The Audi Allroad Was The Most Unreliable Car Ever Made, But May Not Be For Much Longer

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 5 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 5 mjeseci
Erebos Prije 4 mjeseci
Sablon76 oh boy, maybe shouldn’t comment on HRpost if you cleanly have no clue what you are talking about... 🤦‍♂️
random clips
random clips Prije 5 mjeseci
@Beans The Cat why not I think it is a great website
keko738 Prije 5 mjeseci
OK, who pee in the floor? At 2:34 minutes
The Car Genius
The Car Genius Prije 5 mjeseci
Its not a good car why are you telling everyone that JK
Luís Gonçalves
Luís Gonçalves Prije 5 mjeseci
Great channel indeed. Your BMW 740i it's a fucking nice car, stay with that masterpiece.
Armando Armenta
Armando Armenta Prije 3 dana
142k miles wow that one lived a good life I love everything about this car but it sucks
gbryant65 Prije 14 dana
I've had many different 2.7T Audis over the last 15 years. never thought they were bad. I still like them. I still have a beautiful Allroad out back behind my dealership with bad air suspension- It didn't last a month from purchase. Always ran out great though. I've had S4s, A6 2.7Ts but would never buy another Allroad.
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Prije 15 dana
Oddly reminds me of a ford freestyle
lance volpato
lance volpato Prije 16 dana
We HAD a 2016 Audi Q7 the re-design. And 2 months in the brake lights stopped working and in the warranty period had multiple engine problems until it was out of warranty and I took it for a service and in the afternoon when I went to pick it up they told me a timing chain was going to break and it was going to cost 25K to repair. Bought brand new for about 110K and traded it in for a BMW X7 for 50K.
Eli Prije 17 dana
did he just say "my daddy, Doug Demuro"?
blinkzh Prije 19 dana
I have the same one and i agree: Leaks oil Suspension has problems every now and then But i have to say it aged really well, seats are comfortable, the back passenger's seats re comfortable, power is good and the amount of compliments i have gotten is crazy for a 2001 car. What i would like to change is the exhaust for a more sport sound. It's way too quiet for my taste haha
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue Prije 21 dan
European cars are really nice while they last. Too bad they’re almost all intentionally designed to become mechanically totaled within 5 years so that you have to buy a new one. (There are exceptions to this heuristic, but they’re few and far between.)
andylaauk Prije 22 dana
"It has air suspension" "Who needs air suspension?" "This Audi"
Formatique arschloch
Formatique arschloch Prije 27 dana
I had an A6 2.7biturbo quattro. Great fun to drive at winter, but otherwise it was a piece of shit. Oil leaks everywhere and everyting was impossible to fix by yourself. 1.9 tdi would be reliable, those engines last forever.
Jeffrey Cheng
Jeffrey Cheng Prije 27 dana
Straight pipe the exhaust.
Scott Pratt
Scott Pratt Prije 27 dana
We won't see these car brands in a few years imo. Millennials aren't impressed with luxury cars and certainly not going into debt to pay for repairs
D'yer Maker
D'yer Maker Prije mjesec
Audis turned me off on all German cars forever. They aren't made to last past 100k miles without major repairs. American and Japanese cars are much, much better.
adel lover
adel lover Prije mjesec
How reliable are the new a4 and a6 all roads
Völl Däpp
Völl Däpp Prije mjesec
I don't get this "most unreliable Car" talk. AFAIK mostly from US tubers. What do they do to the car? Can it be, that US Garages where a bit unable to cope with the maintanance of this car or something like that? I mean I had 2 of those back in the day and had not that much problems with them. Basically an ignition coil issue in the 4.2 liter motor (my second Allroad) was about it (coils changed for free by Audi btw). I did not use them offroad a lot (I mean its not a Jeep or the like) but at least some really bad dirt track from time to time and I do have photos with quite impressive angles and one wheel in the air. All in all much more capable than modern SUVs. Sure, this is no cheap car. If you have it you need to get it properly maintained and that may also cost. I still like the car and wished, Audi would make modern versions of those today (no, the current A6 Allroads are not modern version of the original Allroad)
Kolson Herstad
Kolson Herstad Prije mjesec
After reading these comments, Idk how y'all treat your cars... but my 2003 Audi A6 Wagon has over 205k miles and all I've done since I've owned it (almost 2 years) is put brakes on the rear and change the oil... most reliable car I've owned. My dad is a American car junkie and he even says he's impressed by the quality of this German car.
Driven By Vlad
Driven By Vlad Prije mjesec
I actually love the allroad. Usable Audi S4
Team Squido Films
Team Squido Films Prije mjesec
For this entire video all I could think was Subaru did it better. Subaru in the 90s made the top trim legacy with air ride suspension that didn’t fail and a twin turbo. So for way cheaper than this you could have something better
b13nissan Prije mjesec
Im going to look at one tomorrow, got project idea to swap with tdi and 5 speed manual from b5 platform
john jennings
john jennings Prije mjesec
If Saturn made Audi's it would be this.
Z.Kozak Prije mjesec
There's one common theme with the cars you buy - you buy the absolute cheapest ones you can find, which are bound to have issues. Euro reliability has been iffy, and the parts are usually expensive. But if you buy the cheapest vehicles that were $100k+ new for a couple thousand, and budget repairs in the same ballpark, I think that's the one lapse in your channel. Despite this, I love the channel and enjoy it a lot. Thanks for the content! And I did have a great cheap B6 S4. Timing chains were done right before I got it. But I found out the rings were bad not long after. Audi's are an interesting brand in that respect.
Ozkrow Prije mjesec
Complains about the engine and trans yet nothing is wrong with that car lol. Dork
Ben Gagnon
Ben Gagnon Prije 2 mjeseci
Why buy this in the early 00's if you could buy a XC70 instead? More reliable (back then), as luxury as this, still technically a station wagon, still an european import and way prettier...
Jeremy Hoffecker
Jeremy Hoffecker Prije 2 mjeseci
New cars. Direct injection. Nuff said.
blkcoupequattro Prije 2 mjeseci
Robby Diesel Gaming
Robby Diesel Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
The doggy divider works 😒😂
Alexander Nefodov
Alexander Nefodov Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks dude, very funny and informative video.
Waylon Hoss
Waylon Hoss Prije 2 mjeseci
I was always led to believe the Germans were the best vehicles made....
Netyro Sage
Netyro Sage Prije 2 mjeseci
obviously a highschoolers car who beat it, So the reliability issue is scheduled maint? My moms has much higher miles, no leaks, complete bodys, and omg, call the cops, a fully operational air ride. Worst things are what someone else had done to it The second are his broad opinions that can apply to any car some beat the shit out of.
John Renolds
John Renolds Prije 2 mjeseci
nice vid... thoughts on XC 70s.. seeing a lot of mid 2000s available . any tech issues with these and/or can you direct me the good b4 buy resources .. thx
mike G
mike G Prije 2 mjeseci
my friends shop is getting ecoboost f150s with blown turbos like first gen 2009-2013
John jimmers
John jimmers Prije 2 mjeseci
Obviously hes not very knowledgable about audis, or any cars really😂 he just talks out of his ass and guesses half the time
Joshua Gang
Joshua Gang Prije 2 mjeseci
My Father In Law had two of them. first one was a manual the second was a auto. Did not have any real problems with either of them until the auto finally trashed one of the suspension air bags and when he found out the cost for one. he sold it.
Rich Delgado
Rich Delgado Prije 2 mjeseci
his reminds me of the video where Doug DeMuro ran over an Allroad. Literally, he drove a car onto and over an Allroad.
Jim Channell
Jim Channell Prije 2 mjeseci
Audi....the Chrysler of Germany
PH4NTM LP Prije 2 mjeseci
Hmm... If you actually want to know what German reliability is, look at the Diesels. Not those cars actually known for their terrible unreliability. This generations Audi A6 2.5 TDi is actually one of the most reliable modern cars. My neighbors drive one with 521k kilometers and just went through 2 clutches and some suspension bushings. Older Mercedes Diesels, especially those until 1995 (OM615,616,617,601,602,603,604,605,606 or older) are the most reliable things on this planet. Not much power, but built like tanks, easily running for 800.000 miles with minor maintenance. Any gasoline car from 1990-2009 is actually not that reliable.
blkcoupequattro Prije 2 mjeseci
Probably one of the most under loved segments of the entire middle class of America, and it ain't like Subaru's are with out issues. It takes me less than 30min to remove the the front of this car, once off access is to the engine is quite good, but not fantastic. I'm just now getting done cleaning up what many mechanics have hacked with my car previous my ownership. My car is one of the few that came with 6 speed transmission from the factory, it's a different animal when you make improvements on things where Audi left off, and what ever hack of a mechanic was last under the hood. If I was to recommend this car to someone that is not mechanically inclined I would say no, and I'd be afraid to take this car to an average mechanic because it's likely they will do more damage than good. Air ride is fantastic in these cars with Arnott II's installed, though east coast, and midwest cars like these are getting pretty rusty about now, so more problems with rust with the air ride system location. If I was to replace two parts on any of these cars to make them more reliable at this stage of vintage, first it would be the suction pump hose which has two check valves, both work to keep boost where it should be, in the engine, and not leaking to the atmosphere, or into your brake booster it's $140.00 part, second part would be the cam tensioner pads, though you can buy cam tensioners brand new complete for about $100.00 aftermarket, the old ones can be rebuilt for about $12.00 for all four new nylon pads. Oil leaks, well, if you can make one of these stop leaking oil you got the job, pretty common that when valve cover gaskets are done, that more needs to be done that just those gaskets alone, they usually need tensioner gaskets, with half moons, and cam plugs, your choice of sealant, and surface prep is where making sure your oil leaks stop there. It's not uncommon for the turbos to go for quite sometime with proper attention to boost leak prevention, most fail when a boost leak is manifested, and left unfixed ..... There is a saying in the german auto mechanics book about ZF automatic transmissions, they call them AutoTragics, but even then there are people that build these transmissions to withstand some serious HP figures reliably. If you need more advice on one of these, message me, one thing is for sure, no shortage of spare parts for these cars, it's actually a shame so many are crushed for lack of decent mechanic. Audi, making new technicians one Audi at a time.....
soundseeker63 Prije 2 mjeseci
Honestly the Allroad reliability was really not that bad. There are any number of similar cars from Mercedes and BMW of this era that are just as bad or worse. The real failing with this car was the accessibility. But as he rightly points out, it has nothing on any number of cars produced today! Lets face it, every car needs maintenance and things replacing eventually. The difference is in how easy (or not) the designers made it to do those jobs. For most cars designed before the 2000s maintenance relatively easy. But I wouldn't even attempt DIY on a modern car though! Looks like I'll have to hang on to my E39 forever lol
autoworld100 Prije 3 mjeseci
There are worse vehicles, the Audi all road probably has one of the best rides I’ve ever experienced in a car but the 2.7 T is the engine to be avoided, the 2.5 TDI is an excellent engine, most vehicles with air suspension are money pits Most pumps and air ride systems are supplied by Wabco, continental, Arnott etc, when they go wrong, it’s often at least £500 a corner after parts and labour, valve body’s corrode and leak
Seth Mckenzie
Seth Mckenzie Prije 3 mjeseci
I love my car tho...
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
toyota's and hondas are complicated as much and are hi tech and yet they do not break down.
Omar Zowila
Omar Zowila Prije 3 mjeseci
I am pretty sure this HRpostr named EverythingApplePro had this as his first Audi
Michael Lee
Michael Lee Prije 3 mjeseci
Had 2
Jeffrey Yankee
Jeffrey Yankee Prije 3 mjeseci
I watched just to see another awesome allroad. I swear I have the last one on the road here in orlando. Love the car and get compliments all the time.
Ron Lewis
Ron Lewis Prije 3 mjeseci
I owned a B5 S4 6spd with full exhaust, downpipes and Tial 605 turbos. 550 hp and I LOVED the exhaust tone on the 2.7T. That car was great and even with all the mods, could still manage 30mpg with AWD on road trips! Nogaro blue. Miss it so much! Sold to pay for home repairs! Dang life ruining fun!
Billy Casper
Billy Casper Prije 3 mjeseci
I owned one of these for 11 years and moved it on at 113,000 miles. It wasn't unreliable at all, though the air suspension start to leak air at around 110,000 miles.
Casian Vasile
Casian Vasile Prije 3 mjeseci
My only wish in life is to see Hoovie buy a Touareg TDI with the Twin Turbo V10 😔
hughes1011 Prije 3 mjeseci
If you're having car problems I feel bad for you son, I gotta '97 Honda and the bitch still runs
No Name
No Name Prije 3 mjeseci
It might be unreliable, but gosh it is so gorgeous!
Il Mag
Il Mag Prije 3 mjeseci
The diesel version is a lot better for affordability
Geotpf Prije 3 mjeseci
If you actually want reliable, you stay as far away from Germany as possible. I mean that literally, as Japan is about on the other side of the planet from Germany. IE, you buy a Toyota or Honda product of some sort.
Kirk Vacianna
Kirk Vacianna Prije 3 mjeseci
I have had three, could not give me an Audi now.
Angel Bogoev
Angel Bogoev Prije 3 mjeseci
HA - HA - HA !!! 😁 Well.... I got my Audi All Road 2.5 TDI V6 2001 model since almost 6 yrs... The car was used, one owner... The mileage was 119 000 ... Now is 189 000 and no problems whatsoever apart from the regular ones that are due during the years... Recently change the air compressor, front and one of the rear calipers...One of the air suspension is still the original one /Air spring only, not sure about the pneumatic inside/ All the joints original as well ....Now is already due to change them all...😁/ well is like 19 yrs of NON reliability as well...😁/ Never top up engine oil, never top up coolant.... I'm service the car myself every 10 000 miles, filters, engine oil etc.... /30min altogether no rush, using the Jack that car is supplied/ ...Fuel filter changed only once, the moment a bought the car during my first service, now after 5 yrs will be the second time ...Never change transmission's oil.../Exactly what Audi recommend ...The moment you do it, the moment the problems starts... / Cambelt kit once every 4 yrs or 50 k miles... /Did it twice already, the moment I bought the car and after 50 k/ the way that's the only time you need to "take off everything at the front" /Well... I heard THAT guy complaint and appear to be a huge issue 😁/ Now... If someone can show me similar car that's "NOT" reliable like that one... First of all, I'll call him a brother and...Second of all, I'll buy him a pint or two instantly haha... 🍺🍺🍺 Even the best car ever existed WITHOUT good maintenance will be " NON RELIABLE"... Or buying NON original replacement stuff like the "problematic air suspensions" the guy mention.../and we're talking about Arnott here, NOT Continetal...the price is total different as well....well reliable or non reliable is what is important here...😁/ I'm pretty sure will be so funny watching that Clown guy shooting his arguments in front of the whole crew of Audi Allroad engineers....Isn't it ?!? 😁
Randall Spaulding
Randall Spaulding Prije 3 mjeseci
He just called the 2.7 a bad engine 😆. What you did is find one abused example of this car and claim that Audi made bad cars for years. Yes the air suspension systems are finicky.. move along.
NickCarter860 Prije 3 mjeseci
Avant (wagon) 6 cylinder bi turbo 6 speed manual Beefier subframe , air suspension , widebody etc One of the best cars ever And service mode takes 20 mins
Cameron Lane
Cameron Lane Prije 3 mjeseci
I have one. 2001 Allroad 2.7t. 160,000 miles, still runs great. Absolutely love the thing. Edit: Forgot to mention it's the manual model. It's also, like the one in the video, GREEN. EVERYWHERE. Personally, I like it, but it is a little overkill. I have had one turbo fail and it was a bit of a pain to replace, but I love the thing so much I can look past it. Never had the air suspension fail, and I love it to pieces.
WHY ASK ME Prije 3 mjeseci
kam far
kam far Prije 3 mjeseci
By His looks he wasn't hating it as much as he was sounding while he was was driving it
Euphrates Moore
Euphrates Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
I own a 2001 C5 AllRoad! They are not “Unreliable”...they do have their issues but the motor is bulletproof! The only problem is the space given to work on anything! The tiptronic transmissions aren’t the best but routine maintenance keeps them healthy...this guy doesn’t know anything about the platform or mechanical’s sad to hear someone talk about something they don’t know anything about
erich84502ify Prije 3 mjeseci
Audi builds nice cars
Traveling with Ryan _
Traveling with Ryan _ Prije 3 mjeseci
50 shades of green
Daniel Chmiel
Daniel Chmiel Prije 3 mjeseci
mhhhhhhh ostrich leather
I love Mopars-Kyle
I love Mopars-Kyle Prije 4 mjeseci
Audi and unreliability go hand in hand anyways
Ozkrow Prije 4 mjeseci
Most issues caused by lack of maintenance. 😒
johan nyström
johan nyström Prije 4 mjeseci
He is kind of tiring to listen to cause he hasnt any qwn knowledge
AudiDIY Prije 4 mjeseci
I'd like to see a Land Cruiser gap a sleeper 2.7 allroad. That engine can be built to be crazy fast. Audis are cool if you take the time to figure them out.
Coors Lightyear
Coors Lightyear Prije 4 mjeseci
Saw this after finding AuDIY. allroads are dope.
Yeetmeister69 Prije 4 mjeseci
My dad had an all road in like 2012 bought it as a winter beater, and other than it having a small oil leak it wasn’t that bad of a car. It was alright on gas, quick and great to drive. In the snow the thing was an absolute unit, hugged the ground well and the awd system worked great. Only problem was the heated seat was faulty and you’d end up burning your ass every time you used it.
Vlad Vykhopen
Vlad Vykhopen Prije 4 mjeseci
I had one of these. It felt like I was driving a ticking bomb, was always scared something would break on me lol
insouciantnt Prije 4 mjeseci
Great point about modern vehicles. This is my gripe with the new Discovery..... sorry, I meant new Defender 👀🤣 Really wish these manufacturers would keep at least some of their vehicles simple. Not everything needs to be loaded with complicated tech which becomes quickly outdated.
Andreas Theile
Andreas Theile Prije 4 mjeseci
I would have loved to owe one. I just had the normal 2,5TDI Avant quattro . :(
kuladeeluxe Prije 4 mjeseci
Best looking wagon I've seen. Still looks current
Georgi Tsranchev
Georgi Tsranchev Prije 4 mjeseci
Sounds amazing tho 😄
Otto Von Koch
Otto Von Koch Prije 4 mjeseci
Every car I have ever had with air ride just ends up having to be replaced prematurely and expensively. Audi all road, Range Rover. Now I make sure never to own any car with air ride outside of warranty period.
Otto Von Koch
Otto Von Koch Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh I forgot. I had to replace the alternator and in order to do that you need to remove the front clip. Disconnect inter coolers, entire front of car is on a rail system so the front clip slides out when everything is disconnected. It is still a 6-8hr job.only reason I got rid of it at about 90k was the sunroof drain got clogged and leaked water inside twice so after a while the headliner started to drop from the humidity. Can’t deal with a droopy headliner. Otherwise I loved that car. Was a great off-road rally estate.
Pet Dobbeljoe
Pet Dobbeljoe Prije 4 mjeseci
My 2.5tdi allroad has 431K and stil going strong.. great car ! although it cost a lot in the Netherlands, about 208 euros road tax a month excl insurance. but its worth it
Bentley Steven-Lee Dolzadelli
Bentley Steven-Lee Dolzadelli Prije 4 mjeseci
It’s alright but Doug DeMuro is berry real
Jameson Huskins
Jameson Huskins Prije 4 mjeseci
I’ve had three Audi allroads..... my 2002 had 189,000 miles never had a problem except an oil leak..... my first one was a 2001 Audi allroad the cuts rusted off however I wanted a new exhaust on it anyways because these cars sound amazing it has 150,000 Miles and I’ve never had an issue I had to change the timing belt however I didn’t take the whole from of the car off actually you pop a few clips and the front bumper and radiator slides down for a “service mode” and it’s as easy as that these cars are not unreliable. You have to maintain them. That’s the common misconception..... these cars are great and a blast to drive. The Quattro is unmatched I could drive up my very steep drive way on bald tires and still make it up.
Albert Agibinik
Albert Agibinik Prije 4 mjeseci
Computer box in floor front and back sunroof drain hose gets plugged up good bye computers
ReeMatic Prije 4 mjeseci
ReeMatic Prije 4 mjeseci
A NEW factory car that looks like a junkyard bumper replacement
Gaurav N
Gaurav N Prije 4 mjeseci
That Audi sounds really good👍👍👍
John Doe
John Doe Prije 4 mjeseci
I used to want one of these so bad, I would have put and apr stage 3 on it.
StanislavGetz Prije 4 mjeseci
Not to be a triggered fanboi, but throwing an Audi into "service position" (removing the front end) isn't that difficult. It's meant to be done, and is just a few bolts, Then you can swing everything off to the side and have good access to most items in the front. It's a 20 minute process after you figure out how it works. I found it to be incredibly helpful over the years on my multiple projects. Love the 2.7T, but it is a nightmare. I'll give him that.
Todd Stidham
Todd Stidham Prije 4 mjeseci
An old Audi with all four electric windows working...NO WAY!
Trey Smith
Trey Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
As an owner of a 2004 audi allroad, I can say that I’ve been very lucky with the previous owner fixing multiple common issues. I have 190,000 miles and besides a few small issues my car runs and sounds really good with a full exhaust
David Raezer
David Raezer Prije 4 mjeseci
I call the 2.7 BiTrouble. Yes they are very maintenance intensive and unless you find a well maintained privately owned car don’t! What’s funny is the Cayenne used the same air suspension system but those are extremely reliable.
Zach Aronson
Zach Aronson Prije 4 mjeseci
I have a 2.7t S4 and despite a few minor issues it has been very reliable all the way up to 142k.
Madani M. Tall
Madani M. Tall Prije 4 mjeseci
This reporting is so biased I wonder what is the objective here. Personally I owned a Allroad 2.7 T from 2001 to 2013. Drove it in 4 different countries on terrible roads. Never had any issue. Then gave it away to a friend who still drives the car today. So one could do a similar review and say exactly the contrary to everything that was said in this video. I think the problem is upkeep rather than generic vehicle quality. Toyota is a reliable brand in general. Still I know drivers that will run them to the grave in a few years. So please do not make blanket statements and body language that clearly shows you don’t like the Audi brand. That is fine with all of us Audi lovers.
silven412 Prije 4 mjeseci
Did he just use a 7-series BMW as an example for a vehicle known as reliable? 😂😂😂
sparty971 Prije 4 mjeseci
Had one for 5 years . Never had a problem with it .
Ezra begin
Ezra begin Prije 4 mjeseci
what about the 2003 A3
Marc B.
Marc B. Prije 4 mjeseci
Audis are meant to be driven on English/German country roads. Not off road. They are POS off the assembly line. Only meant to be driven in the rain on the way to the office or pick up their brats at private school, not off road. Whoever owned this one beat it to shit. I doubt a financial manager cut off the rotting cats. to make it run or sound like a old Chevy.
Hussein Prije 4 mjeseci
I don't know dude had one and never failed me... yea air ride was shit but I dogged the shit out of it every day and load it up and after 307k miles the rear end started making noise but engine and trans were A1
Ionine Prije 4 mjeseci
I have the Audi A6 Avant 2.8l V6 Quattro 1999.
Sam Howard
Sam Howard Prije 4 mjeseci
I noticed that projector up on the ceiling? Movie nights?
fordlandau Prije 4 mjeseci
Its not even attractive ?!?stop inhaling break fluid
fordlandau Prije 4 mjeseci
Audis are total shit boxes. Fake VW. Tragic waste of time !
Jonathon Prije 4 mjeseci
I loved my 6 speed allroad until motor blew up lol
Mark van der Wel
Mark van der Wel Prije 4 mjeseci
You should buy more Italian cars like Lancia and then reconsider what is bad.
sotirismp Prije 4 mjeseci
At least they Will be fun to drive, unlike anything vag... In the world
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