Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy A Cheap BMW X5

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michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije dan
Shit u would have at least kept the rims they were nice Porsche rims.
Dennis Norton
Dennis Norton Prije 2 dana
Yeh well let me tell you I bought one of these three years ago, been the best car I ever owned. Cost me diddley squat in three years
boomy818 Prije 3 dana
now they have to inventory the front left door on car-part as a c grade and not a b or a grade.. lol
ModifiedWolfe Prije 3 dana
Glorious is an understatement, when it grabbed 2nd and squatted, i almost wanted one lol. Sounds wicked!!!!
thejoeschmoshow Prije 3 dana
How many cars is that now that he has referred to as “the worst car BMW ever made”?
joephet Prije 4 dana
I guess it's more interesting to buy a shitty car and post a video about it than to actually buy a decent one.
Paul Cosentino
Paul Cosentino Prije 5 dana
Thats not first gen brother
DUEL 1016
DUEL 1016 Prije 7 dana
In upstate New York you see them quite often, but not in the shape you would want to see them
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Prije 8 dana
0:29 I can hang off of my old truck side view mirrors. It’s got a solid steel construction.
Nimo Kali
Nimo Kali Prije 9 dana
Oh jeez. I guess I'm staying away despite the attractive look. Not worth it at all. Thanks for the heads up.
jonny5777 Prije 10 dana
My dad has owned every model X5 but never for longer than 4 years at a time
Yo' Momma
Yo' Momma Prije 13 dana
Warning: salty BMW fanbois in the comment section.
Frank M
Frank M Prije 13 dana
I got got on a 2004 bmw x5 4.6is
Simply Wonderful
Simply Wonderful Prije 15 dana
And this is why people steal cats
creditelectric Prije 15 dana
Wow,high maintenance POS like one of sisters.My AWD Subaru Legacy wagon did not fall apart & loose interior buttons & it took a lot longer for the headliner to start sagging. It did lots of long trips.Air suspension was expensive but new air shocks installed & returned it to good as new."Retired" due to age 1991-2014, traded in on a new Forester. For the new price of the BMW X5 it needed to be perfect, for the price of the Subaru I forgave the cost of the air shocks as needed & I was never locked out. Never ever buy a BMW unless you have deep pockets or it is a lease deal, I'm convinced these things & others are made to last the term of two lease agreements.
Sal Petralito
Sal Petralito Prije 15 dana
Made the mistake with my e92 335 but shes a blast to drive after spending quite a bit on it she drives like brand new! Better enjoy it now until next month issue comes along.
Wayne Farley
Wayne Farley Prije 16 dana
The material account structurally pause because philosophy concurringly own with a mute plant. brief, chubby feature
Shane a
Shane a Prije 16 dana
least it sounded nice at the end lol
Juan Zaldivar
Juan Zaldivar Prije 18 dana
You speak only stuped thinks I bout the bmw is 15 years old dude Fixed in stop speak c.....t..
Rave Master
Rave Master Prije 18 dana
Think this video can be applied to most used BMW's and mercedes and audi and other over engineered luxury cars. If you don't have 10k for repairs don't buy them. Especially if you are on a budget. If you want luxury and you are on a budget buy a corolla. Because driving a corolla is more luxurious than uber or the bus.
GALTwarrior Prije 19 dana
Its such a disappointment that BMW is shit. I lived in Europe for 3 years a long time ago and loved the BMWs. Today, just complete shit... but that can be said for most automakers today
Zion lords
Zion lords Prije 19 dana
You got it for $1000 because the previous owner neglected it and let the car go to rot.
Kristian Hornacek
Kristian Hornacek Prije 19 dana
Buy Japanese and the problem is sorted...
Stas N
Stas N Prije 19 dana
Well buy an American car with the same miles and age and compare it to bmw....
Dylan Payment
Dylan Payment Prije 19 dana
LOL it lowkey sounds amazing straight piped
Grzegorz Durda
Grzegorz Durda Prije 19 dana
Everything on the car is fixable by DYI mechanic for about 500 bucks and it includes a climate control unit. Oil wheeps are common on ALL v8 manufacturers over time.
Grzegorz Durda
Grzegorz Durda Prije 19 dana
The MYTH of BMW being hard to work on and having a cheap plastic cooling system. BMW owners need to start reading their manuals that come with the car for explanations.
Seim Old DickHead
Seim Old DickHead Prije 19 dana
In eastern europe you can just cut off the cats, sell them and drive like that. Nobody cares at inspection :D
Jonny Coombs
Jonny Coombs Prije 18 dana
Haha yup, even if you don’t take your own cat off someone else might lol
Archie Blevins
Archie Blevins Prije 20 dana
It’s not a beautiful SUV. Look like you took a 💩 on it, so the rest of your video gonna be 💩 poop.
cswann8 Prije 20 dana
How are the BMW X5s with the turbo diesel? Say 2010 vintage...there's one for sale near me for pretty attractive price.
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Prije 20 dana
@5:35 thus far you havnt named much thats singular to the x5 or bmw's in general; buttons tend to come loose fragile as they are, the evolution of gaming and intergrated machines in all aspects of life slowly and surely made controls better (and then still you can opt to be cheap) , the window; its a common problem, i currently have it on my fiat left aft; its an easy enough fix except its a bit of a nuisance to get it all open , generally you can get the inner working for cheap at any salvage yard and take any same spec drive motor to replace the burnt out one. As to your 'check lights' regular service indicator based on the life time of lights, if they were replaced but not reset then the warning is in error, or your lights need to be soon replaced, this is nothing new for lights. Washer fluid...well fill it bozo.. it isnt going to fill itself.
Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez Prije 21 dan
Hey Hoovie! Can I have a project car ? Thank you! Bmw or mustang
J.W. Griggs III
J.W. Griggs III Prije 21 dan
You should never buy a BMW without a warranty!
Jim White
Jim White Prije 22 dana
I’m in my 30s and man do I remember the criglist days when these would pop up cheap and I would beg my mom to let me get it lol hahahaha I would drive up to these lawyers house or doctors and they would let this thing go for 2k lol and I thought I got such a deal to later find out I got fucked in my ass with how much problems I got all I can say is I Ben driving American cars and Toyota cars ever since no problems what so ever hahahahah
jylp4u Prije 22 dana
Turbo LS swap.
SammyMiami Prije 23 dana
My X5 has over 200k miles, still running strong, 3.0i
robert Lewis
robert Lewis Prije 23 dana
I have 2 X5 one is 2003. 3.0 with 178,000 miles and a 2006 3.0 with 89,000 miles and they are good cars! I can not say the same for a 4.4. And a 4.6 or 4.8. If you maintain it and don't drive it like 15 year old boy 👶 it will last I met people with over 300,000 miles
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia Prije 23 dana
BMW is so good when they work, which is a week a year on average
John Doener
John Doener Prije 24 dana
Whenever I see someone driving a new $100,000 x5 I just picture 10 years in the future when it’s gonna have 20 warning lights on the dash and be worth $1500
John Doener
John Doener Prije 23 dana
@Alex Xander each to their own but I’d prefer a car that doesn’t need any major work till it’s 10 years old and hasn’t depreciated to a small fraction of its purchase price. They don’t call them BMTroubleyou for no reason
Alex Xander
Alex Xander Prije 23 dana
and what's wrong? if it's enjoyable for those ten years, that's good enough for me (never owned a BMW).
iSurvived TwentyTwenty
iSurvived TwentyTwenty Prije 24 dana
Should have LS swapped it
iSurvived TwentyTwenty
iSurvived TwentyTwenty Prije 24 dana
Yup never buying an x5
andylaauk Prije 24 dana
Never, Never, Never buy an E53 X5 (or the L322 Range Rover), please!
Jb little
Jb little Prije 24 dana
I lost it at the big breasts statement 🤣🤣
jkirk1626 Prije 25 dana
I couldn't wait to get the driver's side door. Then 19 minutes came 🥲
Gerald Tomyn
Gerald Tomyn Prije 25 dana
That belongs in Mad Max
Josh Christian
Josh Christian Prije 26 dana
No matter the model, you should NEVER buy a cheap BMW or any high end car for that matter, unless you have Hoovie bucks. Otherwise, you're just an idiot.
Michael Rath
Michael Rath Prije 27 dana
Yeah, I've owned 3 x5s. Loved all three, really safe cars in high altitude snow country, and traded them all in at 100k. No issues at all. None. I maintained them. I took care of them. Totally reliable. The car you featured showed all the signs of being ridden hard and put away wet too many times. Abused (by the previous owner and then by you.) But let me be clear. Having driven the BMW X5 for over 300k miles over the past 15 years, they are amongst the best cars I've ever driven or owned. But we all know they are expensive to repair.
Andrei Alexandru
Andrei Alexandru Prije 27 dana
My father has a 3.0d manual . Bought it like 4 years ago never had a problem with it aside from the windows regulators( ithink it has been cursed as he changed every single one of them twice) but excep that the car runs great and never had issues with it. It still is his daily.
Formatique arschloch
Formatique arschloch Prije 27 dana
How you Americans manage to Break up everything? I had a X5 3.0D. Driven 440 000km before I sold it. Worked perfectly.
Ben Moore
Ben Moore Prije 28 dana
sebastian corte
sebastian corte Prije 29 dana
you are an actor bruh, get yo Holywood ass
notfiveo Prije 29 dana
My neighbor bought one, two weeks later the engine has to be replaced.
Vincent DiFonzo
Vincent DiFonzo Prije 29 dana
Bad Mechanical Waste
C P Prije mjesec
I had pretty good luck with my X5 4.4i but then again when stuff was broken I fixed it and didn't just let the problems pile up and sold it before 60000 MI. However in that 60000 Miles they only thing that happened that was big was a wire harness and that was covered under warranty. This example looks like the guy/gal never fixed anything and just let it all pile up until it was absolute crap.
KJ Schrauber
KJ Schrauber Prije mjesec
So what do we learn here? Buy a well maintained V8 or a half well maintained inline 6 3.0i
JOHN SOMMERS Prije mjesec
The fact that 17 minutes in I get a BMW ad is hilarious.
Funny! My local Police department just publicly released they think they caught the “catalytic converter” thieves that have been hitting a lot of cars! LOL there was even a picture with the confiscated cordless Saw
Dantheman Prije mjesec
this is why you never buy a bmw x5 at all
F Rus
F Rus Prije mjesec
Any car you purchase used has the potential of being a money pit especially if not well maintained. Being in the car business you new this when you purchased it which I was surprised you stated paying $1000 for the car. All German cars are very expensive to repair... including the VW. The 4.4 liter is actually a good engine and the early X5 is also a very reliable car if properly maintained. I know as I had a early produced 2000.. produced in 1999 version with the 4.4 sport package. We ended up putting over 120K on it with very minimal problems on it. I did have the rear Air bags go bad around 90K as most airbag cars almost always never last beyond the 100K. Everything else was just basic maintenance. We ended up trading it in on a new 2007 GL450 and actually had more problems with this one than ever did with the X5. Fortunately most of the repairs were covered under the factory warranty except the front Air bags that went south about 5k AFTER the warranty expired. I will say this, your very fortunate on the repairs rates you pay in your area. Because some of the work you've done would cost 2 to 4 times more in other parts of the country. Are you getting a tremendous break or are the quote actual for any customer who request the same service? Thanks and keep up the good work on your HRpost site. Frank
Pierre Labriel
Pierre Labriel Prije mjesec
The panicky digital sequentially fancy because epoxy increasingly peel sans a aware gymnast. dry, tidy lamp
john doe
john doe Prije mjesec
The suspension would work fine if the air pump was working
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada Prije mjesec
ItsChalet Prije mjesec
my bmw lasts years!!! this video is not true!!
ricky sanchez
ricky sanchez Prije mjesec
Now the salvage yard can't sell the door. Good job hooves.
chassis807 Prije mjesec
Germans build cars as well as they finish wars.
Deliite Prije mjesec
How tall you are? I'm 6.6ft and im thinking about having x5
ThatsBigDave Prije mjesec
See i really don't understand this video... i had a bmw 2005 4.4 v8 bought it with 89,700 on the clock and i sold it with 167,300 on clock, only issue i ever had was cv joint ripped and oil leak. It had full service history, never let me down and the guy that bought it off me had it till it had just over 192,000 on clock and someone smashed into him and wrote it off!! If looked after etc like any car they will last. Clearly the one in the video has been seriously neglected
Slight Return
Slight Return Prije mjesec
The simpler 3.0 ones were good. Or maybe I got lucky. I bought a base model '05 a couple years used, with 20k miles on it. I drove it to 190k miles and it never had any problems other than a few pixels going dead in the dash, and then there was some sort of resistor in the blower fan that they had to fix and that cost some. And the sunroof stopped opening. Other than that I just had the BMW dealer do the prescribed maintenance. It wasn't terribly expensive. But it didn't have a V8 or air suspension or any of that stuff as in the did. I think that era of X5s was one of the best designs -- it was just the right size and drove great.
AngelEyez Eyez from an Angel
AngelEyez Eyez from an Angel Prije mjesec
So if preventive maintenance was done, most of everything would have been ok.
Manny Carvalho
Manny Carvalho Prije mjesec
How the FUCK you own all kinds of cars HOOVIE? Ur just a lucky rich WHITE BOY 😂
j l
j l Prije mjesec
11:32 chrisfix
PAUL JANSKY Prije mjesec
PAUL JANSKY Prije mjesec
Rune Karlsen
Rune Karlsen Prije mjesec
BMW is built to last until the warranty is over. Their plastic coolant system with cheap plastic parts and thermostats make mechanics cry.
Propo Prije mjesec
I have an x5 e53 but diesel one, with 3.0d engine, very good and relaible car
dean Grant
dean Grant Prije mjesec
The Newer versions are much worst, the first E53 1999 was built to last
Jonathan Steen
Jonathan Steen Prije mjesec
Totally disagree with this review. e53s have to be maintained and if they are they will continue to give good service for many years and 100s of thousands of miles. You can't buy an X5 with 160k that has been totally neglected and then say that all e53s are the same. They do have some weak points no doubt and the 6 cylinders are more reliable than the 8s but this review is total BS as far as I am concerned. I own a 2001 Z3 2.5, an e46 2.5 and an X5 3.0. All great cars!
Liam James
Liam James Prije mjesec
The reason why a lot of BMW's become money pits is because people don't look after them early on. They then get sold cheap and some poor bugger has the joy of paying to get everything put right. They are often driven very hard and do lots of miles in a fairly short space of time. Also, they are an expensive cars to run and maintain so they aren't a young persons car.
John Perry
John Perry Prije mjesec
They’d drive that thing in Russian for Another twenty years
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov Prije mjesec
i've been driving my 2003 X5 4.6is daily for 7 years. have not had any problems with it other than regular minor maintenance. i will qualify that by adding that i do not have a long commute so haven't racked up a ton of miles
RockyMTNdiesel Rider
RockyMTNdiesel Rider Prije mjesec
Well I learned this guy doesn't have a clue about cars...
Aleksandr Chalimbekov
Aleksandr Chalimbekov Prije mjesec
A visit to your local Craigslist and a search for a 6-cylinder BMW of that era (e46, e39, e53) will prove that this is BS. V8s were notoriously unreliable, I6s were indestructible. You will find those with 200k+ miles, and they are both mechanically and cosmetically great.
Joo Ana
Joo Ana Prije mjesec
I drive to work daily in my 2002 E53 for the last two years and I already covered 30k miles. And no issues at all! You talk just crap. And with no shame. My opinion: SHAME ON YOU!!!
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue Prije 22 dana
Does yours have the 3.0? (And air ride suspension?). Totally different animal. The 4.4 V8’s are known to be trash like this one was. 👆 Something tells me you might just be in denial though. Did you actually WATCH the video and observe the massive issues???
jeep guy
jeep guy Prije mjesec
dude, how could u junk it sounding like, thrash it till it dies. it's an expensive cheap SUV! many wives would have been real dreamy to take kids to a soccer game in that!
HSL Motorsports Die Cast Racing
HSL Motorsports Die Cast Racing Prije mjesec
I would totally run that thing straight-piped until it completely died for a thousand bucks if my car gets totaled before the Bronco comes out. I know the guys who put a sticker on anything for 80 bucks.
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije mjesec
I had to turn up the volume on your MONSTER BMW TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4th time watching this video
Rich Aardvark
Rich Aardvark Prije mjesec
Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the letters X, and the number 5
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Prije mjesec
I love my 06 E53 X5
Shane Collins
Shane Collins Prije mjesec
oh my god hahaha
C3L3R!TY Prije mjesec
This is by far the funniest/most entertaining video from hoovie lol. Couldn't stop smiling when he took the cats out and it sounded like a small block chevy 😂
Wayne Farley
Wayne Farley Prije mjesec
I'm actually surprised this didn't happen sooner. Check the latest video
Samir Sami
Samir Sami Prije mjesec
So you just bought another one to take your revenge, the first one beated you, you couldn't do as you could now because you was broke and couldn't fix the first one and had to sell it Go see a doctor.
Tom Kruze
Tom Kruze Prije mjesec
Haha. I owned a 2001 4.4. It was a total POS!! Ran ok and was kind of fast but, some shit always broken. Hoovie your 100% right
Sean Johnstone
Sean Johnstone Prije mjesec
They got it right in 2017.
Decay of Alberta
Decay of Alberta Prije mjesec
Judging from the cars in the background. The X5 looks like a village idiot lol.
Byron Arnall
Byron Arnall Prije mjesec
Omggg since when did u had a red mx5😍😍😍that’s my dream car I can’t explain how much I love those cars , pls do more videos with that, long time subscriber🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾
mingiasi Prije mjesec
This one is what i call "it runs aslong as it runs"car
Ferdy R
Ferdy R Prije mjesec
Mom had 2 beamers they were ok at 140K miles. I've had 2 Honda accords, not kidding; first honda blew Engine at 252K miles & trans. 2nd Honda has 321K miles on Original Engine, Transmission gone at 250K miles. Japanese kills European Cars by huge margins. But Europeans are a blend of art and machine style and design wise.
Drooskeedoo Prije mjesec
Harbor Freight makes a damn good flashlight.
Drooskeedoo Prije mjesec
Bmw window regulators alone are a reason not to buy their vehicles. Absolute Garbage.
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