Dyno Testing My Cheap Ferrari 348 with 100,000 Miles!

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serbia991 Prije 26 dana
You should ditch that gay nusic
Raimond Deieso
Raimond Deieso Prije mjesec
It’s a insane amounts money to keep that car on the road
Danial Howe
Danial Howe Prije 3 mjeseci
dont let anyone smack talk your Fiero...its adorable... lol
チームKユニバ好きディズニー好き Prije 3 mjeseci
ferrari 340tb very cool
MONERISplayz Prije 3 mjeseci
Is that a z32
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson Prije 4 mjeseci
Didn't actually think a ferrari would be strong enough to get to 100 000 miles.
Aaron D
Aaron D Prije 4 mjeseci
I always liked the baby testarossa. But I often ponder...who stole the design from who on the rear end when it comes to the 348 and same era 300zx...pretty similar looking.
Andras Libal
Andras Libal Prije 5 mjeseci
Slow noise machine == check. What on Earth is that upholstery on the seats ... it looks like a dated bus interior.
GoogleLeaveMyNameAlone Prije 5 mjeseci
In this video, Hoovie tries to salvage the car's value.
Marek W.
Marek W. Prije 6 mjeseci
By "no drone", do you mean lots of drone?
swingersonian Prije 6 mjeseci
I agree about the appeal of a more interactive driving experience. I also want a gated shifter and a lot of road feel. I think it looks much better than your Testarossa too.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie man, the car is still good but..... When this car came out, the Japanese were full throttle with their own sports car offerings. The iconic Toyota Supra Turbo, the popular Nissan 300ZX, the funky Mazda RX-7, the cool Mitsubishi 3000GT and of course, the badass Acura NSX were ALL available for immediate delivery. So Ferrari and zee Germans were getting their asses kicked all over. The moral of the story? The Fast and Furious franchise has featured all these cars for a reason: they still function, at minimal cost in comparison to the Euro / American cars. Thanks for doing this, it's a good channel. Now go restore one of the aforementioned Japanese cars. ;+)
Timothy White
Timothy White Prije 7 mjeseci
That car looks sooo good on the dyno. The wheel size to body ratio is just perfect! I do wish there were torque numbers to go with the hp.
harry Prije 7 mjeseci
Where did you get the "who in the right mind" upholstery? Fascinating....
harry Prije 7 mjeseci
BTW; 3.4 liter Displacement, 8 Cylinders: 348
time traveler are we there yet
time traveler are we there yet Prije 7 mjeseci
acutually u can replace the belts without droping the engine u just godda know what to do
james James
james James Prije 7 mjeseci
Dyno testing there is no better way to blow up your car👍👍👍👍
Adam Prije 7 mjeseci
Those seats looks like my 3rd grade school picture background
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Prije 8 mjeseci
Those seats look terrible reupholstered with that colourful looking fabric, looks like it's from a toddlers high chair.
Justin Wight
Justin Wight Prije 8 mjeseci
Mate- you have to get 2nd hand Ferrari seats.. The ones you have look terrible !! Amazing car..
Tony Oliver
Tony Oliver Prije 8 mjeseci
In 1991 the ferrari 348 ts lost a comparison and 1/4 drag race to the gmc syclone which was an awd v6 turbo charged pick-up truck that literally killed the sales of this great looking car.
autophyte Prije 8 mjeseci
At approx 12:21, the dyno readout at the bottom of the screen says,"RPMX1000"and the maximum power is over between the 9 and 10 marks, and tapers off to about the 11000 RPM mark.Is there something wrong with the dyno's rev counter? That engine can't possibly be revving to over 9500 RPM. Also, the numbers start at 4000 RPM. Is it my eyes or what?
Alastair Faulds
Alastair Faulds Prije 8 mjeseci
Those seats are an abomination :) the original leather clad ones were so sexy!
Andy Rouse
Andy Rouse Prije 8 mjeseci
Those seats are awful
enginepy Prije 8 mjeseci
I love the videos but sometimes he kinda drones on for a while before actually getting to the subject of the video. Still thumbs up though
Victor Alvarez Martinez
Victor Alvarez Martinez Prije 8 mjeseci
Hey! what about the license plate?? It's not Georgia's anymore!!
the Wellness Channel
the Wellness Channel Prije 8 mjeseci
Lol that intro
Joel López Jové
Joel López Jové Prije 8 mjeseci
These seats... no way man
John Miller
John Miller Prije 8 mjeseci
This was the last real Ferrari. It was the last car that Enzo oversaw, before he died.
Jezza Prije 8 mjeseci
I really want to do something similar exhaust wise with my car. It is fast enough but if you want to hear anything, you have to be incredibly stupid
Redlined997 C2S
Redlined997 C2S Prije 8 mjeseci
I like your 348. I am glad it worked out for you. It's got to be fun otherwise, what's the point?
Bubi Prije 9 mjeseci
If you don't like how the 348 looks you shouldn't be allowed to even talk about cars ever.
GrAYvTrAnE Prije 9 mjeseci
Capristo exhaust is tops
Eric R
Eric R Prije 9 mjeseci
It makes just as much power as my honda😂😂
Matthew Magee
Matthew Magee Prije 9 mjeseci
Rich mans Na miata
Joseph D'Angelo
Joseph D'Angelo Prije 9 mjeseci
I can say that for Euro trash that vehicle is okay with me it's actually in the same line as a detomaso Pantera although I think the Ferrari was better designed probably buy the same designer although the detomaso Pantera is way faster
REALITY 1 Prije 10 mjeseci
Eugene Cussen
Eugene Cussen Prije 10 mjeseci
Shaddup and track it ;-)
Wen Kusumawardhana
Wen Kusumawardhana Prije 10 mjeseci
It should be white.
Res Non Verba
Res Non Verba Prije 10 mjeseci
Those seats are embarrassing.
Benjamin Gurley
Benjamin Gurley Prije 10 mjeseci
I think your Ferrari looks great 👍🏻
alexander breschi
alexander breschi Prije 10 mjeseci
IT’S pronounced DINO (I is pronounced like an E), it’s the name of Dino Ferrari.
superdupergrover Prije 10 mjeseci
100k miles? That's nothin'. My prius is 2.3 times BETTER than that!
Nogood Username
Nogood Username Prije 11 mjeseci
1980s Gmc cycle in the back ground
Kentucky Colonel
Kentucky Colonel Prije 11 mjeseci
Those seats??!?? WHY??! WHY BRO WHY?!!
Doublevanoz Prije 11 mjeseci
That exhaust drones too much and isnt loud enough
Doublevanoz Prije 11 mjeseci
"for meee" Sounds like a spoiled valley girl
Justin Durney
Justin Durney Prije 11 mjeseci
Just a thought , would be nice to have a photo of the cars you mentioned while talking about them .
Parker Schless
Parker Schless Prije 11 mjeseci
Link to that Star Trek TNG póster in the back pls 😋
charles SANDBERG
charles SANDBERG Prije 11 mjeseci
jimeny I was hoping to see 300+:! ha ha and see comrade eat his shoe!
elesjuan Prije 11 mjeseci
I like the sounds, but this still doesn't touch the F355's exhaust note with the same exhaust. Also, does it make you cry that my turbo miata made 280whp with a stock 1.8L engine and 10psi of boost? :D
laurieh Prije 11 mjeseci
Wears seatbelt and pulls up handbrake on dyno haha
DAPS15ER Prije 11 mjeseci
Omg! Is that a Typhoon in the back ground???
John Coryat
John Coryat Prije 11 mjeseci
Lumping the 360 in with the other modern Ferrari's is unjust. A gated 360 is an exciting and fun to drive car at any speed. Then again, what do I know?
acalthu Prije 11 mjeseci
Just don't let the virgin borrow this one.
Alexander Wingeskog
Alexander Wingeskog Prije 11 mjeseci
Don't understand that dyno chart though. The engine does not do 14-15k RPM. And the torque?
FOR THE LOVE OF CARS Prije 11 mjeseci
I LOVE the Dragon Ball Z reference!! And you used the badass vintage "Ocean Dub" version!
jiggy chad neuman
jiggy chad neuman Prije 11 mjeseci
Buy old cavalier z24 1988 I would love to see that on your channel
Darrell Eidse
Darrell Eidse Prije 11 mjeseci
those seats got to go back to Wal Mart
Darrell Eidse
Darrell Eidse Prije 11 mjeseci
RICKS WORLD dereaux Prije 11 mjeseci
When you retire, this Ferrari costs a fortune🤔😁👍🇮🇹💵
Fabian Quesada
Fabian Quesada Prije 11 mjeseci
Rather have Hoovie do goofy youtube videos to this car being stored in a garage to never be used. Cars are meant to be driven
HyperXprojects Prije 11 mjeseci
Sean Knelsen
Sean Knelsen Prije 11 mjeseci
Are you making that shirt?!
Casey Wilkinson
Casey Wilkinson Prije 11 mjeseci
Dogleg gearbox?
Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight Prije 11 mjeseci
Thing is the ABSOLUTE perfect shape
Lap of the World
Lap of the World Prije 11 mjeseci
Cool data point for early 90's super-sports cars! I've been curious how other stuff holds up after seeing 267whp from my at-the-time 232,000 mile NSX (with just an exhaust). 348s are somewhat more maligned than they should be and the TB in particular I find a handsome car as a "baby Testarossa", even if the 355 refined the shape into arguable perfection.
elcaminosunlimited Prije 11 mjeseci
Ugh, that city bus seat upholstery looks terrible in this thing.
Bob DeCardenas
Bob DeCardenas Prije 11 mjeseci
The car is beautiful. The exhaust is great. The seats👎 and wild
Toby the Glen
Toby the Glen Prije 11 mjeseci
What grade fuel did you use?
Rich A
Rich A Prije 11 mjeseci
Nice old Ferrari
Will Floyd-Evans
Will Floyd-Evans Prije 11 mjeseci
I was afraid you weren't going to stop until that poor thing threw a rod...
bobbisixkiller Prije 11 mjeseci
The seats is a DAMN SHAME!!!!!
GetoverYourself Prije 11 mjeseci
This guy talks entirely too much. Get to the subject of the title.
Tommy F
Tommy F Prije 11 mjeseci
I think I have a photo of your Murci at a car show in NJ
tim ford
tim ford Prije 11 mjeseci
Capristo exhaust; disturbing the peace, since 2019.
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Prije 11 mjeseci
Notice the flat power curves. It's got that engaging feeling without waiting on turbo's to spool up. Not a bad car for weekend fun.
Roo The conqueror
Roo The conqueror Prije 11 mjeseci
wait I thought it wasnt an engine out operation
Fred Quimby
Fred Quimby Prije 11 mjeseci
Congrats on getting a pretty cool and decent running 4RE. Virtually no power loss after 100,000k is amazing.
Rider Lee
Rider Lee Prije 11 mjeseci
I feel the same with my skoda fabia 1.2 64bhp. Fast at legal speed. 😭
Ramses Rizal
Ramses Rizal Prije 11 mjeseci
Ferrari 348 : honey I shrunk the Testarossa
Ryan Sahl
Ryan Sahl Prije 11 mjeseci
I think the 348 looks great until you get to the rear. It looks too short compared to the rest of the car
bryce_the_quick Prije 11 mjeseci
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: this car sounds so heavenly 👌🏻
Getzopurple Prije 11 mjeseci
that weird moment when your bmw makes more power then a ferrari
Gene King
Gene King Prije 11 mjeseci
Video starts @8:12
7ViewerLogic Prije 11 mjeseci
With new wheels it would look great!
Robert Pickavance
Robert Pickavance Prije 11 mjeseci
Hoovie, the only guy who wears a seatbelt on a dyno.
DuBstep115 Prije 11 mjeseci
More like 12% drivetrain loss and 2% from the engine power.
jmrtinez69 Prije 11 mjeseci
The car is 1 to 1 in 5th gear?
Mat Harris
Mat Harris Prije 11 mjeseci
Agree,it’s aged well, and it’s about driver involvement and not all ab out horsepower
Ryan Raynor
Ryan Raynor Prije 11 mjeseci
Time to add some boost
Jerry S
Jerry S Prije 11 mjeseci
fizzys26 Prije 11 mjeseci
I love this car, and it’s dated quirks.
vomErsten Prije 11 mjeseci
I scrolled through the comments for a bit and was amazed that nobody mentioned your shirt. I have two of those shirts, myself, and got a good chuckle out of it!
Ye Feng Chen
Ye Feng Chen Prije 11 mjeseci
Wonder why you didn’t go for the kreissieg exhaust for the 348 hoovie
Steven D
Steven D Prije 11 mjeseci
I’ll take that Typhoon, please.
Whiskey Town
Whiskey Town Prije 11 mjeseci
If the seat trim was split up, near the top a 3-4inch gap of different fabric near the neck area would make the seats so much better.
Alp Prije 11 mjeseci
At one point it sounds like an Aventador.
Wak Job
Wak Job Prije 11 mjeseci
LS swap and be done with it ;-)
Tim Tursonoff
Tim Tursonoff Prije 11 mjeseci
No, Hoovie, on a mid-engined Ferrari driveline loss in only 12%
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