Here's Everything That's Broken on the Cheapest Aston Martin Rapide (And Murcielago Engine Out!)

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Michael Leonakis
Michael Leonakis Prije 7 dana
Can you say nightmare 🤯
Driveway Marvels
Driveway Marvels Prije 9 dana
Four throttle bodies. Wow.
Goose God
Goose God Prije 14 dana
so wizard works this entire garage by himself?
Formatique arschloch
Formatique arschloch Prije 24 dana
That Aston is absolutely beautiful!
Bernhard Schmidt
Bernhard Schmidt Prije mjesec
3:03 my name is Bernhard
Frank Farago
Frank Farago Prije mjesec
Hoovie, My Man. You live in America. Why do you need to load up on these ultra-pricey, super-junky Eurotrash-mobiles?
Bichito Fakhoff
Bichito Fakhoff Prije 2 mjeseci
Hhahaha....oh god. you guys should do your acting more often :D .....
4WDBearAus Prije 3 mjeseci
Aston Martin really does make beautiful cars. That thing is stunning.
LaDivinaLover Prije 3 mjeseci
This dude must be mortgaged to the hilt even with all the ad revenue. 😂
SparrowBe4k Prije 3 mjeseci
@4:45 ".... Aston Martin just assumed things would break, so they ...." Well done sir. That made me laugh. Thank you! Thank you!!!!
Morgan W
Morgan W Prije 5 mjeseci
i hope the wizard wore protection on his knuckles
B A Prije 5 mjeseci
Tyler kept the Wizard from sleeping on his Lamborghini engine.
Sridhar Nag
Sridhar Nag Prije 6 mjeseci
can you pls give an extra mic to the Wizard from next time. lot of technical stuff i would like to hear
Gazooo29 Prije 6 mjeseci
What’s the wizards mechanic shop called?
N O Prije 6 mjeseci
Wizard is thicccc
That One Guy
That One Guy Prije 6 mjeseci
Bernard Tangle.
The_Touring Jedi
The_Touring Jedi Prije 6 mjeseci
In Eastern Europe some mechanics need like couple of hours to get the engine with gearbox out. Assembly goes in 1 day...😎
Charles Monk
Charles Monk Prije 6 mjeseci
tiger king shirt for the lambo
Issa Bendeck
Issa Bendeck Prije 6 mjeseci
u mean engine has to come out to swap disk clutch OMG mecanics get happy with those cars $$$$
jhager214 Prije 7 mjeseci
The interior matches the wizard’s beard perfectly!
cam nat
cam nat Prije 7 mjeseci
I hate your fast forward music. I've bin on hold to long. I can handle tavaris music but you should spend a little more money on that
Modern Day Entertainment
Modern Day Entertainment Prije 7 mjeseci
The Wizard gets to see all these cool cars and doesn’t have to deal with owning them.
James Cox _
James Cox _ Prije 7 mjeseci
The wizard is actually a wizard
WILLIAM BOYLE Prije 7 mjeseci
You look like the bass player in Anvil.
Danyil Underwood
Danyil Underwood Prije 7 mjeseci
Ford, well Lincoln had automatically budging windows on the Lincoln Continental 1966!!
Jake Green
Jake Green Prije 7 mjeseci
I would have bought that Rapide in a hearbeat
knightwing4 Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie’s not much help is he. LOL 😂
Neil Perry
Neil Perry Prije 7 mjeseci
It looked like he was involved in an illegal act with the Lamborghini Murceilago.🤣😂😝🤬
C. Fecteau
C. Fecteau Prije 7 mjeseci
Moral of the story: if you want an Aston Martin, get one that's built by a Canadian company's Austrian factory.
Gareth H
Gareth H Prije 7 mjeseci
It’s a engine built by Ford based on shared components of the Duratec V6 but it’s not two 6 cylinder engines stuck together. For example it has a different block, crankshaft and heads. Many manufacturers have shared components or engines. In fact the Ford engine was developed from a 2.5 litre engine which was a joint effort from Mazda and Suzuki with input from Porsche. Ford worked with Cosworth to develop that engine into a 3.0 V6. For Aston Martin the V12 was developed using many Duratec complements and the end result is a V12 that many regard as one of the best engines in the world.
Earl Lemongrab
Earl Lemongrab Prije 7 mjeseci
The Wizard is such a nice guy.
Art Key
Art Key Prije 7 mjeseci
Best Buy Aston.
Hector Keezy
Hector Keezy Prije 7 mjeseci
Can it really be true ? Hoovie bought a car supercar, with no defects,for “peanuts” ? SENSATIONAL !!! 😊🙋🏻‍♂️🇩🇰
Martin Duprey
Martin Duprey Prije 7 mjeseci
My must have car when I retire the RAPIDE 🤤😍
Rob Mullins
Rob Mullins Prije 7 mjeseci
Hate the clickbait title. Come on, you're better than this.
alanparsonsfan Prije 7 mjeseci
No Hoovie video would be complete without getting Hoovie's latest gamble on the lift in Weezard's garage, and peeking nervously underneath...
Jason Mirabile
Jason Mirabile Prije 8 mjeseci
The "Lamborghini" skit is sooo great. I'm going through a difficult time after losing my Mom and this makes me laugh, thank you Hoovie and Car Wizard!!
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 8 mjeseci
So the leaks don't collect! Crazy just how big that engine looks outside of the car.
ZERO Prije 8 mjeseci
What’s with the terrible 80s style music!? It’s bloody awful...great channel though!
tnspnk3 Prije 8 mjeseci
The last thing you need to worry about is the strap. Just one side could lift the whole car...
tnspnk3 Prije 8 mjeseci
Lol, hilarious innuendo. I know people that would really like wizard, but Hoovie has the cuter butt. Come to think of it, JR's pretty cute too...and his brother Josh. Are all those Kansas car guys cute? :) Starting at 6:00 or so to about 6:30...Wizard plays the perfect straight man. I can't tell if he's just playing the part or really didn't catch the innuendo. LMAO.
suzybl Prije 8 mjeseci
Can i have the no. of your Barber Hoovie, there all closed here in the U.K. and i'm starting to look like Magnus Walker
lautoka63 Prije 8 mjeseci
You're wearing the Wizard's hair?
Michael Seears
Michael Seears Prije 8 mjeseci
love it
rogueFFXI Prije 8 mjeseci
I wish I had a trusted wizard mechanic like you. I’ve nearly replaced everything in my engine and there is this whining noise that started about 2 yrs now and it seems that no Ford dealer can fix it. It’s driving me insane and I love my car so much, I don’t want to get rid of it just for a noise. The car runs like a dream and it turned 11 yrs old recently and only has 114k. It’s a 2009 Fusion, garage kept and looks brand new. It has all leather, but I put cloth seat covers to keep the leather free from skin oils and a cover for the steering wheel to again prevent skin oils. Lol ya I’ve been told I’m a bit anal and crazy.
Iowan For Justice
Iowan For Justice Prije 8 mjeseci
Ford V6 x 2. Lol
Xodus Prije 8 mjeseci
6:45 nice Maranello Wizard have there
HereFishyFishy Prije 8 mjeseci
10:22 a perfect time to detail that engine bay.
Richard Prokopczyk
Richard Prokopczyk Prije 8 mjeseci
hey hoovie what is harder to find a honest mechanic or a really good mechanic,i think you've hit the jackpot the wiz seems that he posses both qualities Later Gator
Mike Chan
Mike Chan Prije 8 mjeseci
Wizard impregnating the Lambo...
Nick Goulian
Nick Goulian Prije 8 mjeseci
The Wizard = IraqVeteran8888
Wendy Black
Wendy Black Prije 8 mjeseci
You'll get it on Friday, Not sure what Friday, But it'll be a Friday, That's what I say
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie buying a car with nothing wrong with it? ...and I thought current world events were the scariest thing.
Ted Malley
Ted Malley Prije 8 mjeseci
The ultimate stoopidly expensive service has to be the $ 21,000 engine oil/filter change for the Veyron.
warsshan Prije 8 mjeseci
Is the Wizard on Grinder??
Bobby Ang
Bobby Ang Prije 8 mjeseci
That's what my mechanic told me too "your rapide's perfect" phew~~
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije 8 mjeseci
Hi hoovie I'm a mechanic in the UK just wondering have you ever considered moving? Anywhere near me would be great
macthemec Prije 8 mjeseci
5000lbs when the strap is straight and the load is in the middle of the hook, not the tip.
jamesmaybrick2001 Prije 8 mjeseci
Someone who actually likes his job. Goddam Unicorn right there.
Ray Foster
Ray Foster Prije 8 mjeseci
At 9:20 looks like it's ball sack hanging under it
Trent Whatcott
Trent Whatcott Prije 8 mjeseci
That Aston is beautiful! I may be searching for one.
Scott Mattern
Scott Mattern Prije 8 mjeseci
I want that Aston Martin.
Denver Stuart
Denver Stuart Prije 8 mjeseci
Uh oh... looks like Hoovie lies to us
Denver Stuart
Denver Stuart Prije 8 mjeseci
Absolutely click bait
Jason Prije 8 mjeseci
Why is this dude like the mayor of Halloween town
John Keefer
John Keefer Prije 8 mjeseci
Thank you. You’ve allowed me to overcome my adolescent fantasies about owning a Lamborghini-and I’m 65. .
classic kool
classic kool Prije 8 mjeseci
@ 07:22 - Why most mechanics don't want customers in their garage .. damn you're annoying!
sir bash
sir bash Prije 8 mjeseci
Hi hoovie I'm a mechanic in the UK just wondering have you ever considered moving? Anywhere near me would be great
Jason L77
Jason L77 Prije 8 mjeseci
I wonder what wizard looked like in high school... Tyler we want a wizard high school picture !
michael Larson
michael Larson Prije 8 mjeseci
Wizard better not bend over like that on the north side of Chicago with an big ass like that that boi thick .
Frankie Bella
Frankie Bella Prije 8 mjeseci
The Drug Business must be doing good aha Wow !!!!😧😯😕
Dinos H.
Dinos H. Prije 8 mjeseci
If that was my mechanic I would run
Mulerider Prije 8 mjeseci
Where does Hoovie get all his money?
D I M Prije 8 mjeseci
God if i had the money i would buy one of these, keep it in mint condition and spend the rest of my life with it. Its an absolutely gorgeous and classy car.
whizzkid Prije 8 mjeseci
what's going on with that ae86 in the background!!
leuvenlife Prije 8 mjeseci
I wish you would stop referring the the engine in the Aston as being 'two ford V6's welded together..' The engine was a Porsche design, sold on to Ford. and then welded together by Aston. So if you want to be right, you need to say 'Two Porsche V6's, welded together...'
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall Prije 9 mjeseci
You think he's hot for the Lambo because it's a Ginger too? 😁
TYPE xxi - WOLF Prije 9 mjeseci
Who will buy these cars in these times of "no business at all" society?
RandomRandy Prije 9 mjeseci
Hilarious commentary that might seem to be taken out of context. LOL! Wizard: You see how..thick it is right there? Hoovie: It's about..half your flashlight, at least. In thickness right?? Wizard: Right. Hoovie: And this one? Wizard: This one's half as thick as that one. Hoovie: Yeah. Hoovie: I'm sure it's not as..chewed up and destroyed as this. Wizard: No. Hoovie: Lovely!
Christian Boyd
Christian Boyd Prije 9 mjeseci
Everything wrong with the Aston Martin......nothing
IcanFartLOUD Prije 9 mjeseci
Everything that's broken on my Aston's a Ford
Ivan Galdamez
Ivan Galdamez Prije 9 mjeseci
If I were the wizard, I would've yelled at hoovie to stfu with the freaking out and to put the camera on a stand and to actually help out with both hands. Shit had me riled up.
Brock Philips
Brock Philips Prije 9 mjeseci
urge to buy the Wizard a head mounted light.... rising.
Nelson Prije 9 mjeseci
I like how they’re amazed by the windows going down automatically lol my friends 2011 v6 Ford Mustang does that too
merqury5 Prije 9 mjeseci
Where was Freddie?
Thomas Talks
Thomas Talks Prije 9 mjeseci
would love to see a more indepth video of this aston tyler :D
Timbuctoo Prije 9 mjeseci
6 feet away!
K Legends
K Legends Prije 9 mjeseci
Why don’t you bye a car that is not broken
del trotts
del trotts Prije 9 mjeseci p.o.s ? Well bugger me !
aero Prije 9 mjeseci
I really like that Aston Martin 😍👍
David Sant Jordi Coronel
David Sant Jordi Coronel Prije 9 mjeseci
just restore the wheels, don't replace them with something aftermarket.
Alexander1485 Prije 9 mjeseci
Cheap purchase doesn't equal cheap ownership
malamri424 Prije 9 mjeseci
4 throttle bodies on that lambo
CarPartsAreMoreImportanter Prije 9 mjeseci
Wizard reminds me of my friend "butch" no personality. Soft spoken
RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)
RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog) Prije 9 mjeseci
I'm working on the same cars. I should get my own channel. Im working on my 2008 aston martin v8 vantage. My 2010 Amartin Rapide . My 1989i Lamborghini contach. My 08 Bentley co b. My 911 Porsche. In my back yard. It's just hard to video myself. It feels strange. Talking to myself. The difference. Is I'm my own wizard. I do everything myself. Like travarish
Jezza Prije 9 mjeseci
those wheels should be silver
Aetherius Ari
Aetherius Ari Prije 9 mjeseci
Tyler, you should have gone with THIS car for the CarTrek challenge!! Damn boy!
SG gr
SG gr Prije 9 mjeseci
this guy has a mimic problem terrible to see a mature person ,, like this
yannthree Prije 9 mjeseci
Let me know when u are ready to sell it
Darren Prest
Darren Prest Prije 9 mjeseci
Hoovie doesn't like black wheels??? (eye roll)
Viks Vehicles
Viks Vehicles Prije 9 mjeseci
A V12 trouble free Aston for ~$40k, great find! Besides routine maintenance, I’m surprised the wizard couldn’t find one thing wrong. (brb, need to scan the web for Aston Martins)
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