I Bought The Greatest Luxury Vehicle of the 1980's! Chevy G20 Conversion Van

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Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures
Andy & Amys Arizona Adventures Prije 2 dana
Sweet ride,makes me want an 85 k5 blazer even more.Im also relieved that VHS 📼 tape found was a joyful Christmas and not what I was expecting to find🤫😆
dmangoman Prije 3 dana
My grandparents had an awesome custom Ford van with a TV/VCR and a freaking mini-fridge! It was amazing!
Jonah Leach
Jonah Leach Prije 4 dana
I own one of these just it's a starcraft low top shorty and they are so comfortable
Dreddy G.
Dreddy G. Prije 4 dana
Someone should make a door chime for this that plays the TV theme intro for "The A Team" (80's TV series) when opened. 😂😂😂
Sean Fitzpatrick
Sean Fitzpatrick Prije 6 dana
I think it’d be cool to put in a high power Mercedes engine into one of those and do a cannonball run with like 5 people.
David Elliott
David Elliott Prije 6 dana
You’ll have to dig out a Renault Avantime. It’s a two door minivan with the most amazing doors. Then what about Citroen CX Safari. Especially the six wheel version.
Scott Price
Scott Price Prije 7 dana
I owned a 1980s van. I hated it. I could not see to back up, particularly at an angle.
Ty Spon
Ty Spon Prije 8 dana
Here in California orange county especially if you don’t have a lot of money and you want to live the life in a van this would be perfect
I AM MOTLEY Prije 9 dana
I have a tri color maroon, 1994 custom. Everyone trips out over it all the time. I like that gray.
Jack El Dogo
Jack El Dogo Prije 10 dana
we had a Dodge Maxivan conversion with a 360. I learned to drive in that thing, it was like a damn house on wheels but had a lot of pickup for its day.
Commentator541 Prije 11 dana
Mercedes v class. vw california.
CD'S Automotive Garage
CD'S Automotive Garage Prije 14 dana
Damn I like this lol , really maken me want one to take on trips or vacations . There is a 80s or 90s model it looks just like this one but it's a redish maroon color GMC an in good condition a older guy had it an drive it all time an slow or easy when he did drive it before he passed. Thought about asking his son if he sell it or something cause I want one an plus there is so many at junkyard next to me in this same condition can I don't understand why people are junking these or even doing that these are beautiful and very nice for a van this old from back then lol . The ones I seen at junkyard once I sat in one an checked it out I was like this I damn these seats wow so soft an that wood grain ahh man just suckers me in more 😂🙃
Kay Solo
Kay Solo Prije 14 dana
I learned how to drive in a Dodge high top conversion van
Fabricio Emmanuelli
Fabricio Emmanuelli Prije 14 dana
For a $100,000 you buy a real bus. Or a Mercedes van, what crack are you smoking 😂😂😂
Fabricio Emmanuelli
Fabricio Emmanuelli Prije 14 dana
You been robed Howee! $9,000. 😂😂😂😂
Fabricio Emmanuelli
Fabricio Emmanuelli Prije 14 dana
I give you a $1,000 for that van. And it better be in good conditions!
Alexandre Messier
Alexandre Messier Prije 15 dana
I have exactly the same van, same color and interior that comes from my father. I have the 350 engine in mine. I have this one and a cargo version. These are by far the 2 vehicles that I like the best to drive and the ones that I prefer in all the ones that I have had.
hob rayes
hob rayes Prije 15 dana
Do you still have it? Are you interested in selling?
Robert Iturriaga
Robert Iturriaga Prije 16 dana
During Junior High my Football coach would pick us up this van back in 1983. We all had great memories driving to & from the games.
Denny Sisk
Denny Sisk Prije 17 dana
Definitely sharp-looking van
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor Prije 18 dana
Right on ..I have a 90 c20 love the dam thing.long trips far more comfortable.from fishing in Florida to New york.its been there.
Leoh Gallardo
Leoh Gallardo Prije 19 dana
For sale?
David Yarbrough
David Yarbrough Prije 20 dana
You need to get the tv/vcr working and put an original Nintendo in it!!!!!!
That van 100% does not have 14” wheels.
That’s my favorite van in the world. I would give a kidney to have that.
The Ginger Beef
The Ginger Beef Prije 21 dan
I grew up with those conversion vans; (Ford 87 and then 95 Econoline Vantages) We drove across most of North America several times in them!
Julien Saintilus
Julien Saintilus Prije 23 dana
nice van
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee Prije 24 dana
Dangerous drinking game: Every time Hoovie says, "These are the most comfortable seats ever made. ... Ooooo! Ahhhh! That is so comfortable! AAAAAAH!"
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Prije 25 dana
My parents had one! Boy that brings back memories of road trips and looking out the windows (pre smart phones). I’m disappointed you didn’t talk about one of the vans coolest features which is the side opening front wing windows. Now sadly a relic of the past.
philipface30 Prije 27 dana
This video: "why would you buy a new conversion van for 100k when you can get an Escalade for 70-80k" New conversion van video: "definitely buy one of these for 80k instead of an Escalade for over 100k"
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Prije 27 dana
Do it up to look like a toxic waste/ambulance delivery van with an air cannon delivery service.
Walead Abuawah
Walead Abuawah Prije 27 dana
استمر يا وحش
James French
James French Prije 28 dana
Reminds me of Bob's van in Halloween. He and Linda would have probably been ok if they used it as their shaggin wagon.
frank schloss
frank schloss Prije 29 dana
I have 3 conversation vans
flynbenny Prije 29 dana
My first car was a Chevy G20 conversion. Mine was a short wheelbase with the 4.3l V6. I got it because I was into model aircraft at the time, and it is was close to me and inexpensive. It was done by Mark III, and had a lovely satin white DuPont Imron finish. My 5'10" self could stand upright in it, it was like a big scary, tippy, comfy couch.
Jordan England
Jordan England Prije 29 dana
These uncle Rico vans are sooo dope. I want one hella bad so me and my girl can travel around in it
rogeeeferrari Prije mjesec
Great, except they get like 8 MPG...
Maciej Gajoch
Maciej Gajoch Prije mjesec
My Grand parents had simmilar 91' Chevy G20 conversion van here in Poland in early 90's.It was great car.I have lots of memories with this car.We travelled lots of times across Europe.I regret that we sold it.
J.W. Griggs III
J.W. Griggs III Prije mjesec
If you drive one of these on a long trip you need to install an IV of strong coffee in your arm. Otherwise, you will fall asleep.
Brian S
Brian S Prije mjesec
Question? Is that a Witt, Norton, VA sticker in the back? I remember that Chevy dealership!
xoomdust Prije mjesec
Your mom's corvette looks weird
Jim Hitch
Jim Hitch Prije mjesec
Paint or wrap it Black and you have a really cool custom van.
Carlo Quinn
Carlo Quinn Prije mjesec
$9000.00 is a great deal. A 1995 G20 Conversion Class B RV sold for $31,600.00 on e-bay last month. Chevy G20 Class B RVs in excellent condition are rare to find nowadays.
Bubbahotep 1
Bubbahotep 1 Prije mjesec
If this van’ s a rockin don’t come a knockin.
Dequan Hobdy
Dequan Hobdy Prije mjesec
12/15/2020 Selling a '79 Sedan Deville 120,000 mi!!! North Carolina car. Price Negotiable​wilmington.craigslist.org/cto/d/wilmington-1979-sedan-deville-price/7244492063.html​
l cantrell
l cantrell Prije mjesec
Love this van I met my late wife in a van actually looked just like it we used to go camping every weekend
skeptic 96
skeptic 96 Prije mjesec
That murder/pedophile stigma attached to old vans is total bs.
Gary McAleer
Gary McAleer Prije mjesec
No.1 cylinder crapped out on the early ones. Thin casting made it hot & vulnerable. Don't know if this was worked out by the end of the run. Owned a '96 GMC Mark III hi-top. Shifting solenoids crapped out. Damn dealers would charge for a new transmission when they knew it was a $25. job. Hell to pay one day.
Ronald Swangler
Ronald Swangler Prije mjesec
A friend of mine has one in high school, party on wheels.
Cosmin Chivaran
Cosmin Chivaran Prije mjesec
U look like the frenchman from the matrix reloaded.....but way better attitude....I want a conversion van now
Lorenzo Moore
Lorenzo Moore Prije mjesec
2 Brothers had low top ford E150 Conversion vans 1986,1990
Lorenzo Moore
Lorenzo Moore Prije mjesec
My uncle was a bus driver for MTA Baltimore and he had a brown 85 G20 Conversion Van.
Tbah Prije mjesec
My grandma has one she blew the motor In 6 years ago that she's giving me
David Wright
David Wright Prije mjesec
I remember when those were everywhere on the road...Like the SUV of today....Nice...it still looks great....
HEIL BIDEN Prije mjesec
Mr. Hoover, I believe this may be a new request and a first for your channel...I have become a homeless person due to a series of unfortunate incidents in my life...I am wondering if there is any way for u to sell me this vehicle so's to help me keep a roof over my head and shelter me from what the winter will bring...my income is so limited, that I cannot even afford to pursue bankruptcy...can u find it in your heart to help me in this dillema I now face?..this is not a joke...and I do not lie. I do not exhagerate. Thanks so much for your time. God bless.
K Black
K Black Prije mjesec
Love Machine😍
Netsurfer S
Netsurfer S Prije mjesec
I would lay a bet replacing the heater core would be a nightmare in that van... but looks like fun to enjoy!
Brandon Prije mjesec
What candy would you advise hiding in these?
stp0570 Prije mjesec
90's was the end of the era of really well built vehicles.
Logan Rossignol
Logan Rossignol Prije mjesec
Your video inspired me to seek out my mom's Dodge Ram van. Turns out, her boyfriend (she died 14 years ago) held onto the van for me to get when I was old enough! I didn't know this, like we had discussed it but I didn't think he was really going to keep it and give it to me, but I reached out to him and he's like yeah, come get it! She's in really rough shape but I plan on getting her running and sorted out after the years of neglect. Lots of memories in that van. I bet one of my Disney movies is still in the VCR.
Rich Money
Rich Money Prije mjesec
I miss my van!
chad lewis
chad lewis Prije mjesec
If that van a rocking Don’t go a knocking
Jmcuoco 99
Jmcuoco 99 Prije mjesec
I work at a drive up bank. There’s a guy who comes through every week with one of these. He’s got one of those chain link steering wheels on it too like from Cheech and Chong up in smoke.
Cheese Perez
Cheese Perez Prije mjesec
The whole front dashboard looks like 2000's Rolls Royse phantom dashboard
Rowdy Flyer1903
Rowdy Flyer1903 Prije mjesec
I like what you say but how you say it is a bit hard to take especially in the mornings if you enjoy easing into your mornings. Listening to you is as if you have turned your radio on and someone left the volume up or someone loosened the lid on your salt shaker. Dump! Arrhhggggg! Ease into it boy. Take your manic drugs..
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward Prije mjesec
My parents had one in the mid 80s but they weren’t cool.
steven heckert
steven heckert Prije mjesec
I took a sprinter cargo van and converted it into a 80s conversion Van. I could fit two rows of conversion van sized bucket seats and a three spot conversion bench/ bed in the back. But I could also do three rows of CV buckets in the back or replace rows 1 and two with two seater benches or Pull out row 2 and in rows 1 and two have CV three seat bench beds though getting into the back was a bit of a squeeze
Brandon Sweeney
Brandon Sweeney Prije mjesec
I bought a 92 G20 over the summer, and oddly enough, mine came with Miracle on 34th Street on VHS. Strange we both got OG Christmas VHS'.
xvxYourLocalWeirdoxvx Prije mjesec
I have this
lee jay Funk
lee jay Funk Prije mjesec
Sweet vid, great assessment. The ford chariots are also awesome... It’s the greatest muscle luxury vehicles ever!-) Muscle van? ........ Check. Heavy Metal Hightop?..Check. Rare? ................Check. Going up in value? YES. The 1996 Ford Chariot Hightop with a 5.0 (302), is the rarest ford. The 1998 Chevy Chariot Hightop with a 350, is the rarest of the Chevy’s.
Jefro Bodine
Jefro Bodine Prije mjesec
I love this van wish I had one.🤞🏼
Andrew Shutty
Andrew Shutty Prije mjesec
Hoovies, we are big fans of yours and the Wizard, do you still have this van and would you be willing to part with it? we were hit hard by the COVID19, we are in our 50's and need a place to live, please let us know, Andy
tim kahn
tim kahn Prije mjesec
good luck finding a parking spot in the go cart parking of today. they where great to take a girl to the drive in .
Araceli Limon
Araceli Limon Prije mjesec
My grandpa had a van like that not same color I’m 7 ok I don’t now some of color names
Jonathan Cameron
Jonathan Cameron Prije mjesec
Just bought a 93. 7/10 exterior white and green.. Interior 7/10 really only bad carpet. 67k miles. One owner. 1200 bucks. Needed a fuel pump. Did all maintenance and addded built queen bed in back. Added new smart TV on swivel and new stereo with Blue tooth. Diamond Edition Green on Green interior. Super ugly super nice super bad ass. Already put 5k miles on it and pulled 6k lbs 14 hrs drive. I grew up in one. Like driving first class
Wes Prije mjesec
That's how babies are made.
margaret neanover
margaret neanover Prije mjesec
My parents had one without the light strip center. They were comfy for sure. Ladders are for luggage..lol.
John Childs
John Childs Prije mjesec
I have a 1994 chevy g20 hi top. Good condition with only 158,000 mi. What's it worth out dare?
Upcycle Shoes
Upcycle Shoes Prije mjesec
:( good times sleeping in one
Donald Cone
Donald Cone Prije mjesec
No LEDs in the 70s or 80s
Drill Sergeant
Drill Sergeant Prije mjesec
Very cool. I bought one in 1986 but it was not as ornate as this one. My kids loved that van and so did I. Captain's chairs (4), great windows, carpet everywhere and drove and rode great. I would buy a good one in a minute but I never see them this well maintained as yours.
Blake Moody
Blake Moody Prije mjesec
I would totally buy one of those in a heart beat if I found one as nice as that.
Albert Torre
Albert Torre Prije mjesec
I just bought one of these but it's a 1997 Dodge Ram Van for only $600! Clean title, ac and stereo still working! & Nothing wrong with it 😂 might sell it soon.
John K
John K Prije mjesec
We had one back in 2010 and I miss it
William VonAschen
William VonAschen Prije mjesec
I am still on the hunt of a Pall Sherry Conversion Van !
marc demmon
marc demmon Prije mjesec
I had many hot chicks stay with me in candain winter s
marc demmon
marc demmon Prije mjesec
My black foot name is Marc Marc two .many many van
Adam WithanA
Adam WithanA Prije mjesec
The nostalgia its...overwhelming 😞
CJ Prije mjesec
Sure park the van in front of your mansion.
CJ Prije mjesec
Chevy still makes the conversation vans. They come with a back up camera and all wheel drive. But, your right the are expensive.
Voodoo Rob
Voodoo Rob Prije mjesec
I love these old vans, even more I love those infamous 1970’s DIY conversions with carpeted dashboards and airbrushed murals on the side....
Michael O'Keefe
Michael O'Keefe Prije mjesec
One of my neighbors of the block I'm living own a solid light blue Chevy conversion.
Roberto Leeva
Roberto Leeva Prije mjesec
I have a 1995 chevy g20 limited Explorer with leather and a rear sunroof. Love it. I'll have to upload a vid
jay liel
jay liel Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks for saying" Rubber tires" ; I would be confused!
Arizona Persona
Arizona Persona Prije 2 mjeseci
Spend $5000 and have a good Handyman Build that into a Camper vehicle and ya can sell it for 20k...:)
MACHINE OF WAR Prije 2 mjeseci
So fun to drive
kblopp Prije 2 mjeseci
We need more videos with your mom in them.
Ann Black
Ann Black Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude I own an ice cream business and I buy this exact van all day long under a 100k for less under 2k and really nice.I got shocked when u said 9k.
ddog jones
ddog jones Prije 2 mjeseci
you have got to be able to do a great jeff goldbloom inpersonation. lets hear it.
Pretzel Logic
Pretzel Logic Prije 2 mjeseci
"Cause like a princess she was laying there Moonlight dancing off her hair She woke up and took me by the hand She's gonna love me in my Chevy van And that's all right with me" --sammy johns
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