A Tour of the Dumbest Multi-Million Dollar Car Collection In the World!

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For Velox
For Velox Prije 19 minuta
The worried thunder relevantly inject because december simultaneously reflect an a angry comfort. melodic, dapper reminder
fearsome vloggers
fearsome vloggers Prije 6 sati
I would take any car right now, even a 500 dollar car cheap asf!! I don't have shit and been living in a motel for a yr after this covid bullshit started, I love you're content bro and it takes me away from the reality of what's really going on around me.
ByZaha123 Prije 23 sati
I love the Green Ford Mustang!! 😂 The 1964-66 Mustang is one of my dream cars!!
John Pick
John Pick Prije dan
You must pinch yourself to see if all this is real ? Congratulations Tyler !!! Hope to see you losing on twice this many cars next year.
crack is life and i'm high on life bro
crack is life and i'm high on life bro Prije dan
Hey uhhhh have you ever thought about selling all of em and donating the money to charity?
Marvin De Bot
Marvin De Bot Prije dan
"The cars would be worth 2.5 million new." Zooms out to show 200k garage.
Savage_Awes Prije dan
in the description it says follow me on twitter but its just a link to the home page...
Mark Flierl
Mark Flierl Prije 2 dana
I would like to know how much time you spend washing your cars. They all look so clean.
DRVGXN6 Prije 2 dana
So why would the msrp matter at all lmao 😂
Tom M
Tom M Prije 2 dana
I can't help but hear Jeff Goldblum when I watch your videos.....
Major OSC
Major OSC Prije 2 dana
Dude you talk like Jeff Goldbloom. Sick collection though. Subbed.
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell Prije 2 dana
that e38 is beautiful! for me these were just the best looking sedans of all time, (exotics not included.)
Anthony Hawkins
Anthony Hawkins Prije 3 dana
A true car guy.
yong hunnings
yong hunnings Prije 4 dana
your rear passanger tire on that aston martin is going flat
Ruy Roberto
Ruy Roberto Prije 4 dana
If this is the dumbest car channel on youtube, I rly wish I was dumb too...
Nathan Garrett
Nathan Garrett Prije 4 dana
What happened to the other Porsche?
Baxter James
Baxter James Prije 4 dana
15:40. Worst song EVER!!
K J Nosko
K J Nosko Prije 5 dana
Why would you say its the dumbest car collection. If thats what you wanted and liked and your priorities and obligations were taken care of, its ( to you ) a great car colection.!
Mr Realistic
Mr Realistic Prije 5 dana
I only like the mustang tbh
Luke Busch
Luke Busch Prije 6 dana
I want to see him drive the pink Power Wheels that's behind the Mustang
MR Y Prije 6 dana
I can’t understand why the title say dumbest car collection in front of me this is the most awesome car collection
Juan Vargas
Juan Vargas Prije 6 dana
13:22 Tyler still shows us his cars we aren’t supposed to know about Now that is dedication people
Cam G
Cam G Prije 7 dana
Only Ed would charge a close friend a finders fee
Love the Murcielago roadster with that interior. Maybe black and orange would fit better but still!!
Nestor Lizardi
Nestor Lizardi Prije 7 dana
I wish I could run around making sure my cars stay running all the time especially if I had even a few of the car youve had
GuiOmania Prije 7 dana
Where the Delorean ???
Speak Facts
Speak Facts Prije 8 dana
Sheesh hooves.. another baby? You’ve been getting greasy out here, huh? 😏
Bassing Basics
Bassing Basics Prije 8 dana
I found this guy three days ago, and I’ve been addicted for three days
Caspar Jung
Caspar Jung Prije 8 dana
Omaze is fake tho
KUSI HARI Prije 8 dana
I really do have to Work Now, I wanna Buy that Countach From You
John Prije 8 dana
You should call the newbie at the shop Clutch for destroying your clutch in the video you did with him lol
John Prije 8 dana
How come you don't tint your vehicles windows?
Jonah Layerd
Jonah Layerd Prije 9 dana
That Green mustang is so beautiful if only man if only
Royal Prije 9 dana
Missed opportunity, shoulda called Teagan "clutch"
Kostas Prije 9 dana
Living in some of the US states allows for this hobby (owning and modifying) not to be financially or legally prohibiting, which is SO depressing for many people living in European Union where everything is “normalized” and “sterilized”. Now I will go and upgrade, repaint my bicycle.
Tummy Filler
Tummy Filler Prije 9 dana
Where’s the G55?
Wicked Gamer & Collector
Wicked Gamer & Collector Prije 10 dana
5:02 ... first thing I noticed on the back ground 'hey he haves a 2 player outrun 2006 setup' 😆
YouTube Videos
YouTube Videos Prije 10 dana
Hoovie's Garage: "That antique screen says Bluetooth." Wikipedia: Bluetooth was introduced in 7 May 1989.
Jason Goetz
Jason Goetz Prije 10 dana
Raffle the Jeep to your Subscribers!
win7ermu7e Prije 11 dana
good lord man why would you sell the clown shoe. . .
Cool Mill
Cool Mill Prije 11 dana
12:55 that's a 99 Mercedes CL 500
Shawn Wing
Shawn Wing Prije 11 dana
Macco always gets a bad rep cause they do cheap single stage paint jobs witch people can easily afford but then because those paint jobs don’t last long people think they do shit work. It’s not macco it’s the people wanting the work done if they want better paint pay for it lol
Air Force Medic
Air Force Medic Prije 11 dana
Wow! So many ads! This episode had the same amount of ads as cars!!
Andrew Pfohl
Andrew Pfohl Prije 12 dana
Ladies and gentleman , the car collection of a guy that never wants to fuck again 😂 how many dorky convertibles does one guy need
rocky ridge homestead
rocky ridge homestead Prije 12 dana
is his dad burt rynolds
ExtraVOD Prije 12 dana
Anthony the vettedude82
Anthony the vettedude82 Prije 12 dana
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner Prije 13 dana
Hoovie if you dont want the jeep, Ill take it off ur hands ;)
IFFY_TOO Prije 13 dana
9:07 DO NOT change that interior. It looks so right with that car
カケルっちのギター記録 Prije 14 dana
What's the name of that song he played on the bluetooth player??
Yurii Pan'kiv
Yurii Pan'kiv Prije 14 dana
hpn-calls.ulcraft.com Happy New year and all Yours life !!!)
THERISING22 Prije 14 dana
How much for the gladiator?
PUMBA _EBK Prije 14 dana
The bowl of keys lmao 🤣
Jake 9855
Jake 9855 Prije 14 dana
The mini van... Can I umm.. yes?
mtm rob
mtm rob Prije 15 dana
how short is ninja?????
Beaver Hunter
Beaver Hunter Prije 15 dana
God this dude is annoying
joshua talun
joshua talun Prije 15 dana
Hoovie you are indeed the King
Brendan Borders
Brendan Borders Prije 15 dana
At 13:21 is that Ferrari in the barn at 288 GTO? I did a quick google search and with the wing on the rear of the car its gotta be a GTO right? Has he done a video on that Ferrari yet? sorry if thats dumb new sub.
Joseph Mejia
Joseph Mejia Prije 16 dana
What happened to the '65 Imperial? It kinda disappeared from the fleet.
Buddy Bus
Buddy Bus Prije 16 dana
Dude just want to say your house is beautiful 🤯 love the 308 by the way😁
Alex Plumb
Alex Plumb Prije 16 dana
Literally my favorite HRpostr. Best car content
db z
db z Prije 16 dana
I will trade my Soul where that car collection
Garrett Bamman
Garrett Bamman Prije 16 dana
where's the land cruiser?
njt Prije 16 dana
Kinda disgusting how people can just talk in front of a camera about anything and are just millionaires and don’t have to work a shitty job
Niels Ruf
Niels Ruf Prije 16 dana
it`s too many cars
DONDADA Prije 17 dana
i love the words you choose to explain your cars reminds me of the guy from bizzare foods love the show
So Zemlji
So Zemlji Prije 17 dana
But you don't have an Alfa 166. Your life is not complete...
Nurmimies 2
Nurmimies 2 Prije 17 dana
Dumb car collection for dumb collector
zack ashmore
zack ashmore Prije 17 dana
At 13:05 is it a S coupe or CL coupe. You said S coupe but it says CL just curious
Michael Adamowicz
Michael Adamowicz Prije 15 dana
They changed the names over the years when it came out it was called SEC then a few years later it became the S-Class Coupe and finally CL-Class.
one Prije 17 dana
Ill buy that van
That’sNot MyName
That’sNot MyName Prije 17 dana
DC Williams
DC Williams Prije 18 dana
I’m a single dad I’d take that van but I can’t afford it I need a car so bad. I’m in Oklahoma if you want to bless someone.
Duncan Prije 18 dana
I love that trans am thats one of the cars I'm hoping to one day get
Antonio Uzzle
Antonio Uzzle Prije 18 dana
I WANT THE CL65 !!!!
Evan Wolfe
Evan Wolfe Prije 18 dana
I like his hat, PlayStation. yes, PlayStation hat
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Prije 19 dana
Should focus on that barn. It could be special
Str8 Laced JayeBankz
Str8 Laced JayeBankz Prije 20 dana
So the lambo is not from Tavarish rescue Fast and the furious
David Leonard
David Leonard Prije 20 dana
Yes the bmw is the one that ru paul drove
Denny Sisk
Denny Sisk Prije 20 dana
Well definitely cool collection
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham Prije 20 dana
Hope jcvd removed all the snow he had stashed in that Bentley.
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham Prije 20 dana
How much did he pay for the kid ? Here in Doncaster they go for around the 2k mark .
Henry Bennett
Henry Bennett Prije 21 dan
That Mustang has my heart
J H Prije 21 dan
So Tyler earns money by youtube views While car wizard earns money by youtube view plus tyler payments to the shop. Wizard’s pocket is really getting fatter
Paul Malhotra
Paul Malhotra Prije 21 dan
I would call this the Enthusiast Car Collection
Alistair Hallett
Alistair Hallett Prije 21 dan
Did we pay for the pink Jeep in the back too?
D.A.L. Prije 21 dan
I've always wanted to get a Plymouth Prowler and completely tear it down and build a cool hotrod custom. Put a viper engine in it, chrome bumpers, and a bunch of other stuff
Daniel Shuster
Daniel Shuster Prije 22 dana
this called me poor in so many ways
J.A.M Prije 23 dana
Yeah, the Murci and interior looks like a “CreamSicle” ! ! 🤣 LoL if you insist on keeping the Orange cause it’s “wild” and it fits with Lambo , at least change the Beige parts to Black
Cookdacookie yt
Cookdacookie yt Prije 23 dana
Bro i like the nsx-r so much
Conor Utterback
Conor Utterback Prije 23 dana
Does anyone else feel important when you know that your the reason that they succeed? Well hey I love supporting the car community!! ❤️
Miricious Vespyre
Miricious Vespyre Prije 23 dana
I'm poor so watching this makes me happy to see these cars, but sad that I'd have to work half my life away to buy just 1 of these cars lmao
Goose God
Goose God Prije 23 dana
Those prices that you're calling off are insane. You must have a very generous connect for those type of prices. It's almost unbelievable unless they were flood damaged or equivalent.
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly Prije 24 dana
Do they deliver to Scotland?
fZ57EWtAgkLzyQ2 Prije 24 dana
So. Many. Cars.
sftosendai Prije 24 dana
impossible without trustfund I think
Viking Prije 24 dana
Imo the coolest car you have is that purple Porsche
sturdee bicycles
sturdee bicycles Prije 25 dana
dont you dare sell the z3 hoovie
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Prije 26 dana
Unpopular opinion: I like the interior of the the murcielago
SykoDude -
SykoDude - Prije 27 dana
19:16 guten tight 😂😂😂👌
Possible Games
Possible Games Prije 27 dana
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