Cutting Holes In My Lamborghini Murcielago To Fix It??? But Then We Broke It Again!

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Procat Procat
Procat Procat Prije dan
I've done this many times myself. Well sort-of....I've instructed holes to be drilled into bespoke frames and structures that I've designed. I've checked over my calculations before giving the go-ahead. It seems likely that Tyler just compromised the structural integrity of his car. Not a wise move.
Nathan Elliott
Nathan Elliott Prije dan
Weight savings
Franco Castro
Franco Castro Prije dan
So there are 20k down the drain in 2 minutes.
X Prije dan
This could be said on most videos here
Blake Nelsen
Blake Nelsen Prije dan
The way i see it its his car and its for him so whats it matter if its not done properly not like he is going to sell it
John Tarver
John Tarver Prije dan
I’m here after watching carmax appraisal video 😂
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije 4 dana
I had to fast forward the cutting to avoid inhaling that cancer causing dust.
bmxer4ever Prije 8 dana
I'm working my way through the whole story - it's fascinating! Three notes from this vid - flexible inspection camera, safety glasses and dust masks. (Not that I'll ever be cutting holes into the transmission tunnel of a Lamborghini!) Looking forward to the next vid already....
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson Prije 27 dana
$7 for puck #2.
PlumfanGames Prije 28 dana
The structural integrity of the car, those two holes can severe can it be??
m gray
m gray Prije mjesec
I love this! Again after a terrible night y'all have made me laugh! I think it was a great ideal! Tyler please tell me in a message what you do, I'd like to be making money again so I could buy cars like you and go broke again like I did buying great"?" cars! This is great!
J. Prije mjesec
Have to cut holes to fix Audi tt manual shift bushings in about the same spot.
S Han
S Han Prije 2 mjeseci
The previous owner was killed in the accident? Sarcasm?
Abdou Prije 2 mjeseci
was a plate/cover/panel made to seal it ?
time travler 3 are we there yet
time travler 3 are we there yet Prije 2 mjeseci
well lol atleast you have the money to fix it...... i got my credit union to approve a loan for a super car 157k then he said now can you afford the up keep when the warranty runs out i said , i dont know he said u better re think this before you sign the paper work.
Shirazi 1
Shirazi 1 Prije 2 mjeseci
See wizard at 0:19 hahaha 😂😂😂
Mike Mahoney Gaming
Mike Mahoney Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
If you don’t like what they did to this merci do t look at what mad mike did to his huracan
Body of Truth
Body of Truth Prije 3 mjeseci
Graphite dust without masks?
Brandon Hanks
Brandon Hanks Prije 3 mjeseci
13:03 You’re welcome.
907bear Prije 3 mjeseci
"you suck while i drill" I'm sure that's not the 1st time Hoov n wiz have said that🤯
907bear Prije 3 mjeseci
whatva piece pf overpriced pollock junk. That things an even bigger POS than a Fiero. Way bigger if you consider price
X Prije dan
Your ignorance is impressive
Joe Merritt
Joe Merritt Prije 4 mjeseci
Man, I know wizard doesn't worry about ppe much, tastings fluids and whatnot, but carbon fiber dust is really dangerous.
SetnoK Prije 4 mjeseci
Man, i didn't know that youtube was full of carbon fiber and structural engineers and all of them decided to showed up in this video!
Daniel Flo
Daniel Flo Prije 4 mjeseci
Carbon fiber is like cutting asbestos dame structure 😞
ludger will gaster
ludger will gaster Prije 4 mjeseci
Fixing design flaws
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill Prije 4 mjeseci
Next episode, I totaled my lambo with a power drill
Richard P
Richard P Prije 4 mjeseci
Dear Car Wizard, Oh hell no!!! You screwed up! You should have checked the potentiometers and all of the other electronics before you installed the transmission! This is your fault and you should own it! Instead you want to tank the value of this Lamborghini by cutting holes in the transmission to save your ass. Do the right thing and pull the engine and trans and fix it properly. Next time take it to a Lamborghini mechanic, dealer etc. this isn't an effin Camaro! Oh yes, sorry I forgot, you set fire to the last Camaro!
Русская армянская гордость
Русская армянская гордость Prije 5 mjeseci
A token of depreciation😂
Alex K
Alex K Prije 5 mjeseci
So from the factory they bury those cheesy potentiometers and the wiring deep inside the carbon fiber tunnel with no hope of getting them out without turning the tunnel into swiss cheese, or removing the engine and transmission. I'm really not impressed with the quality of these cars for the money they cost.
Kate gee
Kate gee Prije 5 mjeseci
Lol 5:58 tyler was about to get serious n yell at wizard if he hesitated one more time lol ..u could feel it in his voice
DriftWood40 Prije 5 mjeseci
Cut the hole it’s just a overpriced car right. The car world needs more practicality anyway. Car wizard is human. That’s the thing to take away from this video lol.
3DcolorMFD Prije 5 mjeseci
This is not a depreciation, this is a bad design fix.
Conscious Cool
Conscious Cool Prije 5 mjeseci
I bet the car wizard was like hey Hoovie you should replace these sensors too. Nah let's just play the odds. That's reason why you replace ALL the sensors on a engine out part BEFORE you install the assembly. If you cut holes in CFRP you should then reinforce that holes edge to ward off stress fractures.
Cbl izy
Cbl izy Prije 5 mjeseci
I'd have used a multi tool. (Vibrating tool) wouldn't have hit the line
Matthew Malchow
Matthew Malchow Prije 5 mjeseci
That line looked like a bleeding vein
Dnshift & Other things!
Dnshift & Other things! Prije 5 mjeseci
Yes modifications at its finest 🤙🏽
Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu Prije 5 mjeseci
Guys that powder is higly toxic (cancer).. put masks on and vacuum at all time using a correct vacuum system...
Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson Prije 5 mjeseci
At 13:03 I've never seen such a good Alan Partridge impression!
Larry Howis
Larry Howis Prije 5 mjeseci
Glad I watched this, but I am in shock. Lambo engineers must be speechless.
drunknspike Prije 5 mjeseci
New murcielargo cup holders
BigBaron D
BigBaron D Prije 5 mjeseci
Tyler, I just saw the cutting in the carbon fiber tunnel. That's structural. You can repair the holes to get structural integrity again, but you will need the pieces you cut out. It's similar to an airplane repair, so you can look it up.
tedjohnson64 Prije 5 mjeseci
I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I seem to recall Tadge (Corvette chief engineer) saying that one of the reasons they can’t have a manual C8 is because the center tunnel is a key structural member and they didn’t want to weaken it by cutting a hole in it for a gear shift lever. Then again, maybe he’s exaggerating because... the C7 also has a center tunnel and they *did* cut a hole in the C7 for a manual xmission lever.
Catalin Paraschiv
Catalin Paraschiv Prije 5 mjeseci
What happened to your other mechanic???
B A Prije 5 mjeseci
Cutting those holes are good for an easy transmission repair, but very bad for your lungs.
M Mill
M Mill Prije 5 mjeseci
That haircut makes you look so gay. Grow it like a man or shave like a real man. Don't be a sheep just because it's the in thing
Karel Kahula
Karel Kahula Prije 5 mjeseci
great video. thanks for sharing that footage of the trans diagnostic.
Ice Rhino
Ice Rhino Prije 5 mjeseci
13:03 That moment when mom let's us stop at McDonald's on the way home
Matt Stanley
Matt Stanley Prije 5 mjeseci
It was really cool to see that transmission shifter in action. Also, you could make a song from the beat provided by the transmission.
RegularGuyReacts Prije 5 mjeseci
In reality this is Lamborghini’s fault and all manufacturing companies that don’t allow/want us to work on our own cars or items we have bought.
Zac Price
Zac Price Prije 6 mjeseci
mechanics out there flexing with Snap-On tool cabinets and small mortgages to pay for them whereas Wizard owns and runs a shop that repairs high end luxury cars and uses Harbor Freight tool cabinets. Priorities!
Taylor Whiting
Taylor Whiting Prije 6 mjeseci
I support the hole cutting.
Adam Woodenspoon
Adam Woodenspoon Prije 6 mjeseci
Don't get any of that carbon on your electronics! Cool the blade with isopropyl alcohol.
silverhorse2010 Prije 6 mjeseci
@ 8:21. A hole. Yes. I was thinking the same thing, but not for the same reason...
Delta W
Delta W Prije 6 mjeseci
12:22 wtf this is sick
Buddah Lovaz
Buddah Lovaz Prije 6 mjeseci
Isn't fabrication great
Carlos Davis
Carlos Davis Prije 6 mjeseci
Seeing the transmission do the clicky thing after they replaced the sensor was cool as heck
Dan Adams
Dan Adams Prije 6 mjeseci
Yyyyyeahhhhhh, this is why the robot that does the shifting in my car is my right arm.
Snoopy Brown
Snoopy Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
It's a "freaking" Fiat ! How care's?
JJ by the Bay
JJ by the Bay Prije 6 mjeseci
This was one of the best videos you've done! See a problem, figure it out!
mariodesmo Prije 6 mjeseci
There is a reason why those factory Lambo Eye-Talions will not do that to an already completed chassis... Those fibers need to be sealed off, pronto. lol
Tom Stromar
Tom Stromar Prije 6 mjeseci
One of the best hoovie episodes ever.
Ohem1 Prije 6 mjeseci
Car Wizard, please create a backup of that HDD and run it off of a virtual machine.
123456789040670 Prije 6 mjeseci
hey I wonder how much money you can get for all that Lamborghini dust in the vacuum. maybe someone else drilled holes in their lambo and they want to restore it authentic Lamborghini carbon fiber dust!
Robby Sheperd
Robby Sheperd Prije 6 mjeseci
I do like the sound of the starter slightly more than the motor lol
Mike Fusco
Mike Fusco Prije 6 mjeseci
What a triumph. That video was epic. Wizard- you are every bit of your name
GSXR Frank
GSXR Frank Prije 6 mjeseci
What needs to be done needs to be done Hoovie I’ve cut some holes before on some cars to make the job faster and easier access... but it was no Lamborghini lol 😂
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez Prije 6 mjeseci
Cut holes on your block I want to see the conrods
Lineworkofficial Prije 6 mjeseci
‘Yaaaasssss’ - after sinking 10s of thousands of dollars in this piece of shit car
Tae Mitchell
Tae Mitchell Prije 6 mjeseci
12:25 lmao no one has ever seen that before forsure hoovie!! One of a kind
Ted Striker
Ted Striker Prije 6 mjeseci
Looking at the thickness of that transmission tunnel, it must be structural. I'd fabricate an overlapping cover plate(s), attached using a perimeter of nutplates to attach them with.
Tyrone Ross
Tyrone Ross Prije 6 mjeseci
They did not add holes in there because in a crash your tunnel would collapse and take the floor with it too... Really, really stupid modification, with no understanding of composite monocoque.. Plus imagine having to drop the transmission anyway to replace that hydraulic line... I am not mad, just disappointed Hoovie.
manofweed1 Prije 6 mjeseci
In the beginning I was thinking this is not such a big deal, until I come to realise he'll need three holes in the other side now, to maintain an equal weight balance.
AA K Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie i want to know what is your shirt size i want to buy the hoovie shirt but not sure about the size
Nigel Alderman
Nigel Alderman Prije 6 mjeseci
Made the first comment half through video. TWO huge holes car now rubbish. Will it break?? Insurance??? Liability???? Wow this IS the craziest car channel!
Nigel Alderman
Nigel Alderman Prije 6 mjeseci
That is all structural, probably why Lamourghini weren't so keen on the idea or the Wizard. I hope you don't get any cracks later because the rest of the carbon fibre is under too much strain. Maybe very smooth flat roads for you. I have no idea of the safety factor of this part of the car or how much you have reduced it. Good luck it's an interesting experience. Thanks for being so honest. I'm too chicken. Steel ok. Weld it back. Carbon fibre oooooh ooooh.
Life Art
Life Art Prije 6 mjeseci
Like xmas lights at startup
Jon Larson Vlogs
Jon Larson Vlogs Prije 6 mjeseci
While im drilling the hole if you want you can do the sucking! - wizard
ivan machmueller
ivan machmueller Prije 6 mjeseci
I’d like to buy a piece of that carbon fiber you cut out !
wgn wheels
wgn wheels Prije 6 mjeseci
How many hours to do it engine out and back in?
Jens H.
Jens H. Prije 6 mjeseci
Carbon fibre is ultra dangerous for you health in small particles, you should wear masks doing this stuff.
Andrej Gobec
Andrej Gobec Prije 6 mjeseci
The only worrying part about this was them both inhaling carbon fiber dust without protection ... :(
Tourettetv96 Prije 6 mjeseci
Structural integrity compromised by the holes?
Tourettetv96 Prije 6 mjeseci
Those fibers in their lungs!
paulg Prije 6 mjeseci
I would carbon fiber those pieces back where they belong just because.
paulg Prije 6 mjeseci
It sounded like that cup trick going on while it was going through the gears.
paulg Prije 6 mjeseci
Ease up with the Disney commercials every other min.
paulg Prije 6 mjeseci
Well, it's not like the carbon fiber tube running down the middle has anything to do with the structural integrity. HAhahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I say it's Wizards fault.
Dan F
Dan F Prije 6 mjeseci
After watching Hoovie I walk out to my 10 year old Toyota that has never had a single problem. I smile...
KloneOne1111 Prije 6 mjeseci
Did you cut a hole in it?
Chris Freer
Chris Freer Prije 6 mjeseci
Nice work cutting the hydraulic hose!! haha
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Prije 6 mjeseci
You know a car is expected to break down by how many check lights it has.
burrito rustler
burrito rustler Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie is using my trick I use on Ferrari engine access - plagiarism!!
JONNYCABANI Prije 6 mjeseci
Really cool video
Razor Licks
Razor Licks Prije 6 mjeseci
'Wizard can you fix that line?' Yes I just need to drill a bigger hole............
Brady Terry
Brady Terry Prije 6 mjeseci
weight reduction life :)
Lincoln Man
Lincoln Man Prije 6 mjeseci
aside from a cut line You are definitely giving the car value easy maintenance . The 80s are over Ferrari,Lamborghini, and especially Maserati get your shit together
Cale Western
Cale Western Prije 6 mjeseci
HOOVIES RIPPED US OFF. This is my favorite channel on HRpost, so much so my girl ordered me a shirt for my birthday. That's tomorrow, and she sadly informed me she ordered the shirt over a month ago and it never came. Contacted HOOVIES garage for an update or refund to only get no response. Very poor business practices. BEWARE EVERYONE!!!
Ron Schmidt
Ron Schmidt Prije 6 mjeseci
Amazing! I am speecheless.
Jerry Armour
Jerry Armour Prije 6 mjeseci
It's Lambo who cares if you cut holes in it!!))) Just re-glue them back in and call it good no worries mate!!))
Dmitry Torba
Dmitry Torba Prije 6 mjeseci
Won't drilling holes in the carbon fiber violate structural integrity?
exotic imports
exotic imports Prije 6 mjeseci
Pro Tip - before you start cutting into Lambo bones.. get yourself a used doctors sonogram machine
powellsa Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie is the Jeff Goldblum of car reviews.
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