competing against each other is really cool. Thanks!
LEBARON RAOUL Prije 2 dana
@Robertlyn Schultz Sorry. In my first post, i've seen that it was 2 times the same video. Here is the one i wanted to post : (Venturi 400 in action during a race in Japan).
LEBARON RAOUL Prije 2 dana
@Robertlyn Schultz Today the brand still exists. It was purchased in 2000 by the Monégasque billionaire Pastor, and since, is based in Monaco. They produce only electric cars, mostly for competition. I hope for a real come back in the future, like Alpine, with their new A110 : Venturi speed record in US (Great salt lake) with an electric car. 2014 French Venturi club meeting for the 30th anniversary of the brand, with 90 cars present and some German guests.
Robertlyn Schultz
Robertlyn Schultz Prije 2 dana
@LEBARON RAOUL Wow... that is nice!
LEBARON RAOUL Prije 2 dana
Alpines are ok, but for a true Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather at Venturi :
a310man Prije 25 dana
The GTA does not have the emissions gear that the DeLorean had, but the DeLorean has fuel injection. Emissions reduced DeLorean power from 190hp to 130hp! The wipers are called ‘clap hands’ wipers for obvious reasons.
ItsVorts Prije 27 dana
This is like a 'back to the future' car.
Formatique arschloch
Formatique arschloch Prije 27 dana
I can't stand Doug DeMuro. He's way too loud.
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije mjesec
That's the best looking ugly car I've ever seen!!!!🤗
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije mjesec
@HANS DEWRIES Thanks for the link! Well I must say the Alpine is a little more attractive than the Venturi in my opinion.
HANS DEWRIES Prije mjesec
Alpines are not that bad, but for a real Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather Venturi :
Geckolor Prije mjesec
7:37 The English pronunciation is spoken.
Paul Hardman
Paul Hardman Prije mjesec
Reminds me of a 78 Chevy Monza hatchback
HANS DEWRIES Prije mjesec
Alpines are not that bad, but for a real Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather Venturi :
Mike Faassen
Mike Faassen Prije mjesec
The roof, the roof, the roof is not on fire, but it comes down.
Keith Ciaccio
Keith Ciaccio Prije mjesec
Got mad max headlights....
Toño M
Toño M Prije mjesec
In most Europe we don't like french cars (Reliable but Poor) , but this particular model is so cool!!! It's a very pretty croissant. Click-Beep-Click-Beep-Click-Beep
Hassen Sassi
Hassen Sassi Prije mjesec
Howe Mutch you pay for that car ?
Z N Prije mjesec
I had no idea the Alpine was pronounced that way.. not gonna lie it sounds inappropriate every time 😬 yikes
Mr Mcfly
Mr Mcfly Prije mjesec
Cool car. I want one!
HANS DEWRIES Prije mjesec
Alpines are not that bad, but for a real Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather Venturi :
James Adamson
James Adamson Prije mjesec
God, forgot about the Venturi, what an amazing looking car, still looks good even today. Thanks for the link.
cyber rednec
cyber rednec Prije mjesec
This looks straight out of GTA San Andreas
Paul S
Paul S Prije mjesec
My sisters son has the twin turbo @%)hp one > love it !
Lego Everything is Awesome
Lego Everything is Awesome Prije mjesec
I saw one on the autobahn blow one of its head gaskets its was an even older model than this one late 70s I think I was behind it in a cloud of steam at 130mph :/
Ben Gagnon
Ben Gagnon Prije 2 mjeseci
"I wonder why it did not sell well." There's a PRV (Peugeot-Renault-Volvo) in it. That's all you need to know. Being an old Volvo's enthusiast myself, all I can tell you is that you need to avoid the PRV at all cost. This was the worst, most infamous engine to ever be offered in a Volvo.
HANS DEWRIES Prije mjesec
This PRV is totally different from the original PRV engine
Zahari Stoyanov
Zahari Stoyanov Prije 2 mjeseci
Ehrmahgehrd, now I want it!
5ebra1 Prije 2 mjeseci
The ‘Wedge’ design of the 80s is starting to look good again. I saw a TR7 a few days ago and thought it looked cool and so different to new cars.
Ryan Baptiste
Ryan Baptiste Prije 2 mjeseci
I was lucky enough to drive the turbo version of the Renault Alpine on many occasions back in the day… a fantastic car! But, I take issue with your point about the '80s not being a great decade for cars!!! BMW E30 M3, Lancia Delta integrale, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Audi quattro, Lotus Esprit, Ferrari 288GTO, Porsche 959… shall I go on?
Gem Spotting
Gem Spotting Prije 2 mjeseci
The bath tub sensor is an oil level indicator that if it’s anything like any of the renaults I’ve owned comes on when the ignition is switched on and then goes out when the engine is a started - a useful feature except, on all of mine it didn’t work properly and only read half full!
AudieHolland Prije 2 mjeseci
*HEATBLANKET* Take care with that, don't tear it or anything. It might be made of asbestos.
AudieHolland Prije 2 mjeseci
On a tv-show about classic cars and their modern counterparts, they showed a 1960s Alpine and compared it with an 1980s one. The 1960s looked a bit like a lower, sleeker Porsche. The real surprise was when they compared maneuverability, don't know the real name of the test but it looks like slalom around traffic cones, you know zigzagging your car as fast as possible. The 1980s Alpine did fine. The 1960s Alpine did even better!
Chris333 Prije 2 mjeseci
That roofliner ...
David Prije 2 mjeseci
AARRGGHH. That's not how to pronounce Renault, or Alpine.
Paulie Blog
Paulie Blog Prije 2 mjeseci
Them tyres are so strange, the whole car is strange
HANS DEWRIES Prije mjesec
Alpines are not that bad, but for a real Ferrari competitor French brand, look rather Venturi :
lara abrams
lara abrams Prije 2 mjeseci
that radio looks like eagle premier
Dwight Frost
Dwight Frost Prije 2 mjeseci
Craig Prije 2 mjeseci
Worked on some of these in the 90's, as I recall there was a fault with the headlamps, I changed a lot of them, even if not faulty, they usually needed loads of bugs vacumimg out of them, and the silver reflection materiel used to flake off and lie in the bottom of the light lens
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Prije 2 mjeseci
Now drive a lancia stratos. Old or new. The new stratos is actually a kit car that has a ferarri as a donor car
cano cano
cano cano Prije 2 mjeseci
What s your opiniin on cadillacs from the 90's? Verses crown Vic and grand Marquis. Which would you purchase. As a daily driver?
TheBlaggert Prije 2 mjeseci
You had the GTA, GTA Turbo, A610 and a few limited edition models in between. Personal favourite is the Le Mans. All of them awesome. The French knew how to built cars that were different.
Albert Barrantes
Albert Barrantes Prije 2 mjeseci
ET looking seats
Wontrickpony Prije 2 mjeseci
Those seats look like E.T.
Casual MMA Fan
Casual MMA Fan Prije 2 mjeseci
Fox body mustang had a baby with Nissan pulsar/crx.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson Prije 2 mjeseci
This was a restyled alpine A310 from the '70's, same crap engine as the delorean, build quality was dreadful and handling is kinda unique
Hdhdjsj Fjhdhd
Hdhdjsj Fjhdhd Prije 2 mjeseci
I work at renault and I thing it's funny that the modern radio control behind the steering wheel looks nearly the same
Brad Avery
Brad Avery Prije 2 mjeseci
Alpeen or Alpine?
AttackTheGasStation1 Prije mjesec
Logic N. Reasoning
Logic N. Reasoning Prije 2 mjeseci
White wall wheels? That's a first...and a last..
James Adamson
James Adamson Prije 2 mjeseci
Had a couple of Renault’s back in the day, a 1979 LeCar, great runner and fun to toss into a corner. Then a 1984 Fuego, great car to drive, terrible car to own, it leaked every fluid you put in it. Traded it two years later for a 1986 Corolla SR5 and never looked back. Great review by the way.
FX World
FX World Prije 2 mjeseci
The inside reminds me of my Pontiac Fiero I had then & the outside sideways reminds me of a Mustang of sorts.. I loved the Doug jokes though best..
RallyeRacin9 Prije 2 mjeseci
The Mille Miglia was NOT a Rallye! It was a race on closed public roads.
trefod Prije 2 mjeseci
As a kid I thought that the Alpine A310 and this later iteration were very good looking and futuristic cars.
Jack Dale
Jack Dale Prije 2 mjeseci
Without A/C it's a loser in Az.
Sean Donoghue
Sean Donoghue Prije 2 mjeseci
"Alpeeen" haha
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
What in the world is this fantastic beast of a mid 80's creation. I cant stop staring...I cant stop wondering how I missed this when I was 16 years old?
Stephen Chu, DDS
Stephen Chu, DDS Prije 2 mjeseci
If you like creme and calvados in sauce on your food, if you like fried limande and frites, you'll like the trip to Normandie.
Stephen Chu, DDS
Stephen Chu, DDS Prije 2 mjeseci
Every 45-50,000 miles you had to Change master and slave clutch cylinders, the slipring and bearing in the alternateur, and both rear wheelhub rollers, or else. Twas inexpensive. I spoke French because I was a chemist, and the Alpine warehouse worker spoke English. By 177,000 miles 5th synchro was shot and transaxle seals leaked. Relays lasted the life of the car unlike a Boxster's top's relay...
Stephen Chu, DDS
Stephen Chu, DDS Prije 2 mjeseci
I had one, the A310 pack GT. The '86 weighed 2513 lb not 2700 in atmospheric. My '84 A310GT weighed 1025 kg. After 180,000 miles it caught fire and burned from a gas leak. Alpine used a 10,1:1 compression ratio and a Solex 34tbia with a Solex 35ceei added in by vacuum. This was in the Peugeot 604 SL at 8,8:1 compression ratio, of which I have 2.
Sal Sheikh
Sal Sheikh Prije 2 mjeseci
The carpet in the end tho
Frank Irvine
Frank Irvine Prije 2 mjeseci
Pretty sleek cars and even today it’s still nice 👍 Condition looks really great& European design still sets the benchmark ✅
Texas Tourist
Texas Tourist Prije 2 mjeseci
I beg you and will pay you to stop saying alpeen! 💰
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 2 mjeseci
i pay good money for no ads on youtube they've found a way around that so i now still pay but still get ads. Man, with this 5 minute commercial for Nord or whatever
Bry Bogli
Bry Bogli Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching Hoovie continually close the doors from the outside by pushing the glass makes me cringe everytime 😬😬😬
Eli Levine
Eli Levine Prije 2 mjeseci
The French don't copy nobody and nobody copies the French, outstanding unique cars!
Blizz Account
Blizz Account Prije 2 mjeseci
For some reason Renault gets an undeserved bad reputation. If you are buying a Renault I would only consider the Clio, Megane, and Scenic though.
SonnyGTA Prije 2 mjeseci
I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!
keith winterburn
keith winterburn Prije 2 mjeseci
Friend of mine had several of these the Renault GTA from new loved them superb to drive, we had Audi 200 turbo and Quattro at the time I tried to get a BMW Z1 but no chance, nice to see it. hoovie needs to track down either a big TVR or a Reliant Scimitar, or a Facel Vega if you want a real French car
A A Prije 2 mjeseci
You should try the Renault R4 The most weird and reliable car
Isaac Fortner
Isaac Fortner Prije 2 mjeseci
To be fair to Delorean, the PRV engine was neutered with emissions equipment to meet US emissions specs. The 1981 Corvette had a 5.7L V8 with only 190hp, so you can't beat up Delorean too much on that one. If you take off the restrictive cats and adjust the fuel injection to Euro-spec, the Delorean will make the same 170+ hp this does.
J Prije 2 mjeseci
It's not Alpeeen it's pronounced Al-pine 😂
Deez Noots
Deez Noots Prije 2 mjeseci
Still waiting for an Alpine Renault
Keith Ogden
Keith Ogden Prije 2 mjeseci
What's an alpeen?
Reddsoldier Prije 2 mjeseci
I guess the quirkiness of French cars is something that's incredulous to Americans because they never really got a wide range of French cars.
cal ainsworth
cal ainsworth Prije 2 mjeseci
Weird carbs prob help give in that awesome sound !??
SeljD Prije 2 mjeseci
fun fact, Renault still uses that position for volume controls 12:34
Xerxes Prije 2 mjeseci
I wish you Americans could drive/own a lot of those french cars. You will see how terrible they've been engineered. Interior design isn't just the only quirky thing. maintaining A FRENCH CAR IS FREAKING AWFUL AND A PAIN IN THE BUTT.
Posiden226 Prije 2 mjeseci
This car should be in Cyberpunk 2077
John Winningham
John Winningham Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it me or does the seat and headrest look like ET?
John Winningham
John Winningham Prije 2 mjeseci
Kind of looks like the spawn of a Fox body and a Mitsubishi Starion.
Robert walley
Robert walley Prije 2 mjeseci
It is pronounced like this Al-pine, pine is pronounced like the wood of the same name.
Henry Dillard
Henry Dillard Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks like a 5.0 mustang, a 240 sx, and a honda crx had a baby...
Nathan Findley
Nathan Findley Prije 2 mjeseci
French jalpa
Ed Mueller
Ed Mueller Prije 2 mjeseci
I think I drew this car when I was 8.
Mike Gray
Mike Gray Prije 2 mjeseci
From the side it looks like a Datsun from the front it's ugly, but very very cool car. Interior reminds me of my 1989 Pontiac 6000 STE AWD, that is a very rare car today and was absolutely loaded with a million buttons in the dash.
RJ FT Prije 2 mjeseci
An Alpine in the USA? How comes? Americans hate Renault cars :)
Felix Prije 3 mjeseci
Any evangelion fan would take this car immediately.
QurttoRco Prije 3 mjeseci
There was never a bad Alpine not a single one
Car Meister
Car Meister Prije 3 mjeseci
this car reminds me of a Chrysler Conquest TSI.
J R Prije 3 mjeseci
On the other hand, if giant alien angels from outer space ever invade, you can def escape them for a bit in this car.
gta5 carefree tryhard420xx
gta5 carefree tryhard420xx Prije 3 mjeseci
I haveee itttt
Alex M
Alex M Prije 3 mjeseci
So you have to pop the hood open every time you fill up?
Adam T
Adam T Prije 3 mjeseci
Mid80 till mid90 were most durable best build cars ever. Maybe not usa but europe and japan did it best... This is why you still can find many of them at the road not at junk yard.
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Prije 3 mjeseci
80's Subaru's had full size spare mounted on transaxel. No blanket either making tire changes very fun.
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the Alpine!! Butt ugly (rear looks bad) as heck but still interesting to look at.
dogleg Prije 3 mjeseci
Rarely does Tyler go nearly full jeff goldblum.....but today....
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