I Bought The Cheapest And Worst Corvette In The USA (And Its Hooptie Cadillac Cousin)

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Travcat88 Prije dan
If you get it repainted remove the headlight indicators I've seen many of these with them painted over then you won't be seeing your turn signals lit nor headlights or highbeams anymore. And sorry for the correction L.E.D wasn't a thing in 87 that is fiber optic to show you the illumination of your lights.
Chaos Farm
Chaos Farm Prije 2 dana
Nothing wrong with C4 Corvettes.
Moneyballgaming Prije 5 dana
Check out auto auction rebuilds he has a a corvette that’s worse than yours
SMH Ace of Spades
SMH Ace of Spades Prije 9 dana
Diablo and Countach STILL AWESOME BUY ever
Константин Яковлев
Константин Яковлев Prije 9 dana
Круттоо!!! 👌👍
David Wampler
David Wampler Prije 10 dana
Those wheels on the C4 are backwards and it irks me. lol
Michael Pidanick
Michael Pidanick Prije 11 dana
I know people will call me crazy but I would rather have the land yacht than the corvette!
Lostsoul Prije 11 dana
The Cadillac would be the perfect car for a tour all across the US .
Simply Wonderful
Simply Wonderful Prije 11 dana
Haha I still remember that dash board from a video game
OldSlowGamer Prije 13 dana
The signal lamp indicators on top of the fenders are not LEDs. They're just fiber optic cables that are inserted in the lamp housings. So you know when your lights burn out because then the indicator doesn't light up, either.
OldSlowGamer Prije 13 dana
I want that Cadillac.
Timothy Horning
Timothy Horning Prije 17 dana
I kind of like the Caddy's floating taillights.
1one1 Prije 19 dana
Please dont paint the cadi Hoovie .
Tony Prije 19 dana
The Corvette is like the coal furnace in A Christmas Story.
yambo59 Prije 19 dana
The Caddys low horsepower should not be blamed solely on the carburetor, it should be blamed on the governement choking everything down mercilessly with endless EPA safety, mileage and emission restrictions and numerous expensive gadgets and devices that prohibited horsepower forcing manufacturers to turn car systems into NASA science experiments at the expense of basic performance and driving the cost of a car into triple what it was in the 70's. Cadillac and others will never be what it once was because youre not buying a General Motors car anymore - youre buying a mandated (G)overnment (M)otors car thats so costly and expensive to repair because of the rocket science theyve had to employ to make them run on the hair tonic they call gasoline now that many people cant even hope to buy a new car any more. Try leaving one of Hoovies supercars sit for ten years and try to start it, im guessing most of them would not, or if they did they would not be drivable.
supersonicsegax1 Prije 20 dana
The crossfire fuel injection.... the good old splatter disaster.
Lord Corgi
Lord Corgi Prije 20 dana
Late History of Cadillac GM in 1980s: Let's make Cadillacs out of plastic! GM: Cadillac sales are plummeting! GM in 2000s: Let's make Cadillacs hip and modern. GM: Cadillac sales are plummeting! GM in 2010s: Let's make Cadillac all electric! GM: Cadillac sales are plummeting! GM soon: Quick, let's dump all our debt onto Cadillac and bankrupt the brand like we did with Pontiac!
Harold Newberry Jr
Harold Newberry Jr Prije 20 dana
My parents both had Cadillac late 70’s models. This takes me back, plenty of room and comfort for our trips to royals games.
Joseph Vetter
Joseph Vetter Prije 20 dana
For the Brougham - not LED in the front fenders or rear headliner for the turn signal/headlight indication/stop light - it is fiber optics! Also the sail panels/C pillars use 120VAC powered fluorescent lights. In the trunk you'll find a wire harness with yellow tape wrapped around it cautioning about the higher voltage.
Tony Prije 19 dana
I had a '74 SDV that had the same thing
Waterworld 360
Waterworld 360 Prije 20 dana
What cost $25000 in 1984 would cost $62269.74 in 2019. What cost $30000 in 1987 would cost $68322.64 in 2019.
George Ti
George Ti Prije 21 dan
Great pair of GM cars! I can offer something surprising about the technology used: Those lights you see on the front fenders and above the rear window inside are actually not lights. They're lamp monitors, quite common on Cadillacs built in the 70s and 80s. They were pioneered by Chevrolet in the 60s. On your car, a piece of fiber optic cable runs to each lamp assembly, passing light from the high/low beams up front and turn signals/parking lights front and rear. What brings us high speed internet today was tasked back then with protecting the Cadillac owner from a post-19th hole DUI due to poor judgement and a burned out bulb.
American Rambler
American Rambler Prije 21 dan
Overall, I like the style of the caddie, except fort the shape of the rear widow frames and roof junction on the 4 door sedan. Just looks off and not properly styled and integrated.
American Rambler
American Rambler Prije 21 dan
Those dealers are probably remembering how GM made Hummer dealers drop ship loads of cash into upgrading their dealer facilities and then abruptly dumping them and leaving them holding giant mortgages for exclusive hummer franchises no help.
CLC III Prije 21 dan
Nice Caddie. Great Vette for $1000. I would have bought either of them.
RJ Del
RJ Del Prije 21 dan
Caddy needs whitewalls or Vouge tires.
P L Prije 22 dana
The Cady's paint looks salvageable and better then a cheap repaint.
Cadillac Neil
Cadillac Neil Prije 22 dana
I would take a1987 cadillac over a bentley gt coupe anyday
Cadillac Neil
Cadillac Neil Prije 22 dana
I love them cadillacs i been driving them my whole life what are your plans with it
Dylan Payment
Dylan Payment Prije 22 dana
0:16 hahaha missed you man
Ryan Hodges
Ryan Hodges Prije 22 dana
At least the Cadillac has the Oldsmobile 307. You can tell by the oil filler tube on the front of the intake manifold. It’s hard to imagine they put the HT4100 engine in them for several years. It’s almost like they were trying to push loyal customers away on purpose.
uawsux Prije 23 dana
When will we know about the Corvette I am surprised people do not comment in your commentary about what they think we'll fix that Corvette
uawsux Prije 23 dana
If you want a paint job that will fade and fall off in 6 months go to Maaco Mako is not a decent paint works you may as well buy timeshares with your money as to buy a Maaco paint job they spread heavily with thinner makes it look nice you pay your money and it's six months it's gone the paint job is gone
uawsux Prije 23 dana
Set for 10 years and the battery was okay? You had to change the battery?
uawsux Prije 23 dana
These cars like the Fleetwood Brougham Etc the old school Lincoln as well as your Cadillac are unappreciated today I don't care about sporty this sporty that when you say sporty you are saying rough ride bad Humanity the people that bring you sporty bring you the same mindset if you had a silver set 12 piece silver set place setting silver picture silver and you were old and you died people who come after you with melted down and get 20 bucks silver for it this is the same mentality Romans 1:28 the old-school mindset is the best quality luxury length a boat now we have to get 30 miles to a gallon 12 speed automatic transmission 3 3 shift rear axle
E Søgaard
E Søgaard Prije 24 dana
Coolest machine in this video might be the International 4366 in the background.
E Søgaard
E Søgaard Prije 24 dana
Last guy to start that corvette was Steve Sanders...
Serg 001
Serg 001 Prije 24 dana
Nothing up here nice one lol
herrbrahms Prije 24 dana
So, are we just not going to talk about the matte black Lotus Evora in Wizard's shop?
Mike Post
Mike Post Prije 25 dana
When starting to watch this I was like, please don’t let it be the 84 model with that terrible engine, I wasn’t surprised based on your history haha.
Terry Barkman
Terry Barkman Prije 25 dana
205 hp, bmw did that and more with the 1980's m3 with a 4 cylinder lol
Blake Cooper
Blake Cooper Prije 25 dana
I want the caddy!! I’ve been hunting for a Brougham. Drop a Corvette engine of your choice in that sled.
Sargent Sakto
Sargent Sakto Prije 26 dana
You look in the Wizards shop and with 10-15 cars in there half of them are always Hoovies. You certainly keep him in the black.
hmshyperion Prije 26 dana
The Caddy's remote turn signal indicators are not LED, they are fiber optic. So they are true light monitors. You are seeing the actual light from the bulb, so when they go out it means the bulbs are gone.
that one couple
that one couple Prije 26 dana
I got an 89 deville 4 door for 100$ ran and drove everything worked had the gold keys and only really had the ripped driver and passenger seat
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Prije 26 dana
1000.00 for that 84 LMAO
Rafael Fiallo
Rafael Fiallo Prije 26 dana
They aren't "el eeee deeez" they are fiber optics.......
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 26 dana
That vette would be a good candidate for an LS swap. The way they should have been in the first place. 205hp vette.....no excuse.....just none.
Pete Davis
Pete Davis Prije 26 dana
Any advice for someone trying to restore or take off chrome from rims?
Aatu Helminen
Aatu Helminen Prije 27 dana
Randy's corvette beats it
Gerles 305
Gerles 305 Prije 27 dana
Have you seen swamp thing the corvette
Ed Kuryluk
Ed Kuryluk Prije 27 dana
That Cadillac must’ve been garaged while it sat. O’Keefe Cadillac is in Westport, CT. The winters up here turned old GM vehicles from the 80’s into rust a year after the warranty expired. That’s a real survivor.
Ben Vlogs
Ben Vlogs Prije 27 dana
“Only 52k miles” and the 5 and the 2 dont line up. No sir, thats 152k miles
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson Prije 27 dana
Forehead crash protection on the passenger dash!
The Bully
The Bully Prije 28 dana
15:06 Close your eyes and let your imagination go wild Lol.
RR Showtime
RR Showtime Prije 28 dana
Cadillic Cousin CC 33
Israel phiri
Israel phiri Prije 28 dana
Hi man hope you are well iv been a subscriber of your channel and i love what you do i really wish i could do what you do in south africa.........ii hope one day i could also have a job that you do
oldskoolbassvan9 Prije 28 dana
Get rid of the cross fire injection and throw in a LS motor
Rodd Johnson
Rodd Johnson Prije 28 dana
It's so funny.. I love Hoovie's channel and his silly antics, but people often forget he has pretty good car knowledge. Keep up the great work Hoovie. Also I would never buy a GM product.
BruceLudwick Prije 29 dana
Also, front turn indicators aren't LED's...they're fiber optic! #oldschool
Al M
Al M Prije 29 dana
IIRC I'm gonna go with fiber optics for the fender turn signal reminders........ not LED.
discerningmind Prije 29 dana
For correction, the Cadillac lights that Tyler called LED's are not. They are fiber optic.
Herbie Rossiter
Herbie Rossiter Prije mjesec
Lovely, over this side of the pond I remember these from the tv back in the day, corvette is lovely
Marshal Dunnik
Marshal Dunnik Prije mjesec
That white leather with white landau top...beautiful. Paint it some kind of blue. LS swap the C4!
Leggo MyEggo
Leggo MyEggo Prije mjesec
This is a trip down memory lane, I've driven both that years Cadillac (when it was new, my father's) and the model Grand Marquee that Wizard had just sold (it was my work car, new when first driving it). Meanwhile my personal car was a Supra Turbo. Believe it or not, I could appreciate the comfort of those land yachts and they made driving the pock marked streets of NYC alot more tolerable. I miss those old body on frame V8 cars.
midnitesquirldog1 Prije mjesec
You lucked out on that Cadillac it has the good engine the 307 Oldsmobile !! those engines are very hard to kill !! whats really cool is if that engine ever did go you just find a Oldsmobile 350 Rocket like i did a 1970 that has 310 hp !! My 1984 Cadillac moves down the road like it should now :D
Lame Upload
Lame Upload Prije mjesec
It's been sitting here since someone died 🤣
Peanut Mule
Peanut Mule Prije mjesec
Bro bro bro, that’s not how you put the hood down on a land yacht front. You push in on the hood from the front and slowly push down.
djoraxxx xxx
djoraxxx xxx Prije mjesec
Auto auction rebuilds got one for free out of a swamp
djoraxxx xxx
djoraxxx xxx Prije mjesec
I love that Cadillac
Dominik W
Dominik W Prije mjesec
I love the american 80s. That cadillac is amazing. Beautiful interior, the engine looks like it was washed.. unbelievable.
Edenjung Prije mjesec
The Exhaust of my 18 year old golf IV with 190.250 km looked the same (at that point it had 185.something on). it fell almost off, and a friend of mine welded the exhaust. And my dad did the piping. Before i finally changed it this year :D
NoCap 757
NoCap 757 Prije mjesec
I bought a 82 cadillac Eldorado about 3 years ago and now I'm almost down fuller restoring it and I absolutely love it... I love it way more than my new Infiniti...
Tod Tod
Tod Tod Prije mjesec
I think auto auction rebuild has the worst c4
toxic top hat
toxic top hat Prije mjesec
Funny how the 84 Nissan 300zx had a v6 turbo with 200hp that was just as if not faster than the corvette of this year with v8 honestly makes perfect sense why they don't hold value
Franklin Lee
Franklin Lee Prije mjesec
Man... those damn plastic quarter panel & fender extensions on early GM cars!! I know they were made to flex as the front/rear bumpers were compressed in a low speed collision, but even if a car was garage kept those pieces rotted or became so brittle they flaked apart if you touched them.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Prije mjesec
The cross fire design isn't the problem it's the electronics. go through it right and it will be fine. I prefer relocating the temperature sensor.
Jimbo388388 Prije mjesec
your best hooptie so far, ill buy that Caddy!!
Travis Livengood
Travis Livengood Prije mjesec
One Kansan to another....I want that C4.
Mike Ripley
Mike Ripley Prije mjesec
thats not leds on the lights on the caddy.. Its a fiber optic clear cable running from the bulb in the taillight to the one in the roof.
Axel Axelrod
Axel Axelrod Prije mjesec
It wouldn’t be a Hoovie video if he didn’t rant for 5 minutes about luxury car manufacturers trading ride quality for sportiness and tech
BruceLudwick Prije mjesec
Check yoself: my 85 Fleetwood Brougham had a five-digit odometer...it sure had a lot more than 50k on it!
David Salmons
David Salmons Prije mjesec
My brother has a black and red version of the c4 Corvette
wanderingtoby Prije mjesec
I believe those are still fiber optic on the turn signal indicators
I would love that Cadillac. Would go nicely with my 99 tahoe. I want that. Would be a pleasant cruiser to drive on weekends.
Brian Prije mjesec
The Cadillac will buff out.
Happily Ham
Happily Ham Prije mjesec
The last Cadillac worth buying was the 1996 Fleetwood.
Aaron Prije mjesec
People trash the C4, but it was one of the fastest production cars in the world when it came out, and pretty much had the best braking ability in the world as well (pulled a .90 on the skidpad) which contributed to its lap times.
Caddy Daddy
Caddy Daddy Prije mjesec
Please take care of that caddy. She’s a gem
Jan Håvard Strand
Jan Håvard Strand Prije mjesec
Hi, If you are fansy for it, so came I give this Cadillac a very god home in Norway 👍🏻
DrLeroyGreen Prije mjesec
I love those 80's Caddies! I have a 1980 Deville with the 6.0 liter that's not all ratted out (so many are sadly). For $2000, @ 54k miles that's a fantastic find. I'm jj.
Wizard has a snazzier shop work shirt on today. He must’ve seen how sharp the Car Nina looks in his outfits, and upgraded.
The RandomMan
The RandomMan Prije mjesec
I own a 1992 cadillac brougham and I still love her granted it's been taken care since it's first day bought. Great car and it is indeed a land yach.
Better With Rum
Better With Rum Prije mjesec
I'd say convert the C4 to electric, but it's a waste of electric parts
Michael Hasse
Michael Hasse Prije mjesec
Goodbye Cadillac, horrible decision to go all electric.
psymi 1981
psymi 1981 Prije mjesec
Cadillac dropping the V8 from their most popular model: another self-defeating move from GM
Maria Kulscar
Maria Kulscar Prije mjesec
As soon as I saw the dealer sticker on the back of that Cadillac I knew it came from my hometown as immediately recognized the dealer logo. O’keefe Cadillac of Westport CT. Amazing it made it’s way to Kansas! What a treat to see,
Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams Prije mjesec
Put some vogue tires on that caddy hoovie💓💓💓
Cody Hebert
Cody Hebert Prije mjesec
the starter on that corvette has more miles on it than the car does lmao
Victor Tran
Victor Tran Prije mjesec
The banter😂😂😂
Mark Bass
Mark Bass Prije mjesec
LS swap
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