The Fate Of My Mercedes SLS AMG After A Major Mixup In Fluid (And My Friendship With Car Wizard)

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matt mason
matt mason Prije 22 sati
I was gonna unsubscribe for putting wizard on blast. Fortunately you redeemed yourself.
Deivias Prije dan
The SLS is such a gorgeous car.
Kristian Evans
Kristian Evans Prije dan
Good work with how you and the wizard sorted this. Great content by the way
michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije dan
Hoovie is the man.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Prije dan
“A bit over the top”. Self-absorbed and self-belief privileged and entitled springs to mind. My sympathy is with the Wizard mechanic guy.
Vicki Vox wasted love (instrumental) for those who like the song at around 17:36
ZTB Prije 2 dana
Did i hear a *Carrrrsss and Biidddsss* Plug? Nice
sttephen hawke
sttephen hawke Prije 5 dana
how many cars do you have ? only recently staring watching you
Mark Castillo
Mark Castillo Prije 5 dana
Lmao "Bye wizard I love you" Wizard "Ok, that sound good"
Михаил Михайлович
Михаил Михайлович Prije 6 dana
More Bob!
Ron Idgaf
Ron Idgaf Prije 8 dana
Lol get magic mike a back brace lmao 😂
Captivus13 Prije 8 dana
Best car ever!! SLS
N0rdman Prije 8 dana
That scrap yard guy needs a real shout out! He was a king and honourous.
EMERSON TUCKER Prije 10 dana
Hope my pocket is right when you wanna sale that one!
Rob Philbeck
Rob Philbeck Prije 10 dana
He needs about a hundred good slaps to the face.....
Paul von Gassmann
Paul von Gassmann Prije 11 dana
I am enjoying ''the wizards'' boat repair/restoration at the moment.
David Alberding
David Alberding Prije 11 dana
Remove that ridiculous mask
Yuvraj verma
Yuvraj verma Prije 11 dana
“I love you ❤️” “Ok that sounds good” 😢😣
Tyler Veenendaal
Tyler Veenendaal Prije 11 dana
Love to see you give props to Maaco. My family owns a Maaco I manage the business. Most really do want to deliver a high quality product.
user number1
user number1 Prije 11 dana
Wow, almost every car in the Wizards shop is Hoovies...
Matt Sallmann
Matt Sallmann Prije 11 dana
Show the wizard much love. Didn’t Gas Monkey die off once the actual talent left....over worked and underpaid 😅😂😂
ExDuris Gloria
ExDuris Gloria Prije 11 dana
16:22 The one thing Hoovie doesn't want to hear at the doctor's office...
Phillip Gage
Phillip Gage Prije 11 dana
Much respect to him who owned his drama, and apologized like a grown man. Subbed at that display of humility. You must consider Wiz a good friend...
Lindsay Rowlands
Lindsay Rowlands Prije 11 dana
Hoovie, shit happens even with highly skilled craftsmen so, while it may be an American thing to go galactic with blame, it is timely to pull your head in and be grateful for all the good fortune coming your way. There are infinitely many really bad mechanics with zero diagnostic skills at your disposal. The car wizard is a rare gem. Nurture him.
BorkToThe3rd Prije 12 dana
At 4:45 the first couple times I heard "It's Urination Bob". 🤣
Dave Dave
Dave Dave Prije 12 dana
Yep! Scrapyard man! Get him a camera and a slot on HRpost!
jasonjavelin Prije 12 dana
Euro-Asian bob seems like a super cool guy
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis Prije 12 dana
Maaco for a paint jobs? Do you hate your cars? And the back if the rear-view mirror is cracked.
TheReinoPaasonen Prije 13 dana
How about free ice cream full of gummy bears at Freddys😬😬😬
Antonio Uzzle
Antonio Uzzle Prije 13 dana
bro i want the cl65 please man ill get it
tim ford
tim ford Prije 14 dana
16;34: Never say never Tyler Hoover, just wait 29 more days and see what you have to tell the Wizard then! LOL Plus I really liked the way that you ended the video. You know what an awesome friend and incredible mechanical master that Dave, "The Car Wizard" is and how important that he has become to you and "Hoovies Garage."
Carol Molina
Carol Molina Prije 14 dana
Shit happens and look at all the pressure Tyler puts on the car wizard
Raymond Woodrow
Raymond Woodrow Prije 14 dana
I just watched the previous video to this on how the error with the fluids happened and as I posted on there, I'm glad that everything was sorted, I suppose it helped that both fluids were kind of compatible, so no permanent damage was done to that awesome car, stay well and stay safe.
ponakka Prije 15 dana
About the porsche loom, those wires should not have copper dangling outside of the connector, and preferably those wires would be crimped in end terminals or ferrules.
Mark's Cars
Mark's Cars Prije 15 dana
Dude 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
deairreo hill
deairreo hill Prije 18 dana
I spy a sc430 😋💙
Daron Hodges
Daron Hodges Prije 18 dana
Missed the meltdown.... is it on video.?
Mikkel Bom Simonsen
Mikkel Bom Simonsen Prije 18 dana
Please loose the shiny grey on the bumpers somehow? 🙏
Jeff Prije 19 dana
You should get a 90’s s class and compare it to your s600 that you sold to tavarish and then give it to me after you enjoy it for a while 👌🏼
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Prije 20 dana
@HoviesGarage can you get an 80s or early 90s ford 250-350 7.3 idi?
Jabberneck MJ
Jabberneck MJ Prije 20 dana
I had a similar attitude when I showed up and spoke with the woman who had just 40 minutes earlier rear-ended (totaled!) our 2001 Mercedes Benz E55 (MB only manufactured 573+/- this year for USA) that my wife was operating earlier this month. When I saw the damage I knew it would be totaled out. I was "nice", but my face didn't show it and I KNOW I was constantly reminding this woman of how RARE it was and all that. All this to find out she was really nice and admitted being at fault fully to the insurance...which made it easy for them to write me a check for just under $11k (even though it had 163k+ miles on it and a few blemishes...original transmission, etc,..). Of course, I asked if all were okay in any way as soon as I showed up. The woman was fine, but my wife sustained some injuries to which the doctors are fixing her up as best as possible.They will payout handsomely for those injuries, loss of work, pain and suffering, etc,.. also. Next time I will give as much grace as I can muster for sure. I felt guilty when I realized this woman was not hiding anything and cared very much (and still does!) about my wife and the loss of the E55 AMG.
A C Prije 20 dana
markraneri1 Prije 21 dan
Please change the music I beg you
Christian McCollum
Christian McCollum Prije 21 dan
Love Urinaton Bob. Aside from his name, he is AWESOME!!! What a salesman.
darek4488 Prije 21 dan
You should have paid for the blinkers and wheels anyway. Do it when you go back for the wheels.
frankyblanco21 Prije 21 dan
We like the stoned scrap guy
Ray Ceeya
Ray Ceeya Prije 22 dana
Wagoneers look so good when they don't have that stupid stick on wood panel.
twoclevah Prije 22 dana
Merry Christmas HOOVIE!!!!!! Love this channel!!!!
Matti Olkinuora
Matti Olkinuora Prije 22 dana
I’ve participated in that kinda wiring hell. 😕
Kang Tchou
Kang Tchou Prije 22 dana
Give away your fixed cars to charity, feed the hungry, show the softer side of Hoovies Garage.
The Chumps been dumped.
The Chumps been dumped. Prije 23 dana
@4:45 Did anybody else think he said urination Bob?
EvoTechBuilt *****
EvoTechBuilt ***** Prije 23 dana
SLS will always be one clean mean car;)
Grant Swartz
Grant Swartz Prije 23 dana
You seem passive aggressive
Brent Urquhart
Brent Urquhart Prije 23 dana
I didn’t think Maco was still in business. Haven’t seen those annoying, but catchy, Maco commercials on tv for a long time. You know the ones, “better get Maco” etc.
Brent Urquhart
Brent Urquhart Prije 23 dana
Yep, just checked on line. They still exist in Canada. Just no “better call Maaco”, commercials anymore.
Ben Upde
Ben Upde Prije 24 dana
I’d love a roadster version of the SLS 🤤
space14605 Prije 24 dana
Hoovie! Tell me it aint so! You're not lettin maaco paint your mércedes!
FIFO Crew Prije 24 dana
Wow he's a new character... Scrap yard guy..
philliesphan312 Prije 25 dana
So maaco is a good place for paint jobs?
abdelmoneim abdelmoneim
abdelmoneim abdelmoneim Prije 25 dana
The Wizard takes his money in cash. Should pay for this in cash as well.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Prije 25 dana
The spotty rubber biomechanically talk because police fittingly scratch anenst a slow cardigan. ludicrous, rich den
WILNEL Prije 25 dana
your taking your cars to MAACO? OMG
Tom Cartmel
Tom Cartmel Prije 25 dana
16:57 Wizards beard matches the interior.
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead Prije 27 dana
The wizard just lost his down payment on the Island.
k Kessler
k Kessler Prije 27 dana
Get a replacement Rear view mirror when you pickup your wheels, yours is cracked.
FryChicken Prije 27 dana
Those leather seats in the SLS are really nice
Kevin Harper
Kevin Harper Prije 28 dana
Watching a HRpostr grow through the years is really exciting for me. Especially Hoovie. He got me into this.
No No
No No Prije 28 dana
Yes sir
Sam Canell
Sam Canell Prije 28 dana
Ok i love you, and the wizard says ok that is good. He sould say i love you too, my mony maker
Skeeter McSwagger
Skeeter McSwagger Prije 29 dana
I would hold off on that apology cause the Wizard seems to have put the door handles on that car in completely the wrong place!!!😲😁🤤
Andrew Falenski
Andrew Falenski Prije mjesec
Btw, your center rear view mirror on the Mercedes 300SE is broken. Maybe the mirror in the Mercedes you got the wheels and front turn signals from is in good shape.
Matte Chan
Matte Chan Prije mjesec
we need more rock em sock em pricing everywhere
King of Newyork
King of Newyork Prije mjesec
You can tell by the interaction that their relationship will never be the same !
Ron Idgaf
Ron Idgaf Prije 8 dana
That’s speculation
DGX Detailing Services Ltd
DGX Detailing Services Ltd Prije 28 dana
It's all for views. I'm pretty sure neither of them really care that much off camera
Timothy Dornan
Timothy Dornan Prije mjesec
If you really want to dump that Bentley, I’d take it.
William Prije mjesec
That was the BEST way to win rock em sock em.. pretend like ohh wait is this, do you push this button... then when the game starts BAM BAM BAM use your palm to mash. That was like a Tyson fight in the 80's.
Der Baron
Der Baron Prije mjesec
Same thing happened to my gf. I also put the wrong fluid in the wrong place.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Prije mjesec
Is there insurance for this type of stuff?
mud mower regulators
mud mower regulators Prije mjesec
That Maaco does really nice work the one I worked at in greenville sc was horrible
Bo Yo
Bo Yo Prije mjesec
Think you're over apologising there Dude. It was a stuff up. It happens and The Wizard sorted it like the good man he is. All's well that ends well.
Bo Yo
Bo Yo Prije mjesec
LOL the scrap guy is AWESOME. He's like a movie character. We need more of him in our lives.
Mikael Prije mjesec
The scrap guy is just what we need in 2020. Love the dude!
Mikael Prije mjesec
Please buy a Mercedes w208 cabriolet. Love to see that. / M from Sweden
Monica S
Monica S Prije mjesec
Tyler Hoover, when are we going to get the update on the G55 AMG?
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije mjesec
Thank you for stepping up and being a great guy. I would have freaked out too!!!
ableite Prije mjesec
i think the fight with wizard was very intense.
miko foin
miko foin Prije mjesec
09:18 when wizard sees Tyler pull into the lot
Marty Kath
Marty Kath Prije mjesec
Perhaps if you pump up the front tires the mustang steering will be lighter??
miko foin
miko foin Prije mjesec
"i owe carwizzard alot" i bet you do.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Errick Reives
Errick Reives Prije mjesec
Who is the euro guy he needs a show
ohio player1177
ohio player1177 Prije mjesec
200$ for 4 wheels and 2 corner lights!? What a deal! In my area they would charge you 500-1000$ And you would have to pull it yourself!
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Prije mjesec
I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️
Alexander Andrianis
Alexander Andrianis Prije mjesec
This kid doesn't know a single thing about cars. Not a single thing...
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
Thank you for stepping up and being a great guy. I would have freaked out too!!!
InFiD3ViL Prije mjesec
Sounds a lot like Urination Bob....Hoovie should enunciate a little more.
Lezcano Prije mjesec
farm.central. ohio
farm.central. ohio Prije mjesec
The wizard is why I watch this channel. You should be ashamed of yourself for acting the way you did in front of him. He has saved your butt many times before and you acting like a child is just shameful.
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
No mask anywhere but Macco. You’re a super spreader. Done with this channel. Have some respect for others
therealcarreview1759 unknown
therealcarreview1759 unknown Prije mjesec
Hoovie I'll take that bentley
miko foin
miko foin Prije mjesec
Thank you for stepping up and being a great guy. I would have freaked out too!!!
doliio volay
doliio volay Prije mjesec
You’re on trending! Yay!
John Williams
John Williams Prije mjesec
Had to unsubscribe after watching your petulant behaviour in front of the Car Wizard. I felt uncomfortable for him, as he is part of what makes the channel. Best wishes for the future but I feel you showed an unpleasant side to your personality there.
doliio volay
doliio volay Prije mjesec
more of the w126 please!!!
peter bettis
peter bettis Prije mjesec
The Wizard, Hoovie, JR, the car Ninja, the entire Kansas klan of car guys, you're a great bunch of people. Thank you and I enjoy watching all your channels.
Samy Petrol
Samy Petrol Prije mjesec
That wizard guy is really likable. I really enjoy seeing him on the show.
miko foin
miko foin Prije mjesec
Junk Yard, where other cars go to die so that our cars can live on.
Tom Aiger
Tom Aiger Prije mjesec
"i owe carwizzard alot" i bet you do.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Imunderpar4win Prije mjesec
09:18 when wizard sees Tyler pull into the lot
Q. Lawrence
Q. Lawrence Prije mjesec
I am not a Mustang guy, but that Green one is gorgeous! I've always loved the old body style of the old 300 SEs.
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