Buying An Old Bentley Is The Worst Financial Decision You Can Make, AND I OWN 2!?!?!

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 2 mjeseci

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supersonicsegax1 Prije dan
Just LS swap the turbo R. It already has a Chevy transmission in it. You’d get more power plus it’d actually be reliable!
fredgien Prije 2 dana
Wij zeggen in Holland; een hobby mag wat kosten!
artoodiitoo Prije 5 dana
14:30 the climate control is making arctic wind and nothern tribe musical instrument noises to add to the cold feeling, it´s a feature!
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Prije 5 dana
They would be running if they Lexus
Finish Dude
Finish Dude Prije 6 dana
How the hell can a rr that cost so much new be so bad car.
JBM425 Prije 18 dana
A former NBA player advised fans to avoid buying a Bentley because they break down so much. He replaced it with either a Hummer or Escalade.
Sdusb Prije 25 dana
*LS Swap intensifies*
Arnold Santiago
Arnold Santiago Prije 28 dana
Why do you pause when you talk?
Victor Seastrom
Victor Seastrom Prije 29 dana
Unless it's an "S Series" car which are the most reliable products Crewe ever produced.
Helvetica Scenario
Helvetica Scenario Prije mjesec
The sound the aircon makes is the screaming souls of all of the car's owners, past , present, and future.
Adam Gates
Adam Gates Prije mjesec
That Turbo-R would look lovely in my driveway
notfiveo Prije mjesec
When I first saw this channel I would swear Jeff Goldbloom switched professions.
TheMattc999 Prije mjesec
I like it....I'll give you $7.99 for it right now.
Ronald van Kemenade
Ronald van Kemenade Prije mjesec
I know a Bentley collector, but he also knows how to fix these cars himself. So that´s category 4.
Strang 1
Strang 1 Prije mjesec
LS SWAP the Azure. That is the only good potential it has.
Kazeoku Prije mjesec
Two Bentley cars, two conversion vans... all the old school luxury.
Shauma Prije mjesec
Drive a hooptie Bentley in NoCal everyone will think you're a pimp
Shane T
Shane T Prije mjesec
Ah yes, the dashboard is haunted from mechanics and owners past wallets
Lee B
Lee B Prije mjesec
Chuck a LS in it and coilovers job done ✅
Ken Harty
Ken Harty Prije mjesec
Wow theyre shitty cars lol
TexasWarhawk Prije mjesec
Love the channel, but Hoovie really leans hard into the Jeff Goldblum impersonation, doesn't he?
Tom Snyder
Tom Snyder Prije mjesec
The air conditioning noise is a 56K Modem sending info back to Bentley.
Hungry Hamburger
Hungry Hamburger Prije mjesec
burry (or how its pronounced) the sedan in ground
Dailydriver Prije mjesec
RANGE ROVER BURIAL PART 2! or death by fire or running it over like Doug did with that Audi wagon.
Carlos Vieira
Carlos Vieira Prije mjesec
Tyler, I have an e39 Protection BMW (armored form the factory) here in Brazil, but really, as crazy as it is this Bentley Turbo R is my dream car... As problematic as they are i love the way they look, the rounded headlights, i don't know. Unfortunately we don't have much of these cars here in Brazil ;(
chassis807 Prije mjesec
Ok, the theme with buying broken European cars is getting old. Everyone should know they are just POS. Those people should go back to making more simple things like cheese and wooden shoes. Leave the cars to smart engineers.
Al Mo
Al Mo Prije mjesec
Cars have no value..... just buy what you like.
Nat Hopper
Nat Hopper Prije mjesec
Sounds like dial up internet when he switched it heat and air function..lolz
Dwayne Harralson
Dwayne Harralson Prije mjesec
Your A.C. is trying to connect to dialup internet lol
JonPeanut Prije mjesec
I own a Chrysler Lebaron which was previously owned by John Voight. Take that, Tyler!
m gray
m gray Prije mjesec
The air sounds like when the captain on the Starship Enterprise tells lieutenant Uhura to contact Regulla One! Do you read? I'd get rid of it and buy a newer one, maybe it would cost less, well maybe not!
Alex Farid
Alex Farid Prije mjesec
Very funny , British cars and German cars have become money pits .
Colin Steele
Colin Steele Prije mjesec
He should have kept that beautiful Imperial he bought a year or two ago, rather than keeping these Bentleys, the Imperial was super rare, the Bentleys aren't.
Mikes Tech Rescue
Mikes Tech Rescue Prije mjesec
I'll trade you a 1969 Schwinn 3 speed bicycle for it. The one with the bannana seat AND gold glitter paint
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Prije mjesec
Sounds like a great candidate for a resto-mod...
S.i Prije mjesec
The love of ownership is the reward, just depends on how rich you are and how much you value these cars.
S.i Prije mjesec
Hoover always looks like he just soiled himself.
Random Fixes & Restorations
Random Fixes & Restorations Prije mjesec
I would throw in at least aanother 5-8 grand, make it pretty nice, fix most of the things, and try to sell it to someone who pays about 35 grand for it. At least I'd get my money back and know that the buyer can 'probably' afford the maintenece costs. I don't know, haha. I would do that, tho.
HW2800 Prije mjesec
The more pricey the vehicle is, the greater the cost of repairs and service! Veyron is one of the priciest out there!
geoffk777 Prije mjesec
The Azure is actually a very nice car and a borderline classic. Your model as based on the Continental R, and it was one of the best cars Bentley ever made. These get respectable prices in good condition and they are starting to appreciate. Big convertibles like this are not common, and there will always be a strong demand for them. Of course, it is definitely an expensive car to maintain (even the tires can be hundreds of dollars), so you need to be willing to spend money to maintain it. But that's true of Ferraris and most expensive luxury cars. The Turbo R's are much less desirable, and sedans in general are less valuable and sought out. You can buy a fairly decent example for $25,000 or even less, and a car that needs some work for $10,000-15,000. Unfortunately, they still require a lot of maintenance, and this low valuation makes it harder to justify the expense. It's a beautiful car, but not a good investment.
Audie Carter
Audie Carter Prije mjesec
I hope you don't give out financial advice to your friends and relatives
plunder1956 Prije mjesec
Even as a lawn ornament these are a bad idea. I remember one of the Beatles buried a large piano in his lawn just to see how it changed as it rotted. How about that for a plan?
Lookslikeanass Prije mjesec
This car is so 90's that when he turns on the AC, it sounds like he's connecting to the internet using dial up.
Andrew Prije mjesec
"It was leaking mineral oil..." Why does a car have a mineral oil reserve? Does it have a wood cutting board that needs up-keep?
Spidrunkrit Prije mjesec
30 year old Bently with dial up infotainment
thebetterway73 Prije mjesec
Why do Bently lovers not spend the money on a pro engine swap? Wouldn't that solve the problem for way less money and keep these beauties rolling?
Tate Swanson
Tate Swanson Prije 2 mjeseci
It looks good.
Peter Forster
Peter Forster Prije 2 mjeseci
Apparently, the head gasket only goes when you take an old one to the redline!! Woops....
George Hannan
George Hannan Prije 2 mjeseci
your vents sound like dial up internet
alphatrion100 Prije 2 mjeseci
ET74019 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude what in the world do you do for a living to have all these cars and spend a 100k on just 1😂🤯....I dream to have one of those green mustangs behind you😂
Brian Argabrite
Brian Argabrite Prije 2 mjeseci
you should ask see jr go about your bentley he could do a ls swap on it
Freddy Ramirez
Freddy Ramirez Prije 2 mjeseci
I bought a 1990 Jaguar xj6. It was horrible. Bought a 1997 that was ok. and a 1991 that was ok. I would gladly own another Jag.
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 Prije 2 mjeseci
Old Bentleys are still pretty pricey but old Rolls aren't that bad, kinda weird really.
dherfkens Prije 2 mjeseci
On the bright side you probably paid for the car wizards boat.
Sasha Butorac
Sasha Butorac Prije 2 mjeseci
Got to say I don't see the appeal of these old heavy horrible cars.
GpzJeffrey Prije 2 mjeseci
I think that whistling noise when you turn the AC on is a massive vacuum leak from the air flap actuators.
Doug Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol. Anything is reliable if you're Jay Leno and can afford an entire staff of curators, technicians, and specialists to look after your fleet of cars. He just gets in and turns the key.
Not Me Not Me
Not Me Not Me Prije 2 mjeseci
Why I like watching Hoovies Garage: No matter how bad my day is and what things go wrong in my life. At least I haven’t spent $100,000 on car repairs
Ooh Gee
Ooh Gee Prije 2 mjeseci
Drop a HEMI in!!
jmsaltzman Prije 2 mjeseci
"Just driving it to get it fixed" describes my old VW bus, though half of those trips were tows, going by distance. But my miles to $$ ratio was more like 1-2...:o
ThePatUltra Prije 2 mjeseci
"Uncle Knick-Knack's Winter Wardrobe..." "Uncle Knick-Knack's Summer Wardrobe..." "Uncle Knick-Knack..." -Mortia Addams Addams Family
David Walliser
David Walliser Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm shocked! You pay extra for the British Territorial Marking System. No Bentley actually leaks oil so much as it deposits BTM's (British Territorial Marks) in every parking spot. This is a coveted feature which marks each spot in the name of the crown. Removal of this system will cost you many many Benjamin's. I'm shocked you've not heard of this and that you're surprised. Good Luck.
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Prije 2 mjeseci
You're the definition of not smart.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Convert it to electric with air ride suspension.
King Dong
King Dong Prije 2 mjeseci
If a car needs 100K to keep going over 10 years, IT'S NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE !!!! Manufactures that make piles of shit like this deserve to go bust and the buyers of this type of crap should be locked up for their own health.
William Jeffrey
William Jeffrey Prije 2 mjeseci
I have a 2006 Chevrolet Impala, use synthetic oil, and have a good shade tree mechanic. All options function properly ,and the V6 engine which has 235,000 km on it runs smoothly and can still slide the wheels on dry pavement if you want to. The repair bills are not frequent, and relatively cheap when needed. Granted it's not a Bentley, but it IS good reliable transportation, and parts are available if needed.
Nogood Username
Nogood Username Prije 2 mjeseci
Green Mustang in back ground sound way cooler than Bentley
Neon Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie is with us! #justiceforjohnny
blueovalfan23 Prije 2 mjeseci
Could have modded the problems out of them. Ls swap and put a more normal brake and booster in it.
Joe Berkeley
Joe Berkeley Prije 2 mjeseci
It's not a car. It's a divorce simulator.
GTAjedi Prije 2 mjeseci
If you pay me £50k, I will take one of them off your hands :D
bassplayer2011ify Prije 2 mjeseci
James May said the exact same thing 17 years ago when he first joined Top Gear. Don't buy an old Bentley or any old british mark for that matter. The only exception may be Morgan but most of those are garage queens and museum pieces that don't see a lot of miles.
Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson Prije 2 mjeseci
Here is a review of the 2021 Bentley, #HooviesGarage can fit this 12-cylinder beast!
Baron Von Jo
Baron Von Jo Prije 2 mjeseci
Look at that British quality. Edit: Well he just talked about his E63 so I guess we should say European quality.
kb94596 Prije 2 mjeseci
sell it to John Ross for $1
John Evans
John Evans Prije 2 mjeseci
A friend of mine had a used Turbo R for many years here in Britain . He said it was essential to have it serviced by a Bentley agent or a Bentley specialist. It was always reliable but very costly to service. Yours does look very tired - the paint on most examples of this model I see looks excellent. Did you say 170,000 miles!
TheXL2013 Prije 2 mjeseci
**Climate control system screams** Nah, that's just the Spirit of Ecstasy making herself heard.
Scotts GoTo
Scotts GoTo Prije 2 mjeseci
You could always do an LS swap and remove all of the troublesome English bits. Jonathan Ward did one and its awesome. Check it out here:
Ali Shan
Ali Shan Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoover takes off from the stop light like a bat out of hell leaving the bimmer in the dust and says, the power is just "OK"😂
Colin S
Colin S Prije 2 mjeseci
Loved my 92 Caddy Seville, but it was such a money pit.
Saul Uribe
Saul Uribe Prije 2 mjeseci
This guy hasn't made any grievances on the insurance cost for the two Bentley siblings so what does that tell us?
Ahmaad Paige
Ahmaad Paige Prije 2 mjeseci
There's A 79 Rolls Royce In Alabama For $10,000 with only 71k on the Facebook market place I think you should buy It!
Rob Hargis
Rob Hargis Prije 2 mjeseci
And Jeremy Clarkson says American cars are junk...
skuz34 Prije 2 mjeseci
i feel like i have tylers luck with vehicles but with less then 1/8 the money, i try and buy a reliable honda product and own it for all of 4 days just to have a check engine light come on...fml i fucking hate cars
67corvaircars Prije 2 mjeseci
Ls swap it and put coil overs on it😏
S V Prije 2 mjeseci
Next episode: Check out my Bentley Turbo R on Daddy Doug's Car's & Bids!
Ijusthopeitsquick Prije 2 mjeseci
Please, no more comments about the AC sounding like an old modem.
Josh Karstetter
Josh Karstetter Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ll buy it for $10 and use it to start my HRpost channel, need some more car channels from us in the Kansas/Oklahoma area! Right now I’d make one, but all of my vehicles are reliable and in good shape!
Darren Lincoln
Darren Lincoln Prije 2 mjeseci
Tyler, how about a worn-out but sorted European luxury car giveaway like a Maserati, Jaguar, Range Rover, Mercedes, or Porsche?
dean king
dean king Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't get owning cars to just look at them. It's supposed to be driven so drive it! And buy lots of shares in BP.
Pojo Prije 2 mjeseci
Keep them, they’re good looking cars.
Jim Akin
Jim Akin Prije 2 mjeseci
Hahaha! Buying ANY Bentley is a mistake!
beat glauser
beat glauser Prije 2 mjeseci
I must say, those Bentleys might be unnesserarilly complicated and surely a nightmare to maintain. But you cannot compare that to a 1990 S class. I owned a 1990 S class, cosmetically near to perfect condition. It might have been reliable but NO fun to drive at all. I enjoyed looking at it or sitting in it as it had a very nice leather and wood interior. I hardly ever used to drive it and decided to sell it. But honestly: This Benley interior has a ton of class. And it really has a classy look. And I am sure it is a much, much nicer vehicle to drive than any Mercedes. In the old days my family members often referred to the Mercedes brand as the "farmer's Rolls Royce*. And honestly the older Bentleys look even a bit more classy than their Rolls Royce twins.
oscar salazar
oscar salazar Prije 2 mjeseci
"A really bad Maaco Paint job" ..... "This next video is brought to you by Maaco!"
roberto glaspero
roberto glaspero Prije 2 mjeseci
Swap an LS3 into it and drive it forever.
Richard Crossley
Richard Crossley Prije 2 mjeseci
14:19 The power is really great on this. Hoovie looks over at the fuel gauge, can I get home?
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn Prije 2 mjeseci
Do an electric swap
Justen Mathis
Justen Mathis Prije 2 mjeseci
This video is interesting due to the fact that not many people will have side-by-side examples to show you how they are both s***. Thank you Tyler
Robert Boscarato
Robert Boscarato Prije 2 mjeseci
Charlie's auto and truck salvage Tomball Texas 77375 281-351-4444 tell him Robert sends as to speak to Charlie
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