Looking Inside My Destroyed Lamborghini Murcielago Transmission: MASSIVE DAMAGE!

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Gunnar Trausti
Gunnar Trausti Prije 7 dana
Wizard : Got the tip in there ... Me : aww yeahhh
Solvend FPV
Solvend FPV Prije 24 dana
Feel like I need a shower after watching this video fellas.
Brayden Prije mjesec
Watching this now I wish I could yell and say replace the trans sensor s
Ken Harty
Ken Harty Prije 2 mjeseci
Bahahaaa got the tip in. Lmao
John Doe
John Doe Prije 3 mjeseci
What a great mechanic. You're cool too for saving all these beautiful cars.
MrPorsche91730 Prije 4 mjeseci
11:39 wizard trying to fly away. You're welcome
Nabeel Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagine having a warehouse like that to work in, amazing
Penguin Prije 4 mjeseci
This was the weirdest p0rn I’ve watched... And thr YT Algorithm suggested this now.
hheythered Prije 4 mjeseci
I touched myself to this video, there Is no going back now.
Alex K
Alex K Prije 5 mjeseci
These cars are made to make rich people broke.
SkinniAjin Prije 5 mjeseci
wizard my dawg 🙏🏽
Dpsvegas Prije 5 mjeseci
This reminds me of GTA5 except realistic when your car blows up and the mechanic is getting all the money you invest
Hardkor Style
Hardkor Style Prije 5 mjeseci
So I've tried google & HRpost channels to find out why the first Porsche Boxster is so cheap, I see them selling for as low as $4500. In Canada where I live, can you tell me why this car is cheap, in this case I would like to buy one & modified the shit out of it for fun. But is it a good car?
michael palermo
michael palermo Prije 5 mjeseci
10:08 Transmission: What are you doing with your drive shaft step-bro?
B A Prije 5 mjeseci
I was expecting Tyler and the Wizard to be sharing a cigarette after their mating experience.
Jim Prije 6 mjeseci
LMAO with all the sexual innuendoes possible.
MoparFam 300C
MoparFam 300C Prije 6 mjeseci
10:59 - 11:22 The Gutters are FILTHY
Senpai Prije 6 mjeseci
*Careless Whisper plays* 9:52
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
The automotive eroticism in this video is subtlety satisfying.
Michael Evans
Michael Evans Prije 6 mjeseci
Kinda weird that the Lambo has a clutch problem. Wasn't that the reason Lamborghini started building cars was his issue with the Ferrari clutch?
jt worxs
jt worxs Prije 6 mjeseci
Should have used some lube on that shaft before mating it to the transmission
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton Prije 6 mjeseci
So ..this guy is litterly paying this mech salary with his cars
Dan S
Dan S Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie it's awesome watching both you and the wizard separately then with each other; good friends are everything
The car guy
The car guy Prije 6 mjeseci
Wizard and Hoovies gang-banged that Lambo for some time now.
j carry
j carry Prije 6 mjeseci
Pandas. Pandas are the species. Oh good at least the wizard knew it.
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie makes faces like Edgar (the bug) on the 1st Men In Black movie at 1:07
IsleOfFeldspar Prije 6 mjeseci
Done with ads youtube. Done.
Smokr Prije 7 mjeseci
Ahhhh, Lambo porn!
Udo Berend
Udo Berend Prije 7 mjeseci
Great sense of humor! .....when you're twelve years old.....
Lambo Lapdog
Lambo Lapdog Prije 7 mjeseci
umeng2002 Prije 7 mjeseci
And that, my friends, are how baby Lamborghinis are made... with the help of a mechanic and an $18,000 repair bill.
K Rog
K Rog Prije 7 mjeseci
11:54 best after sex discussion ever
Terry Pold
Terry Pold Prije 7 mjeseci
Looking at the first gear ratio it seems that it was an evenly dividable ratio. That would mean the same teeth would mesh on each full turn of the larger gear. This would explain why the transmission ran even with the one bad spot in the rotation. The intact portion were always meeting allowing the trans mission to skip past the broken section.
Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson Prije 7 mjeseci
Love that mustang, but imagine a nice coyote swap.. with a nice whipple... double that horsepower and reliability.
Matt Jerry
Matt Jerry Prije 7 mjeseci
Wizard didn’t want to rebuild with a cheap gear, so he had you buy an entire transmission 😂
Matt Jerry
Matt Jerry Prije 7 mjeseci
Why don’t you learn to do shit yourself??? This guy is waxing you up and down 😭🤣😂
Don Moore
Don Moore Prije 7 mjeseci
A quite expensive toy. Beautiful though.
Uluç Özcan
Uluç Özcan Prije 7 mjeseci
yea we're gonna need a 9-month update on this
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars Prije 7 mjeseci
I need a cigarette after having watched this...
familyjewels7 Prije 7 mjeseci
I'm actually surprised this video didn't get demonetized
Maurice Motors
Maurice Motors Prije 7 mjeseci
If that's Kenny G I like your style Hoovie.
Ali 31
Ali 31 Prije 7 mjeseci
Close your eyes and listen 11:00
MIKEK3NT Prije 7 mjeseci
Manual Swap
PONGbyATARI Tim A. Prije 7 mjeseci
Excellent mating video!
SKULL 77 Prije 7 mjeseci
Maybe you should redo the whole interior just like Tavarish
Tess Prije 7 mjeseci
10:30 is where the Mighty Car Mods sex talk rip-off starts xD
Christian McCleary
Christian McCleary Prije 7 mjeseci
Anyone know what the saxophone song is? Sounds so familiar!
AdamG1983 Prije 7 mjeseci
Why is this not age restricted? JFC there's kids watching an engine mating (In case it's not obvious, /s)
Tony f
Tony f Prije 7 mjeseci
It's an audi go buy an audi transmission
David Hennessey
David Hennessey Prije 7 mjeseci
Hey what sax track was that?
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Prije 7 mjeseci
This video is very sexually charged
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 7 mjeseci
LOL glad I didn't have to explain these jokes to my kids hahaha
Juniorverse Prije 8 mjeseci
@10:16. The Wizard got “the tip” in...
ChateauFighter Prije 8 mjeseci
Careless whispers.
Purple Martin Racing Team
Purple Martin Racing Team Prije 8 mjeseci
just found you guys and am following the lambo project. you got a good thing going here. nice meshing of personalities, video, knowledge and actual work along with the buying of projects and huge shop.
GEARWRENCH Prije 8 mjeseci
999k Subs!!!😲😲😲
prakis1958 Prije 8 mjeseci
This shit is more entertaining than 90% of the crap on TV. I could watch this all day long.
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson Prije 8 mjeseci
you guys should of smoked cigarettes after getting it in, sounded like you enjoyed that too much.
Stefan Puffer
Stefan Puffer Prije 8 mjeseci
Do you know why they sing that song? So you don't have to. ;)
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips Prije 8 mjeseci
...That's what She said...
Devin Cook
Devin Cook Prije 8 mjeseci
Why on earth does the clutch only lasting 10-20k miles seem absolutely ridiculous? The motivation to buy anything 'luxury' or 'exotic' or 'high performance' is never above hell no for me. This is supposed to be a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship, not an open line to my bank account.
CP Johnston
CP Johnston Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovies Porn episode
Rodrigo Pereira
Rodrigo Pereira Prije 8 mjeseci
Nice conversation with the Wizard about the mating habits of the pandas...
Thanes Prije 8 mjeseci
Did I just watch a 2 white guy cuckold video?
D Gillies
D Gillies Prije 8 mjeseci
gawd it looks like a pickup truck with the engine mounted in the rear bed!
Tony Wellington
Tony Wellington Prije 8 mjeseci
That’s NOT the cheapest 911 In the country
Andy Peek
Andy Peek Prije 8 mjeseci
Best Italian porn film Ive seen for years, I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did. Lovely Lady. Keep it up, boyz.
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap Prije 8 mjeseci
Ok, what in the world is that black car on 3:23?
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap Prije 8 mjeseci
What is the update on all of those other cars over there? Can't imagine the rest isn't his too.
foureyednotchstang Prije 8 mjeseci
A little lubrication on the tip might help with the insertion.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie: I'm trusting this $80 hoist... Me: Don't question the hoist, question that strap... Hoovie: The strap slipped! Me: not surprised.
MondoTV Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie , koalas aren’t bears, they’re marsupials. And they have no problem mating - it’s the clamydia that’s the problem. Hope the lambo doesn’t get an STD!
Michael Bye
Michael Bye Prije 8 mjeseci
Ls it.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Prije 8 mjeseci
I never laughed this hard watching this channel until today. The saxophone music background at 10:30 is hilarious. I have to lower the volume down as my 10 yr old daughter
Ruftinator Prije 8 mjeseci
those wheels make an incredible difference on the 911! :o
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije 8 mjeseci
LOL the sax music was funny
Achilles Toe
Achilles Toe Prije 8 mjeseci
123 Prije 8 mjeseci
I think wizard do not like any car really. Just earning the money.
Dinos H.
Dinos H. Prije 8 mjeseci
Almost destroyed the engine bay and the engine itself and reacted like nothing happened. This guy is the Shittiest mechanic in existence. Wise up and find a different one. Unless having the shittiest mechanic is part of being the dumbest auto show on HRpost
EPIC MIKEY Prije 8 mjeseci
Best car channel on yt love the wizard too!
Paco Taco
Paco Taco Prije 8 mjeseci
2:35 that Odyssey in the back
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Prije 8 mjeseci
Jazz music for car porn 😂
tnspnk3 Prije 8 mjeseci
OMG...maybe I shouldn't have read the comments first...maybe I've been cooped up in the house too long. But at 12:11, if Wizard had "climax" instead of "finish", I would have probably, Literally, fell out of my chair laughing.
Alec Strickert
Alec Strickert Prije 8 mjeseci
You should do a comparison of the Murcielago and the aventador at midwest.
Mr. Sirch77
Mr. Sirch77 Prije 8 mjeseci
Just the tip
tim ford
tim ford Prije 8 mjeseci
The Wizard is a GENIUS MECHANIC Hoovie is very lucky to have found Dave and formed a nice bond with him. Although, Hoovie seems that he would be an easy guy to have a friendship with. (Oops, sorry to end the sentence with a preposition. My bad!)
amir dari
amir dari Prije 8 mjeseci
Wizard is like stfu when trying to put engine in.
amir dari
amir dari Prije 8 mjeseci
Try finding the world’s cheapest koenigsegg And buy it please. Lol
Man415 Prije 8 mjeseci
I never laughed this hard watching this channel until today. The saxophone music background at 10:30 is hilarious. I have to lower the volume down as my 10 yr old daughter might think I’m watching something sleazy 🤣
Ryan S
Ryan S Prije 8 mjeseci
When they get to the engine and transmission coming together close your eyes and just listen it’s so sexual lol
OldSkoolFunkn80s Prije 8 mjeseci
Cant believe you went MightyCar Mods on us lol
cpt awesome
cpt awesome Prije 8 mjeseci
American math eh. If you have 5mm max wear, but you went to 11mm wear... That's 120% more then max wear. Not 50%. 50% more would have been 7.5-8mm.
Canthus13 Prije 8 mjeseci
The sexual tension in this episode....
Taylor Prije 8 mjeseci
wheres the damage...
GetoverYourself Prije 8 mjeseci
Lambos have the worst engines. Porsche have the worst engines. Bentleys have the worst engines. EVERYTHING he owns has the worst engine.
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas Prije 8 mjeseci
Actual useful content in addition to the amusing double entendres. Wizard has obviously installed more than a few engines.
Alan Norman
Alan Norman Prije 8 mjeseci
you guys are better together than apart..I learn a lot from you both! excellent.
Chaz Prije 8 mjeseci
I still want you to sell me the mustang... swap for my TT? or I will buy it outright
James Mosher
James Mosher Prije 8 mjeseci
Spacing out reading comments, next thing I hear, "pandas are chy-nese."
Ned Murry
Ned Murry Prije 8 mjeseci
This dude has bad luck with cars..... All of them are in Wizards shop.
breezy Prije 8 mjeseci
So can i have a car ? Anything that drives please and thankyou i live in Illinois
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