Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy A Cheap Used Ferrari

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 9 mjeseci
Check out Chaseontwowheels video of the 348, some very pretty shots!
Manny Carvalho
Manny Carvalho Prije mjesec
Hoovie how do afford all them cars + Property u got bcuz I’m trying to make it like you but I’m haveing a hard time don’t mind me I’m just being CURIOUS , Thank you
Manny Carvalho
Manny Carvalho Prije mjesec
Hey Hoovie what u think about a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis?
Bill Killernic
Bill Killernic Prije 7 mjeseci
I think most of the added cost is exactly because previous owners didnt bring the car for an official ferrari service, they instead used 3rd party shops which didnt do a good job which resulted to further damage or reoccurring damage soon after the unofficial repair...
my btd battles channel
my btd battles channel Prije 7 mjeseci
moral of the story, buy a Ferrari shell and put a Camry drive train in it for reliability?
Kylesekou 869-416
Kylesekou 869-416 Prije 8 mjeseci
You should do a video of wrapping one of your sports coupes save the original paint & get any color under & over the sun once you find a reputable wrap shop
Bernhard Tsuballa
Bernhard Tsuballa Prije 2 sati
The installation of the cockpit instruments is as bad as in a cheap Fiat. The material used is as valuable as a yogurt pot.
Aaron Kastriot Iseni
Aaron Kastriot Iseni Prije 2 sati
He put two of my last cars i owned only in repairs. And that's only from 2010, i don't count repairs before that.
Matt Abercrombie
Matt Abercrombie Prije 12 sati
Those seats are God Awful. Who stole the casino carpet to upholster those seats.
Glenn McEnroe
Glenn McEnroe Prije dan
A Ferrari designed to keep service dept afloat, lol
jim demetri
jim demetri Prije 10 dana
James Peck
James Peck Prije 19 dana
What do you call a Ferrari with 100k miles? A parts car.
amanda lu
amanda lu Prije 19 dana
I love ninja, he is always smiling! "I did a booboo" his statement made me laugh.
Ferrari's are for people who enjoy tinkering on cars just like Jeeps. Part of the fun is fixing them or upgrading them.
DozensOfViewers Prije 22 dana
I wouldn’t buy a Ferrari unless I had the money to keep buying new ones.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave Prije 23 dana
Ferrari, made in Italy, worthless junk, don't buy their Hi-Fi, their PA systems and certainly not their cars! Pretty yes but does it do what it was designed to? Not really. Toyota Hilux is the answer and you can get stuff in it and if it breaks down it isn't going to break the bank!
ScottytooHotty Prije 24 dana
1996 C4 Corvette is better than this and the Countach Lamborghini. The Corvette was also reasonable as far as price sticker and had far more horsepower but these two cars were on my wall as a kid.😳😳😳😳🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
marcus price
marcus price Prije 25 dana
The most expensive ferrari is a cheap ferrari.
Gazooo29 Prije 27 dana
This really looks like a Pontiac Fiero
Caeser Romero
Caeser Romero Prije 29 dana
No such thing as a 'cheap' way or the other, you'll pay.
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker Prije mjesec
YOU should NEVER buy a cheap used Ferrari. That would cut into MY future inventory. Then again, you might want to have a talk with Samcrac. The good thing about the 348 is that it is less powerful and less likely to kill you. Probably shouldn't go back to guy who quoted you $10K to fix the yellow bird since Johnny fixed it for slightly over $2,200. You probably have made enough off of HRpost videos about the 348 to PAY for the 348 and make a few house payments, so don't cry on your way to the bank too hard.
MrCobaltScar Prije mjesec
"I don't care what any of you have to say about those seats I love em". Use this when you need an insanity defense later.
MrCobaltScar Prije mjesec
Dude, did you actually pay for that seat upholstery? JFC. Travesty. SO FUCKING UGLY. Looks like day-care carpet.
Gordy Kilcollins
Gordy Kilcollins Prije mjesec
Automatic Transmissions SUCK. I can't wait until I can afford an EV!! Never again, will I buy an Automatic Car
K O Prije mjesec
Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep looking for my next beater with a heater.
Stephen Starling
Stephen Starling Prije mjesec
Get a corvette it better and cheaper
Rich Touchet
Rich Touchet Prije mjesec
As it turns out the older Ferrari's were the better looking ones. The 308 was perfect. After that, when they started putting those air dam front ends on them, ruined their good looks. And the hair comb side side grills looked cheesy like on the Testerossa. Everything they did to them as the years went on just made them uglier. That one you're driving reminds me too much of a Fiero. The even older ones like the Ferrari Daytona, which are priceless now, was even better looking. So they had it right way back when, then just started messing them up. The older Ferrari interiors were sub par though. Interiors were always a bit of that cars weak point. And they have the owners over a barrel on parts prices. It's a total trap to get mired in.
Woke AF
Woke AF Prije mjesec
So.........Never ever buy a cheap used Ferrari Never ever buy a cheap used BMW Never ever buy a cheap used Mercedes Never ever buy a cheap used Lambo.....
Big John
Big John Prije mjesec
Literally 3 minutes into the video and I get hit with two ads. I bet y'all don't realize that commercials are the reason I don't watch television anymore
chassis807 Prije mjesec
for the same reason you should never buy an expensive new Ferrari.
William Duhamel
William Duhamel Prije mjesec
So it’s a Fiero with a Ferrari pedigree?
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe Prije mjesec
Sell the Ferrari!
Gary M.
Gary M. Prije mjesec
I can afford to not buy 2 of them!!
Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Hey Hoovie! Can I buy a car for $5
Douglas B.
Douglas B. Prije mjesec
Looks like Mardi Gras barfed on the seats.
Jani Beg
Jani Beg Prije 2 mjeseci
a 2021 Lincoln Aviator is faster 0 to 60 than that 1990's Ferrari.
BuzzedLightyear Prije 2 mjeseci
Weird that he keeps putting emphasis on the fact that the previous owner didn't go to Ferrari for service but gets all his stuff worked on by Wizard.
christschool Prije 2 mjeseci
I own an F430, no problems yet, but I do know that for some reason, if the battery get's loose or drains out completely, it causes all sorts of problems with the cars. You have to keep these things on trickle chargers when they sit. Part of the problem with them is that people don't drive them enough and when a car sits, it develops problems. 360 Modena's aren't that bad on maintenance. Ferrari has really stepped up its game with the 458. The F430 is more reliable than the 360, but starting with the 458, Ferrari's have become pretty reliable.
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson Prije 2 mjeseci
I swear, I've ridden greyhound twice and both had the same pattern/ color scheme on those seats haha
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson Prije 2 mjeseci
Those seats share fabric insert pattern with greyhound bus
Chuck Whitson
Chuck Whitson Prije 2 mjeseci
Ol hoovie must be hitting the hgh, he's loaded this guns up alot since I started watching
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers Prije 2 mjeseci
I've said it many times.. you should spin out on you garage Drop rug (the one that used to bew in your living room) in every video.
lucidmomentsofreality 5150
lucidmomentsofreality 5150 Prije 2 mjeseci
Omg! Its your grenade to dive on.🤣😂
Mehdi Damircheli
Mehdi Damircheli Prije 2 mjeseci
Remember Ferrari is for rich people 30k is nothing for people who own Ferraris . Of course there are some gear heads that aren’t rich but car enthusiasts and buy older ferraris but other then that Ferrari is for wealthy people
*Staple Gun*
*Staple Gun* Prije 2 mjeseci
The thumbnail looks like one of does gansta rap covers from New Orleans from back in the 90s
theprophetkato Prije 2 mjeseci
You would think these cars would last longer than a GM.. I remember hearing they were meant to drive hard, but maybe thats the problem? Driving it carefully? or maybe they were talking about the owners penis.
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa Prije 2 mjeseci
My father had a 348 challenge, that thing was a beast at the time
dean Grant
dean Grant Prije 2 mjeseci
HRpost doesn't pay that much to him he is a businessman with cars ?
Joseph Marks
Joseph Marks Prije 2 mjeseci
You should never buy a Ferrari in the first place, overpriced pieces of garbage
Royal Ramble
Royal Ramble Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie if my comment gets more likes than yours you should sell me your ferrari for "1 dollar" *Dr. Evil voice*
Royal Ramble
Royal Ramble Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovies voice has more cracks in it than any car he has ever bought Put together
Tony Laxa
Tony Laxa Prije 3 mjeseci
You like the seat fabric??🤔 That says a lot about you...hmmmm
IP MAN Prije 3 mjeseci
There never rebuilt the transmission, just said they did.
Will Prije 3 mjeseci
HOOVIE !! I Figured out your 80s background music you use in your driving clips !! ( Que up to 30 seconds ) The question is why ? 😂😂🤣
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
What a hunk of shit 3 new transmissions a new motor basically and it still isn't working 100% and your silly ass buys it for 35 K what a sap
Wes Rolan Music
Wes Rolan Music Prije 3 mjeseci
100k miles? My 4Runner farted and did 100k in miles lol
Wire Trap
Wire Trap Prije 3 mjeseci
I had the first AND ONLY opportunity in my life to buy a supercar. I had the choice. A '91 348. Or a '91 NSX. I had no knowledge on maintenance costs. I have more knowledge now. I got lucky with my NSX. And I am forever grateful that the dealer selling the 348 treated me like dirt that day.
John Winningham
John Winningham Prije 3 mjeseci
This is why I buy $2000 Pontiacs and drive them into the ground.
Vibes Prije 3 mjeseci
Is that Mario music or am I tripping
SpeedDemonExpress Prije 3 mjeseci
Long story short. Learn to work on your cars instead of being ripped off by Ferrari mechanics.
Spiro S
Spiro S Prije 3 mjeseci
Should of been crushed in 1999
DangerDaveFreestyle Prije 3 mjeseci
well, i can understand if the car has premium craftsmanship with supreme quality and due to the r&d of tge engine, aerodynamics, and weight it's going to cost more than a hona or a gm, however $300 !!! ??? For a speed sensor? thats rediculous and they pull the same shit mercedes does with the most basic essential maintenance items. absolutely rediculous.
daniel gradinaru
daniel gradinaru Prije 3 mjeseci
Is this the one that caught on fire ?
JustMe9 Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm sure Ferrari can make a belt that lasts more than 3 years and a few thousand miles. It's a scam to help the dealers. My car only needs a new belt every 80k miles.
Paul Sontag
Paul Sontag Prije 4 mjeseci
Story time!
Anthony Roberts
Anthony Roberts Prije 4 mjeseci
No wonder owners hardly drive them.
Financial Ninja Tez
Financial Ninja Tez Prije 4 mjeseci
I need a 348 body no engine
Tara Lewis
Tara Lewis Prije 4 mjeseci
Stick with an 80's porsche
Curt Hall
Curt Hall Prije 4 mjeseci
You need to Buy a Pantera!!!
salsabil44 Prije 4 mjeseci
I have two questions: how could you buy a classic sports car with those disgustingly cheap looking seats? And why do you buy exotic cars in a country where you can´t go above second gear without getting a speeding ticket? Oh yes, and where´s the Wizard? He´s funny.
Leeland Watkins
Leeland Watkins Prije 4 mjeseci
Thats why I love being mechanically inclined lol loose battery terminals.
Zachary Hassan
Zachary Hassan Prije 4 mjeseci
They don't call him the Car Ninja for nothing
Tamer Tarchichi
Tamer Tarchichi Prije 4 mjeseci
Where can I purchase the car stacking scaffolding displayed? I am looking to stack 3 over 3.
fontking1a Prije 5 mjeseci
Stupid car. It's funny how some people get all tied up in a NAME. Put an ISUZU emblem on THAT CAR and you wouldn't even look at it. I could completely understand if a car like this brought JOY to the owner but it doesn't. All it brings is a headache while you're waiting for the next part to fail. The magic is only in the name. If the name is worth draining your bank account by big chunks every few thousand miles, it might be worthwhile to take a good look inside of yourself and ask "why". Everybody is different but having the choice to decide how to live your life is precious. Hoovie....if this sort of thing makes you happy....that's all that counts. Owning a European automotive money pit is something that never entered my mind. That's what makes me happy.
John Hurd
John Hurd Prije 5 mjeseci
Oh my goodness, Tyler. I feel for you. Thought you were dodging a bullet, but, in capable hands, it was nothing a little patience and snooping couldn’t remedy. Take some time and tinker on your cars! You’ll learn a lot! Can I have the 348:)?
J.A.M Prije 5 mjeseci
The sound isn’t all the great... It’s almost like he’s a kid putting a soda can on his bicycle wheel. The harder he pushes, the louder it gets and to him and some others, it really sounds cool! ...reality is he’s actually going slow af and it doesn’t sound much better than a aluminum can.... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Not Me Not Me
Not Me Not Me Prije 5 mjeseci
9:04 Owww my eyes. They burn.
Henry Collins
Henry Collins Prije 5 mjeseci
taba247 Prije 5 mjeseci
Never buy a car that you can't afford to repair.
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins Prije 5 mjeseci
After 3-5 years tires should be replaced
FNQ-88 Prije 5 mjeseci
Read the title .. but you did it twice .. ??
Philippe Je Suis From The Future
Philippe Je Suis From The Future Prije 5 mjeseci
Great Bumblebee limo has landed in Australia
Chii Suigintou
Chii Suigintou Prije 5 mjeseci
But what if you just wanna own one?
DonCarpenterRadio Prije 5 mjeseci
All those Kansas tags..... That's a lot of personal property tax and license fees. Oof.
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Prije 5 mjeseci
Its almost like Ferrari doesn't make good cars.
LC's Garage
LC's Garage Prije 5 mjeseci
I bought what I think is the cheapest clean title 360 in the country. Wish me luck.
Kawz C
Kawz C Prije 5 mjeseci
Mechanics in America drive ferrari's?
psijas73 Prije 5 mjeseci
Seems that the transmission was made of lasagna layers
Life Unedited
Life Unedited Prije 5 mjeseci
So what your saying is..... buy a cheap Ferrari? Ok got it! Thanks hoovie!
realbogus Prije 5 mjeseci
And this is why I have a Corvette.... Newer Ferrari's require a computer tool called Leonardo. IIRC, it's $35k to buy and $1k per month for updates. Ouch. From what I have determined, it is very possible to remove the F1 functions from that gearbox and go with a conventional 6spd... it's the same transmission, just remove the F1 and install a gated shifter. I don't have the details, but it can be done. Oh, my Vette is also yellow. :)
KCJbomberFTW Prije 6 mjeseci
It this for sale still?
Stefan F
Stefan F Prije 6 mjeseci
The design on those seats looks like what i had on my 80s schoolbus seats
Ferrari Scuderia
Ferrari Scuderia Prije 6 mjeseci
Also, the Ferrari 360 did not its engine removed for major services making it cheaper to service.
JC1966 Prije 6 mjeseci
All joking aside, the advice here can be applied to most if not all enthusiast type cars. When sizing up any old high-end ride there is much to be considered and taken into account beside purchase price. I have walked away from things like Range Rovers and even Corvettes because there were big dollar problems on the horizon.
arthur scott guevara espindola
arthur scott guevara espindola Prije 6 mjeseci
I regret watching this . Bro you are no mechanic. He is . He saw gold where u saw trash . Why did I waste my time on this 😭
Stephen Turner
Stephen Turner Prije 6 mjeseci
The edge of those seatbelts looks as dodgy AF. If you were pulled over in Australia with seatbelts like that you'd almost certainly get a defect notice and have to truck the car home.
David Mueller
David Mueller Prije 6 mjeseci
I was going to sell mine too but no takers on a 2012 Scion with the paint peeling off and 148,00 miles. Not sure why someone didn't snatch it up.
Corey Hinkel
Corey Hinkel Prije 6 mjeseci
You would have to gift me this car with seats like that. Good God hoovie
onbourbon Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoover you should watch what can been done to the 348. 610 whp
John Foreman
John Foreman Prije 6 mjeseci
I’ve done my belt service twice, both 9 years apart. No problems. The car is awesome. Very little trouble over 18 years
Carlo Santin
Carlo Santin Prije 6 mjeseci
I can actually afford not to buy a Ferrari.
Skyward 687
Skyward 687 Prije 6 mjeseci
Those Saved by the Bell seats are awesome.
DeathrowRecords P
DeathrowRecords P Prije 6 mjeseci
The title should be Why you should never buy a USED Ferrari. Simple logic even a monkey can understand, ferraris is not worth the hassles and high maintenance costs. Owning a Ferrari is like raw dogging a street walker, sooner or later you will pay the price
InfaRed Prije 6 mjeseci
I love those seats where can I get them
Sandra Cross
Sandra Cross Prije 6 mjeseci
Well, I did and it worked out very well. I paid $25K for a 1984 308GTSi and got a deal because it was needing the 30K mile major service and the owner didn't want to spend the money on it. Bought it in March and in August of that same year, I took it to Monterey, entered it in the Concourso Italiano and took a platinum in my class. We did have a mechanic check it over before we bought it
Kaeden Smith
Kaeden Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
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