Here's Everything That's Broken On My Cheap BMW Alpina B7

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Jeffrey Cheng
Jeffrey Cheng Prije 2 dana
Consumable valve seals, rod bearings,bearings, etc.. You don't say.
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 11 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Alex Ulpts
Alex Ulpts Prije 17 dana
3500? In germany alone the rims are worth 2k... So I think it's an extremly good price... And yes it's expensive to repair.
Gazooo29 Prije 19 dana
How does he find these gems 💎😂
Richard Graham
Richard Graham Prije 23 dana
Would it not make more sense to take all of these shitheaps and employ one person to just strip them down and sell the parts online or wherever? Surely you could make a bit of money selling these overpriced plastic junk heaps piece by piece? Foe instance, what would a set of those lovely looking seats be worth? How much for the light clusters? Cylinder head? Crank? Gearbox? Axle? Hell, get some young kid that is interested in learning about cars, pay him a bit more than minimum wage and let him strip 'em and clean them up.
Ken Harty
Ken Harty Prije mjesec
Johnnys no dummy. Hes a bmw mechanic. Lol
Maanav Khurana
Maanav Khurana Prije 3 mjeseci
BMW: ultimate broken machine
Andrew M
Andrew M Prije 3 mjeseci
Much respect to my fellow automotive technician for his philanthropy. You my friend, make us look good. This is the second time I've seen him donate to St. Judes. Because of that, I too will make a donation to St Judes in rye very near future. Thank you kind sir.
rivyboy76 Prije 4 mjeseci
Alpine get it right.
Ghost Prije 5 mjeseci
You know this guy watched a lot of Top Gear. He flows just like Clarkson.
bednar23 Prije 5 mjeseci
If alpine made the engine themselves, that explains why its the only part of the car that still works 😂
Michael Hasse
Michael Hasse Prije 5 mjeseci
I'll take the 2002 in the background, modern cars suck
Robert Passaro
Robert Passaro Prije 5 mjeseci
170,000 miles and only $5k of what appears to be clearly deferred maintenance?!?! This was a gift from the gods of automotive and a smoking (ahem) deal.
Paulo Rodrigues
Paulo Rodrigues Prije 6 mjeseci
Good deal great car but you pay for BMW no Volkswagen. BMW Alpina for this price it’s a cheap price for a great car
PhigoDakidd Prije 6 mjeseci
I know I'm late now for the B7, but in the future you get a bad engine car like this, I'll be glad to take it and Fix it and Of Course Document it. Instead of sending it to go to waste at the Junkyard.
Wayne Thomas
Wayne Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
Wish I could have seen this video a couple of years ago. I'd have never bought my 2007 335i and would have been spared much aggravation and financial loss.
Yusei Pieters
Yusei Pieters Prije 6 mjeseci
I recently acquired one here in Belize doesn't start and is cosmetically terrible supposedly only needs 2 cam sensors from drivers bank due to harness caught fire but I just can't get the parts and it's so costly don't know what il do also weird this Alpina b7 doesn't have lots of stuff like yours does curious
genoa49 Prije 7 mjeseci
Throw a LS7 in it, and be done with it.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Prije 7 mjeseci
Very very reasonable repair costs!! Your mechanic is legit!
Darth Bane
Darth Bane Prije 7 mjeseci
Ha! Schadenfreude😂
russmanhi Prije 7 mjeseci
when is johnny going to launch his channel. would love to hear his thoughts and advice on all kinds of BMWs!
okguy165 Prije 7 mjeseci
What is the name of this shop Hoovie?
Billy H
Billy H Prije 8 mjeseci
was the logic 7 amp the audio issue?
Jason griffo
Jason griffo Prije 8 mjeseci
Love bmw. But hate the cost of repairs. But best cars to drive. Right next to Mercedes 👍🇦🇺
Alan Norman
Alan Norman Prije 8 mjeseci
I miss the Wizard
Brooks Draughn
Brooks Draughn Prije 8 mjeseci
Watching this with youtube closed mother keeps asking why he says "all penis"
Bus12103 Prije 8 mjeseci
I like this guy.
james the handsome
james the handsome Prije 8 mjeseci
Enable to drive a bimmer Must be mechanic If not just sell it
nikolas oliver
nikolas oliver Prije 8 mjeseci
13:19 "it's a BMW" i lost it right there
sdnalyam Prije 8 mjeseci
BMW, Junk.
A&K Air Technologies Kris Kanev
A&K Air Technologies Kris Kanev Prije 8 mjeseci
Hi there, just wondering where is your mechanic from he sounds eastern European
Dutch84 Prije 8 mjeseci
Never ever call an alpina an bmw bc its not! It's not a factory tuning brand or something like AMG. Alpina is a car brand with his own logo etc...
JK L Prije 8 mjeseci
What? No wizard???
Demetrius Hebron
Demetrius Hebron Prije 8 mjeseci
Where is his shop at.
William Burdine
William Burdine Prije 8 mjeseci
$2400 FOR ALL THAT WORK? Total of $5041 for EVERYTHING? HOLY COW! And you will get another 150k miles out of it! That is Hella CHEAP Compared to what I got quoted for similar work on my 330 in San Diego!!!!
Amjid Ali
Amjid Ali Prije 8 mjeseci
2nd hand BMWs are shit
Witold Schwenke
Witold Schwenke Prije 8 mjeseci
wow didn't know bmws could be that bad. I've had a e39 for 4 years, it was pretty good
jkirk1626 Prije 8 mjeseci
>$110k to $3,500. Just think how much work $110k could do over the same time period versus flushing it down the toilet.
sunny Prije 8 mjeseci
sorry if I'm late to the party, but watching your vids, the 1st question that keeps popping up is, what r these cars service history? i find it hard 2 believe that companies like mb,bmw, audi, and even rolls royce, would make cars that can barely last 5yrs. I've heard that the early 20's cars were sketchy, but it's actually a shock if these r the norms rather than the exception.
Savage Stash
Savage Stash Prije 8 mjeseci
Most expensive car in the word? Cheap BMW
Mac Prije 8 mjeseci
US built....."BMW".
Hieu Daica
Hieu Daica Prije 8 mjeseci
acually, the expense to fix this BMW is pretty cheap compare to the BMW dealer.
electricamir248 Prije 9 mjeseci
How does someone spend 120k on a car knowing it will lose almost 100% of its value in 13 years?
Max S.
Max S. Prije 9 mjeseci
In difference to BMW M, Audi RS or Mercedes AMG, when you look into an Alpina's paperwork it'll say "Alpina", not BMW. Plus, at least over here in germany, they don't run BMW badges.
Tiago Alves
Tiago Alves Prije 9 mjeseci
Tyler: How many of these valve seals have you done on BMWs? Johnny: yes
Mac Prije 8 mjeseci
What brand and grade of engine oil did the owner or previous mechanic use? And at what intervals? Johnny....Yes! Why are the valve guides worn? Johnny....yes,
Gavin M
Gavin M Prije 9 mjeseci
good price, BMW wanted 5000 euros to change out the gearbox on my 535v8 after the reverse failed. in the end i didnt pay that price but still it was alot that i did pay
Wade Mullis
Wade Mullis Prije 9 mjeseci
Get it all fixed.
Fun Prije 9 mjeseci
Bmw stands for Broken Worthless Machine
nrich Prije 9 mjeseci
BMW = Bust My Wallet .... I know they perform well but I've heard too many horror stories. They are for yuppies who lease them then turn them in when the warrantee ends and get a new one. Apparently there are still suckers out there who think they need a used BMW so these leased vehicles get a second life but an expensive one. They become money pits.
BMW Wizard
BMW Wizard Prije 9 mjeseci
If that B7 would have been for sale near me (As is), I would have bought it in a flash!! But then I know what I am doing and I am an experienced vehicle technician that has worked on plenty of BMW's right back to the early 90's! Keeping my eye's peeled!
C DD Prije 9 mjeseci
You have to make a another video showing the progression or digression of this car.
Hamdi Tunisien
Hamdi Tunisien Prije 9 mjeseci
Are you trying to get broke??? 🤪🤪🤪🍌
Cesar Toledo
Cesar Toledo Prije 9 mjeseci
Eventually when you are done playing with junk, step into a Mercedes.😼
B Hudenkov
B Hudenkov Prije 9 mjeseci
The worst cars I've owned were BMW's. All of them end up with the same problems. Unreliable garbage.
I spend so much time watching hoovies garage I will never fix my car,
Y LEE Prije 9 mjeseci
German engineering = shitty engineering. Das Auto
Bronko Kulička
Bronko Kulička Prije 9 mjeseci
"I buy an old BMW with a bad life and wich didnt see maintance the last ten years. Than I wonder that is a shithole with a bucket full of problems!" 🤦‍♂️🙈🙄
Jr Boost
Jr Boost Prije 9 mjeseci
Dude ls1 the shit out that 7
Medi Hedayati
Medi Hedayati Prije 9 mjeseci
You said there’s only 800 of these B7’s the man & stop complaining that’s a very fair price
Orcinus1967 Prije 9 mjeseci
You mean it gives you the experience of a smaller car...AFTER you get it out of the shop. The Wizard spends more time in your cars than you do!
Vasil Braskov
Vasil Braskov Prije 9 mjeseci
Take a shot every time this guy says Alpina
Chris Wojtkiewicz
Chris Wojtkiewicz Prije 9 mjeseci
BMW = Big Money Waste
Rob 351
Rob 351 Prije 9 mjeseci
“Yes yes I know your broken” 😂😂
rollmeister Prije 9 mjeseci
Gay much?
Maximilian Jankowski
Maximilian Jankowski Prije 9 mjeseci
the magic with buying a bmw v8 is the milage , in germany you find 2 versions of it many with 120tkm (75tmls) these are mostly unrepaird with these type of problems or you get these with 250tkm (155tmls) tey are mostly repaird or even worse fuckt up , hoovie you realy have bad friends XD
Hamish Fullerton
Hamish Fullerton Prije 9 mjeseci
That's cheap repairs, bloody good value for the amount of work involved and European parts, in Australia I reckon it wouldn't get much change for $10000
Darren AM
Darren AM Prije 9 mjeseci
If i ever saw a car worth saving...its this Alpina. 10g all sorted...that is a lot of car for that money...
southothehighway Prije 9 mjeseci
Break My Wallet
Cameron Ellis
Cameron Ellis Prije 9 mjeseci
When are you going to fix your BMW
The Anthonys
The Anthonys Prije 9 mjeseci
I think we’re learned not to buy an old bmw
roof pizza
roof pizza Prije 9 mjeseci
So he tore apart the dash for a fuse? Yeah, I'd keep going back to him too. SMH.
paulg Prije 10 mjeseci
Do you have a bet with someone as to how many videos in a row you will say "Binging and Bonging??? Because it's been a loooooooong time.
d1zguy Prije 10 mjeseci
BMW is still in its low quality spurr. Not buying one at all ever until proven otherwise again. subframe issues, HPFP issues, valve stem seals issue, transmission issue. Just trash shit not meant to be owned outside of a lease
Jeff Eng
Jeff Eng Prije 10 mjeseci
Wheres the wizard
D Palmer
D Palmer Prije 10 mjeseci
I'm waiting for Hoovie to buy a car where he says I never wanted one of these.
eivis13 Prije 10 mjeseci
Alpina B7 or " When an RX8 looks like a good investment".
Werner Danler
Werner Danler Prije 10 mjeseci
You were selling Mercedes 13 years ago and now you are wealthy enough to own enough cars to fill up a Walmart car park. How does that work? Oh ya, all those annoying adds on your videos.
ziggamon Prije 10 mjeseci
Theres a reason why you dont see too many 2000s 7 series on the road much anymore...they are either in the scrap yard or parked broken af in the driveway (like my 08 750li).
Adam Eldridge
Adam Eldridge Prije 10 mjeseci
if only i could go 3x speed it'd improve your vids
General HiPing
General HiPing Prije 10 mjeseci
Big Sky 1991
Big Sky 1991 Prije 10 mjeseci
Are endorsements and ads paying for all these money pits??
Dave Gree
Dave Gree Prije 10 mjeseci
Great channel. I didn't know Jeff Goldbloom was into cars.
Balasubramanian Na
Balasubramanian Na Prije 10 mjeseci
@1:25 BMW has built the M760li.
Samuel Kuruvilla
Samuel Kuruvilla Prije 10 mjeseci
you got a 2002? !!!!
Nvable Prije 10 mjeseci
I want more of the B7.
Money mike Slick will
Money mike Slick will Prije 10 mjeseci
Hoovie i love this channel!! I believe alot of people dont know u have a hustle with your other businesses that fund these hoopties i love it man keep it up bro!!!
MERCEDESBENZS600 BASH Prije 10 mjeseci
BMWs are a total waste of money unless you have BIG MONEY,$5000 repair bill and it's just gonna happen again,WOW...
TomSingletonRacing Prije 10 mjeseci
my old e61 545i did the same thing with the valve stem seals, love this car and the show! :D
Pavel K
Pavel K Prije 10 mjeseci
why not get something like a rwd g37 of 12-13? Too little drama?
Ellen Prije 10 mjeseci
please stop buying cars that need help for views it’s getting old... like you can obvs afford it
TxGMguy82 Prije 10 mjeseci
Hoovie, what’s wrong with your 760?
johnmichael karma
johnmichael karma Prije 10 mjeseci
A car has only two kinds of parts,moving and non moving. Seems like your non moving parts are in great condition,a real beauty. "This turned out to be a really bad investments", hahaha, bad investments is how this channel exists.
Jonathan J
Jonathan J Prije 10 mjeseci
I must have missed something. Do you not use the car wizard anymore ??
Daniel Kremer
Daniel Kremer Prije 10 mjeseci
*!*!*!*!* Yo Ty Man *!*!*!*!* before you spend a whole lotta coin check this bro , did you say B7 Alpina No Reserve: 2014 BMW Alpina B7 xDrive 37k Miles Shown Twin-Turbocharged 4.4L V8 8-Speed Automatic Transmission xDrive All-Wheel Drive Jet Black over Black Nappa Leather Alpina Bodywork + etc + etc +
Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington Prije 10 mjeseci
you still going to the chinese restaurant by you, dunsky?
Will E.
Will E. Prije 10 mjeseci
Watta shit car.
Marvin Benjamin
Marvin Benjamin Prije 10 mjeseci
I know how to solve that problem I would put all Japanese parts on the for that price
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia Prije 10 mjeseci
“It’s a BMW.” Truer words have never been spoken.
MERCEDESBENZS600 BASH Prije 10 mjeseci
But they still keep selling and selling and selling,WOW..
German Boy
German Boy Prije 10 mjeseci
One reason Lexus was invented.
Camp Keefer
Camp Keefer Prije 10 mjeseci
missing my old greymarket 81 323i Alpina...loved that car
frankiecrocker Prije 10 mjeseci
Only $5000? Somehow I feel like Johnny gave him a price break, probably to drum up business for he garage.
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