The Lincoln Mark VIII Is the Best Cheap Luxury Car For Under $5000

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John Koppel
John Koppel Prije 21 sat
Hoovie I am a loyal supporter of yours I've been watching your channel for well over two years probably well over three Teen Nick Harper brought back great great great memories from my I was a kid if you're ever looking to get rid of this please hoovey reach out and just let me know if I have the money for it I promise I will buy this off of you I love everything you have been doing I love all your content the Wizards great the ninja is awesome and thank you again for making my day a little better every time one of your videos comes out sincerely Johnny K
Rembrandt Q Einstein
Rembrandt Q Einstein Prije 8 dana
You know you dont really work on cars much in your garage when you have a big ass rug in the middle lol.
Brandon roberts
Brandon roberts Prije 9 dana
What’s the horesepower ?!
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett Prije 10 dana
Man I miss my old MK VIII. Same color, same year. I never should have let it go.
Justin Bryan
Justin Bryan Prije 16 dana
I see the Big Ass Fan in the reflection on the windshield 🤓
1911beauty Prije 17 dana
You are so right about Hyundai. It's the best buick ever made
1911beauty Prije 17 dana
My favorite Lincoln ever
Jerrit Sutton
Jerrit Sutton Prije 18 dana
Lincoln viii was made for the track, and drive agressive. My parents owned 2 a 1994, and a 1998. The best year is 1996 tho. Lincoln company took it to the bonneville to set a new speed record. They was shooting for speeds in 160-165 mph on stock motor. They put a roll cage in it. They ran it and actuall did 182mph with a stock motor, and trans. When they came back the upper owners of lincoln did not give them any credit. They didnt want the lincoln viii to be known for racey performance, but know for style, and luxury. So they never try again. It was a 1993 model. What gets me is everyone says the lincoln with the cobra motor, noo lincoln viii had rhe motor first. Guess ford is ford tho. My parents 1994 got up to 38mpg doing 69mph, they put over 400,000 miles on it, still strong, and no leaks or issues, just did the regular tune up when needed. People who switch to spring conversion ruins the ride, and it dont get as good of mpg. The 1998 was gear different to me, it just wasnt as agressive as say the 1993-1996 models. When your doing 120mph on the freeway and tromp down on it, the ass end sqauts, and sinks you back in the seat. Truly a sleeper. 4.6 quad cam that pushed 290-295hp just depends if it was the lincoln viii lsc.
Jerrit Sutton
Jerrit Sutton Prije 18 dana
And what took the lincoln viii place was the lincoln ls v8 rear wheel drive, and did 0-60 in 7 sec. Just they had their problems, but the weight was equally balanced 52% front and 48% rear handled great.
RandyLahey Prije 18 dana
i remember when the wizard had hair
Christian Boyd
Christian Boyd Prije 23 dana
I love how you got 8 marks every time you did it haha.
THE WOLF Prije 24 dana
I own one and I agree, they are Comfortable as hell. But wait till the Intake manifold runner control fails ( It will guaranteed ) You'll never find a replacement. And if you do let me know where. lol
Randy Mcmanus
Randy Mcmanus Prije 26 dana
I've owned 3 of these and currently have the 98 Collectors Edition which was $45,000 new in 98 ,they are absolutely amazing to drive (a real head turner) ,so comfortable and have fantastic get up and go I'd take a Lincoln over a Cadillac any day these are getting had to find I never see them on the road anymore I'll be holding on to mine for many more years
Gnar rang
Gnar rang Prije mjesec
I've owned one since 2010. Before you run out and buy one be advised the stock 1st gen headlights are dangerously poor performing. The housings, not the bulbs. 2nd gens have one of the first factory HID's that are essentially unobtanium and typically require a retrofit when they bite the dust. Any non shared parts can be moderately expensive and difficult to source. Buy a multimeter, because there will be electrical problems. Under hood plastic connectors become very brittle. It absolutely will leak oil at some point. Also prone to blend door problems.
Matt Costello
Matt Costello Prije mjesec
I had a 94 (a late 93) with over 300k miles I beat on for a while before I got rid of it... the 93's were the fastest due to the most aggressive tune. I just bought a 98 LSC with all the bells and whistles, with moon roof, heated seats, etc.. for $5k a few weeks ago and it only has 64k miles on it. Its still on air and the rear neon is working. The previous owners could not drive any more at 90 years old, but cherished the car and took good care of it. My old Mark was definitely faster than my newer one - its VERY noticeable! My 98 LSC is staying on air no matter what! lol
67tomcat Prije mjesec
People buying so many SUV's are killing car culture!
Epotheros Prije mjesec
Calls it a land yacht, yet it has better handling than a contemporary BMW M3.
Ethereal Cereal
Ethereal Cereal Prije mjesec
Not entirely true about the Intech. The Ninth Generation Lincoln Continental had a 32v Intech just like the Mk.9, just with a different bell housing for the front wheel drive.
Rob Medlin
Rob Medlin Prije mjesec
Had a 96..was awesome..out run alot of cars at the time..just hammer down!!!
Steven Veldkamp
Steven Veldkamp Prije mjesec
I hate you. I have Mark mark mark mark mark mark mark mark stuck in my head lmao
Andrew Holstein
Andrew Holstein Prije mjesec
Commercials at the beginning and TWICE while watching. 1.2 million subscribers equals a a big check. Funny about the ads, I doubt anyone interacts with them or pays attention
Bamaboy Burns
Bamaboy Burns Prije mjesec
Had this car it was fast !!!!! And nice
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel Prije mjesec
The Continental from the same year had the intech motor. The wood trim in this car is aftermarket and wasn't offered by the factory.
Andrew Holstein
Andrew Holstein Prije mjesec
then he can take it off
Romulan112 Prije mjesec
I have this car. Mine is a 97 lSC I hate it for at least three reasons: 1. Get pulled over all the time by the police (they say it is what a drug dealer would drive). 2. plastic blend door bushing crumpled/cracked. cant fix nor glue. 3. Wont pass emissions. Its never ready. gave it to FORD dealer. They used 1/2 tank of gas and a few hours of time. said they didnt know what/why. Bonus 4. If you need to replace the Cat Convertors, forget it. Car made not to be worked on.
Jay Reacts
Jay Reacts Prije mjesec
They have those types of seats but in rolls Royce
Koki Popi
Koki Popi Prije mjesec
Man these cars are so awesome.
canada painter
canada painter Prije 2 mjeseci
i t is money pit,,,, no one likes to work on them... 4 timing belts...
bxl 1121
bxl 1121 Prije 2 mjeseci
Lose that horrid rug man
cano cano
cano cano Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol Nope!! Grandpa would have my hide..
Wes Houx
Wes Houx Prije 2 mjeseci
So my folks had 95 continental that had a cobra 4.6 from the factory... how do I know this because the original engine threw a rod while under warranty and they had to send a special crate motor straight from svt at the time... the story went that Aprox 300 units got the svt engine because they ran out of base 4.6 motors. I don’t remember the entire story on them but worth a mention that you might appreciate
CORN POP Prije 2 mjeseci
These are great for buying and swapped out a four eyed fox with
CowsGoMoo Prije 2 mjeseci
had a Mark 8 for 2 years, inherited from my dad. loved that car. Normal 8 with 3.08 gears open diff and other alloys, not the LSC I see with sporty alloys 3.27 gears and limited slip from factory. Something with the air pump went out and it sat in a driveway for two years, someone wasn't smart enough to put stands under it before it sank to the ground (yes, frame was in the weeds). Mine was Pearl Bisque. I found out about the coil spring swap too late or I would still have it.
ET2 Carbon
ET2 Carbon Prije 2 mjeseci
This video made me cry man, I was defrauded by a FEDERAL criminal that cons people using cars (looks like you sorry with all your car stuff) and he ruined my car. It still sits undrivable after 10 years and it makes me sad. I actually brought mine to BAHRAIN and back to the states. Middle eastern guys knew back then what this car was a they offered me like 5 times the value I paid but I had to keep it
ET2 Carbon
ET2 Carbon Prije 2 mjeseci
Can't believe your put my trophy car in your video! Love my car! This makes me so happy
Greg Jaynes
Greg Jaynes Prije 2 mjeseci
That "Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark" BS was so annoying to an otherwise good video.
Rafael Fiallo
Rafael Fiallo Prije 28 dana
It wasn't funny the first time, much less the 5 or 6th.....
dRockOhio Prije 2 mjeseci
Tyler, how has it held up so far??? We need a follow up vid!
saippuakivikauppias Prije 2 mjeseci
This was my dream car in the mid 90s. Ford's most advanced car at the time and the wrap-around interior was second to none.
Pete Amos
Pete Amos Prije 2 mjeseci
From 93 -98 it was the best selling luxury coupe beating the El dog,Lexus Sc400& Acura. Cl. combined. !!!!!!
Andrew Sferrazza
Andrew Sferrazza Prije 2 mjeseci
4500, Wow
the Opinionator
the Opinionator Prije 2 mjeseci
Brah I generally like your videos but for gods sake man stop with the frikken mark eight times schtick. It was mildly amusing the first time then please...just please. Also your Lincoln is far ftom a " burnout machine". I get more smoke off my daily cup of tea. Other than that cool video. I've had many Lincolns but when they became jellybean shaped I was done. A luxury car is all sbout boxes and angles imo. Dont even mention the frikken fake fancy ass Bronco they call a Navigator. The mighty Lincoln should not be making trucks.
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock Prije 2 mjeseci
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood Prije 2 mjeseci
This car is kind of special to me. My grandmother had one in this really weird beige color with pinkish undertones. That raw meat color, combined with its very round shape led our family to nickname it 'The Chicken Breast.' I thought it was just the coolest car ever when I was little b/c it also appears in the opening couple of seconds of the Livin' La Vida Loca music video fish tailing into a fire hydrant. Simpler times...
Thomas Heese
Thomas Heese Prije 2 mjeseci
yooo me and my dad both have mark viiis theyre great cars
Holy Shmoe
Holy Shmoe Prije 2 mjeseci
I was looking away at 11:05 and thought he smacked it into something after the burnout
Winfred Rembert
Winfred Rembert Prije 2 mjeseci
By the time you finish this video that Lincoln will need a new transmission
Michael Woschniak
Michael Woschniak Prije 2 mjeseci
What an ugly useless pile of crap. There's nothing nice about that. Why do you wonder that Lincoln doesn't have a chance anywhere in the world ??
Frank Farago
Frank Farago Prije 2 mjeseci
Some of the audio here is total garbage.
Justin Digital
Justin Digital Prije 2 mjeseci
This is pretty much a cool car history channel with someone doing something dumb to show it for us. This is perfect and I've been wrong in my criticism.
Trevor Lynn
Trevor Lynn Prije 2 mjeseci
This car probably makes no logical sense but I love it. It's probably quite reliable for the first 500KM after the last repair.
Julio Gonzo
Julio Gonzo Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah, usually when a Lincoln peels out, it's inside a store in a strip mall
WingIt G
WingIt G Prije 3 mjeseci
Under $500"
The Farm
The Farm Prije 3 mjeseci
I really love this car.. I had one in 98 and it was the bomb. Total luxury and great gas mileage.. Wish I had kept it but cars come and go.. Thanks for the review and memories.
Michael Kenis
Michael Kenis Prije 3 mjeseci
so...we got this car to thank for the swansong of rover, the 75 V8 and MG ZT V8. I must say, thank you Ford xD
Nkwasiasemakwakwa Prije 3 mjeseci
I love this car , I've owned all the models. Currently driving the last model 98 with 59k miles . Beautiful !!!
William Duhamel
William Duhamel Prije 3 mjeseci
I knew a guy who had one with a mustang cobra engine, lambo doors and a custom interior.
Kevin StarRider
Kevin StarRider Prije 3 mjeseci
Out of all of your car this one really caught my attention I wish I could’ve found this
Gavin Keddie
Gavin Keddie Prije 3 mjeseci
I will buy this coupe from you for full asking price if you still have it ? Let me know !!
That engine was in the *Legendary* crown Vic!
samuel lopes
samuel lopes Prije 3 mjeseci
a good friend of mine had one and I remember being amazed when I saw him pull up in it. he didn't keep it long. I remember constant air ride issues that were costly and the transmission going out. he sold it to his mechanic eventually.
jamiec01222 Prije 3 mjeseci
Looks just like my white ‘96 thunderbird if it ate nothing but cake for a couple weeks
Baltasar Morones
Baltasar Morones Prije 3 mjeseci
Man bro. Hoovie you got my dream car. What are you going to do with it brother. Please let me know I'm loving that car.
DeathBr0ther Prije 3 mjeseci
my 2012 MKZ does it...but with all 4 wheels
Nick gee
Nick gee Prije 3 mjeseci
There it is! The startrek light up poster I love!
robert schneider
robert schneider Prije 3 mjeseci
I loved my mk7
Matthew Swanberg
Matthew Swanberg Prije 3 mjeseci
My grandpa had a 97 MK VIII and he let my 13 year old self do burnouts in it. it was awesome, but he sold it because it was a disaster ahaha
David Sin City
David Sin City Prije 3 mjeseci
Once I tested one. At about 3000 rpms it had a distinct vibration. It seemed to correlate with a friend's Mark VIII that threw a rod. RIP.
Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Very clean Mark viii. Back in 1999 my boss owned a 1998 model year Lincoln Mark viii. It looked like a space ship on the inside compared to the interior of the 83 Buick I was driving at the time.
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle Prije 3 mjeseci
That intake looks very much like the original Yamaha 3.0 in the first and second gen SHO.
KW Prije 3 mjeseci
There is one in my cousins yard, going to waste. Only needs shocks/ Struts. tender love and care, Red with gray interior
Rob Russell
Rob Russell Prije 3 mjeseci
This was the one to get - the second/refreshed version of this was hideous
Guillermo Pacheco
Guillermo Pacheco Prije 3 mjeseci
Mod Motor granddaddy
rick mack
rick mack Prije 3 mjeseci
One of my favorite Lincolns of all time, always wanted one
Bill Melcher
Bill Melcher Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie does a burnout and demonstrates how little he knows in the first 50 seconds. classic
Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanks to you almost no MKIIIs are going for 5k. Boomers are selling low mileage ones for 15-18k
John Doe
John Doe Prije 3 mjeseci
My friend is alive because of the mark eight he crashed at one twenty five and he was racing a nine eleven in pearl city hawaii he slid off the two lane road and destroyed eight back porches off of a complex buy the road he was winning the race when one of the sprinklers in the island in the center of the four lane road was pointing out on the road so he slid off the road he hurt his back but walked away from the wreck . The pictures of the car were insane the left side of the car was completely destroyed and you could not tell what car it was the right side of the car was new with out a scratch on it . The mark eight was a great car .
Sam Prije 3 mjeseci
Bout time, I've had 4 of them and loved every one of them. Love my 98 lsc with 223k on it. Still get compliments and is my daily driver. Kudos for mentioning a great car!
Aaron Valentine
Aaron Valentine Prije 3 mjeseci
What ended up happening to this car? Was looking forward to more content with it. Loved my Rosemist 94
tonyorob Prije 3 mjeseci
I always wanted that car...STILL gorgeous inside and out and looks futuristic even by today's standards.
Furry S.
Furry S. Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie has a love/hate relationship with comfy boats
Richard Byrne
Richard Byrne Prije 3 mjeseci
On my 2nd 1996 Mark VIII Anniversary. Unfortunately, it's been my everyday driver. They can get costly to maintain and are difficult to find parts in general with some exceptions. My plan is to restore it and get a 2nd vehicle for everyday use.
fontking1a Prije 3 mjeseci
Hey Hoovie, the Lincoln Mark IV was 228 inches long and it was....IMHO....the most beautiful Lincoln Continental of the modern era. The Mark VIII isn't really that huge except when compared to the current crop of cars.
Russ Modell
Russ Modell Prije 3 mjeseci
As a mid 90s car, it could be more of an early-mid 2000s car, from HID headlights, rear luminescent lights, cockpit design, etc is a really cool vehicle, especially LSC and later models.
Steve Paige
Steve Paige Prije 3 mjeseci
I love the Mark series. Great cars.
Jerry Wilderman
Jerry Wilderman Prije 3 mjeseci
Absolutely agree with you Hooptie....that is a really nice car for the money.
T-Hobbies G45
T-Hobbies G45 Prije 3 mjeseci
I hope you mod it 😜🐱😏
T-Hobbies G45
T-Hobbies G45 Prije 3 mjeseci
I don't like how that one is posi and and I've had 2 and they wasn't
Geo Prije 3 mjeseci
I always liked this car
Boris Rzedka
Boris Rzedka Prije 3 mjeseci
Anytime someone mentions a Mark VIII RUN!
It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry Prije 3 mjeseci
I was just looking for some entertaining info. = oD
JonnyFresh Prije 3 mjeseci
My parents bought a 95 Black mark viii brand new at the time after seeing it at the Chicago auto show. They passed the car down to me when I could drive and it was an amazing car. Fast and sleek. I joined several mark viii forums and was in a LoD Lincoln car club in Chicago. Very fun group and met a lot of awesome people. Sold the car to a gentleman down south in Illinois few years later. I’ll always have a soft spot for these beautiful and luxurious cars for their time. I blacked it all out and installed a Cobra R cowl hood which gave it an amazing appearance coupled with a magnaflow exhaust with X pipe. The car sounded amazing and always turned heads. The down side.... the transmission(s).....
Max_Bartle Prije 3 mjeseci
Surely you can drift it, take it to wizards muddy field d if not and drift there
Wayne Pflughaupt
Wayne Pflughaupt Prije 3 mjeseci
My sister had one of these new, and it was nothing but trouble. All electronics related, IIR.
matthew hoover
matthew hoover Prije 3 mjeseci
i like that interior
Chad Pugh
Chad Pugh Prije 3 mjeseci
Pontiac grill.
Shawn Schroeder
Shawn Schroeder Prije 3 mjeseci
I have NEVER seen one of these cars without the rear looking like a low-rider. Worst air shocks EVER built.
Greg Crabb
Greg Crabb Prije 3 mjeseci
I worked in the factory that made the rear windows and back glass back then. Code named FN-10
havin fun with skunk
havin fun with skunk Prije 3 mjeseci
had a mark 7 loved it lsc great car
havin fun with skunk
havin fun with skunk Prije 3 mjeseci
wow I don't ask for stuff but I want this lincoln when you are finished please thank you !
DonCarpenterRadio Prije 3 mjeseci
Mark series? Oof.
Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett Prije 3 mjeseci
Nice car but vary hard to fix
Kyle Beidler
Kyle Beidler Prije 3 mjeseci
Who else thought hoovie was gonna throw the rug when he took off out of the garage
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