Buy Cheap Mercedes Flagships, Get Expensive Problems

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Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Prije 8 dana
*warning* 9:29 Don't ever put in mouth or taste any car fluids because they are harmful and carcinogenic. Even a small amount is harmful
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Prije 14 dana
Tbh I prefer left and right, Middle isn't that cool
Airstrip One
Airstrip One Prije 24 dana
There's a tiny man walking on your car door.
Nile9063 Prije 26 dana
That W126 wears the white paint very nicely though!
Jay Pfeiffer
Jay Pfeiffer Prije mjesec
As an aspiring automotive idiot this inspired me to go out and add a 95 E320 to my nugget fleet. Is 3500 too much for a 124 manual trans swap? I seem to remember you and the Wizard talking about it once.
Abhilash Acharya
Abhilash Acharya Prije mjesec
I watch your videos for the constant anxiety and the eventual happiness. Emotions I too enjoy with my cars 😍
ALeN H Prije mjesec
buy some more cheap european cars
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
Wizard: *tastes transmission fluid* Has kind of an oaky afterbirth.
邹捷 Prije mjesec
2:30 two aging Mercedes in their natural habitat: on the hoist!
Felipe Uvalle
Felipe Uvalle Prije mjesec
What’s up with all this sexual innuendo
smokey Prije mjesec
vanship pilot
vanship pilot Prije mjesec
please fix the 2 door
Steven G
Steven G Prije mjesec
I really want to see the wizard in Jordan’s
Igorok Turak
Igorok Turak Prije mjesec
He is crazy charging prices like that 🤣🤣
MrWashesp Prije mjesec
The only good engine benz makes are diesels
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Prije mjesec
Water is wet
Javad Aghrab
Javad Aghrab Prije mjesec
Can anyone let me know where the wizards shop is at I got a Mercedes problem that I won't fix and I'm tired of paying for bullshit jobs here and there and still having the same problem. If you know it please let me know
Javad Aghrab
Javad Aghrab Prije mjesec
@Victor Bairdthank you victor. I got a 1999 s 320 benz . I had the power steering pump replaced by this one shop it took them 8 months to do it 4 days later, the pump was empty. I took it back to them they are unable to help me .
Victor Baird
Victor Baird Prije mjesec
Omega Auto Clinic in Newton, Kansas.
MJJJ Orlando
MJJJ Orlando Prije 2 mjeseci
What self respecting dealer pays 200.00 for an a/c recharge?
Robert Craske
Robert Craske Prije 2 mjeseci
Unfortunately Mercedes these days have no CLASS!!!
Shylockza Prije 2 mjeseci
Duh - why tf do you thinkg they were sold/traded in the first place smh
TRU Dat Prije 2 mjeseci
You want nice? Buy a Toyota.
Victor Tran
Victor Tran Prije 2 mjeseci
The negotiations are hilarious 😂
wcmayborn Prije 2 mjeseci
Two questions: Where do you sell your cars after the Wizard fixes them? Have you purchased a Delorean, yet?
anthony berrios
anthony berrios Prije 2 mjeseci
I have a one owner 1997 s500 i love it but want a maserati quattroporte so bad lol
Happy Guy
Happy Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you know dobre brothers
Happy Guy
Happy Guy Prije 2 mjeseci
Wizard what happened to you
Johnathan Kain
Johnathan Kain Prije 2 mjeseci
These format episodes are my favourite. Tyler getting the bad news!
3Liter Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm sorry - flagships? In 1990 the flagship would have been the 560SEL; the 300SE had neither rear leg room nor power. In 1997 the flagship would have been the S600 V12. Come on.
Nate Hamann
Nate Hamann Prije 2 mjeseci
Nobody: Mercedes Benz: "Headlight wipers"
ScPrepper Prije 2 mjeseci
So glad I found this channel
Phil Prije 2 mjeseci
Wizard was very nice, that’s a great price for all that work
*Staple Gun*
*Staple Gun* Prije 2 mjeseci
lookin like p diddy and biggie smalls with them Benzes G
Zeevbitch Prije 2 mjeseci
*scotty Kilmer laugh*
serz1885 Prije 3 mjeseci
well 6000$ and c140 would be running perfect car pff cheap and i am sure you can buy second hand from scrap half
Maro Vok
Maro Vok Prije 3 mjeseci
Hovvie got an immature speech sound not funny attempts of jokes ..
Aviaz X
Aviaz X Prije 3 mjeseci
That s500 coupe is one of my favorite vehicles of all time
Timothy Ferruzza
Timothy Ferruzza Prije 3 mjeseci
The Wizard will gladly drop 15k on a pair of nikes, but a celebrity Merc selling for 200k is surprising to him?
Stefan Jednak
Stefan Jednak Prije 3 mjeseci
i swear hes boosting about the wheel bearings they have like no play and no noise
Arf omr
Arf omr Prije 3 mjeseci
Omg. Did u see the bonnit on the cl looks lile the car vomited.
Brendan Ng
Brendan Ng Prije 3 mjeseci
Wizard got drip
Radical Ronin
Radical Ronin Prije 3 mjeseci
At 15:08 he really charging 200 to do a a.c recharge you can do it yourself for like 15 dollars
Christopher Hale
Christopher Hale Prije 3 mjeseci
In this episode you get to see a millionaire complain about peanut level repair his cars....
Davinder Grewal
Davinder Grewal Prije 3 mjeseci
My friend, I know you are not Doug M, but you have it reversed. Its now called an s class coupe. Prior this change the 2 dr s class was a cl. Stands for coupe light.(or light coupe) As its lighter than the 4 dr.s class.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
It is rare to see a genuine lovely relationship on YT like the one you have here. Tyler and Dave are obviously the best of friends. All be it because David is a parasite bloodsucker. Ah, Friends... Ya gotta love it! PS your both absolutely amazing. Michael in Toronto.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
@nicolas rossi Thanks for the suggestion Nicolas.
nicolas rossi
nicolas rossi Prije 3 mjeseci
'Albeit' is the word you were trying to use to make your post sound more intelligent. Not ,"all be it" which sounds like a game children would play in the yard, like 'tag', or 'capture the flag'. Suggestion, stick to using words or phrases you really know how to use and understand the meaning of.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Prije 3 mjeseci
When a wizard fingers your transmission mount, an angel gains it's wings. In this case that angel in Mrs Wizard, and those wings are the down payment on a private jet!
nature10879 Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine if someone passes a red light with one of these timeless machines and you're chilling on your celica or Corolla, driving down them streets and you collide!!!!! You'd have to break yourself as a fool:) in your Corolla
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 3 mjeseci
Just cram a piece of metal in the opening on the muffler, slop a weld over it all and send it. Can't help you with the rest. It is a Mercilessedes after all.
PrOgamiNG2015 xxx
PrOgamiNG2015 xxx Prije 3 mjeseci
Anyone esle realize its not a cl 500 lol cuz that’s definitely and s 500 W140 coupe
beat glauser
beat glauser Prije 3 mjeseci
I just sold a much prettier and better 92 300SE for 2 grand. it was a cosmetically perfect car, on the inside and on the outside, but the ride was very disapoiniting. Nothing compared to my 65 Bonneville landyacht. Bring the old landyachts back!
Luis Garza
Luis Garza Prije 3 mjeseci
Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes Prije 3 mjeseci
Mileage ‼️
Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes Prije 3 mjeseci
Mileage ‼️
Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes Prije 3 mjeseci
Mileage we wanna know
Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes Prije 3 mjeseci
How come u never tell the mileage ‼️
odie84 Prije 3 mjeseci
Rule of Thumb: The most expenisve thing is a cheap Mercedes
Jimmy Fleetwood
Jimmy Fleetwood Prije 3 mjeseci
I've had a W126 (500SEL) for 16 years. It's been the least expensive modern car I've owned. 250K miles; costs nearly nothing to maintain and fun to drive, too. It's every thing the automotive writers said the W126 was when they came out new (the car that changed the automotive world). While the W126 platform is aging, it's still a great car and good one's are worth the effort.
Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
That 1990 Mercedes.......beautiful.
Paul Cosentino
Paul Cosentino Prije 3 mjeseci
wizard in order to be kind you must rewind
OG Gamer
OG Gamer Prije 3 mjeseci
Was going to say just sell me the CL500 but looks like your going to be in it a bit more than I have on me today....
Victtor Ciferri
Victtor Ciferri Prije 3 mjeseci
Tyler, please send me that w126 to south america, ill give it the best home it will ever have!
Randolph Cirilo
Randolph Cirilo Prije 3 mjeseci
Goddamn!! Wish we all had a "wizard" to look at our cars and let us know in a matter of minutes, what is wrong with it! Just that easy.. Id kill for someone like that!
Randolph Cirilo
Randolph Cirilo Prije 3 mjeseci
Like all benz, that gullwing is fine.. For now.
GEOVANNE RAMOS Prije 3 mjeseci
Dude Jordan’s Look for a another mechanic sorry this guy sounds like he is charging you way too much,so he can get his Jordan’s .
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Prije 3 mjeseci
The s500 looks like a 90s Thunderbird
christdragon Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the guards red 928 in the background. The SLS is quick enough to keep up with a Ferrari 458. Thanks.
Luis A.
Luis A. Prije 4 mjeseci
Technically you'd have to add having an sls in order to get that repair price lol
Andrew Thorpe
Andrew Thorpe Prije 4 mjeseci
The most fun I ever had in w126 was taking my driver's test in a 300SD 😬
Hann Film
Hann Film Prije 4 mjeseci
Wizard wearing a seatbelt??? What is this
Food Stamp Champ
Food Stamp Champ Prije 4 mjeseci
That badge gas been changed 100%
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Prije 4 mjeseci
weld up the muffler, often reconditioned brake calipers are sent out either bright yellow or orange. very common in Europe
magooda5599 Prije 4 mjeseci
I thought safety devices had a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Wouldn't that apply to your seat belt issues?
Olli Prije 4 mjeseci
The colour of the leather interior matches perfect with the wizzards beart ;-)
nashville slim
nashville slim Prije 4 mjeseci
I feel like wizard wouldn't give anyone else this deal. Hoovie is his friend. Wizard would rape me if I came to him with the same car.
Stahodad Prije 4 mjeseci
1:48 The Car Wizard has the best head nod on youtube.😉
Daniel Prije 4 mjeseci
I almost sucked my self into buying a 2003 e55 and then I awoke into reality. Merceded are self inflicted cars.
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez Prije 4 mjeseci
As if the Wizard was on StockX haha
Jessie Bickel
Jessie Bickel Prije 4 mjeseci
i really appreciate that hoovie and wizard do this sit down because it truly shows what really happens at a shop more accurately than most shows are willing to show
JohnnyB Prije 4 mjeseci
C😳me awn Tyler... show us that RARE black Z3 M Coupe you had since January 20’ in top left of your car rack???
Nick Edwards
Nick Edwards Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm not sure why the Wizard tastes his automotive 'juices' or why he wants to spend $15,000 on some Air Jordan's but it is very entertaining. Long live The Wizard!
TheComputec Prije 4 mjeseci
NEVER... (repeat) NEVER buy an old used flagship Mercedes unless you have more money than sense
Justin Digital
Justin Digital Prije 4 mjeseci
I love how you call this channel the "dumbest auto channel in all of youtube" when in fact its just someone throwing around money on piece of shit cars, sure its dumb, but its only money wasted...doesn't appear poor house over this so how is this dumb? dumb be mortgaging your house twice for some broken down super car that doesn't run and missing an engine...that's dumb but more interesting than "rich guy buys POS car and pays someone else to fix it"
Jody Green
Jody Green Prije 4 mjeseci
I knew a guy in my little town had a s 500 land yachts this car is rather have than a Rolls Royce because you can drive this baby it was hand built and was way above the quality of the Rolls and I know that the electric gremlins were Scarry but the 300Sd is iconic and it will last and have lasted you can drive this baby hard for years low maintenance also when sorted out bullet proof engine and the SLS ahhhh my wall poster dream car I've had a 450 sl I have a sl500 like the white one in the shop and a couple cheap e320 love it Peace
Cameron D.F Chisholm
Cameron D.F Chisholm Prije 4 mjeseci
Now we can hear each other *T H I N K*
John Pace
John Pace Prije 4 mjeseci
I can see scotty getting a neck cramp shaking his head back and forth watching this.
Alex Black
Alex Black Prije 4 mjeseci
I love how the Wizard not only tell you what wrong and how much but he takes time to explain what and why ge has to do whatever needs done
Mister Mister !!!
Mister Mister !!! Prije 4 mjeseci
That smart car a expensive nightmare.
corrion1 Prije 4 mjeseci
Should buy a lexus fleet next although you probably couldn't make any videos on them
Kevin S
Kevin S Prije 4 mjeseci
haha fingering the transmission mount lol
chassis807 Prije 4 mjeseci
The term "German engineering" now means junk. BTW, never open a German moonroof unless you want to replace the cartridge that contains overly complicated pulleys and sensors that break if humidity is over 12%.
NEWS NOW IRELAND Prije 4 mjeseci
I’d take the se or the c140 over the gullwing any day!!! 🇮🇪🇺🇸
Mothership Videos
Mothership Videos Prije 4 mjeseci
Great watch.
David Mac Donald
David Mac Donald Prije 4 mjeseci
Too many Adds, Bye.
Kelly Cassutt
Kelly Cassutt Prije 4 mjeseci
Is that a CASE 930 behind you? The best in 1960s technology.
Abhay Ajoodha
Abhay Ajoodha Prije 4 mjeseci
Watching this was so weird, opening the hood and and looking under the w126 was like dejavu, just like mine! Same color and everything!
Mickael Synnott
Mickael Synnott Prije 4 mjeseci
Why not just selling both for one in great condition !
Ryan :3
Ryan :3 Prije 4 mjeseci
YOU BOUGHT A 500E AND I WAS LIKE YES. (I’ve seen your old beautiful w126 that you sold) AND NOW YOU HAVE ANOTHER. YAYYYYY Lol. W126 will be a great car but if you got a “good” example, then it will make for great videos 😂
Solomon Kinzie Hawver
Solomon Kinzie Hawver Prije 4 mjeseci
I couldn't actually hear that much, that Audi though😁👍👍
Stefan Falldorf
Stefan Falldorf Prije 4 mjeseci
In Germany it was a CL right from the beginning.
1speedtreiber Prije 4 mjeseci
And in the Backround the nice silver Yamaha Stratoliner from Wizard...very very nice, greetings from Berlin Germany, Ringo
thereissomecoolstuff Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm here to see the wizard.
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