Buying Cheap Cars From Strangers, THEN GIVING THE CARS BACK!

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Hoovies Garage

Prije godine

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije godine
Do me a favor by spreading a little holiday cheer and sharing this video. I hear every time this video gets liked, and you hit the subscribe button, a check engine light is fixed with an oil change!
michael Reynolds
michael Reynolds Prije 4 sati
@John Wolford lmmfao
John Wolford
John Wolford Prije dan
@michael Reynolds 😂😂😂 hell yeah 12.50 tell you what you bring your happy ass all the way to me and I'll sell it to you for $1000
michael Reynolds
michael Reynolds Prije dan
@John Wolford haha yea man that shit was funny as fuck. I was like damn i would have just said fuck it bt he really wanted to tell me fuck no hahaha
John Wolford
John Wolford Prije dan
@michael Reynolds damn it was easy to reply this time I didn't have to scroll down nothing LOL
michael Reynolds
michael Reynolds Prije dan
@John Wolford haha 🤣🤣🤣
John Walsh
John Walsh Prije 18 minuta
Hey do you wanna buy my car and then give it back? 😁
c note
c note Prije sat
That was so cool .
nba 100
nba 100 Prije 7 sati
Wish I had sombody help get me car ur a good person dude good see sombody doing good things
Faustino T
Faustino T Prije 15 sati
my favorite car is a chevy astro van. I love that car so much in spirit due it's sentimental value and meaning to me. Do you have one in the garage I can own spiritually?
FishHardOrGoHome Prije 19 sati
First time watcher of your channel this popped up had to watch it great idea loved the vid subscribed now
David T-bone Garcia
David T-bone Garcia Prije 22 sati
Bullet hole lol
Rolando Arriazola
Rolando Arriazola Prije dan
I think you’re an idiot 😆 but still my favorite character from all three
Lisa Dawley
Lisa Dawley Prije dan
"I just want to own it in spirit," best line ever lol
Joshua Owens
Joshua Owens Prije 2 dana
travis harris
travis harris Prije 2 dana
Single dad have a job to get back n forth two my Saturn transmission broke down I could use a car asap
John Wolford
John Wolford Prije 2 dana
2006 Ford 500 fully loaded 4x4. $1500. Best I can do is $1250 $Wolford917
Colin Brown
Colin Brown Prije 2 dana
Hard to believe this video has any dislikes! For all the unlike people I’m sorry your so unhappy.
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado Prije 2 dana
This dude is really cringe
Push Tv GH
Push Tv GH Prije 2 dana
Thank you helping people... I’m your biggest fan from Italy I always watch your videos.. when are you going to help your subscribers in other countries... Much love from Italy
RKM MEDIA Prije 2 dana
Bro Please Give Me A Car, It's my dream
MahehOG Prije 2 dana
♥️ from India
charlene7394 Prije 2 dana
I love this. I would love my check engine fixed and oil change. That is a blessing that you do for people.
YouTuber Baylee Xiong
YouTuber Baylee Xiong Prije 3 dana
Enjoy my car he says🤔😅
Phillip Stracner
Phillip Stracner Prije 3 dana
Hey buy me a truck. I need one.
NYC_Goody Prije 3 dana
Big feeeling that sister kept all 800 lol
juan peres
juan peres Prije 3 dana
Come to my house and buying my to please
Full Earth Workshop
Full Earth Workshop Prije 3 dana
Now that’s the best car video ever! Nice for you share the thrill of purchase with everyone! Thanks for the awesome channel...all the best! Doug
SubliminalMindSet HTD
SubliminalMindSet HTD Prije 3 dana
New subby
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson Prije 3 dana
Bless you in the name of Yahweh
Eazy 93
Eazy 93 Prije 3 dana
I just got recommended this on a random lonely Covid lockdown Friday night, awesome, news sub 😂
Preston Moore
Preston Moore Prije 3 dana
Yoooooo do you live in Wichita my dood
2mofnfly4yall Prije 3 dana
I know your not going to read this, no youtuber ever does, but you could really spice it up for the audience if you just bought the car and then said oh it's a manual!!??? Oh I don't want it and walk off to your car or something funny for us.
Hawk 215
Hawk 215 Prije 4 dana
Please come buy my toyota for 100 dollars
CCS 91
CCS 91 Prije 4 dana
Can you teach me how this spirit work like ?? So i can do the same things..
Breaking Bass Barrier _Bcube
Breaking Bass Barrier _Bcube Prije 4 dana
Please i need a favor from you. My rent is due an i got an eviction notice. Please help me with $350 to pay up. My BTC address 39DteqNT4MyqU92eu8NZm1HJsfYVnmeSNW
Russell Bradley
Russell Bradley Prije 4 dana
Hoovie should own a Saab to counteract his recent Lamborghini purchases
Beltop Entertainment
Beltop Entertainment Prije 4 dana
This guy is single-handedly giving out stimulus money from his own pocket, to random folks. 😂😂😂. Boss.😎
Leroy Scott
Leroy Scott Prije 5 dana
Dude I’m crying over here!, their faces 😂
RED_10R Prije 5 dana
Made alot more than 5k on this vid lol
CavemanCouchPotatoe Gipe420
CavemanCouchPotatoe Gipe420 Prije 5 dana
Haha he didn't know what too say when you told him you wanted too own it in spirit!
FenD X
FenD X Prije 5 dana
Too many angels undercover in the U.S.A. he is one of them
TheSimple46 Prije 5 dana
The 3rd guy was great 😁
Cia s
Cia s Prije 5 dana
Phil Courteney
Phil Courteney Prije 5 dana
Dude, you showed up on my feed (probably from me binging VinWiki and Tavarish) and I'm loving it! You're so positive, happy and enthusiastic, thank you!This was sooooo wholesome, you will reap rewards in good car karma! 🤗👍
phillip wilkerson
phillip wilkerson Prije 5 dana
Love watching your shows come to cincinnati,ohio
solomon cisneros
solomon cisneros Prije 6 dana
"that rattle is new." Okay buddy if that isnt a bad sign XD
Killy Dakid
Killy Dakid Prije 6 dana
brian walker
brian walker Prije 6 dana
I have a 1998 VW Jetta...... you are now an honorary owner
Mikemike 49ers
Mikemike 49ers Prije 6 dana
That was very cool to watch, so I subscribe to the channel with a 👍
Donald Trump’s Gooch Hair
Donald Trump’s Gooch Hair Prije 7 dana
I’ve done shit like this but not filmed and I regret it lol
Hashh B
Hashh B Prije 7 dana
I hope the sister keeps it and can use it on her kids! God makes no mistakes the brother wasn’t supposed to have that $700 lol
Sicario Rd
Sicario Rd Prije 7 dana
Come buy my car then give it back bc I love my car 🚘
JON D BAPTIS Prije 8 dana
Im selling a Chevy Impala 2001! $1000
Sprinkz Prije 8 dana
Me! I would go there, buy the car, rip off the badge and say that’s all I wanted, you can keep the rest of the car.
macho valentin
macho valentin Prije 8 dana
I’ll never get this lucky in my life
ckm ckm
ckm ckm Prije 8 dana
Rich folks pass time. You love to see it
DmTube Prije 8 dana
You’re the best sir. Better than MrBeast.
Troy Maddox
Troy Maddox Prije 9 dana
That kid was 15? We gotta stop putting all these steroids in our foods. Edit. This guy gives me Timothy Oliphant vibes.
David Harry
David Harry Prije 9 dana
What The hell I need one just kidding lol I like your channel
BigMerkGee Prije 9 dana
That last chick doesn't have to say anything about the sale to her brother!😆
Telli Epperson
Telli Epperson Prije 9 dana
I love your cars let me have one 😂😂😂😂😂
Rosegold Donut
Rosegold Donut Prije 10 dana
Ok the second car was quite the catfish🤣🤣
The Zohan
The Zohan Prije 10 dana
You forgot the Marauder off the Panther platform.
TR H Prije 10 dana
How awesome is this!
Jabari Cobain
Jabari Cobain Prije 10 dana
@hooviesgarage Please Come buy and fix my 2001 BMW X5
P K Prije 10 dana
Imagine he ran into dellen millar lmao
P K Prije 10 dana
Buzz Wilson
Buzz Wilson Prije 10 dana
Brilliant!!! 🥳
Bassing Basics
Bassing Basics Prije 10 dana
😂😂😂dude this is so funny
Uncle Sil's RC4WD
Uncle Sil's RC4WD Prije 10 dana
Is that a Typhoon?? Cyclone?
Jay Staga
Jay Staga Prije 11 dana
Juan I know its you. I watch you on That Was Epic
Eternal Raider
Eternal Raider Prije 11 dana
this dude obviously has the money, so why was he still trying to get a lower price??
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Prije 11 dana
Im your fan in philippines sir
Dobbs Prije 11 dana
8:58: I thought a fire was in the engine lol that leaf
GOD SETH GAJU Prije 11 dana
It false lol.. He gives money then take the money back.. And pay only $100 just to not ruin things.. its fake and scripted anyway guys.. Thanks me later ;)
village food
village food Prije 11 dana
The first one was wtf
AMAN J Prije 11 dana
Can I have your girl too. You can have her in your spirit
William Peterson
William Peterson Prije 11 dana
Need an good financial advisor? :-)
Adriel Lettman
Adriel Lettman Prije 12 dana
Maybe the first vid liked mainly because it’s goals to have buying cars as a problem. Living the dream Hoovie.
mike pearson
mike pearson Prije 12 dana
dude was way to quick to say that the car was parked when it got shot at just a couple seconds after saying he got it 'at auction' XD Wonder what the real story is
Tristen Keller
Tristen Keller Prije 12 dana
Can you buy my 97 Ford ranger🥺
Antonio Ojeda
Antonio Ojeda Prije 12 dana
Lmao this dude goes to heaven and has a whole lot of cars waitn 🤣
SRT_Mando Prije 12 dana
Imagine him pulling up in a rolls Royce to buy your daily driver 😂 yeah.... I got one for sale bro!!! COME TO MY HOUSE !!!!!
Facu Morel
Facu Morel Prije 12 dana
That Delorean up there 🤤
hans kazan
hans kazan Prije 12 dana
The toyota guy comes home his sister yeah the buyer was here and bought the car here is the 700 dollar but the car is still here? Yeah he just wanted to sit in it but you can keep the car lol
Dee Weyant
Dee Weyant Prije 12 dana
The powder blu porsche is art , doesn't count as just a car.🎭
Wayne Cross
Wayne Cross Prije 13 dana
So all this time me and all my niccas wit the rims on the Mercury’s and tow cars and ppl laugh at us.. they really actually drive similar to a RR.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m cryin I always knew we had good taste yooo!!!
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Prije 13 dana
You’re a class act.I understand your addiction brother.
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez Prije 14 dana
If you have one too many cars I have extra space, you can still own it in spirit though😂☺️👌🏼
colin murphy
colin murphy Prije 14 dana
dude in the beanie probably felt hella bad for sayin, “u shoulda had me 1500” 😂
Ted Dan
Ted Dan Prije 15 dana
bruv stop fcking flexin
Harry Nicholls
Harry Nicholls Prije 15 dana
'Haha alright buddy' What's going through that guys mind lol
Lemuel Dunleavy
Lemuel Dunleavy Prije 16 dana
I really wish I could do this 😂
John Hudson
John Hudson Prije 16 dana
Ayo I got a 99 Honda civic rolling body you still buying 🤣 Prije 16 dana
you are the only person id sell my truck to
Amal Ramu
Amal Ramu Prije 16 dana
Please gift me a car i have no car
Nothing.Justme Prije 17 dana
Not a big deal pulling up with a roll Royce and buying peoples cheap cars 😐
Da twinz
Da twinz Prije 17 dana
Come buy my banger any day ! Looool
PaigeAddor Prije 17 dana
“I have a problem I cannot stop buying cars!!” Wish I had that problem ;_;
20baltizer12 Prije 17 dana
This guy reminds me so much of Joe Gatto from impractical Jokers.
Nino Bondi
Nino Bondi Prije 17 dana
Okay so i have a proposition for you im 16 and cant afford the repairs on a mercedes as my first car can i just have the bentley in the back? Lol
S. Kalil
S. Kalil Prije 18 dana
I’m guessing Tyler did this to create content, get a business tax write off before the year end, and spread Christmas cheer all in one.
Matt Parshall
Matt Parshall Prije 18 dana
That green GMC in the left hand top corner. I absolutely love it. I want it more than you'll ever know. Love your videos
Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell Prije 18 dana
God Bless you Tyler!! One of the Coolest things I have ever seen.
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