Van is A-Knockin'? Everything Broken On My Beautiful Vintage Chevy Conversion Van. WIZARD NOT HAPPY!

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Matt Norton
Matt Norton Prije 24 dana
Is Car Wizard Polish?
Robert Snyder
Robert Snyder Prije mjesec
I love my 1990 g20 Gerwin conversion van.
glennmillerfan Prije mjesec
I have a 1994 G20 and the TV and VCR don’t work either. Did you ever figure out why they weren’t working or no?
jcc3279 Prije mjesec
Hoovie I wanna see more videos of this van once it's fixed. Heck if i was you i'd daily drive that bad boy. Don't let it sit drive it and enjoy it.
dylan seaton
dylan seaton Prije mjesec
Back when Chevy did things right and simple.
Anita Vega
Anita Vega Prije mjesec
Hey wizard, I have a “working 91 chev van tv” that I can “ship” you. Only 5 grand. Don’t worry Tyler doesn’t read the comments anyways
kenny kennysson
kenny kennysson Prije mjesec
Don't forget to change the oil and filter every 3000 miles or the 3 month rule or sooner and lubricate chassis, rotate tires. That way the vehicle will last forever, take good care of it and I'll take care of you.
Sereno Leiva
Sereno Leiva Prije 2 mjeseci
I need this van
Coordinator61 Prije 2 mjeseci
Haha a Land Rover with issue's.
Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall Prije 2 mjeseci
"A Joyful Christmas" with links to clips from the tape!
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe Prije 2 mjeseci
Never see anyone working in the wizard's enormous garage.
Jesse Bull
Jesse Bull Prije 2 mjeseci
You had me with the conversion Van, then when i saw the newer pos Range Rover on a lift I literally spit out coffee lol. My ex picked up the RR evoque . We made it almost all the way home from the dealer when we got our first check engine light. Went through 3 hood latch sensors in 6 months, which is pretty funny. When the hood latch malfunctions it prevents you from being able to lock your car . Beautiful car but man are they unreliable.
Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx Prije 2 mjeseci
Did anyone else catch the old camera mount at 3:49 , coupled with the mood lightning and ice chest this was definitely someone's bang bus. Hoovie ask the community to work together and look through pornhub till we spot your van in the background. i mean how much bus porn can there be?
EBK913 Prije 2 mjeseci
$2500 for the Caddie Alante? I'll take it. How do I get ahold of you?
ray valerio
ray valerio Prije 2 mjeseci
i freaking love that van, if i win the lottery i would offer you double what you paid.
ray valerio
ray valerio Prije 2 mjeseci
And..if a double offer doesn't buy it..i will triple the price.
chipper442 Prije 2 mjeseci
I love how Hoovie just shows up with a new project, and Wizard drops everything to take a look.
Christopher George
Christopher George Prije 2 mjeseci
Too bad that is so far, would love that van.
AdamG1983 Prije 2 mjeseci
"It broke" "It's only 4 years old" ..It's a Land Rover
AdamG1983 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie is single handedly keeping that shop in business
kingkobra Prije 2 mjeseci
I like that fox body and that CL65
RC Hobbyist Extreme
RC Hobbyist Extreme Prije 2 mjeseci
I ended up with a Quest when I was supposed to buy a full sized conversion van. It may still happen. I may sell the Quest in the Spring.
Cortez Burt
Cortez Burt Prije 2 mjeseci
Fyi, there's a separate fuse box for all the conversion van features. it's usually somewhere on the sidewall on the driver side.
gee davis
gee davis Prije 2 mjeseci
My 2nd comment. It must be nice to have a mechanic who Honestly gives you feed back, costs & don't bs you. I've literally almost came to blows with a mechanic over him over-charging me.
gee davis
gee davis Prije 2 mjeseci
Did he FORGET HE SAID THE AC doesn't work? I would think that's important, at least for resell
Dominik Heidrich
Dominik Heidrich Prije 2 mjeseci
Forgot some dollars for your missing mirror :-D
Angel Franco
Angel Franco Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait what the car being sold for 2500 wheres the listing
Blaine Turner
Blaine Turner Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie is right! It took Mercedes till lates 2000's to have interior mood lighting.
Anthony mielo
Anthony mielo Prije 2 mjeseci
"It's only 4 years old?!" *Wizards knowing he just made a video on how reliable it is* "I know!"
Detective John Kimble
Detective John Kimble Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie, you should conceive your next child in the back of that van 😎
Luke Vincent Neri
Luke Vincent Neri Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes, handing out candies in a van is creepy even in my country. ha ha
Mike Schrimpf
Mike Schrimpf Prije 2 mjeseci
“It’s vitally important that the 1991 television turns on.” 🤣
yambo59 Prije 2 mjeseci
what I love about old Chevys, they dont cost an arm leg and first born male child to do average repairs. Actually some of the price quotes for the van seemed a bit high, a new tensioner and bracket for my V6 S10 was only $36. Idler arms are usually around $40 or so, but then theres always labor lets not forget.
yambo59 Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie will be back for problems on the Subaru engine, ive known at least three people with them and nothing but problems at comparatively low mileages with blown head gaskets, leaks, and more - hard to service in some ways as well. Subaru engine is a BAD choice is such a nice little kit car - you'd think wizard would know better by now, but then hes the same guy that wanted to swap the crappiest diesel ever made into a nice Cadillac Fleetwood - thankfully he came around to reality at the last minute and just did the repairs it needed and kept an old classic on the road as it was intended. Lesson: buy more old Chevys, cheap parts, more reliable than $$$$$ exotics and parts dont cost a freakin fortune.
docx Prije 2 mjeseci
Can't wait for the Beck. Looks like its gonna be an amazing car.
NorthCoastT Prije 2 mjeseci
I love my Crown Vic LX Sport but would be Hoovie if I could afford it for sure.
Derrick Logan
Derrick Logan Prije 2 mjeseci
I wish that I had another Dodge Ram Hi top Conversion Van like I had in November 1999! It was beautiful!!! Too bad they don't make them anymore. I'd rather have a Van, even a Dodge Caravan from 2008 than ANY type of car.
paulg Prije 2 mjeseci
paulg Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't leave any stool under the Van.
paulg Prije 2 mjeseci
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahhhhahahahhyhahaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahhahahahhahahhahahh, I said to myself after Wizard bought this festering pile of poop for his wife. Sorry Wizard, but you know better.
Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber
Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber Prije 2 mjeseci
Totally a van life van~
Hunter Nield
Hunter Nield Prije 2 mjeseci
I wanna know how much it weighs, all the real wood and everything has to add up
Spencer Weigand
Spencer Weigand Prije 2 mjeseci
More vannnnnnnnnnnn
Christopher George
Christopher George Prije 2 mjeseci
Would love to get that van. After it's fixed of course.
Sam Scrapla
Sam Scrapla Prije 2 mjeseci
omg my friends mom had one and we thought it was the coolest thing ever we could watch a tiny black and white tv on the way to school lol
Kasparr Prije 2 mjeseci
God I hate working on those vans
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 2 mjeseci
@8:00: The moment Hoovie almost OWNED an F-Body......XD
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 2 mjeseci
Almost forgot. Better replace the steel connection pipe in the rear, where the coolant goes to the rear heater. They rust out.
Michael Gill
Michael Gill Prije 3 mjeseci
Ok, I have to ask: which Dutch sea battle does that depict?
Big L
Big L Prije 3 mjeseci
Only Wizard taste test automotive fluid,thats too gangster
rp42069 Prije 3 mjeseci
In what world is a Chevy 350 belt tensioner $150!?!?!
Glen Calhoun
Glen Calhoun Prije 3 mjeseci
I Love these & the 4.3-4sp Astro Vams. The 4.3 Astro is the HotRod of the van world!!! Great find!!!
simplemanduke Prije 3 mjeseci
I've never wanted more of your vehicles than the G20 van!! Please do an as is giveaway!!!!!
snakyburrito Prije 3 mjeseci
How can I buy the Cadillac?
Joe Barnes
Joe Barnes Prije 3 mjeseci
Sounds like the fan is just hitting the shroud. Easy fix. Don't keep driving it or it will get into the radiator
Luis Garza
Luis Garza Prije 3 mjeseci
By this time the Wizard is the owner of Kansas
DRZ_JH Plays
DRZ_JH Plays Prije 3 mjeseci
His family be like “your car collection isn’t dum it’s just.......creative
Sky Racer
Sky Racer Prije 3 mjeseci
Always wanted this vans and i still do
Hipster_Saturn Prije 3 mjeseci
I love seeing wizard so happy about that van lmao
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
just replace the old CRT junk TV with a new LCT monitor. simple cheap and best image quality any way...
CJ 38
CJ 38 Prije 3 mjeseci
I am not surprised about the Land Rover those are pieces of junk.
Chickens Float
Chickens Float Prije 3 mjeseci
Van:knock knock Hoovie: who is there? Van and wizard: a big ass bill
The Dark One
The Dark One Prije 3 mjeseci
91 odd I thought they had horizontal double headlights in each side starting in 89
Azmovieprops Stunt Driver
Azmovieprops Stunt Driver Prije 3 mjeseci
I will take that Cadillac Allante for 1,500 and see if it'll drive all the way back to Phoenix. giving it has the Northstar motor chances are Slim
Kevin StarRider
Kevin StarRider Prije 3 mjeseci
This is perfect I definitely wish I had it
Barry Kaufman
Barry Kaufman Prije 3 mjeseci
I had a 91 GMC high top conversion. Not as nice on the inside, and we had a wheelchair lift on ffhe side door. Screwed up and didn't check the oil, engine seized. Gave it away. That was 13 years ago. Still kick myself. I could have rolled that dude 500k miles..
skdz gameplays
skdz gameplays Prije 3 mjeseci
nissan headlihts on the lambo loog good
skdz gameplays
skdz gameplays Prije 3 mjeseci
b long
b long Prije 3 mjeseci
idler and arm is way overpriced....
George Pomonis
George Pomonis Prije 3 mjeseci
I would rather have the land rover
BigKing Bud
BigKing Bud Prije 3 mjeseci
Why does Wizard remind me of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys??
J.R. In WV
J.R. In WV Prije 3 mjeseci
That “hump” i’ve always called and heard it called a Dog House, it’s an old trucker’s term from the days when the back of the engine had a big shroud in the cab on short hood models, and it carried on into vans.
Sage Bowyer
Sage Bowyer Prije 3 mjeseci
Husband has an 83 G20 and he said the fan is hitting the shroud, just need to adjust the shroud. Esp since it goes away when it warms up, he said that's what happened to his before. Also, that engine cover is called the doghouse.
CASUAL OBSERVER Prije 3 mjeseci
Creepy guy who owns conversion van: ...... "Not all conversion van owners are creepy".
diogo rodrigues
diogo rodrigues Prije 3 mjeseci
like any another visit to the auto garage, the total price can be between 5 and 5000$ !!
Martinez John&Kristy
Martinez John&Kristy Prije 3 mjeseci
Can I buy that van
TT Innovations
TT Innovations Prije 3 mjeseci
van is awesome, More POWER !!! yesssssssssssssssssss, lol how much S*x has happened in that van lol
shaolinlueb Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm more excited for this project than the Lambo in all honesty. My neighbor growing up had one of these vans. I drove in it once, and it was amazing.
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
My first car that I purchased with my money was a Chevy G-20 Conversion Van, I love these vehicles to this day. I’d love you take it off your hands you could own it spiritually. Help both our causes haha
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 3 mjeseci
SO looking forward to the CL65 fix. Might actually give the SLS some competition once its running right
Eloy Herrera
Eloy Herrera Prije 3 mjeseci
I want your BMW 740i
Hannes Hietsalo
Hannes Hietsalo Prije 3 mjeseci
It needs a ZL1 or Cummins engine to be a ripper.
JR Prije 3 mjeseci
Love that van
uli wehner
uli wehner Prije 3 mjeseci
subi conversion example:
uli wehner
uli wehner Prije 3 mjeseci
FYI @hoovie, there are a couple of those spiders with subi conversions out there. Check them out on youtube if you need some inspiration on how to let cost spiral entirely out of control ;)
ka9radio Prije 3 mjeseci
VW is using plastic oil pans, what car is safe to buy?
Chris Frank
Chris Frank Prije 3 mjeseci
The van and the wizards laugh go together
siuguy80 Prije 3 mjeseci
I've had 4 of these. Good to see someone else is as crazy as me :)
coutopraze Prije 3 mjeseci
Well I speak for myself obviously but I'm not that excited about this van. It's just ok. Maybe because us Europeans don't share the same enthusiasm about this type of stuff.
Luca Barbera
Luca Barbera Prije 3 mjeseci
At 15:26 the audio goes totally 1991.
GUMBLLnz Prije 3 mjeseci
i dont normally comment. But i love this van. please fix it. This is the coolest car you have.
Mark Micallef
Mark Micallef Prije 3 mjeseci
Wizard please buy a new computer!
e.g.a. Prije 3 mjeseci
This Chevy van is going to look very nice pulling Car Wizards yacht to the lake/beach for relaxing fun filled getaways. PS, I want see a update with the tv playing that 1992 VCR Christmas video
Katie Sacco-Pebler
Katie Sacco-Pebler Prije 3 mjeseci
Haha! I bought a. 97 1500 about 2 weeks before this. I look it.
phuquehoful Prije 3 mjeseci
upgrade.. flat-screens.. but spend $ on all new lines.. gas too ;)
ted kaczynski
ted kaczynski Prije 3 mjeseci
i have a 1984 g30. it has that same mysterious sphere attached to the underside of the hood. just what is that????
ted kaczynski
ted kaczynski Prije 3 mjeseci
@Hvy ChvyG20 thanks, nathan. mine has nothing connected to it. i assume that's wrong.
Hvy ChvyG20
Hvy ChvyG20 Prije 3 mjeseci
Vacuum canister. Holds/stores vacuum so your HVAC controls work properly
dave p
dave p Prije 3 mjeseci
Behind the drivers seat is a fuse block for the TV and VCR. I had a 1995 Cobra van, the TV didn't work. After fixing it I never watched anything again.
icanrunat3200mhz Prije 3 mjeseci
Get yourself a Ford Econoline Cabriolet conversion! Cool van truck, has a very nautical look to it.
SlumpNMyRump Prije 3 mjeseci
I got molested in one of these vans. Boy those were the days
Waylon Hoss
Waylon Hoss Prije 3 mjeseci
Beautiful van
Hugo Fernandes
Hugo Fernandes Prije 3 mjeseci
15:00 The Battle of Texel painting. Really nice :D (Nightly Fighting Between Cornelis Tromp on the ‘Gouden Leeuw’ and Sir Edward Spragg on the ‘Royal Prince’ During the Battle of Texel (Kijkduin) on August 21, 1673: Episode From the Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672-74))
Robert M.
Robert M. Prije 3 mjeseci
If you decide to sell the van please let me know :)
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