I Bought 4 Unfixable Luxury Sedans Because I Never Learn From My Mistakes (Fleet Update)

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Hoovies Garage

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Jay Pence
Jay Pence Prije 14 sati
Try years and not months
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prije mjesec
The alert rain worrisomely program because wing immunocytochemically excite regarding a tan face. eager, tranquil lemonade
Whyman1993 Prije 2 mjeseci
I bet wizard is happy to know you 😂 the uk is about to have a second lockdown 😕
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
your issues with cars is not luck. its poor experience and understanding car industry. you buy products that are not designed to live for long and there is a reason no one touch the garbage you buy. try to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
there is a good reason the British car industry died. And so will the German car industry if it keeps the current record of unreliability.
Data Matimyas
Data Matimyas Prije 5 mjeseci
Man, my e39 is still up for grabs! Hahaha
James Murray
James Murray Prije 5 mjeseci
Why don't you just engine swap these luxury sedans? LS swaps??
Rossco P Coltrain
Rossco P Coltrain Prije 5 mjeseci
Guys, I don’t know what the latest is with the Turbo R but if you’re still having issues then get in touch with Ian Tyrell in England. He was trained by Bentley/ Rolls Royce Crewe and what he and his team don’t know about Turbo R’s isn’t worth knowing. Check him out here: hrpost.info/history/m5SBqcmOgtGrp5w/video Good luck Wizard. I hope you nail it. Having just completed the Lambo it would be a major victory.
Marco Thier
Marco Thier Prije 6 mjeseci
Did you check the induction pipe on the Bentley? That may be the cause of your problems.
Michael Dorman
Michael Dorman Prije 6 mjeseci
who is the girl in the preteced ad? whoa!
Wipsplash Prije 6 mjeseci
Toss you a GM engine and transmission in that Bentley and you will sleep better.
Wipsplash Prije 6 mjeseci
If you can work on your own E36, E39 or E46 BMW yourself then they are really terrific machines. If you have to take them to mechanic then you are screwed.
Rachel Marks
Rachel Marks Prije 6 mjeseci
I really want a 07-up CL550 or CL63 whould u happen to find me one cheap? Low to high miles don’t care as long as it starts and runs iam a very serouis buyer please let me know
chippymel Prije 6 mjeseci
Check your induction pipes for pin holes.
Jack Dale
Jack Dale Prije 7 mjeseci
You might have put a Manual 6-spd, and you'd be in better shape in the 500E. You should have torn-out and scrapped the mineral-oil sys. in the Turbo-Bentley. Always a weak-point of the "Cars from Crewe" or where-Ever they're coming from[--the second-level of Hell? ]. Did Rolls use this system on the Flying Clouds[--early 60s ]? Maybe you should try to go "Older" and "Simpler" for your cheapest-Rolls/Bentley purchases. Even though a "Turkey", the Bentley LOOKS cool.--it for sale?
Jack Dale
Jack Dale Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie, it Just occurred to me--aren't these "lemons," tax-write-offs, so maybe you're Not in as bad a shape as it looks? Don't be so hard on yourself. At least You usually TRY to fix them. What about the "Poser" that CONTINUES to drive the "un-fixable Saloons from Goons"?
M J Prije 7 mjeseci
The 500E is worth fixing, incredible power:weight FAST!
Tom Stokes
Tom Stokes Prije 7 mjeseci
Why not spend a little more and get a car that runs...
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta Prije 7 mjeseci
If you see a whole system will keep leaking untill you have replaced all, who not do so? I find it hard to believe this is all the cars fault.
Joe Rocket1979
Joe Rocket1979 Prije 7 mjeseci
Excursion has lost all meaning as a word
Daniel Ladd
Daniel Ladd Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie really knows his market. He probably shouldn't use that title though. All jokes aside I love the content, thanks for what you do.
whycantibefree Prije 7 mjeseci
Where the hell is the wizard and who the hell is Johnny 🤣🤣🤣
Rob Prije 7 mjeseci
This is why people end up being pissed at small used car dealers. People sell their car at auction and don't disclose all the issues. Dealer unknowingly buys a POS and has to pass it on.
jordan harding
jordan harding Prije 7 mjeseci
I've had 4 medium mile 10+ year old BMW's and apart from servicing items, ive replaced 1 valve cover gasket and thats it.
Kenneth Butler
Kenneth Butler Prije 7 mjeseci
You whine about BMW's and Mercedes' lack of fixability. You should buy a Lotus; they break all the time too but are easy to fix and cheaply too by comparison.
Glen Whatley
Glen Whatley Prije 7 mjeseci
For this misfire have you tried doing a differential compression test to see if valves were leaking? I'm sure the wizard knows it can also be things like an induction leak or an exhaust leak fuel mixture. Good luck, I hope it works out for you. As the previous owner of a 1972 MGB I know how annoying British cars can be to work on wait till you come across Whitworth standards on hardware, then you know you've come round full circle.
Glen Whatley
Glen Whatley Prije 7 mjeseci
If fluid is overfilling the reservoir from the rear suspension you may be able to solve that problem with check valves installed on those return lines.
Dani Prije 7 mjeseci
6:55 So you spend 2400 and wait for 4 months for them to rebuild your transmission.. It is still broken... And you just take that!? Not even roasting the company ? What is their policy? Like pay us.. we give it a try but no guarantees !?
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro Prije 7 mjeseci
Has he ever bought a Lexus? 🧐
james James
james James Prije 7 mjeseci
This car is clearly suffering from a new very serious virus. Sign of the times 😏😏😏😒😒😒
Dainius A
Dainius A Prije 8 mjeseci
Enough with the cars, time to join the army (maybe not) !
123 Prije 8 mjeseci
"quality" seems not to be a thing in luxury cars.
D Gillies
D Gillies Prije 8 mjeseci
Only idiots try to keep BMWs running past 5 years. There is no point.
Tony Montgomery
Tony Montgomery Prije 8 mjeseci
Bet it’s a pump in the transmission. My Maxima sounded similar when the pan got busted from something in the road.
Bill M
Bill M Prije 8 mjeseci
Please buy a mic, especially when your camera is not next to you and your in your garage! Lol
Tormod Skoog
Tormod Skoog Prije 8 mjeseci
At least it's convenient to have all those broken cars. You don't need to find a ride back home when you drop off a car at the shop.
Baka_Marimo Prije 8 mjeseci
I just looked up the fuel pump for the 760 which he said was more than the entire car and..........woah! He wasn’t kidding.
CheckThisOut77 Prije 8 mjeseci
I enjoy your videos. But remember “cheap is expensive”. I thought Bentley was supposed to be the ultimate.
MrSyriaMoon Prije 8 mjeseci
What you'll expect from German cars..
Sagittarius-A Black Hole
Sagittarius-A Black Hole Prije 8 mjeseci
Hmm, you REALLY REALLY like cars. Or is it that you want to help "the less fortunate citizens of automobile land"? The ones from crappy engineers? You're like the Mother Theresa for badly engineered cars. ;-)
Lebenzon Paintbrushes
Lebenzon Paintbrushes Prije 8 mjeseci
I have a ’92 400e and it had a transmission that started slipping. I bought a rebuilt from a place named Sun Valley Mercedes Transmissions located in Pacoima, CA. The rebuild has been in the car for about 10 years and works flawlessly. I won’t mention cost because 10 years is a long time.
Tim the Lindroos
Tim the Lindroos Prije 8 mjeseci
Buy a russian Volga and you have no problem ever! :)
MTDfilms Prije 8 mjeseci
I think even when stuff reopens I don't think I will be going out. Second wave is coming
Bob Fertih
Bob Fertih Prije 8 mjeseci
Too much yapping! Get ahold of yourself! Like a granny . So little of useful content!
Jason schiffer
Jason schiffer Prije 8 mjeseci
Have you ever considered converting the unfixable luxury sedans into electric vehicles? I'm sure an EV Bentley would be a sweet ride. I'd love to profile something like that on my EV website.
elliott76 Prije 8 mjeseci
Sorry guys. I’m a drunk troll sometimes. I really do enjoy the show.
khwaac Prije 8 mjeseci
Johnny looked sad you couldn't help him and I think he went to shake your hand when you said goodbye.
Mark DiSilvestro
Mark DiSilvestro Prije 8 mjeseci
Time to start your collection of Corollas and Camrys!
bob smith
bob smith Prije 8 mjeseci
What is the point? Why dont you learn something about cars instead of making videos, crying like a kid with waaaaaaaay too much money..? no offense meant but pleaaaase.
Richard Prokopczyk
Richard Prokopczyk Prije 8 mjeseci
i guess that's your schtick,to demonstrate your poor car buying skills, but their a silver lining to all this BS which is,your car wizard,which is a real mechanic and a pleasure to watch,you're getting to point were your channel is almost unwatchable,when your buddy \Doug, tells us ,what a great deal buying some old luxury or ex-super vehicle would be just watching your channel should straighten their ass out ,are you still a writer in Autotrader? have a great day!
ozmaniac49 Prije 8 mjeseci
I love this guy!
Paul Burns
Paul Burns Prije 8 mjeseci
How about the perfect 2887 PT Cruiser convertible for you ?
Douglas Kirk
Douglas Kirk Prije 8 mjeseci
In the cases of Rolls Royce, and Bentley, the Replacement of Rolls Royce Designed drivetrains, with this bmw INCOMPETENCE is the cause of these situations. Very BAD when bmw became owners of RR. NEVER have trusted bmw, mercedes, audi, porsche, or vw. Just not up to basic standards . . . Your Bentley's problem of leaking fluid, will be solved when the entire fluid suspension system is completely restored with new parts, seals, hoses, clamps, ECT. As you mentioned, the fluid is returning to the reservoir, causing the leaks from overfilled fluid pressures. Best bet for the Bentley is installing a REAL, GENUINE Rolls Royce Designed Drivetrain, then there won't be any problems . . . I will, when I get one, just to prove . . . Thanks for Revealing these Experiences about these machines, and the Delusions of the engineers who created them . . .
71meepmeep Prije 8 mjeseci
please get rid of that 90's video music
Common Sensicle
Common Sensicle Prije 8 mjeseci
Have only recently found this channel, and being of a senior age, I find it difficult to comprehend that it appears to show a guy who repeatedly buys a rubbish car, spends a fortune paying other folk to fix it, then repeats his mistake all over again. Is there another logical explanation other than he's a nutter with money to waste.
Tso Benny
Tso Benny Prije 8 mjeseci
My dad had a 1975 Toyota Corolla, used it for almost 30 years. It did have some wear and tear and 1 time engine overhaul. The odometer even already back to 000000 once. I wish I have much recording about the car and post it on HRpost, but no youtube back in the days.😁
Håkan Andersson
Håkan Andersson Prije 8 mjeseci
Whay do you by that caind of cars and not a boring car that infact actualy do works ?
Danni Nowicki
Danni Nowicki Prije 8 mjeseci
Well ... if you're so fond of British cars, do something really stupid and import a Leyland Princess!
Don Rossco Joe
Don Rossco Joe Prije 8 mjeseci
Those old turbo Bentleys have a tendency to warp the intake manifold and suck in air from places outside the intake, it's usually not an easy thing to identity and fix, God bless you guys.
Niko Heijboer
Niko Heijboer Prije 8 mjeseci
Why don’t you invest in a decent microphone instead?
Frank D
Frank D Prije 8 mjeseci
Love how all these “quality” cars have so many problems.
Santiago Jimenez
Santiago Jimenez Prije 8 mjeseci
JohnnyGrass Prije 8 mjeseci
Just buy a Lexus instead of those crappy old Bimmers.
Cthis Prije 8 mjeseci
2600 for a rebuilt transmission is a rip-off, rather get a slightly used one for around the same. Rebuilds never work.
wholeNwon Prije 8 mjeseci
Grossly overpriced and "unfixable". Yup, that's true luxury.
Robin Persaud
Robin Persaud Prije 8 mjeseci
Should be called ' Hoovies rescues '
Ted Malley
Ted Malley Prije 8 mjeseci
I guess this guy loves to buy exotic cars with lots of miles and in need of incredibly expensive repairs..
zwz • zdenek
zwz • zdenek Prije 8 mjeseci
Hmm, that's a lotta endless money pits.
nopochoclos Prije 8 mjeseci
Buy a Citroen 2cv no more problems!
Clifton Richardson
Clifton Richardson Prije 8 mjeseci
Torque converter issue on the 500E
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead Prije 8 mjeseci
Have you thought about a 1 way check vale for the turbo R?
Destiny's Computer
Destiny's Computer Prije 8 mjeseci
Manual swap the 500E.
Andrew Mack
Andrew Mack Prije 8 mjeseci
you would get more satisfaction in buying a vintage car and doing a full nut and bolt restoration on your own in your own workshop but you have no mechanical skills and money to burn
SuN Empire
SuN Empire Prije 8 mjeseci
Name of this channel should be " Hoovies Garage Failures"
Mark C
Mark C Prije 8 mjeseci
I used to have a Lotus Excel as an everyday car it never broke or let me down ......BMW Broken Most Weeks
RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)
RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog) Prije 8 mjeseci
Bentley bad ground wire bank 1 6 wires on post. Going to coil. . Take a power probe. Push ground to the coil missing. It's common problem ...the BMW 7 series. Goto junk yard get a fuel pump 125$ . Easy fix. 2 hours. Done You are making money with silly youtube videos. Crazy world. I have the same cars you have. Lambo Bentley Porsche aston martin. Saab fords volt's. All headaches. But at least your rolling in the HRpost money. My guess your making $300 to $500k. Just on siillyness. Good luck chuck
TurboF100 Prije 8 mjeseci
I’d LS swap the Bentley and turbo the LS... then I’d figure out a way to replace that suspension with coil overs or something around those lines, anything is possible with the right amount of fabrication and ingenuity skills👌🏻 Like watching your channel btw, and love the Rapide!!👌🏻
strongbrave Prije 8 mjeseci
No, you just enjoy flaunting your wealth on HRpost. You purposely buy this garbage then flaunt how much cash it will be to repair the garbage. Big Ego, tiny man
Jose Peixoto
Jose Peixoto Prije 8 mjeseci
I'm out; it makes me sad to see people piss their life away with these *whores in a fur coat* that they cannot drive at more than 75 mph; they *exceed the need* in speed,and they become as expensive as a cheap mercedes; still, i hope you make money with it,the minutes of their birth are ticking by lol
macthemec Prije 8 mjeseci
Good luck honing a Ausil lined aluminum v8
jan doerlidoe
jan doerlidoe Prije 8 mjeseci
Second hand = you buy someone's else's misery ( they want to get rid off ) the more luxurious the car, the more expensive the misery is...
0-Mr_ Holmes-0
0-Mr_ Holmes-0 Prije 8 mjeseci
joining the "say at home" community of sheep.
Robert King
Robert King Prije 8 mjeseci
Big Money Waster It's all in the name, you were warned you galoot.
J Piedra
J Piedra Prije 8 mjeseci
Rich kid's problems
He must honestly love cars, to keep buying all that stuff.
James Caban
James Caban Prije 8 mjeseci
Funny that you're smart enough to have money but not smart enough to choose to get good cars I guess ignorance is bliss Enjoy your chosen misery...
James Caban
James Caban Prije 8 mjeseci
I don't get why you b**** about the cars U choose to get, when you know they're all expensive pieces of s*** but obviously you're rich enough to get a good car because you can fix all these cars so what is the point of your ranting when this is what you do by choice, wrf!?...
Alex Wills
Alex Wills Prije 8 mjeseci
Are the $130 high pressure fuel pump rebuild kits not an option?
spartalives Prije 8 mjeseci
unfixable... nonsense!!!
swagsession1 Prije 8 mjeseci
“I’m Johnny on the spot”
Richard P vancouver
Richard P vancouver Prije 8 mjeseci
Man BMW's are crap now! Glad I still have my ' 92 E34 since they dont make quality German cars anymore
Sasa Zapadnik
Sasa Zapadnik Prije 8 mjeseci
I will bet $1,000,000 Jonny is Albanian, unmistakeable accent...
gmcjetpilot Prije 8 mjeseci
English cars and motorcycles are famous for leaking oil..... and having bad electrical systems.... nothing has changed.
oldguy8177able Prije 8 mjeseci
these super wealthy people are usually so stupid that little things go wrong and mechanics make some story and it costs them thousands of dollars
ascendantP Prije 8 mjeseci
wow, something the wizard can't fix. That's amazing! Be safe!
starfoxacefox Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie you should try Land Rover, let me know how much you hate it.
Phil Schiavone
Phil Schiavone Prije 8 mjeseci
I am feeling much better about my Chevy Cruze now.
darkiee69 Prije 8 mjeseci
The rear of that Bentley looks like a Volvo 240.
Ricky Fiasco
Ricky Fiasco Prije 8 mjeseci
Hoovie is smarter than most of us couch potatoes.
czanel Prije 8 mjeseci
EUREKA. Finally i found a guy who will buy my 1995 GMC Yukon. Right now headache for me , for you one more junk will not make a difference.
pistolpeds Prije 8 mjeseci
Never watched this channel before and don't know how you make all your money but in 2 vids i viewed it seems you have more money than sense.
Ung Grabb
Ung Grabb Prije 8 mjeseci
Take the e500 to the mercedesdealer. They can fix it
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