How Can This Idiot Afford 20 Cars? Surprising Secret Million Subscriber Hooptie Fleet Update!

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 8 mjeseci
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Fakhara Restaurant
Fakhara Restaurant Prije 28 dana
I'm the 100th reply
Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity Prije mjesec
With a 100 replies!
Peyton Walker
Peyton Walker Prije mjesec
I am very sorry for your lost
Josh Clare
Josh Clare Prije 3 mjeseci
Just want you to know that because of how humble you are I'm going right now to subscribe to all 3 of your friends youtube channels. I sincerely pray that they all become as successful as you are. As well as myself because I'm broke 😂 thanks Hoovie. You're a genuine dude
D L Prije 5 mjeseci
Thanks for taking me back down memory lane:)
Bud Wilterdink
Bud Wilterdink Prije dan
Really enjoy your thoughts, ideas, and heart Hoovie! Don't stop! I don't want to miss you.
Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez Prije 2 dana
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Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez Prije 2 dana
The rich adjustment untypically stroke because thumb progressively switch in a ceaseless puppy. parallel, loud susan
Rehab Ehab
Rehab Ehab Prije 2 dana
Dude - you looked like a teenager in the begining! lol
raystinsky Prije 3 dana
This might be my favorite Owen Wilson character.
Akkbar Prije 3 dana
Hoovie... man, you are awesome. I enjoy your channel a lot. I made a vicious comment once on a video about you using this channel as a used car lot. You replied, called me out and shamed me. You were right. I was wrong. I’m sorry. I deeply regret it. Forgive me. Keep it up man.
Doc Holiday
Doc Holiday Prije 3 dana
I loved my grandmother. And I've watched your videos off and on for awhile. But this is what made me subscribe.
HEIL BIDEN Prije 3 dana
Very easy question...because he comes from money....and...hes not the car idiot he would like us to believe...he knows exactly what to look for and knows exactly what to pay.
Travis Prije 4 dana
Nitro boosting that Prius was the dumbest act of genius I have ever seen.
michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije 4 dana
Your grandma was beautiful sorry u lost her. Good u have alot of great memories. It help alot when u lost mine. We lost her at 100 years old.
michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije 4 dana
Hes just weird. Not hoovie his mechanic. Cant stand to listen to him any more. He wants to give life lessons instead of showing us how to fix cars
AWOL FPV Prije 4 dana
Really sorry to hear about your grandmother but thank you for the reminder to call my grandmother first thing in the morning !!!!
AdamG1983 Prije 4 dana
13:55 The Feels
iLLaGe ViDioT
iLLaGe ViDioT Prije 5 dana
9:14 That's a face that only the phrase, "Oh shit, thats way heavier than I expected" creates. Well either that or the exact moment you shit your pants. No other actions will create that face.
NMI REC Prije 5 dana
I seen a mach 1
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia Prije 5 dana
HAHA the wizards gaze
Matthew S
Matthew S Prije 5 dana
You got me with your grandmother story.
Richard Benson
Richard Benson Prije 6 dana
Good guy, sure your Gran is watching everything you do!
Jay Gee
Jay Gee Prije 6 dana
Always spend time with those you love, love is infinite, life, well life is finite. You have done well, and I am sure your Granny understood. She is always with you. I am a 65 y/o retired old man who finds great entertainment in your videos, so you are passing her love on to many others...
galen davis
galen davis Prije 6 dana
Man .. bless up Hoovie ... Rest easy Grandma
Oliver Sonntag
Oliver Sonntag Prije 6 dana
Tyler, I guess it is marketing but your channel is one of the best and for sure not the dumbest!
Ben Hodge
Ben Hodge Prije 7 dana
Love that Ferari 348 near the end of the video, just found your channel and have been binge watching your video's, so awaesome.
Ready 4 Cars
Ready 4 Cars Prije 8 dana
Did you replace the headlights of the Mercedes ? Because they are not the same on every picture
Чикокидс Андрей
Чикокидс Андрей Prije 9 dana
Русскоязычный! Тогда лайкни)))
Vlad the Impala
Vlad the Impala Prije 9 dana
I had to sell my 64 Impala convertible to pay off my debts. I wish someone like you had bought it and then given it back to me.
Vlad the Impala
Vlad the Impala Prije 9 dana
What a wonderful sweet grandmother. My eyes got just a little wet watching you with her. The love was very evident. It made me think of my dear sweet grandmother who was one of the few people in my life who always encouraged me. I always thought I had the best grandparents in the world but obviously your grandmother was every bit as wonderful for you as mine was for me.
Luke Paterson
Luke Paterson Prije 9 dana
Car wizard looking like a deer caught in head lights
Rob Mitchell
Rob Mitchell Prije 9 dana
Your 1983 Lebaron... I so need the Vacuum Florescent display for the trip computer and the radio. is it still around??
ian coomer
ian coomer Prije 10 dana
1:47 psychopathic much 🏥
Mark Huba
Mark Huba Prije 11 dana
Is the town and country the same car from Planes Trains and Automobiles?
dimitri t
dimitri t Prije 11 dana
never ever sell Grandmas car .......i love your story with her, and i wish you well
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett Prije 11 dana
I just saw this. Man that was beautiful.
webvideofan Prije 11 dana
Hoovie and his Ferrari sitting in the middle of the road at the end made me nervous. 😆
Sahib Duhra
Sahib Duhra Prije 12 dana
Stay Strong Hoovie, Your grandma is watching over you :-)
C Casche
C Casche Prije 12 dana
Hotel Monteleone- awesome picture man!
TheMattc999 Prije 12 dana
Goddamn, the wizard was terrified of being on camera 😂. Amazing how much more comfortable he is and how far he's come. Congratulations to both of you on your success so far and may 2021 be WAAAAAAY better than that P.O.S. we called 2020. ✌️ and 👍
Trey White
Trey White Prije 13 dana
love the heart felt part about his grandmother i love it.
Adrian Erangey
Adrian Erangey Prije 13 dana
RIP Grandma. Such a great story. Lucky you have all those memories with her. Thanks for sharing
MyWillypilly Prije 13 dana
I didn't like your videos much at first, but driving anything is not beneath you. Remember "Pimp my Ride"? How about "Fix my Hooptie"!
Onry1 Prije 14 dana
The first video I saw of Hoovie was when he had the '78 Lincoln Town Coupe. I thought FINALLY, another dude that likes the same kind of cars I do, 4 years ago...
Mike MacDowell
Mike MacDowell Prije 14 dana
Your gramma and mine were about the same age! She seemed very cool. You definitely made her a happy gramma
patrick nemec
patrick nemec Prije 15 dana
If I look away from the vid, i swear i'm hearing jeff goldbloom...teehe
Isak s
Isak s Prije 15 dana
I don't have my dream car yet, but it is an obtainable car so i will own it one day. the ultimate car in my mind is a red volvo p1800
Isak s
Isak s Prije 15 dana
rest in piece grandma hoovie
Krypton Playz
Krypton Playz Prije 15 dana
Josiah Hein
Josiah Hein Prije 15 dana
Congratulations on hitting 1 million subs! Damn bro, why you gotta make me cry... You're grandmother is extremely proud of you and your accomplishments! I'm sure she respected you and your work ethic very much!
Ian Cole
Ian Cole Prije 16 dana
I still own my aunts car which was my first car, now had it 40 years
Ian Cole
Ian Cole Prije 16 dana
Great story about your Mercedes and your Grandma
Cordvisuals Prije 16 dana
🥲 , I felt that. Thank you for keeping the channel going & the time you put into making videos . It’s appreciated !
Keith's Garage
Keith's Garage Prije 19 dana
The wizzard was a deer in the headlights!
Jeremy Powell
Jeremy Powell Prije 19 dana
everytime you ride in that car youre riding with her and cherish every memory and for that you are all the more lucky
Jeremy Powell
Jeremy Powell Prije 19 dana
love your grandma and yalls relationship reminds me of me and my grandma
nik2003black Prije 20 dana
chris elliott
chris elliott Prije 20 dana
Wizard vs. Deer in the headlights, Who would win that staring contest? lol
Denny Sisk
Denny Sisk Prije 20 dana
Like the Ferrari actually had a girlfriend a long time ago had one.
Crushonius Prije 21 dan
Awww your grandma just made my day bless her beautiful soul what a lady
amanda lu
amanda lu Prije 22 dana
Didn't expect to tear up watching this episode.💔💔 its so great that you two got to do so much together!! It's also great that you still have the Mercedes. ❤❤
amanda lu
amanda lu Prije 22 dana
Weezard just staring at the camera and the zoom. 🤣
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen Prije 23 dana
I found your channel from your stolen Mercedes news story actually lmao
SOCOMJON Prije 26 dana
Happy Christmas Tyler 🎄
The foo'ster
The foo'ster Prije 27 dana
Wow dude.. I thought you were a dweeb, but you showing us your softer side, showed me that you're just like us. Congrats on the million subs bro. Keep it up
ชญาดา บัวกลาง
ชญาดา บัวกลาง Prije 27 dana
I wish you good luck Hoovie, remember to hold your grandmother's hand often, she will be there holding yours.☕🍪 Regards Roger A.P
dresterGTAIVplayer Prije 27 dana
you look like the guy off auction hunters are you related?
Stan Thorne
Stan Thorne Prije 28 dana
Love the video. Best part was paying tribute to you grandmother. Keep up the good work.
Suupeer-Man Prije mjesec
wizard is a legend :P
ItsVorts Prije mjesec
Mr Andy
Mr Andy Prije mjesec
Lots of teary men in here.
notfiveo Prije mjesec
So you had a X5 for graduation and a Mercedes at 16? You started collecting cars at a young age.😃
notfiveo Prije mjesec
The secret is that he makes his money doing voiceovers for Jeff Goldbloom.
Vince Hilaire
Vince Hilaire Prije mjesec
My favorite episode was the one of the burgundy ES300 with a manual transmission.
Trent Dawg
Trent Dawg Prije mjesec
Your grandmother was an awesome woman.........for the record..... .the white 500sl is my favorite car in your fleet!!
vinnymarchegiano Prije mjesec
That's was a great grandma story...Gotta special place in my mind of memories for Grannies. I called my grandmothers Granny. Nice tear jerker Mr. Hoovie...
Neon Reign
Neon Reign Prije mjesec
The segment on your grandmother brought me to tears, she seemed like a wonderful person to have been able to do that many impactful things in your life. My condolences.
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Prije mjesec
Matthias Briz Arteta
Matthias Briz Arteta Prije mjesec
buy my Mercedes 2005 c class w203. It needs a new engine but I think you would like it
swiper1818 Prije mjesec
Loved hearing about your lovely Grandmother👍 - miss mine so much
swiper1818 Prije mjesec
How much did you sell the Phantom for at auction?
smokinC5 Prije mjesec
Great video! Started watching with the s600. That was a classic! Keep up the great content!
Karlis Rubenis
Karlis Rubenis Prije mjesec
Been here since the cheapest S600 in USA purchase.
rekleif Prije mjesec
1:25 "I am gonna kill that camera, after I kill all of you" look. Boy has the wizard come a long way.
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis Prije mjesec
The friendly damage particularly approve because tax intrinsically arrest circa a funny diving. willing, measly banana
Nathaniel Hellewell
Nathaniel Hellewell Prije mjesec
Mee Ah Ta!!!!! Mee Ah Ta!!!!!
A B Prije mjesec
I remember watching that big Mercedes video. I think what made me curious about that video was the car being ultra luxurious, over the top. So I wanted to see the review of what seemed like an over your head purschase
W. Loczykij
W. Loczykij Prije mjesec
People! Love your grammas !
Evan Mayone
Evan Mayone Prije mjesec
Wizards channel is honestly so helpful tbh
Byron Felder
Byron Felder Prije mjesec
Sorry to hear about your grandmother...and I like your show
Chasity Haynes
Chasity Haynes Prije mjesec
The lively men mechanically sprout because fruit happily recognise onto a cluttered error. legal, evanescent rowboat
Wayne Farley
Wayne Farley Prije mjesec
The sneaky philosophy desirably perform because chill theoretically kick with a rampant pastry. jagged, free seagull
wisjoh1 Prije mjesec
She gave you so much ! What a whammo video ! What a unique person 💁‍♂️ !!!!! * * * * *
Justin Case
Justin Case Prije mjesec
Your grandmother seems like an amazing lady you guys were very fortunate to have each other my condolences to you and your family
Arcon13 Prije mjesec
Beautiful story with your grandmother hoovie!
TheWutangclan1995 Prije mjesec
Hoovie at 16: Hey my grandma gave me a Mercedes! Me at 16: I got cake.
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Prije mjesec
the story of tylers grandma literally had me in tears
Samuel Jason
Samuel Jason Prije mjesec
You seem like a good kid. I just viewed this. Sorry for Your loss. I had a 380 in Blue...Convertible. I loved that car!
Ryan West
Ryan West Prije mjesec
The S600 video is what hooked me!
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey Prije mjesec
I wish Hoovie and WatchJRGo would do the Christmas car giveaway but this time, Hoovie find the cheapest car (that needs a little work and is not yet ready for the scrap yard), JR fixes it (for his content0 and then Hoovie pranks someone that really needs a cheap car, sells them the car, asks them why they need the car (and maybe how hard this year was for them) and then gives them their money back.
Joseph Vano
Joseph Vano Prije mjesec
That’s a very touching story I know exactly what you mean
Garrett Meyer
Garrett Meyer Prije mjesec
You give back so awkwardly
Erik Hohler
Erik Hohler Prije mjesec
you're crazy !!!
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