The Cheapest Used Porsche 911 vs. The Cheapest New Porsche 911

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Adams Angels
Adams Angels Prije 24 dana
Give the newer Porsches some time for gremlins to appear
shelloiluk Prije 25 dana
I’ve got the the 992S had my fair share of 2 987 Boxster and 1 cayman s 987’and a Macan S. Sticking with new Porsches now.
christdragon Prije 28 dana
The only problem with the new 992 is it doesn't have a proper manual transmission. I'd much prefer Hoovies 996 over the new 992 for this very reason. Thanks.
oscar salazar
oscar salazar Prije 2 mjeseci
Give it 15 years and that 992 will be in your hooptie fleet.
Adil Malik
Adil Malik Prije 2 mjeseci
That new one with the small shifter is only good for having the passenger bend over the center console. Lol
Ben Bell
Ben Bell Prije 2 mjeseci
911 2000 is a dream car to a guy like me
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
You cannot be more wrong. new modern porsch are as unreliable as there can be. PDK transmission go out of order all the time. its basically VW group crappy DSG dearbox. dont know where you are getting your information.
Richard Baye
Richard Baye Prije 3 mjeseci
wow that was lotta stuff done for only 1800.. dealer tried charge me 1200 for just changing out the window regulator of cayenne... you got the deal of the life time when it comes to fixing the car!
Ge eK
Ge eK Prije 3 mjeseci
This guys sexual innuendo jokes are crass and low brow. Awful reviews and awful delivery with an annoying voice. Should be a weatherman instead of reviewing cars.
kriegner Prije 4 mjeseci
Your wheel crests are on upside-down... :-)
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 5 mjeseci
My favorite car is a Porsche 911
Christian Boyd
Christian Boyd Prije 5 mjeseci
The new one looks great, except for the grill...It needs a grill
Brandon Whitter
Brandon Whitter Prije 5 mjeseci
Air cooled Porsche enthusiasts complain about their chicken salad being cold
Siakol Yano
Siakol Yano Prije 6 mjeseci
Add all up the repair bills it is like buying new ones :P
MassiveTrackHunter Prije 6 mjeseci
It's a 911 TURBO, but doesn't have a Turbo... A sign that Porsche is too scared of their fans, so they just fake it.
Everything but the Girl Fan 76
Everything but the Girl Fan 76 Prije 6 mjeseci
The shift knob in the new Porsche is indicative of the typical man would would buy or lease one. I say, good job knowing your customers Porsche!
Ahmed Shahab
Ahmed Shahab Prije 6 mjeseci
Small shifter insecurity 😂😂😂😁😁
Effendi Lesmana
Effendi Lesmana Prije 6 mjeseci
audio is not good
Yo_isJoe Prije 6 mjeseci
If you were to sell the 2000 911, how much would you sell her for?
Jaggeh 33
Jaggeh 33 Prije 6 mjeseci
He always talks like Jeff Goldblum and I find it distracting.
Schlauer in 3 Minuten - Fitness Fakten
Schlauer in 3 Minuten - Fitness Fakten Prije 6 mjeseci
all girls: theyre the same.
Mark Radcliffe
Mark Radcliffe Prije 6 mjeseci
(Does he ever mention the actual price of the 992? Assuming $100k?)
Zaesting Prije 6 mjeseci
Trust fund baby
psychdoggg Prije 6 mjeseci
996 has the same headlights as the 911 GT1 and everyone loves that car.
Z Flo Z
Z Flo Z Prije 6 mjeseci
I love this 996 body and those headlights that everyone hates, I like them so munch ! And another think that is so nice about it ,is that it has no new 100 electronic modules, and no driving assistance. And that gearbox makes the car seem so much mor fast then it is. It feels like a big carburetor engine. LOVE IIIIT !!!
Bobby v 916
Bobby v 916 Prije 6 mjeseci
Randy Orcutt
Randy Orcutt Prije 7 mjeseci
Cant believe your making fun of the size of the shift knob! Its not the size of your pencil, its how you write your name! JK, Great videos! take care man!
Rudolf Gyorkei
Rudolf Gyorkei Prije 7 mjeseci
I will trade you my 2013 Kia Sorento for that 996
Janet Jones
Janet Jones Prije 7 mjeseci
You didn't say what the price was for the new 911!
Shauma Prije 7 mjeseci
Anyone know, if you subscribe to youTube red does it get rid of the annoying pop-up ads over the video as well?
Shauma Prije 7 mjeseci
Wow, volume change
bg3az Prije 7 mjeseci
How many damn commercials can youtube stuff into a 14 minute video? Annoying as hell.
Darren Prest
Darren Prest Prije 7 mjeseci
Doesn't like black wheels...smh
TGOTR Prije 7 mjeseci
There is a cheaper Porsche 911 near me for a grand, hoovie, jump on it.
frank brown
frank brown Prije 7 mjeseci
gotta love the eye damaging headlights.
Scott White
Scott White Prije 7 mjeseci
The dumbest automobile channel in all of HRpost!
Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Hoovie Wilson.
Brian Gulston
Brian Gulston Prije 7 mjeseci
Are you selling the 911?
Bonkeyable Prije 7 mjeseci
That new Porsche looks like a stretched out Volkswagen beetle.
Paul Rader
Paul Rader Prije 7 mjeseci
Hi, have thoroughly enjoyed your videos, but really marvel at the prices attached to your cars. What I’m trying to say is, would you make a video about HOW one can scope out the best deals, and HOW certain you can be of getting a good deal? That would be so appreciated. Thanks!
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 7 mjeseci
12:03 min - Bro, careful!!! Where's the 3rd gen vs. 4th gen Supra comparo?
arielatom03 Prije 7 mjeseci
¨bulletproof¨ lol. That 992 is anything but
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Prije 7 mjeseci
Three cheers for a girthy year shifter.
Brandon Le Tran
Brandon Le Tran Prije 7 mjeseci
Ouch that hurt, timing chain issues with BMW engines still exist
noldi123 Prije 7 mjeseci
The used Porsche 911 is manual transmission? Can an average height male fit in the back seat?
Peter Konrad Konneker
Peter Konrad Konneker Prije 7 mjeseci
I feel like 10k is still way cheap for a reasonable 911, though.
paulg Prije 7 mjeseci
You should make sure ur daughter is not trying to kick her way out of the frunk.
Ari Riyadh
Ari Riyadh Prije 7 mjeseci
binaryy Prije 7 mjeseci
My grandpa had a 996 Carrera 4S. It was a great car but was expensive to keep
Big Izzy84
Big Izzy84 Prije 7 mjeseci
Your mic sucks. Can't hear you
The Greek Mancunian
The Greek Mancunian Prije 7 mjeseci
sound problem? all sudden ur sound volume went down as u where explaining the spending bills of ur convertible
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe Prije 7 mjeseci
Old one is better
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije 7 mjeseci
Wayne McAlister
Wayne McAlister Prije 7 mjeseci
@8:43 we can see he just stopped the police in the background to tell them 'Hey guys...I'll be doing some dumb s**t today...its just me when you get the calls'
Scott Bram
Scott Bram Prije 7 mjeseci
“Porsche, uh, finds a way.”
Chuck Nolan
Chuck Nolan Prije 7 mjeseci
Great video! Can you explain you floor. I noticed at 4:45 two types of flooring. Thanks and keep the videos coming.
Thasia Chin
Thasia Chin Prije 7 mjeseci
Where in Dallas did you get it ...
Rum Ham
Rum Ham Prije 7 mjeseci
They look the same
Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson Prije 7 mjeseci
2020 suks but i'll take a 2020 porsche
creamdisco Prije 7 mjeseci
Always love the Porsche content!
Adam Robert
Adam Robert Prije 7 mjeseci
5:30 "I don't know why I'm making this comparison" Doug DeMuro is why.
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor Prije 7 mjeseci
Is Hoovie the love child of Doug Demuro and Jeff Goldblum?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Prije 7 mjeseci
As long as the IMS has been serviced your ok.
cenaboyle Prije 7 mjeseci
New 911 is nice.
Pete Quinones
Pete Quinones Prije 7 mjeseci
Should do the round headlight conversion, those fried egg shaped lights gotta go.
Anthony Efx
Anthony Efx Prije 7 mjeseci
Has anyone put black or color matched vinyl over the runny egg part?
MR-2 Prije 7 mjeseci
Yes I wouldn't want to be seen with that small knob.
Jorden Bruce
Jorden Bruce Prije 7 mjeseci
“You have a nice, very girthy gear shifter that you can grab and handle” 🤣
kingkobra Prije 7 mjeseci
Two fancy Beatles I'd rather have the 996
Private Private
Private Private Prije 7 mjeseci
HA - all 996 should be BURNED - first of the water-cooled CRAP and the 'dumb' headlights - I still remember spitting each time I saw one of those heaps of SHIT after the 993 finished - HA - yes - I do realise the emissions etc could never be achieved with the air-colled cars - but the 996 was an ugly piece of CRAP then and still is now.
tstfrd Prije 7 mjeseci
Jeff Goldblum impersonator
Chas-Tec Prije 7 mjeseci
forgetting about the cost/value of having each car, I'd rather have the old one.
GUCCI G Prije 7 mjeseci
porsche gotta get their battery’s installed again😂
Ronald Meyn
Ronald Meyn Prije 7 mjeseci
Get videos yoou need to work on consistant audio . :)
71MWhite Prije 7 mjeseci
Ads are very irritating now
Kushagra Saxena
Kushagra Saxena Prije 7 mjeseci
GARAGE UPDATE!!!!!! All cars you own and sold in last year.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Prije 7 mjeseci
The new porker is just that porky. too square the sides of the front bumper. really starting to loose the curves now 😪
AndreDYA Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m proud owner of 99 996 coupe
SkyWalker Prije 7 mjeseci
I am from germany, i live close to the porsche factory but honestly i dont like porsche, dont know why, i just dont like it. But i love my natural aspirated Camaro and my 6.2 Detroit Diesel Blazer 😍
SkyWalker Prije 7 mjeseci
The shifter is a piece of poop ...looks really bad
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Prije 7 mjeseci
Definitely has come along way after that detail and wheels! Looks great!
berto fly
berto fly Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how modern technology just does not interest you😂😂 same wit me
Sohaib Sajid
Sohaib Sajid Prije 7 mjeseci
Can I just buy your old Porsche off you... :)
Micheal Robinson
Micheal Robinson Prije 7 mjeseci
Yeah, I agree. I'd rather have the older one!
pearlgarden29 Prije 7 mjeseci
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pearlgarden29 Prije 7 mjeseci
China buys about 90% top brand cars of the world 10% by the rest of the world if you are Germany 🇩🇪 where you stand stupid? Australia? I don’t think so unless you are the pope.
pearlgarden29 Prije 7 mjeseci
Overpriced tin can. but now only the Chinese can afford? Australians opps Holden? Closed shop.
Terence Jay
Terence Jay Prije 7 mjeseci
Why would anyone think having the tacho in the middle was a good thing? 'Sir, here's a speeding ticket.' 'But, Officer, I was only doing 3890 RPM!'
jerry henderson
jerry henderson Prije 7 mjeseci
I should start a channel and call it , Even Dumber than Hoovies Garage .
Johnny Deutschemark
Johnny Deutschemark Prije 7 mjeseci
Glad Porsche is still building 'value-based' indestructible sports cars, but not being able to work on them, even basic maintenance - is a big minus in my book.
Matthew Knott
Matthew Knott Prije 7 mjeseci
Go give the wizard a live replay of his red Honda, it's got a couple more jumps left in it. It will cheer him up.
BlackKnight.300 Prije 7 mjeseci
1802 N burning tree cr.
Capital 993
Capital 993 Prije 7 mjeseci
I mentioned it in the previous video but you need to check the joints on the forward control arms. If you tap on the back of the front tires with a hammer you will feel the front joint jump if they are bad. This is a very common wear item on Boxsters and 911s.
House Valdes
House Valdes Prije 7 mjeseci
TheMcspreader Prije 7 mjeseci
The new one is fault free...until its not. Welcome to owner numbers 2 and 3 who have the same old Porsche shit build and frightening spares prices. VW might own it but lower build volumes = specialist parts money tht puts Audi to shame.
greg h
greg h Prije 7 mjeseci
those headlights look hideous. these covers make the car look better
Chris Rucker
Chris Rucker Prije 7 mjeseci
Sorry but, due to the overload of ads in you recent videos, I am unsubscribing from your page. To kill down on the ads in all videos, I hope others follow my lead. It is a shame, I enjoyed your videos up to the point you became a sellout.
kenneth mahon
kenneth mahon Prije 7 mjeseci
A week later “ I leased the cheapest Porsche 911 in the USA” !
Germain Gonzalez
Germain Gonzalez Prije 7 mjeseci
Believe it or not, if they were both new and the same price, I’m sorry but I would take the black one.
Oto Tanase
Oto Tanase Prije 7 mjeseci
I bought one 1999 911with 34k miles for $4000 clean title in Virginia owner said that head gasket was gone on it turns out it was some dirty coolant, sold it for $24,000 that was 2 years ago
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