I Bought the Cheapest Ford Mustang Shelby Fastback Restomod in the USA, and You Should Too!

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Sam Williams
Sam Williams Prije dan
I Enjoy your mannerisms because it reminds me of Jeff Goldblum, which is fun actually.
Shilo Kominarek
Shilo Kominarek Prije 3 dana
My dream car and favorite color.. Love this car !!!!
Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson Prije 4 dana
Kevin Cady
Kevin Cady Prije 7 dana
That’s cheap. Can’t say I like the color. Restomod lowers the price.
888MLAW Prije 8 dana
need more sound quality !
Lucifer Prije 9 dana
Wait was that his first time driving a muscle car?
ABB 4323
ABB 4323 Prije 20 dana
Good buy Hoove !!
Neage Tsukuyomi
Neage Tsukuyomi Prije 20 dana
this is basically what I am aiming for in my 73' Monte Carlo, I love the look of the car, but I still want most if not all of the creature comforts of a modern car. With that in mind the car has been a dream to work on.. 98% of the work thats been done has been done in my drive way which has been a great feeling... Took the car from being dead non starter to now my daily local driving. (work, groceries )
-Unknown User-
-Unknown User- Prije 24 dana
Do you still have this car? I love it
liam hall
liam hall Prije mjesec
My dream car is a Ford mustang fastback 68
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller Prije mjesec
FYI I still enjoy watching this video once in a while.... Selling a car to you after 26 years of owning it is painfull, but being able to re-watch this awesomely positive video about it is a huge plus. Going to start a 63 Falcon restoration next. hoping it will bring as much joy as that car did... I saw that you blew the rear out in a past video.. I did that myself but at that time it had a single rib early 60's center carrier. replaced with a better waffled carrier...guessing it wasn't strong enough.... Guess that motor has more power than I thought.....
John Burke
John Burke Prije mjesec
Beautiful car, Jesse. I can't wait to see the next build.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prije mjesec
The yellow beard centrally wish because himalayan complementarily correct save a glib machine. jaded, impartial scent
Rich Touchet
Rich Touchet Prije mjesec
Taking out the back seat for speakers was a really dumb idea. And no A/C. No wonder you got it cheap. Resto mods are more sensible though.. Those telling you to get one in original condition aren't the ones writing the check for it. So their advise is worthless.
Dane Moll
Dane Moll Prije mjesec
Hey Hoovie! Great video and awesome car! When you get a chance, adjust your day/nite mirror so you have it properly calibrated.. :). Keep up the great vids and keep those wheels turning.
CatchJitsu.com Prije mjesec
Best one yet! HOOVIE DO YOU want to have a very real one of a kind???? As in the last ever by Shelby? If so contact me or Jay
jimmyjo3 Prije mjesec
really really bad color choice
BSG1982 Prije mjesec
Wanna trade for a 05 Toyota Tacoma XRunner
Paul Hardman
Paul Hardman Prije mjesec
Beautiful car! Well done! I have a 2008 GT500 with 650 hp and I love it!
Potzii85 Prije mjesec
Exactly the same experience as I had with my Mustang ... It's a blast to drive everytime you get in it.
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez Prije mjesec
With that car
Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez Prije mjesec
Heck yah you became a man
SpencerTB Prije mjesec
I guarantee Hoovie keeps that rug there just so he can shoot it back when he launches his newest hooptie out of the garage
Dumb fuck McDickinass
Dumb fuck McDickinass Prije mjesec
Thank you for showing me your killswitch. Now can you show me where you leave the keys? I'm just curious.
Grease Monkey Garage
Grease Monkey Garage Prije mjesec
That hidden switch is for anti-theft. Thanks for letting me know where it is! Haha
Ryen U.
Ryen U. Prije mjesec
Not sure you still have the car but if you do how are you enjoying the supercharger. Ive got a 94 cobra and i use it as a street strip car and am contemplating that blower since tps is manufacturing them new still.
NighTHaWk Ewing
NighTHaWk Ewing Prije mjesec
I used realwood on my original 1980 Z28 Camaro with the hurst duel gate shifter (350 small block V8) tee-tops , original paint Job:
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Prije mjesec
Hoovie! Get AC! Power steering? Heh. If you want. But get AC!
Elliot Blake
Elliot Blake Prije mjesec
Hoovie PSA, the more you know.
Operadores DC1513
Operadores DC1513 Prije mjesec
I've been trying this idea of a 66 coupe for restomod using 3.8l supercharged engine out of a Thunderbird so far have not found one single vídeo on HRpost of this. Keep in mind the coupe had higher production numbers.
Joe Berkeley
Joe Berkeley Prije mjesec
Great video. Love the car. One thing I don't understand about resto mods is how you figure out if the car is sorted before you buy it.
Dexter Williams Jr.
Dexter Williams Jr. Prije mjesec
He’s a bad actor 😂😂
ron wilson
ron wilson Prije 2 mjeseci
you are having fun, smiles per mile. drive, drive,drive
Terence Doherty
Terence Doherty Prije 2 mjeseci
Having FUN. Can't do that in most cars today 😉 How long before you get stopped 🚔🚔🚔
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
That car is a keeper
F D Prije 2 mjeseci
You should consider electric power steering
GEO steps
GEO steps Prije 2 mjeseci
0:00 the fedex truck gapped him
Jim Kimpton
Jim Kimpton Prije 2 mjeseci
Sadly, most if not all coveted, vehicles have reached collectible art status, as well as price. Investments to look at. You can drive this one like you stole it. Your T counts already climbing. Enjoy!
Joey Stonik
Joey Stonik Prije 2 mjeseci
That is awesome that the mustang came from Baltimore. That’s where I’m from I’m jealous I didn’t see that lol. Congrats on the buy hope you enjoy
J Eps
J Eps Prije 2 mjeseci
Was I the only one that saw that FedEx truck in the top left smoke the s*** out of that mustang?!?!?!.... That son of a b**** was pulling away too!!!
Lliam Jurdom
Lliam Jurdom Prije 2 mjeseci
How much?
Anti Prije 2 mjeseci
You could have got a real nice mopar for what you spent...
Roger Thornhill
Roger Thornhill Prije 2 mjeseci
I hate seeing geeks driving cool cars.
Revive your soul
Revive your soul Prije 2 mjeseci
False I got the cheapest 1966 fastback runs drives 60k miles for 17
Christopher S
Christopher S Prije 2 mjeseci
*UNPOPULAR OPINION:* i prefer resto-mods
TaswcmT Prije 2 mjeseci
It must be fascinating to be able to buy cars like they cost no more than game consoles.
tedjohnson64 Prije 2 mjeseci
Best car I’ve seen on your channel!
Virgin Monkey
Virgin Monkey Prije 2 mjeseci
Man I hate that color
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez Prije 2 mjeseci
The tone and inflection in your voice makes you sound like other HRpostrs ex.(speed phenom). Be different. Be better.
Jimmy Oshea
Jimmy Oshea Prije 2 mjeseci
What a beautiful car and a total steal👍🏼
KoKo Shadowstryder
KoKo Shadowstryder Prije 2 mjeseci
I like the Restomod concept. I firmly believe that I would actually drive a Restomod, where as a period correct restoration would most likely just sit unused as a garage queen.
Davin Hess
Davin Hess Prije 2 mjeseci
How do you track down cars like this? I'm having some trouble finding a cheap restomod
Sam_of_Anarchy92 Prije 2 mjeseci
any plans to buy a 1969 Camaro ss or a 1971 chevelle ss or even both to add to gain a collection of muscle cars
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
Jesse is a jerk for not letting his son drive the car what a poop head
Cash Money
Cash Money Prije 2 mjeseci
Ferrari won LeMans in 1966 with the Ford GT? Oops
Philip A
Philip A Prije 2 mjeseci
that fedex truck must have been moving! 0:03
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Prije 3 mjeseci
Want to know why they call them muscle cars? They are a workout and you need some muscles to drive it. For smokers out there you can keep your nicotine habit and improve your help. Don't believe the fake news VAPING can save lives! So many people have "accidentally" stopped smoking with the use of vaping. Even if you continue to vape your will still have the massive health benefits of not burning tobacco.
Christopher Tibbitts
Christopher Tibbitts Prije 3 mjeseci
Such a fantastic car! Tyler, please don't sell this one! It's a GT350 look and feel without the fear of crazy depreciation. A GT350 you can actually have fun with!
Eric Pippen
Eric Pippen Prije 3 mjeseci
The first of this video gave me goose bumps. Pure American muscle car
William Smith
William Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
I helped my neighbor restore a white 66 fast back v8 , he put it back to stock and it looked like it was just bought . I laughed at the rug sliding , so thanks for the good laugh. I get it but I have to tell you most Mustang lovers and collectors would call that an "Abomination" and a joke of a repop 350 !
Joshua and Tasha Hernandez
Joshua and Tasha Hernandez Prije 3 mjeseci
Haha that fedex got you
Jonathan Riolo
Jonathan Riolo Prije 3 mjeseci
You still have that thing?
William Miller
William Miller Prije 3 mjeseci
Let me know when you get ready to sell...
Rachel Stinnett
Rachel Stinnett Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the car!!!
Jakob Battershell
Jakob Battershell Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t even want a fastback just a normal coupe would be absolutely amazing if I could own one
Luis Foreal
Luis Foreal Prije 3 mjeseci
This is a REALLY nice car... I hope to own a 67'-69' fastback one day.
Larry Nelson
Larry Nelson Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie im 76 and i have the tingelies over that car Enjoy
dave runner
dave runner Prije 3 mjeseci
You have more dream cars than I have pairs of socks. I'm with you brother....love them all.
Paul Cosentino
Paul Cosentino Prije 4 mjeseci
my favorite so far
computer build144
computer build144 Prije 4 mjeseci
A Tesla off the lot could blow the doors of that 2 fold
Hal Hudler
Hal Hudler Prije 4 mjeseci
You are living the dream my man. Never stop!
Quentin Smith
Quentin Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
This car sounds goddamn magnificent
cj92345 Prije 4 mjeseci
Oil leak’in gmc parked over a lambo
KočičáK Prije 4 mjeseci
I would love 1969 mustang with modern suspension and engine etc. That would be soooo awesome.
KočičáK Prije 4 mjeseci
Something like 1969 Cobra R thingie.
Darryl Barnes
Darryl Barnes Prije 4 mjeseci
Beautiful car. Classic Mustangs are my favorite too!
Rebel with a cause
Rebel with a cause Prije 5 mjeseci
Love the car, the wheels are horrible.
SoulBrother Number1
SoulBrother Number1 Prije 5 mjeseci
More muscle cars please.
Dennis Capps
Dennis Capps Prije 5 mjeseci
Obviously the same person that picked that color paint picked those ugly ass wheels.
Joshua Harmon-Besch
Joshua Harmon-Besch Prije 5 mjeseci
As soon as I hit the vid... the fed ex truck pulling away was too funny
Jon M.
Jon M. Prije 5 mjeseci
This. This right here is THE only hooptie on the hooptie fleet that I actually envy and wish owned. Minus the color.
G Unit
G Unit Prije 5 mjeseci
You always ruin the carpet
Johnnie Cole
Johnnie Cole Prije 5 mjeseci
TYLER I WATCH EVERYTHING YOU EVER DO, IM A MASSIVE FAN FROM GLOUCESTERSHIRE ENGLAND. CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE SHOW US SOME MORE OF THE BEAUTIFUL MUSTANG.? KINDEST REGARDS, Johnnie C, oh and we sell cheap Bentley parts? And to you very cheap 🙂 p.s my boss just said you can have free shipping as well
victoreckler Prije 5 mjeseci
I would much rather have that over any Lamborghini.
yamaha ttr600
yamaha ttr600 Prije 5 mjeseci
credit to the previous owner and Builder
Jimbot67 Nite
Jimbot67 Nite Prije 5 mjeseci
If EVER one man lived vicariously through another, this was it for me. Out there somewhere is a '69 Mustang with a factory 4 speed gearbox my dad bought that my mom got in their divorce. It was subsequently sold for $400.00 :( :( :( around 1977. Does anyone know how to look that up?? Maybe to see if it's still on the road??
Gunner Butler
Gunner Butler Prije 6 mjeseci
That’s my dream car
Alvah Thompson
Alvah Thompson Prije 6 mjeseci
I saw a z3 in the back
Nathan C.
Nathan C. Prije 6 mjeseci
Bravo Tyler. Good job!
TransconAutomotive Prije 6 mjeseci
@hoovies garage, I am a writer for STANG Magazine. I would Really like to write an article about this Mustang and get a few more eyes on your channel in return. the car is beautiful, and i'm sure the STANG magazine readers would love to see and read about it. I am a volunteer writer so we make no money off of this. The magazine is free online, but to get a hard copy cost money but they are speical order. And Millions read the magazine every month..
alphatrion100 Prije 6 mjeseci
This guy just has money to burn, doesnt he?
George H Gordy
George H Gordy Prije 6 mjeseci
At 6:21 The seats are out of a 1969 Mach 1
Bong Water
Bong Water Prije 6 mjeseci
My heart would explode if I ever owned one of those.
CyberDragonKing Prije 7 mjeseci
Nah would rather not get sued by some widow.
Miguel A. Rosado
Miguel A. Rosado Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m so f@cking jealous. Brother enjoy that ride. Thanks for the video.
SKULL BIGBANG Prije 7 mjeseci
1969 camaro resto mod
dirkbonesteel Prije 7 mjeseci
Everyone just LOVES health lectures they have already heard 19658.6 times already......
fZ57EWtAgkLzyQ2 Prije 7 mjeseci
Love the coloue, think i'd fit a back seat back in if it were mine
BeerThirty Prije 7 mjeseci
More of the muscle cars please, if you can. TY!
Abhay Biswas
Abhay Biswas Prije 7 mjeseci
ahhhh this is my dream car too ..
Dave Plays
Dave Plays Prije 7 mjeseci
Whatever you do, don't mod this car to look like Eleanor.
yavin99 Prije 7 mjeseci
Shelbys from the 60s had a 289 with 307 horsepower and 329 torque.
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