Driving My FIXED $300 Porsche Cayenne S, Then Selling For A MASSIVE PROFIT!

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Отто Prije 13 sati
Валентин Мишустин
Валентин Мишустин Prije 17 sati
You are the best men..... Hi from Kazakstan😁💪
BadStaff Prije dan
Хуви я не знаю понимаешь ли ты русский язык но. Огромное тебе спасибо за твои видео! Ты классный мужик, желаю тебе самого наилучшего. Пока бро)
Victor Zhabotinsky
Victor Zhabotinsky Prije dan
Super. I'm looking this channel in Russian language. (There is separate channel for it). Went to original video to add one more Like 👍. 🤘🤘🤘
jer gordon
jer gordon Prije dan
That home is okay but I need more room for my cars:)
Ilya Nelin
Ilya Nelin Prije dan
Tyler thnx for u doing! Very love ur videos and hello from Russian Hoovie Channel ;-)
Никита N
Никита N Prije dan
Tyler ты молодец, я с русского канала про тебя)))
Никита N
Никита N Prije dan
@Ilya Nelin сейчас исправлю
Ilya Nelin
Ilya Nelin Prije dan
К слову, он Тайлер) Tyler Hoover
Алексей Сыромятников
Алексей Сыромятников Prije dan
You cool man 👍👍👍
heisenberg_ua Prije dan
Jaycee LS
Jaycee LS Prije dan
Huwat! That's an amazing deal. I'm sure gramps can't believe or maybe still dreaming for the price he paid. With that, you got my respect for giving gramps his dream car.
Simon T
Simon T Prije dan
People say things age well.. you dont. Give up.
Ron Cash
Ron Cash Prije dan
Paying it forward. . .😏✌
Edwin Clairmonte
Edwin Clairmonte Prije 2 dana
You're a nice person with a loving heart please have a good life...thank you..hoovie
the good life giove
the good life giove Prije 2 dana
This guy is a good man
Don Lyfe
Don Lyfe Prije 2 dana
Dude I’ve got $10 what can i get ?
G Prije 2 dana
I just realized I really like hoovie good dude!
Artur Carvalho
Artur Carvalho Prije 3 dana
You are the men! Great sale! Happy men!
makis2105 Prije 4 dana
All those porsches are sold for peanuts. People who bought them new lost a fortune on this car. Very bad quality car full of trouble. It is completely different of the porsches of the 70s and 80s. This is a badly build VW.
michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije 4 dana
Old man has a car I'm sure. I live in VA hoovie sell me a car hoovie.ive got no car but I have 20 bucks and wont try to talk u down
Paul Todd
Paul Todd Prije 4 dana
Your a good man - lovely result
David Cunningham
David Cunningham Prije 4 dana
That was very nice of you. Good man!
Stephan Prije 4 dana
That was very generous, well done sir!
eresh naicker
eresh naicker Prije 5 dana
Amazing, I am blown away. I feel motivated by what you just done.
Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Jenkins Prije 5 dana
Well done 🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Paul Church
Paul Church Prije 6 dana
its DJACK Prije 6 dana
how do you get cheap cars for 300?
Anil Sharma
Anil Sharma Prije 6 dana
You really are a solid guy man - I love your channel
Stevie boy
Stevie boy Prije 7 dana
Top guy!
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije 7 dana
The buyer was obviously tipped off on the original cost. Nonetheless a very generous gesture. You are a good man and quite a softy
Happily Ham
Happily Ham Prije 7 dana
It was kinda dumb of him to say he doesn't live outside of his means and then wants to drive around in a Porsche. The fact that he was expecting to get it for $2500 is ridiculous as well, I don't think you should have gave it to him, he was trying to rip you off.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Prije 8 dana
Truly amazing.......
Billy Prije 8 dana
Good job, I could feel how happy that guy was!
b kinseb
b kinseb Prije 8 dana
He didn't want to make a profit on a car that will be a nightmare to keep running.
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales Prije 8 dana
Captain save a hooptie
Sosna and the Family
Sosna and the Family Prije 9 dana
Tyler is a seller who never loses on cars despite what he claims all the time :D A cool popularity stunt nonetheless
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra
Discovery Outdoors / Matt-N-Abra Prije 9 dana
Dude.... You are terrible at negotiating a sale lol
JAY HOT Prije 10 dana
that old guy is going to have to skips a couple meals a week to keep that Porsche running...
Angelo Marzolla
Angelo Marzolla Prije 10 dana
You could have killed the old pall of a heart attack!!! Nice gesture, by the way.
Mr Jamify
Mr Jamify Prije 10 dana
And then went with 5$ jesus
Mr Jamify
Mr Jamify Prije 10 dana
U went with 10000 for this guy
Yuca King
Yuca King Prije 10 dana
This guy ist amazing! Love your videos!
Life Ok432
Life Ok432 Prije 10 dana
Wow that was so sweet gesture 👌
Trent G
Trent G Prije 10 dana
Love it
Dante Lovett
Dante Lovett Prije 10 dana
Dumb fuck McDickinass
Dumb fuck McDickinass Prije 11 dana
I'm subbed for life and would love to donate to your patreon. You really, truelly are a big dumb dumbass with a huge heart. I loved the ending of this video so much...
Ron Idgaf
Ron Idgaf Prije 11 dana
You’re a good guy bro 😎
keeshen raj
keeshen raj Prije 11 dana
You should have taken the 3 grand yoh fool!!
Larry Allen
Larry Allen Prije 11 dana
Lmao I thought you were about about to over charge him. What a different outcome . Good for you hoovie.
come together
come together Prije 12 dana
All is right with the world if Hoovie is still making bad investments.
terry chadwick
terry chadwick Prije 12 dana
onya hoovie
E Linzmeyer
E Linzmeyer Prije 12 dana
You're a good man, Hoovie! Good things come to those that do good.
S K Prije 13 dana
Really touching ending.
fastede III52
fastede III52 Prije 14 dana
Tyler your a good man
KayNine Views
KayNine Views Prije 14 dana
That Old Man Is So Happy , Great Work Mr Hoovie, Giving Back To The People The Way You Said You Want To ! :) Now where's mine ? LOL thanks for the entertainment
Syed Aamir Hussain
Syed Aamir Hussain Prije 14 dana
I'm proud of myself for being a fan of this channel right now.
Cristian A
Cristian A Prije 14 dana
One of the Worst and most problematic vehicle VW ever made. A Touareg with a Porsche emblem.
Rocky P
Rocky P Prije 14 dana
Love you.... God bless you for selling it to him for 5 dollars 😘❤️🙏
Ritesh Sharma
Ritesh Sharma Prije 14 dana
grt wrk dude👍👌
LK34 Prije 14 dana
Hate to see a car being sold with such dangerous tyres
D S Prije 15 dana
That was a real nice surprise for the old gentleman. He came prepared to pay $2500, but was taken by the $5 offer. Great video!!
Marlon Davis
Marlon Davis Prije 15 dana
That was very nice 👍👍
john papia
john papia Prije 15 dana
Tyler your a good guy you made that old man full of joy.
harneet aulakh
harneet aulakh Prije 15 dana
U did great bro👌👌
W.M. Abel
W.M. Abel Prije 15 dana
Pure class, Tyler! F'n awesome! I think the old dude might have pooped from the look on his face! heh heh heh
Dimitrievski Prije 15 dana
Very wholesome sir! My respect!
Edmond Pecot Jr.
Edmond Pecot Jr. Prije 15 dana
that was a cold five spot yeah...lol
Ray None
Ray None Prije 15 dana
Bro I almost cried
Ray None
Ray None Prije 15 dana
Die Maschine
Die Maschine Prije 15 dana
Just had to watch 1 min of this vid ( first one from this guy mind you) to see he is an entitled rich boy. Probably like the old school yelpers and new "social influencers" hook me up and I'll give you a shout out on my channel types. The kind of people who drive cars claiming to be built when they just pay other people to do the work then try to pass it off like they got their hands dirty.
xtra jk
xtra jk Prije 16 dana
The before owner bought the same car from the buyer!?!?
RJ D Prije 16 dana
If Jeff Goldblum was a car reviewer...
Universe U
Universe U Prije 16 dana
I subscribe because how this video ended! God bless!
Eric U
Eric U Prije 16 dana
This brought tears to my eyes. You're a good dude Tyler!
arktkt06 Prije 17 dana
I’d love to tell you how I’d give an incredible home to a Mercedes SLS AMG...
Alan Newsome
Alan Newsome Prije 17 dana
That was pretty cool man.
Louie Garces
Louie Garces Prije 17 dana
Been watching some of videos for a while, but this time you definitely deserve a like and a subscribe! Hooptie!
Clenso Pattillo
Clenso Pattillo Prije 17 dana
Can you bless me I need A miracle like this
Clenso Pattillo
Clenso Pattillo Prije 17 dana
This man is the goat
Eddy Cuadra
Eddy Cuadra Prije 17 dana
Wow!!! I love your channel!
J Ram
J Ram Prije 17 dana
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips Prije 17 dana
Very well done sir. You just made an old man's day. Proud of ya.
Lil Timmy Jr.
Lil Timmy Jr. Prije 18 dana
Bro Al got ripped off
PandaPlayz Prije 18 dana
You are a good man!
G J Carr
G J Carr Prije 19 dana
Manoi MaYai
Manoi MaYai Prije 19 dana
I have 2006 Touareg, which I heard was built with same platform with this vehicle and the Touareg. I wish I liveed close to you that way you can hook me up with Ninja, so I can keep it running forever.
Jamie Coogan
Jamie Coogan Prije 20 dana
gota subscribe after that,,,, loved it
saabnut2001 Prije 20 dana
Good for you, Tyler!! What a great way to make someone’s day... or year!!!
BenzMikeE Prije 20 dana
You did a good thing there Hoovie!! 😁👍🏼
Jorge Córdova
Jorge Córdova Prije 21 dan
This is gold
account01 Prije 22 dana
Can you imagine going to the bathroom and having to lock TWO DOORS?!
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham Prije 20 dana
How inspirational
Steve Turnbull
Steve Turnbull Prije 22 dana
Sir, RESECT to you from UK what a thing to do, You are a legend in my eyes.
Sfla4x4 Molon Labe
Sfla4x4 Molon Labe Prije 22 dana
Good job taking care of that older gentlemen. Class act my friend.
Ddrenzo Prije 22 dana
I'll say it again I love that Maserati.
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars Prije 22 dana
This man is a legend 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Redruth Mot
Redruth Mot Prije 22 dana
Nice ending.😢
Ronald Fitzgerald
Ronald Fitzgerald Prije 22 dana
wow, God bless you for being so kind to that older man. that really warmed my heart. when you told him 10,000. I was like what. than you just gave the car to him for 5.00 there is the kind person I knew you are. this channel is great, I really enjoy your channel.
Drew D
Drew D Prije 22 dana
You’re the best man, you’re like the me beast of cars, God bless you
amanda lu
amanda lu Prije 22 dana
wow thats so great of you! $5!!❤❤
amanda lu
amanda lu Prije 22 dana
That fast montage gave me a headache lol
Nabil Romero
Nabil Romero Prije 22 dana
“You’ll cry !!” Love the spirit on the mechanic
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