I Made a HUGE Mistake And Bought A Used Range Rover Supercharged LWB

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Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson Prije 7 mjeseci
I wonder how many commenters saw the end... Hoovie you troll.
Happy Guy
Happy Guy Prije mjesec
@Anton Shvets me too
robert zerafa
robert zerafa Prije 2 mjeseci
I saw it coming from straight away, because I noticed that the child seat he brought with him to test the back was missing when his wife was shown the car lol
David Pasch
David Pasch Prije 4 mjeseci
MERCEDESBENZS600 BASH Prije 5 mjeseci
@Adam Swann-Sternberg Someone will eventually,he's a NATURAL...
Felix Prije 6 mjeseci
I want a PS5
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije dan
How about she comes with you when you car shop for her ?? daaahhhh
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije dan
You are getting rid of the Mercedes because the front seat is too small? Sounds like an a excuse, she just doesnt like it. She is like 4 ft 1 anyway
Matthew S
Matthew S Prije 3 dana
Why after all of these decades can range rover not make a reliable vehicle?
CPS CPS Prije 3 dana
"Too beaucoup !!"
Chuck S
Chuck S Prije 6 dana
Freddy's is awesome. Best burgers around. They are in the process of building one here and I can't wait for it to get finished.
Mat Goodall
Mat Goodall Prije 9 dana
Did not like the first words of Negativity out of her mouth heart my heart for him 😭😭😭😭😭
Chino living
Chino living Prije 9 dana
The car seat should always be in the middle in case you get hit from the ether side
ro G
ro G Prije 10 dana
Wow what a beautiful Mercedes station wagon! U ever thought about selling it? 🔥🔥🔥
Jonas’s TikTok Shorts
Jonas’s TikTok Shorts Prije 10 dana
Anyone else counting how many times he said “overcomancating”...
Phill A Blunt
Phill A Blunt Prije 10 dana
Omg what is wrong with you a rover seriously
David Poudrier
David Poudrier Prije 11 dana
Good Job 👌 Lol Always consult your wife Good job
David Poudrier
David Poudrier Prije 11 dana
Lol I love your channel, everytime you name something you follow by its gonna break .....😂😂😂Love it
David Poudrier
David Poudrier Prije 11 dana
10 inches is big 😂😂😂 I guess we know ......Hoovie help me get a Car lol
Cornelius Thompson
Cornelius Thompson Prije 12 dana
Avoid Jaguar Land Rover. They're unreliable. Period. You'll happier with Japanese or German cars in term of reliability. Of course there are fortunate souls who has less problems with their JLR cars. But why take the risk? Don't believe those who tell you that they've improved or free warranty. Just not worth it. This company is plain irresponsible.
swiper1818 Prije 12 dana
I owned two Range Rovers for a total of about 8 years and other than two minor problems fixed under warranty they were utterly reliable...superb ending to the video - you and your wife tricked us all!
Jeremy Powell
Jeremy Powell Prije 12 dana
it takes alot longer for a license plate than a drive home where i live lol
Eric Kistler
Eric Kistler Prije 13 dana
You could have gotten the same leg room in an S600
Matthew Prije 14 dana
She knows alot about 10 inches... attaboy hoovie
Justin Schroeder
Justin Schroeder Prije 14 dana
Instead of getting a different baby seat you get an entirely new car, I understand now
Work Group
Work Group Prije 14 dana
i drive the range rover svr velar in Manhattan. this range rover supercharged is a beast too!!! you won't go wrong..
fhjh jhgjghj
fhjh jhgjghj Prije 15 dana
The agreeable charles qualitatively follow because body remarkably wander by a cloudy man. messy, acoustic business
John Cross
John Cross Prije 16 dana
Only one thing more dumb than buying a new Land Rover product and that's buying a used one.
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Prije 18 dana
You aint seen gigantic yet
BigTymin Prije 18 dana
Why are people still impressed with soft close doors? Mercedes started doing that in 1992.
nathan plunkett
nathan plunkett Prije 20 dana
Its a nice nob right 😂😂😂
Rob D
Rob D Prije 21 dan
So just put the car seat behind her problem solve and she won't seem snobby
Slim Times .L.L.C
Slim Times .L.L.C Prije 23 dana
A used Range Rover nice..🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂ ..hoovie I would think you knew better.....✌🏾
Gazooo29 Prije 25 dana
You have a pretty Chinese wife Doug 😳👍👍😎
Robert Seed
Robert Seed Prije 25 dana
What a lot of bullshit,again! The clue to the way he does business is in his phrase ‘maybe it will break’ and lo and behold ,surprise,surprise,it always does!
Adam Barsoum
Adam Barsoum Prije 26 dana
i love how be says dumbest automotive channel on utube lol he knows it but still keeps buying dumb cars lol 😂
ChaosZombie999 Prije 27 dana
why didnt you keep the E wagon for yourself... seeing as its the most reliable car you woulda owned lol
The Men Who Stare At Ads
The Men Who Stare At Ads Prije 27 dana
Kids car seat doesn’t fit. Buys new car instead.
William Hodgson
William Hodgson Prije 27 dana
Might the Evoke have been a better choice?
Erik Dahl
Erik Dahl Prije 28 dana
Very nice, especially with the warranty that you received with it. Just ditched my Range Rover Sport at 108K (minimal issues) out of concern for future repair costs. Overall, was a great vehicle.
Barrie Whiteley
Barrie Whiteley Prije 28 dana
Very big mistake changing a proper car for total rubbish
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz Prije 28 dana
This guy loves doug
Vivek Joseph
Vivek Joseph Prije 28 dana
First world problems, I tell you!
Jake PlayZ
Jake PlayZ Prije 29 dana
CPC Productions
CPC Productions Prije 29 dana
Hyannis KANGA
Hyannis KANGA Prije mjesec
When I saw her first reaction, I started to feel bad for you. But hey nice little prank.😅 In the end, "Happy wife happy life" 👍🏾
Huw Williams
Huw Williams Prije mjesec
That's nice! Given me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Still got it? Still happy?
67tomcat Prije mjesec
Sorry to see the awesome E Class Wagon traded for another SUV.
Iliana Hahn
Iliana Hahn Prije mjesec
The rhetorical horse electronically smell because quart positionally cross across a luxuriant ocean. gamy, super richard
Binary World
Binary World Prije mjesec
Simple solution would be to turn the baby seat around 😂 that's what we do in Britain 😂 And, to think this clown paid $60 - 70,000 for a used Land Rover with 30k on the clock 😂 😂 😂 What a fool. In Britain, we stay clear from Range/Land Rover as they're utter garbage, very poorly built hence CHEAP to buy That car would be under £40,000 in Britain (circa $42 - 43,000 USD)
notfiveo Prije mjesec
100,000 mile warranty with $2500 deductible.
ML21 Prije mjesec
The problem is because the husband is buying more of what he likes instead of what shes likes .Just like that chevy commercial his and hers but she like his truck instead because he never asked and got a idea.
Alessio De Simone
Alessio De Simone Prije mjesec
man I'm sorry but your wife is... jesus, you buy her cars and she's brave enough to get upset about a Mercedes?
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith Prije mjesec
You could even say that ten inches is "too beaucoup."
michael joyner
michael joyner Prije mjesec
Jaximus Prime
Jaximus Prime Prije mjesec
Today's word, kids, is *"INNUENDO"*
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone Prije mjesec
Sorry to have tp say it Hoovie , but she doesn't deserve it !!! just focusing on on uhhh it 10 inch longer or uhh its like a limo back herd , im not gonna sit there... Instead of jumping of joy all arround for having a new Range !!! Do u kniw how much ppl would give anithing just to be able to have one !?...
Rave Master
Rave Master Prije mjesec
Did you not watch the end?
Steve A
Steve A Prije mjesec
Of course she’s happy The snob appeal of the long wheel base range rover And you said she’s not snobby ?
Marcel Covaci
Marcel Covaci Prije mjesec
Hoovie must be a millionaire. I just subscribed to this channel.
Deerghayu Phukan
Deerghayu Phukan Prije mjesec
The start of the video didn't match the rest of the vudeo.
mrsparex Prije mjesec
He should own a variety of cars for his beautiful wife to choose from...not just 25?
Anonymous Hunter
Anonymous Hunter Prije mjesec
your wife is ungrathful, you should probably think of replacing her instead lol
Rave Master
Rave Master Prije mjesec
Maybe you should watch the end.
chipper442 Prije mjesec
Great video Tyler
Jake Reed
Jake Reed Prije mjesec
Every woman needs a SUV with 510 horse power so they can drive to Costco park crooked -take up two spaces to buy diapers and bottles of water.
Jake Reed
Jake Reed Prije mjesec
My family's car in the 70s was a Pontiac LeMans three boys in the backseat mom and dad in the front no seat belts. Then we got a new 1983 Toyota Corolla same thing two in the front three in the back. No air conditioning- AM radio.
Geoffrey Prije mjesec
13:17 , thats what she said.
Harper Archstorm
Harper Archstorm Prije mjesec
Be grateful girl. (I'll take that Range Rover if you don't want it even though I'm too young to drive).
relaxed penny
relaxed penny Prije mjesec
Wife: 10 inches is a lot Hoovie: it's not that much Oh how the turn tables
relaxed penny
relaxed penny Prije mjesec
@NASA 1 relax it's a joke from "the office"
NASA 1 Prije mjesec
Tables turn!
Elite FF Squadron
Elite FF Squadron Prije mjesec
Range rovers are the rolls Royce which can go off-road and be a bit more practical Range Rover (RR) Rolls Royce (RR) , both from Britain
Ahmaad Paige
Ahmaad Paige Prije mjesec
Can I get a car fory birthday dec 11?
Horace Bess
Horace Bess Prije mjesec
Hi, love your videos LOL. I was wondering do you have a video about the best bang, value car to buy used? I hear about the Hyundai Genesis, possible infinitiesAnd jaguar from around 2012. I’d love some help on anything but Toyotas and Hondas because of the markup associated with the name LOL
Doge Enthusiast
Doge Enthusiast Prije mjesec
Why would anyone be dumb enough to buy a TATA car
Anshul Kumar
Anshul Kumar Prije mjesec
Why that lady is crying 😭 after watching a majestic Land Rover. Give her a tricycle 🥴
treyatl2006 Prije mjesec
I was about to say.... You dont consult your wife before buying a vehicle. You're just asking for trouble.... 😄😄😄
Libberty Sy Piecco
Libberty Sy Piecco Prije mjesec
Yep no warranty on a range rover is like buying a big headache .
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins Prije mjesec
10 inches is a lot. Gold
Rayjon Grayson
Rayjon Grayson Prije mjesec
I worked at Freddys too hahahahha
Manny Carvalho
Manny Carvalho Prije mjesec
He’s got the 💰 MONEY + 🚗 CARS !!! Godbless
anixx bel
anixx bel Prije mjesec
My mind is too dirty !
1. Blessed
1. Blessed Prije mjesec
RagingTiger Prije mjesec
"10 inches is a lot" maybe for an Asian woman
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
warranty?? how much is deductible??
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
do a video on warranty. the bad & the bad . these are the rip offs of car dealerships.
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
wow 🤩!!! a long wheel base ?!?! thats rare
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
buy a mini cooper 60’s model right hand steer . perfect for family
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
E-wagons are sooooo popular in europe, BUT usa 🇺🇸 we dont want baby wagons
thats me
thats me Prije mjesec
range rover is great vehicle 🚗 brand new for 1st yr then take it to the junk yard & sell for scrap
Tsuno Okashi
Tsuno Okashi Prije mjesec
14:20 🍌
tjlift22 Prije mjesec
How had the Range Rover held up? I’ve been thinking of buying one?
Lou Montana
Lou Montana Prije mjesec
The knob was a hit!
Chris Prije mjesec
Just get a smaller child seat .....
Jerry Roy
Jerry Roy Prije mjesec
How much was the extra warranty?
Rmando Prije mjesec
The baby seat should always be in the middle seat
ShamZilla Prije mjesec
Get her a trike.
smokey Prije mjesec
G-Man G-Man
G-Man G-Man Prije mjesec
As someone who works on used vehicles...I'm doing to say....ANY USED LAND ROVER vehicle is an absolute bad investment
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Prije mjesec
I would ask the mail order magazine for my money back!
John Perry
John Perry Prije mjesec
How soon before it’s on the back of a truck to get fixed ?
ricky kariuki
ricky kariuki Prije mjesec
could have gone for a Mercedes gle instead
Aidan K
Aidan K Prije mjesec
lol i was on my way for a hate comment lol
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Prije mjesec
Isn't Land Rover now owned by the Indians?
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije mjesec
"It's a nice knob". 😉 Now that's pillow talk Hoovie. 😁
KAIZEN Prije mjesec
as the noble scotty the mechanic would say, just lease any foreign luxury from the dealer, then give it back before it explodes, or buy any used japanese privately for a steal
KAIZEN Prije mjesec
the problem is, at this point as doug demuro's claim to fame was range rover slander you see videos like this, you don't know if it's legit engineering issues, or just clickbait
speshul Prije mjesec
The only question is , how fast can you get rid of it.
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