THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! My Mercedes SLS AMG Got The Wrong Fluid In The Wrong Place???

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije mjesec
One thing I'm very thankful for this Thanksgiving is my 10 year bromance with the Car Wizard. I could not own these hoopties without him. My channel has always been pretty honest showing the good with the bad, but usually the bad only applies to the many stupid things I do, or the stupid things nameless BMW engineers have done over the years. In this instance, the Wizard made a doozy of a mistake, and I was really worried and upset about my dream car (and a huge investment). Clearly, though, I was being a bit of a drama queen here. The Car Wizard agreed to handle it immediately, and even said it was ok that we make this video on the subject before I even asked. I was conflicted about doing it, but knew would be a good, honest story about the ups and downs of car ownership. It's clear many of you think I rubbed Wizard's nose in it a little too much, and you are absolutely right. He is a great mechanic, and nobody is perfect, and I'm glad to see the thousands of nice comments showing you don't think less of him, because I don't. I also understand why some of you think less of me, being so upset about something that isn't life and death. I know many people would dream about having the problems I have, especially in this current turbulent world. I totally get it, and apologize to those I disappointed. I'm very fortunate to be where I am, and I'll never forget that it's because you all watch these stupid videos.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Prije 12 dana
Hoopties??? Could you speak English please Prije 17 dana
Actually, if you watch the original video again, Wizard said where the fluids should go correctly and his mecanic who supposedly knew what he was doing, told him he had them back to front, so wizard was not at fault, it was his mecanic to blame!
KOPF kino
KOPF kino Prije 20 dana
You should try a 0,9 Fiat Seicento or Cinquecento. Thats more fun than this Mercédes.
Raul Lucio
Raul Lucio Prije 22 dana
Whichever way to try to spin it you did him dirty by blasting him in front of millions of people, all so that you could get your little views. I would never put my mechanics reputation on the line like that especially since he took ownership of his mistake and stated he would fix it. Obviously views are more important than friendship to you. Peace out ✌🏻
Renato Testa
Renato Testa Prije 24 dana
Lots of love to you and the Wizard both. Getting emotional about something of that magnitude is understandable, albeit unfortunate. Wizard was honest and it proves how good of a mechanic he actually is. You will both grow, hopefully mutually, from this experience. Bless you both.
JP L Prije 7 sati
Wizard and you: 2 gentlemen
Peter Fenchel
Peter Fenchel Prije 19 sati
Every 11 seconds some guy in this world puts his thing in the wrong hole.
DD PN Prije dan
The Jaguar newbie did this to my mom's new XJ6. They gave her a new car but didn't fire the kid but instead trained him better which made both of us happy.
Craven Moorehead
Craven Moorehead Prije dan
Cut d hamstring....he never walk again
michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije dan
About time I lived seeing him own up to something. Wizard the type if it wasn't filmed he would have said he didnt do it. He still tried to tell hoovie u should be glad u didnt drive it 3000 miles. It still would have been your fault fatass if he did.
family man
family man Prije dan
Everyone makes mistakes he is a honest mechanic. That wouldn't stop me using him
Steve Prije 2 dana
Keep it humble dude
Scrapcash2 Prije 4 dana
Show me a human being who doesn't make a mistake every now and then. People in glass houses!!
MinhaLuta Prije 5 dana
Citing: "One thing I'm very thankful for this Thanksgiving is my 10-year bromance with the Car Wizard...". I do think you´re kind of a pussy man! Of course, it´s about business, but you should value more your Car Wizard, for you won´t find many of those guys IN THE WORLD. You did not act like a gentleman, for you are clearly not one, and you aggravated so much the poor guy, that I have pitied him. Remember all the profit this guy has already made clear for you, timeless hours at "special price for Hoovies", walk the last 30 miles back on your knees and ask him to pardon you for your CHILDISH behavior. 😡😡😡
Mark Castillo
Mark Castillo Prije 5 dana
That lambo is sexy af man I like it better than your sl63 but your sl63 is nice too.
Dawn Hale
Dawn Hale Prije 9 dana
What's next to the old woody?? That silver thing.. like I know what it is just can not think of the name.. think it starts with a A tho lol
Kolin Stallman
Kolin Stallman Prije 14 dana
EVANS WATERLESS COOLANT!? And the so called wizard just let this happen? You guys are insane. If that has overheating issues you just made it worse.
William Steele
William Steele Prije 14 dana
Back in 1987 I had a Dodge Conquest TSi just like that one in background!
Rico4you Prije 14 dana
The Wizard goes to The Dark Side! 😈 Vader Voice.."Hoovie I'm your Father" Wizard Wars!
Raymond Woodrow
Raymond Woodrow Prije 14 dana
I'm glad that everything has worked out with the SLS, as a lot of people have said on here, mistakes happen, the Wizard is human just like the rest of us and we also all react differently to different things. I'm a recent follower and subscriber and I really enjoy your channel's content, long may it continue, stay well and stay safe.
jason thomas
jason thomas Prije 15 dana
Wow talk about chucking the wizard under the bus with this video.
Craig Turpin
Craig Turpin Prije 15 dana
Poor wizard, he’s clearly upset about making such a mistake. The wizard is the best!
Paul Wadsworth
Paul Wadsworth Prije 15 dana
I take it this is in the USA?
Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt Prije 15 dana
Why did he have to make this video, couldn't he have kept this one between him and The wizard. I guess the HRpost views and money that comes with that was worth making his friend the wizard feel that bad
sam hanks
sam hanks Prije 15 dana
Wizard wizard wizard 👍😎
sam hanks
sam hanks Prije 15 dana
Omg omg omg 👍😎
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson Prije 15 dana
That was a shit go on hoovies behalf,they obviously consider each other friends. Itd be a different story if wizard was just Tyler's mechanic but putting a friend on show for the whole globe to see was a dick move. I already loved wizard but this gave me a whole new respect For him. The way he was genuinely hurt by it,you can see how much passion he still has for he's work. I couldn't help but cringe at this video.
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution Prije 15 dana
Mistakes like this happen when a mechanic doesn't want any repeat business from you. I do a variation of "the wrong hole" when I dont want a girl to call me ever again. Every once in a while they call you more.
danielraul1989 Prije 15 dana
Would take my car to the wizard anytime
Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Prije 17 dana
I’m a welder and even sometimes I get burned. It’s part of being a craftsman, a tradesman. Sometimes you just get it wrong. The Wizard made it right though!!!!
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Prije 18 dana
I'm revisiting the transmission saga. Tyler was the only one on top of it. All I can say, is Jonny wouldn't have messed this up.
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars Prije 18 dana
Good genial response, proper gentlemen, both in the vid and their pinned comments.
Iberius Pred
Iberius Pred Prije 18 dana
It's like my doctor just diagnosed me with cancer. I've only got three days to live. Please distract me!!!!
Crushonius Prije 18 dana
you were awfully nice to the wizard if one of my friends messed up i would rib him till he cried and then some . and tease him for months and months over it and after all that i would calm down and just remind him about it a couple times a year till death do us part xD NO i am not petty its just the codex of brothers Rule 1 if a brother fucks up you shall bust his balls relentlessly
Abalem Yonas
Abalem Yonas Prije 19 dana
i subscribed to car wizard after this video such a nice guy !!!!!
Tony King
Tony King Prije 20 dana
WELL he is human so mistake will happen. And he owned it so give the guy a break. You can see he embarrassed.
L Raubal
L Raubal Prije 21 dan
Why does he continue to use that fat lazy incompetent useless so called mechanic? ????? Why? ???
Alex Galvez
Alex Galvez Prije 22 dana
I love watching you and wizards videos y’all are awesome
blarfneggs Prije 22 dana
Getting rich off videos. Doesn't seem like a big loss even if the trans went bad. Typical spoiled boy needs his balls coddled.
Kang Tchou
Kang Tchou Prije 22 dana
You are rubbing off on the Car Wizard the wrong way, but we are all human. Car Wizard needs to work on fewer cars and stop hanging out with Hoovies Garage.
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. Prije 23 dana
From what I’ve heard, waterless coolant (WC) doesn’t run cooler, it actually runs hotter but as it boils at a higher temperature there isn’t the characteristic cloud of steam when it happens to warn you it’s overheating, therefore it’s possible the engine can run hotter than intended and overheat without you realising it. The reason water is used in almost all engines is because it transfers heat very efficiently (better than WC) so by switching it out in favour of WC on an engine that’s prone to overheating it could be a big and expensive mistake to install it without making improvements to the cooling system. I’m sure an engineer could work out the thermal conductivity difference in the 2 coolants and work out what extra volume of radiator could compensate for this shortfall in WC efficiency.
Darwinion Prije 23 dana
Evans waterless coolant is shit. That's a downgrade for the woody.
Agent Hobs
Agent Hobs Prije 23 dana
I always watch your vidoes but after this you are worst man in the world
Howard Williams
Howard Williams Prije 23 dana
Eric D.
Eric D. Prije 25 dana
wizard handled that like a pro
Jayseal22 Prije 26 dana
I love that you’re kind of breaking the wizards balls on this but he’s actually really worried and upset. It’s good to have such a decent relationship with your mechanic.
Rockeroller Prije 26 dana
Even DOCTORS do this type of stuff, but you won't hear about it unless it happened to a celeb.
Aatu Helminen
Aatu Helminen Prije 27 dana
you should buy yourself 1992 VW golf diesel, no stress
Hamza Sherazi
Hamza Sherazi Prije 27 dana
Just keep this in mind at all times Hoovie: The wizard is a vital part of this channel. I have been subscribed and watching since day one but if there is even an hint of wizard not coming back, i along with many others may leave. Technically speaking it wasn't the Wizards fault, it was magic mike who directed where the fluids went. TBF wizard handled it all very professionally. Hopefully this doesn't change anything regarding the relation with the wizard. BTW for 2 weeks i was unable to watch your videos so i haven't watched the videos ahead of this one. I assume things would be normal.
Justin Bluem
Justin Bluem Prije 27 dana
As a fellow mechanic I can say if you come into the shop calm mind and clean mouth we will work with you the best we can, if you come in screaming we will do the bare minimum to get you out the door and out of are hair. Please be nice to your mechanics we are not just replaceable cogs in a shop and it is a stressful job to do.
Warwick Poole
Warwick Poole Prije 28 dana
I swear Car Wizard seems like the most genuinely trustworthy, knowledgeable and just plain friendly car expert on HRpost.
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisher Prije 28 dana
It's NOT a transaxle in that car. Transaxles have ONE case containing the differential and the gearbox. They also share the same fluid. Your AMG has a transmission/differential in SEPARATE cases using separate fluids. You can separate the trans from the diff on that car, but you CAN'T separate them on a transaxle-equipped car... its a common mistake to call it a transaxle, but it only shows one doesnt know what theyre talking about when they call them by the wrong name. Money doesn't buy only makes folks laugh when someone chokes on it...😏
jon mccormick
jon mccormick Prije 28 dana
All the DCTs use special fluids. = Have a VW dual clutch transmission? --> better use the VW fluid. -And expect to pay a premium for it.
iSurvived TwentyTwenty
iSurvived TwentyTwenty Prije 28 dana
Bro wizard didn’t need all that passive aggressive shit. He said he’s fix it what more do you want bro
FBobby Prije 28 dana
Garages carry insurance for this exact reason. If something goes terribly wrong they can fix it and not have to dump 30K into a car.
ASTROKIDD Prije 29 dana
I am very disappointed at Tyler ;0
Gene Whitman
Gene Whitman Prije mjesec
Video for February, 2020- transmission dies....back to the Wizard...then what?
Ron Matson
Ron Matson Prije mjesec
New steering wheel and gas cap,what a thing to be able to feel better about with everything else all jacked up
King of Newyork
King of Newyork Prije mjesec
Next time take it to the fucking Mercedes dealerships if it's such a big fucking deal. And the wizard hooked you up plenty of times so stop bitching
King of Newyork
King of Newyork Prije mjesec
Car makers should just make all car fluids the same lol
Bv1nte Prije mjesec
its always a joy to see americans working on european cars xD
Fred J.
Fred J. Prije mjesec
A serious question please? (Am not bad mouthing anyone or making fun of anyone). Why/How did Magic Mike who is the "Pro" of these cars make the mistake? Cause he was paying too much attention to the video making or......?? Great video you are a very honest shop indeed!
Rafael Fiallo
Rafael Fiallo Prije 25 dana
Or they were doing it on purpose to create extra fake drama.......
Casey Wilson
Casey Wilson Prije mjesec
Stand up business owner. Went above and beyond. I wish I had a mechanic like the wizard.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Prije mjesec
As a mechanic I can't help but feel bad for the wizard. I understand someone being upset and worried but idk about making it a public shame show. He agreed to fix it and make it right I don't think digging the dagger deeper is going to help any.
John Doe
John Doe Prije mjesec
I remember being told to put sawdust in the noisy engines gear boxes rear axles of cars going to the car auctions. Stops engine slap I guess so does a little heavy duty gear oil .I also remember piping in a red heavy duty heat resitant grease in to axles and gear boxes to eleminate leaks as it was very thick .I was not there to reason why I was there to do and try.I was event told to stand by and bid if a car wasn't making its reserve. And I could make filler out of anything including play dough and make convincing colour matches using water based paints under the right light. Good times.
John Doe
John Doe Prije mjesec
Its got a quartek steering like a 1970s Austin allegro.I love square steering wheels.
G Luis
G Luis Prije mjesec
What happened, happened. In this case, you are lucky as oil is oil and the damage is non-existent as you didn't drive it long enough to damage anything.
Fabbricato Personareale
Fabbricato Personareale Prije mjesec
I mean if you cant afford a transmission to go out you shouldnt have 30 expensive cars and a mansion. Are you that tight? You probably make 20k+ a month doing the easiest job possible. As a subscriber, its good to see that you've re-evaluated yourself and apologized though.
Miguel Angel Santiago
Miguel Angel Santiago Prije mjesec
Great video dude
timm55 Prije mjesec
The GT350 is GORGEOUS!
Kenneth M. Sullivan
Kenneth M. Sullivan Prije mjesec
I feel bad for Mike.
Christopher Gater
Christopher Gater Prije mjesec
Great love and respect for wizard and his channel. You could make a thousand successful repairs and one mistake. And that’s the one people pay attention too.
Zach Goebeler
Zach Goebeler Prije mjesec
Wizard is the best and most honest mechanic ever. Most mechanics would say its fine if someone brought a car back for a reason like this
jamie biddleston
jamie biddleston Prije mjesec
Tbf wizard called it correct, the Mercedes tech was at fault and corrected him (wrongly )
jmlandry77 Prije mjesec
I think Hoovie blew a gasket off camera and said things he regretted, which is why he was sooo apologetic. I could see Wizard holding himself back, he could pick Hoovie up and snap him in half if provoked. I smell tension in their relationship. Wizard wants to be nice as Hoovie made him a minor celebrity.
North-Hankspin Prije mjesec
The Wizard did what was right in the customer care department, and you did a great job playing a dickhead customer.
Shaun shaunk
Shaun shaunk Prije mjesec
Your both adults that shows in your reaction to a mistake. Both deserve a👍👍👍👍
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
The Car Wizard is the only guy I knew who fucked up but I ended up respecting him even more because of it. Total integrity
Steel on Target
Steel on Target Prije mjesec
I wonder who his next mechanic will be?
Kaleem Prije mjesec
Hoovie reacted pretty calmly. Wizard looks like hes about to cry.
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
Oh I'm sure Hoovie did not react well initially at all. I think this was a staged "No harm no foul" video
Braxton Myers
Braxton Myers Prije mjesec
That corvette isn’t that bad. Check out @autoauctionrebuilds “Swamp thing”
mk3golf7 Prije mjesec
Wizard is honest! Recognizes his mistakes and makes it right
spiloFTW Prije mjesec
How many people are getting payed the good bucks by one single youtuber lol :D
Mr Andersson
Mr Andersson Prije mjesec
Using someone's (wrong) hole is guaranteed to result in a lot of anger... let alone inseminating it with (the wrong) fluid!
InaldsBlog Prije mjesec
Wizard is human. And. a good guy.
Fox Slider
Fox Slider Prije mjesec
Lol. It's funny, but jokes aside. The car wizard is an absolute badass. Even the best mess up. It happens. We're human.
William Stewart
William Stewart Prije mjesec
Hoovie made the unforgivable mistake of buying that vehicle, on purpose! Dave, aka the Wizzard is a bloody legend, and a gentleman.
James Carroll
James Carroll Prije mjesec
Wounded Pride can Cut Deep, sometimes even Deeper than a Close Friendship, Time will tell 😥
Michael Hogburn
Michael Hogburn Prije mjesec
Huge respect for the Wizard. He is doing wonders for the reputation of independent mechanic shops. But folks, really, Tyler being a drama Queen is half the reason we watch right. Glad to know it’s all biz as usual now.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Prije mjesec
You can tell wizard felt bad this whole video.
First Name Second Name
First Name Second Name Prije mjesec
🤔Let’s face it though, it’s made for good content and this video wouldn’t exist nor the subsequent generate add revenue for the channel.... silver lining 🤷🏻‍♂️
RogueBrit Prije mjesec
Genuinely awkward viewing
Equalisequal Prije mjesec
Tyler, it’s not only viewers that bring you wealth. It’s also content. Wizard has done you so well, how many times? I’ll wait..... How many times has he come through? Again, I’ll wait. He makes a mistake, and you throw a tantrum. You should rebrand. Maybe Karen Hoover would suit you better.
Dauz Ryder
Dauz Ryder Prije mjesec
man,I need wizard type of mechanic in my country 😔
Capt. Beak
Capt. Beak Prije mjesec
You know on the Mustang the manual steering cars had larger steering wheel to give you a little more leverage on the steering gear.
Capt. Beak
Capt. Beak Prije mjesec
So how long does your SLS have the free quarterly SLS trans fluid change warranty? Seriously even if it's okay I would change the trans fluids every few months for a while.
Tasteless Chicken
Tasteless Chicken Prije mjesec
Poor guy makes one mistake and Hoovie is ready to sell him out to the internet. Unsubed.
juicybaka12761276 Prije mjesec
“There’s no reason to get mad” Ya because you didn’t pay for the car, your viewers did. Along with all your other “things”. Enjoy it while it lasts buddy
Information Broker
Information Broker Prije mjesec
We love you, Wizard.
4GsRacing Prije mjesec
As my dad (a mechanic for over 30 years) always said.. if you don't any mistakes your not doing enough work!
kaddiddlehopper Prije mjesec
Doesn't matter how much someone has or what advantages they enjoy, they will manufacture things to worry about, as in they put 20 miles on their 50th car with the wrong fluid and are afraid of a breakdown.. Such is life.
leedstown Prije mjesec
Not much happening in the recent videos
r sprockets
r sprockets Prije mjesec
Aww send his wife some flowers and a box of candy for how sweet the wiz is
compactc9 Prije mjesec
Having a trusted mechanic is always good, but when mistakes happen, it makes all the difference.
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