I Bought the Greatest Volvo Ever Made: TURBO BRICK WITH A STICK!

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije godine
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jhjhkko lehto
jhjhkko lehto Prije 7 mjeseci
745 stands for a wagon and a 740 is a sedan but also the name of volvo series. same with all others. it is simple 7.4.0 = 7 is the series and 40 is how many doors it has And trunk door!
Allan Foster
Allan Foster Prije 11 mjeseci
@Aaron Whitesell thanks. I bow to your superior knowledge. 😊
Aaron Whitesell
Aaron Whitesell Prije 11 mjeseci
@flagmichael nope. Wrong info. 760. Was same chassis but different hood, door panels, melting wiring harness. Internal key pins. Independent rear end. Was offered in a NA 6 cylinder or 4cylinder turbo only ZF automatic transmission. Center console different. Auto climate control.
Aaron Whitesell
Aaron Whitesell Prije 11 mjeseci
@Tristin Coveyou that is a RARE car in the U.S. In my 20 plus years I've only seen 3. I should have never sold my black '86 744 GLE M46. A year newer than yours.
Aaron Whitesell
Aaron Whitesell Prije 11 mjeseci
@Allan Foster T5 was started with FWD platform. R sport was offered up to 200 series. No special racing platform offered for the 700- 900 series. Except SE trim level with body kit. 760 n 780 Bertone was offered with Garrett turbo. 780 with additional turbo plus kit.
TheHelixballerone Prije 2 dana
Hoovies! Can you hook me up? the volvo is way cool.
Paul Newman
Paul Newman Prije 3 dana
Nice Volvo fella.
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell Prije 4 dana
These are indeed difficult to find. I'd die to find an 850 T-5R (or even a well-suggested 850R)!
Austin Williams
Austin Williams Prije 17 dana
That hissing is a vacuum leak for the hvac
Mike Moxley
Mike Moxley Prije 21 dan
Great video
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips Prije 22 dana
245 - 2 series, 4 cylinder, 5 door/station wagon. 265 - 6 cylinder 5 door. 262 - 6 cylinder coupe etc. 760 5 door would have been 765 in the old system, but they had scrapped the number of doors, third number for a fat, round zero by then. However, the 6 might also mean certain turbocharged 4 cylinder (they produced low pressure 100,000rpm and high pressure 250,000rpm turbo charger versions, confusing hey?!), or V6 naturally aspirated motors. So the 6 suggested a more powerful variant eg. a turbo-ed 4 or V6, and 4 was a non-turbo, er, 4! My old diesel 940 was called a 940 despite having 6 cylinders (VW's old slogger, but turbo-ed and with the non-turbo compression ratio of 23:1 and 5K red line, a real screamer and quite impressive performance for a 1.5 ton barge, although you really had to use the gearbox to make it shift, absolutely nothing below 2,500rpm, no electronic interference, and 6 cylinder motors always were screamers, even diesels. I LOVED it! Never less than 30mpg (imp.) and up to 45 if you drove with a light right foot) as its HP was similar to a non-turbo petrol 4... It IS confusing, but once you get it, it's easy! (I had a 162 once - 1 series, straight 6 high revving petrol motor, 2 door/coupe. Amazing fun! Auto box and overdrive, if rather thirsty)
Dom Fer
Dom Fer Prije 24 dana
I love Volvo. I bought new 1988 240Dl 5 speed. My wife and I picked it up in Italy. Second day, drove to Germany at 80 mph for 600 miles and had first free service. Third day drove it at 90 mph for 600 miles back to Italy and our house ear Pisa. Had it service and then took it out and red line it in 5 th gear. Speedo was buried over 130. We drove the car around 120 mph on vacation. We keep the care for over 2 hundred thousand miles. NEVER broke down. Great car. The weak point is a/c. We donated it to a boys school.
Johan Ekeberg
Johan Ekeberg Prije 28 dana
Greetings from sweden! Why dont you find a real swedish car, SAAB!!!!
Allan Folmersen
Allan Folmersen Prije 28 dana
Volvos are well known to have a screech from the belt.
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
80’s music in bckground cool 😎
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
is that a gmc typhoon??
邹捷 Prije mjesec
He sounds like a used car salesman that ripped me off in my early 20s LOL
Miskatonic Prije mjesec
The automatic subtitles make turn GLE into jelly and Volvo into Waldo. Seems to be legit.
CPS CPS Prije mjesec
I had a 264 for about 6 weeks in 1989. Disaster of a car.
cowboydup Prije mjesec
i wonder if carsnbids is on autotempest?
James Shaw
James Shaw Prije 2 mjeseci
Speaking of old Swedish turbos , you should find a late 80s Saab SPG before there all gone.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah yes the flying brick. The legndary supercar killer/sleeper
Никола Ђокић
Никола Ђокић Prije 2 mjeseci
This is probably one of the most expensive bricks at 4k
chipper442 Prije 2 mjeseci
Wizard is getting used to buying gold tools Hoovie! Awesome car, fix the issues and drive the wheels off it. These cars are great Chevy Small block transplants. David Letterman has one that was on a “Cars and Coffee” episode with Jerry Seinfeld
Turbo World
Turbo World Prije 2 mjeseci
Its even better with a t56 six speed . But don't take my word for it, See my channel. As far as yours , that is a sweet ride, great video, Thanks for sharing!
Benjamin Hensel
Benjamin Hensel Prije 2 mjeseci
Congrats on your purchase! I happened to purchase a well maintained graphite 240 with a stick recently, and love every day with it.
Eric Vardek
Eric Vardek Prije 3 mjeseci
Search Matthewsvolvosite.com for: Volvo 850 Dashboard Mount Repair (not!).
Eric Vardek
Eric Vardek Prije 3 mjeseci
You forgot to point out how Volvo dashboards of this era are attached to the firewall in the finest "eco" fashion - i.e., biodegradable plastic joints. Research this issue and discover how incredibly impossible it is to remedy this impending disaster. Otherwise known as "shaky dash" which starts off as "squeaky dash" the only solution is a new one: guess what that costs. Assuming you can find a new OEM part. And no, a used part only reintroduces the problem. Death knell.
Emme Prije 3 mjeseci
Mr Ian Tchernegovski
Mr Ian Tchernegovski Prije 3 mjeseci
The old 80s turbo Volvo were called flying bricks in new zealand and australia when they raced in the Group A spec racing ,they won many races up against ford falcon and holden v8s and bmws
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock Prije 3 mjeseci
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 3 mjeseci
The cars today are cheap.
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 3 mjeseci
You are the Chevy Chase of cars.
143jeg Prije 4 mjeseci
My ex's parents had this car. They bought it new and put over 300 miles on its original engine.
Leeland Watkins
Leeland Watkins Prije 4 mjeseci
Why is yours or tavarish always cheapest in use y'all 2 should see if u both buy same car who gets the cheapest in the USA Bros
Larry King
Larry King Prije 4 mjeseci
Is this the Volvo that had the Ad that stated, "In the past wagons were built to haul things. This wagon was built to haul ass!" I remember that Ad from a car magazine when I was in high school, but I am not sure if this Volvo is the same model from the Ad.
Lumeniacal Prije 4 mjeseci
That’s the coolest car you’ve ever owned. Nice!
CaptainSeamus Prije 4 mjeseci
Many moons ago (2005 ish), in a far away land to Hoovie (Derby) - a 1984 245 Turbo Intercooled wagon lived at my house... it had a manual transmission as well. I still miss that car...
G Perrin
G Perrin Prije 5 mjeseci
I've driven one of these as a courtesy car, it had seen better days I'm sure but I had to drive it with the accelerator mashed into the floor to get it moving. It accelerated like an overloaded truck and rattled like mad even at low speed.
Seco gaming
Seco gaming Prije 5 mjeseci
The 7 is the siries like 140 240 340 440 740 940 850 of car the 6 is the number of cylinders like 4 6 5 cylinder and the 0 is the door number 0 is the normal sedan and 2 is two door and 5 is the station wagon so it chould be a 745
kens97sto171 Prije 5 mjeseci
You didn't mention the noise issue under heavy load. My guess would be it's a boost leak probably air squeaking out of the intercooler someplace. That can make a hellacious racket sometimes.
Francis J. Fox
Francis J. Fox Prije 5 mjeseci
dan lavoie
dan lavoie Prije 5 mjeseci
I live in New Hampshire where we have harsh winters . I see more "old" Volvos on the road than any other make . The cars used to be built like tanks , they don't rust and are simple and inexpensive to repair . Volvo starting really going down hill around 2000 , now they are just problematic luxury cars . Gone are the days of owning a Volvo with 400k miles on it unless you have deep pockets to repair.
MakeSh00t Prije 5 mjeseci
in europe noone drives anymore old volvos like 2005 year or 2010 they are just to much expensive to repair.
Stephen Maner
Stephen Maner Prije 5 mjeseci
Swedish? Try Chinese now
Andras Libal
Andras Libal Prije 5 mjeseci
Why do you have a rug in your garage? Is it practical? :)
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson Prije 5 mjeseci
The drag coefficient for these early 700 series Volvos was just south of .40.
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
Turbo LS that beast.
O G Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie bought this off of Gustavo Fring’s estate
James Prije 5 mjeseci
This is hands down, flat out the best car you have purchased My friend bought one with 189k on it. He drove it 100k and then sold it to another of our friends who was absolutely in love with it. That friend put another 150k on it origonal motor and trans (standard like yours) And had 0 intention of ever getting rid of it, but somone rear ended him at a light and destroyed it
James Prije 5 mjeseci
The irony is that I bet if you did a modern safety test on that car, it wouldn't do that well.
James Prije 5 mjeseci
I wouldn't pay $1000 for that
Carlin Nguyen
Carlin Nguyen Prije 5 mjeseci
@James so you don't like it because its old
James Prije 5 mjeseci
@Carlin Nguyen it's 20 years old.
Carlin Nguyen
Carlin Nguyen Prije 5 mjeseci
Silwer Agentum
Silwer Agentum Prije 6 mjeseci
Mercedes w123 diesel of that Day was Good cars hur painfully slow. 760 was THE luxury version and Gould come sitt a v6 or THE turbo Four came in 1984, so i Guess this is like a GLE turbo, THE 740 Turbo was mord aimed at a bit kort sporty stycke than this. Its not that Hard really as it could come whit THE PRV V6 that race THE band, 740 came later and only had Four cylinders engines tel Tears later.
Mitchell Mann
Mitchell Mann Prije 6 mjeseci
Volvo interiors really hold up well, I'm guessing its the vinyl they used? I had a 240, that interior looked brand new despite being around 20 years old.
Schalz Prije 6 mjeseci
In sweden that would be double price
CzMnHD Prije 6 mjeseci
Front struts 5 hours??? I just replaced on 740 my full set of front pushings, ball joints, front shocks and springs in 5 hours. What the!?
Scott MQ
Scott MQ Prije 6 mjeseci
I had a 740 wagon and put a set of IPD sway bars on it and it could corner like a sports car. Super fun and completely below the radar
supertouring1 Prije 6 mjeseci
If you decide to keep the car, Hoovie's next quest will be to locate the official Turbo+ kit from Volvo which is a chip that boosts the HP by a whopping 13hp and torque any another @20 lb/ft! 😜. There maybe a few more kits at the Volvo warehouse.
Jacob Fleming
Jacob Fleming Prije 6 mjeseci
My dad had an 88 turbo sedan that was the same color it was by far my favorite car hes owned
Darth Vapor
Darth Vapor Prije 6 mjeseci
Might I suggest a wireless mic for audible audio?
Daniel Felix
Daniel Felix Prije 6 mjeseci
Does anyone know which wheels these are?
O G Prije 5 mjeseci
Caught my eye too definitely not oem
Philip Harley
Philip Harley Prije 6 mjeseci
I should let you take out my '02 v70xc AWD turbo
helperbot 2000
helperbot 2000 Prije 6 mjeseci
bruh old Volvos are what drives the most around here where i live
Ash Hammond
Ash Hammond Prije 6 mjeseci
hrpost.info/history/Z66Jf6XWm82OfIY/video one of the best British Touring Cars ever.
Perez Pepito
Perez Pepito Prije 6 mjeseci
Used to have a 1985. Was my first car!
Jake Hennessy
Jake Hennessy Prije 6 mjeseci
Should have got a 5 cylinder volvo :/
Steve D
Steve D Prije 6 mjeseci
He sounds like a used car salesman that ripped me off in my early 20s LOL
Andrew Tracy
Andrew Tracy Prije 6 mjeseci
That is a great find. My hs friend was a volvo fan and we heard about a stick 7 but never saw one. Cool!
Joakim Gamle
Joakim Gamle Prije 6 mjeseci
my girlfriend 740 is also skreaming like that (simpel fix) electric fan
Pat Prije 6 mjeseci
I miss having a turbro brick so much, need another one soon.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Prije 6 mjeseci
One of your best buys to date. Few guys near me have bought some old volvo wagons, a 960 wentworth, 760 gl and a 740 all less than 100k on the clock real barn finds family friends grandparent cars
Sean Gillenwater
Sean Gillenwater Prije 6 mjeseci
Surprised he didn't get an 850R
Brian O'C
Brian O'C Prije 6 mjeseci
Lucky you have the Wizard, if you took to the dealer, it would been the price of the mattress! , what about the sound though?
Thmz Prije 6 mjeseci
88-89 are the best bricks. 87 and back rust like hell. from 90 its less bricky.
J.M Prije 7 mjeseci
5 hours to change both struts? I'd say if not every bolt is rusted it takes about an hour to remove the struts and change them.. some heating might be needed to remove the struts from the "coilover" itself because you have the hub and everything connected so therfore you need to remove everything to get it out but it's a pieace of cake :D
Allrick Björn
Allrick Björn Prije 7 mjeseci
Allrick Björn
Allrick Björn Prije 7 mjeseci
John Frei
John Frei Prije 7 mjeseci
“I’m lookin’ for some dollars here” 🤣
MrRandom Prije 7 mjeseci
In Sweden we buy these for a couple of hundred bucks just to ram them into snow walls lol
Alexander kjelle
Alexander kjelle Prije 7 mjeseci
in sweden you can get a working 745/945 for like 200-300 dollars xD
Morning Star
Morning Star Prije 7 mjeseci
I just wonder how much he'd charge me on my car, its all easy except the AC which still doesn't look bad.
Shellshock Gaming and toys
Shellshock Gaming and toys Prije 7 mjeseci
The thing about the 200, 700 and 900 families of volvo cars is that they are basically the same modles just tweaked a little bit. It's like they say if it ain't broke don't fix it. then they tride to fix it and we gut crap like the v series and s series. which I could care less about. also the 760 you got is a good platform if you knwo what to do with it.
ian steele
ian steele Prije 7 mjeseci
Do you have the volvo Tfive over in U S A
Gord Prije 7 mjeseci
David Letterman owns the greatest Volvo ever made.
O G Prije 5 mjeseci
Gustavo Fring’s better
indawoods Prije 7 mjeseci
hate to break it to you but that's not a "turbo brick", the 240 turbo is where the nickname came from. and be careful with boost you have one of the small/weak con rod motors :(
wackybacky363 Prije 7 mjeseci
I had a 940LPT absolute bomb proof car. Roomy, comfortable and cheap and very easy to find (in England)
poolboy Prije 7 mjeseci
Nice haircut in this one. Very cool!
Stold Prije 7 mjeseci
heja Sverige 🇸🇪! Bästa bilen gjord i Sverigeutan tvekan!
Stold Prije 7 mjeseci
Svara om du är svensk
Stold Prije 7 mjeseci
*Sverige utan
tryto guesss
tryto guesss Prije 7 mjeseci
it should be a good car..." you wont know until you get everything fixed " lol
stefan löfven gaming
stefan löfven gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
The Volvo 740 station wagon is still called the 745 but not officially by Volvo.
Lewis Prije 7 mjeseci
You Americans pay so much money for sub par cars.
Spanky McSpank
Spanky McSpank Prije 7 mjeseci
you will find Australians have a habit of fitting these with small block chevy engines, there may even be a kit .............
Don Quihote
Don Quihote Prije 7 mjeseci
Great cars. I want it! Pay someone, it will hurt. Do it yourself, not bad.
Alex Bachtel
Alex Bachtel Prije 7 mjeseci
I'm watching this while in my sitting in 93 Grey 940 wagon
Dennis mustafa
Dennis mustafa Prije 7 mjeseci
Just get a 760 from Sweden it’s easy found one for $1000
Steve Prestek
Steve Prestek Prije 7 mjeseci
If it isn't a Turbo R model, it ain't worth having. Buddy had one. It was a wagon (same color as this one) manual trans with all wheel drive. Hooked-up and launched like a rocket ship. The R is the one to have.
Arron Somerville
Arron Somerville Prije 7 mjeseci
ffs the american emmisions system didnt half kill the power we had 240hp out of the same engine in the uk
TheSportsclips Prije 7 mjeseci
In Sweden the 940 is 4 cylinder and the 960 is 6 cylinder and i Think its the same with the 7 series. The Only differience betwen the 945 and the 940 is its length !
John 4
John 4 Prije 7 mjeseci
in sweden that car would cost about 700-1400dollars, and 500dollars to fix hehe
Venality Prije 7 mjeseci
Who else clicked because they're from sweden?
Bec busman
Bec busman Prije 7 mjeseci
How much you want for it ?
Barry Douglass
Barry Douglass Prije 7 mjeseci
Wow. I thought I was the only one that appreciated a brick with a stick. I bought a 2001 V70 T5 new...and because I was the main caregiver to my two little kids as a stay-at-home dad, the 'safe' car that I was going to trundle them around in had to be COOL! So I went to my local Volvo dealer (Cleveland) and requested him to find me a 'brick with a stick'. At first, the noob told me Volvo didn't make one. After convincing him they did...and that I really did want one, he started making phone calls. A week later he called me and said he'd found one. The dealership would have to do a dealer trade with the only Volvo dealership east of the Mississippi (DC metro area) that had a V70 with a stick. I drove that thing for ten years and 90,000 miles. Just did the usual maintenance things...when I traded it in it had the same clutch. I liked the car so much I bought a 2005 S60 R that was awesome, too.
Arre Barre
Arre Barre Prije 7 mjeseci
ohh you say its hard to find a volvo. well we have 2 on our lawn and 1 more soon
3milio0o Prije 7 mjeseci
The 700- and the later 900 series was really the end of an era when Volvo made truly great cars. They were so simple and durable and so typical Swedish they could have come from IKEA.
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