I Bought the Greatest BMW 7-Series Ever Made, And It's Still Junk! (2001 740i Sport)

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R C Prije 6 dana
Don't understand how you can call this car junk. Every car has its known issues after long term ownership. You obviously were aware of many of them. If you knew the chain guides hadn't been done and they were due, wouldn't a normal person find out how much that job is, then factor that into their purchase offer? That job and parts is half of that $5k.
Jack El Dogo
Jack El Dogo Prije 10 dana
I had a 1995 Black 740i and finally had to give it up at 300K miles since I was moving for a job and it wasn't worth trying to ship it with no place to park it. It had the cheaper builtin cellphone. I had no issues with the engine, transmission or suspension. It was mostly one little electrical problem after another. With the help of HRpost, BMW forums and RockAuto, a lot of it I could fix myself. Replacing the rusting gas tank was the biggest pain. My mechanic had a hard time finding one to fit, and then that one leaked too.
Jack El Dogo
Jack El Dogo Prije 10 dana
Toolkit even has a spark plug wrench.
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 11 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Daan Stigter
Daan Stigter Prije 13 dana
Would love to see an episode about a e34 5 series! 540i Most of all
Ready72000 Prije 18 dana
These are indeed the greatest BMW ever made, definitely not junk. Take care of the deferred maintenance and it will last a lifetime. I have owned two of these (2001 740i Sport and 2001 740iL) for five and six years, and would purchase either one of them again. Zero regrets. If you like this generation of BMWs, check out M539 Restorations channel here on HRpost. He reconditions a tired, sun-baked silver E38 750iL (plus other BMWs of this approximate vintage) back to mint condition.
Cup of JoTV
Cup of JoTV Prije 25 dana
I owned the non sport versions. The best cars I have owned. Like a real relationship it’s a love/hate relationship
C P Prije 29 dana
Most reliable car I've ever owned, 2001 E39 M5. 186,000 miles, factory clutch (and yes I drove it hard). The only thing I changed was a camshaft position sensor, 2 alternators (2nd one totally my fault for no listening to service provider) driver's window regulator (I use my window ALL the time) and wear and tear items. That is literally everything in almost 200k miles. Oh and a radiator.
George Arsu
George Arsu Prije 29 dana
Try a 2001 Chevy or Buick ...Blah blah blah...that car is more likely to get a 5 outta 5 than you a subscribe
F S Prije mjesec
One of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever driven however I agree problem plagued don’t forget the 25 cent end-stage resistor on a blower motor That requires complete dash disassembly to replace
Earl Gerald
Earl Gerald Prije mjesec
I'm sorry, I don't want to waste my time looking at a factory lemon 🍋💩🤑
Trü Ter
Trü Ter Prije mjesec
This is still my favourite shape of BMW of all time. They look best in white
Makke Prije mjesec
And still he managed to buy junk. Howabout next a 2001 S-class or A8 for similar money. All will be junk
dean Grant
dean Grant Prije mjesec
My mate has 2020 BMW 7 series and i have more trust in my 1994 Bmw 7 series
KoKo Shadowstryder
KoKo Shadowstryder Prije mjesec
The BMW business model: Push the limits in junk car creation, the logo sells.
Dru Nation
Dru Nation Prije mjesec
This is how mine looks. hrpost.info/history/gaqDZpq0X9uronY/video
Eddie Prije mjesec
According to me, and this is my personal opinion....you don't know what you talking about. It is an absolute amazing car, and like any other car that is 20,years old, you will have issues. Let's not start talking about new cars with less millage and more issues. But, you are aloud to have your views.
dfxs Prije mjesec
I found one for almost 2000$
darksidebilly Prije mjesec
Seriously! I watched many of your videos, but how is Mercedes and BMW still in business? Their cars break down alot, dont last very long, but somehow are expensive cars and people keep buying them???
Woke AF
Woke AF Prije mjesec
If you ever weaken enough to consider an E38, just watch this video, and it will sober you up
Michael Cleary
Michael Cleary Prije 2 mjeseci
E39 m5 best classic bmw going up in price now too
Timothy Lynskey
Timothy Lynskey Prije 2 mjeseci
Watch m539 restorations the guys a genius
Ant Espaillat
Ant Espaillat Prije 2 mjeseci
Had a 95 740il all black it had a blown headgasket had a buddy rebuild the whole engine for 1500$ never had any issues after that
Polo Ledodo
Polo Ledodo Prije 2 mjeseci
Got a 2001 740il with 65K miles. It is the greatest car ever. Driving this car is second best to my wife ... on her good days. I'm in love.
soco13466 Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm happy with the 2000 P71 Crown Vic. It is a solid, well built car, with oil, power steering, and transmission coolers, heavy duty suspension, etc. Rust free Southern car, never had the light bar, spotlight, etc. No cage inside. Tight suspension, bought new tires. It had the typical headlight flicker problem, solved with changing 18a thermal breaker with a 25a, per Ford bulletin. The 4.6 runs perfectly smooth, no clicks or other noises. I'm in it for a total of about $3000. I'll take this car over any of the more modern, overcomplicated cars. I can actually depend on it.
Petean Florin
Petean Florin Prije 2 mjeseci
You know that the 7 series has an air suspension no? You need to replace an air pillow in the back or both of them because they probably don't work anymore and air pillows are expensive as fuck....
Psychology healing online!!!
Psychology healing online!!! Prije 2 mjeseci
So begin.
Narii- Prije 2 mjeseci
You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Cringeworthy.
Lack Landa
Lack Landa Prije 2 mjeseci
Drice Productions
Drice Productions Prije 2 mjeseci
9:01 famous last words
Karl Lapuz
Karl Lapuz Prije 2 mjeseci
James Bond Drove one in Tomorrow Never Dies.
Matt Monti
Matt Monti Prije 2 mjeseci
The 01 ls430 is much superior
Oasis-Auto Prije 3 mjeseci
I want to give you 👍 ...but since you against the e38 ....I’ll stay on N mode 🤔
GuamanianBlood619 Prije 3 mjeseci
I loved my e38 740il it was a beast of a car esspecially for a 20yo lol i now have a e60 but the quality doesn't compare to the old 7 series
nguyen trong nhan
nguyen trong nhan Prije 3 mjeseci
Bill Diaz
Bill Diaz Prije 3 mjeseci
I have to say that owning three bmw's, a 91 bmw 525i, 94, bmw 530i, and 99 bmw 740il with over 710,000 miles, I have not had anywhere near the issues you experienced. I have family and friends who have over 400,000 miles that did not have these issues. What this indicates is that the prior owners did not maintain their cars. You can have the best car in the world but if you don't take care of it, it will not last. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Engine_of_the_Year
Libor Mikolasik
Libor Mikolasik Prije 3 mjeseci
Where is the Car Ninja from originally? Could he be Slovak by any chance?
luminazkidd21 Prije 3 mjeseci
after all that you sent that B7 to thr scrap yard😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the way the BMW 7 series of that era looked, your looks pretty close to the 750 that was in “The World is Not Enough”
Frank John
Frank John Prije 3 mjeseci
Broken Down Wheels
dave runner
dave runner Prije 3 mjeseci
If you dont have at least 1 warning light on in your BMW you arent living right. 2003 BMW Z4. 3.0 6 speed, M suspension. 175000 miles and I beat the snot out of her every weekend.
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes Prije 3 mjeseci
I like those
Nate Hamann
Nate Hamann Prije 3 mjeseci
7 series are garbage for reliability but damn are they sharp. Bimmers are a driver's dream and more fun than any son-of-a-gun should have
A. M.
A. M. Prije 3 mjeseci
An Audi owner, a BMW owner and a Mercedes owner walk into a bar and... erm...sorry folks, I'll have to finish this joke later. I just ran out of money. Like German cars, German jokes are expensive, you know. :-p
Rice Tomato
Rice Tomato Prije 3 mjeseci
Your garage looks very comfy with that rug!
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock Prije 3 mjeseci
Calvin Frye
Calvin Frye Prije 3 mjeseci
My favorite car ever... I’ve had 2 but loved them
Jonathan G
Jonathan G Prije 3 mjeseci
The first generation (P2 chassis) Volvo S80 is worse. Ask me how I know.
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
You must have terrible luck with BMW's, I've owned to 95 540i's and one 98 740iL and I never have really had issues with them. You just have to know how to stay ahead of them.
A Moone
A Moone Prije 4 mjeseci
I still see plenty of 7 series of this era on the road, almost 20 years after they were made so, Yeh, they must be junk.......
steven fromer
steven fromer Prije 4 mjeseci
I absolutely agree that 740 pretty much crap. I have an 06
irgski Prije 4 mjeseci
...don’t forget the leaking valley pan...
Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill Prije 4 mjeseci
That wall clock is killing me
bednar23 Prije 4 mjeseci
Must be an American thing with regards to wheel sizes because in the uk (probably the rest of Europe too) anything above 17 or 18" is considered massive
Guapito1973 Prije 4 mjeseci
Stop messing around with the V8 E38. Get an E39. The E39 was BMW’s greatest car.
Name 01234
Name 01234 Prije 4 mjeseci
i drove an E38 75K miles up to 200K over the course of 2 years. Loved it but lots of repairs constantly.. BMW= Bring More Wrenches...
French20cent Prije 4 mjeseci
I have a 740i E38, used to have a 728i, and yes they can be very frustrating to own if you want a nice one... On the other hand, even though many things can (and went) wrong, none of them got me stuck on the side of the road, and even a tired one is a pleasure to drive... Basically make sure the AC works, don't be too concerned about the rest, and you'll do plenty of miles in the ultimate russian mafia car, cruising around at very illegal speeds
Mareo Andbetty
Mareo Andbetty Prije 4 mjeseci
I have had my E38 for 10 years. 150,000 miles, now 219,000. Best car I've ever owned. Sure, an alternator and various repairs but most I've done myself, but very reliable. I'm driving a $70,000 car for CHEAP! The handling is surprising and 150 MPH top speed...so I bought an other one for only $2,500 so I never have to drive a lesser car. Don't listen to everything you see on here. Every complex car is expensive to repair.
TAMAGOTCHI Prije 4 mjeseci
BMW IS TRASH!! 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮
Alsharif Games 99
Alsharif Games 99 Prije 4 mjeseci
1:50 Tell that to Doug when he went dissing the Q50 and high quality Infiniti's in general
Christopher Long
Christopher Long Prije 4 mjeseci
I once bought one of these in my home town in Kansas for $4500. Mine was a 2000 740iL with the M5 wheels.
B Pingle
B Pingle Prije 4 mjeseci
I’ve had good experiences with BMW but I’ve bought them new and taken meticulous care of them. Porsche on the other hand.... disaster. That’s my “never ever again” car.
Conscious Cool
Conscious Cool Prije 5 mjeseci
Last best E30 God's chariot. Next Slow but great 91 318is with MTECH suspension, and the rest are DooDoo. Labor or love cars BMWs are Like the wife in Casino. She still loves her pimp.
Lil Shaggy
Lil Shaggy Prije 5 mjeseci
I have an e39 530i m sport 5 speed and man is it amazing
james James
james James Prije 5 mjeseci
Used BMWs never run forever JR. They just break again.
Steve Henry
Steve Henry Prije 5 mjeseci
My 01 740il SPORT! Has 238,000. I acquired it at 120,000. I have owned it for 5 years and yes it cost money to keep her running awesomely. How is this justified? Well I own one of my top 5 bucket list cars so it’s emotional, however I do not have a car payment. So, I look at it as what I don’t put into payments is used to keep her repaired. So 5-10G a year is a bargain to keep my badass daily driver and the most (IMO) badass luxury sedan on the road. PS, I do have a parts car, it helps.
Kelvin Miles
Kelvin Miles Prije 5 mjeseci
im Gonna Get one of these- Classic!!!!
douglas todd
douglas todd Prije 5 mjeseci
Another guy like me that knows their shit.
mihi68 Prije 5 mjeseci
Does this tool ever like any cars?
Matthew Doye
Matthew Doye Prije 5 mjeseci
The only good BMW is a new BMW, once they're out of warranty repairs are a fact of life.
Rene Nielsen
Rene Nielsen Prije 5 mjeseci
Just dont buy those made after 1994, because that was when production of US BMW´s moved from Germany to US. :D
Matt Brautigam
Matt Brautigam Prije 5 mjeseci
How about some content with that Gladiator in the background!
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
He seems to have a James Bond thing going on. This is exactly like the car that Pierce Brosnan's Bond drove minus the V12 I believe.
Gen X
Gen X Prije 5 mjeseci
Gen X
Gen X Prije 5 mjeseci
noooooooooooo Hoovie, you're wrong!!!!!
Tomas Prije 5 mjeseci
James Kurka
James Kurka Prije 5 mjeseci
Had a 2003 BMW 540I M-sport. Same motor and really similar interior! In the service records, the entire coolant system was replaced at 40k. I had to then replace it all again at 80k and once it all started to blow again at 110k I sold it.
Di Mario
Di Mario Prije 5 mjeseci
Remember that golden rule the worst think about your car is the previous owner
Dz Gaming
Dz Gaming Prije 5 mjeseci
Funny as I was watching this video.. we just picked up a 740il just like this one but in all black with 16k original miles.. its for sale btw Hoovie!
Gary Cousin
Gary Cousin Prije 6 mjeseci
Why do you buy that crap..
ian weverink
ian weverink Prije 6 mjeseci
Is he just never going to acknowledge the z3 in his garage?
theflanman86 Prije 6 mjeseci
My first car was my moms old 2001 540i M sport and it was awesome. Until it had a million problems and nearly bankrupted me. Why are beemers so fun and drive so well but are such hunks of expensive shit ?
Nick Mussehl
Nick Mussehl Prije 6 mjeseci
Buy a 1983 528e
Eric Loz
Eric Loz Prije 6 mjeseci
What happened to the Car Wizard? Nothing against your ninja, but without the car wizard there it just feels wrong.
20ilunga Prije 6 mjeseci
$5,582.38 ? ...Lol... i paid over $7000 and some change on my 2001 740i M sport for replacing this: timing chain,valve cover gasket,oil pan gasket,upper left and right lower timing cover gasket,timing cover seal trip,timing cover rail left and right,bmw antifreeze,oil filter oil ring,crankshaft seal,replaced transmission filter and oil,engine mount washer,water pump o ring,drive belt,oil separator etc... And now she drives and runs like brand new engine and no rattle on starting.
Christopher Rosenbalm
Christopher Rosenbalm Prije 6 mjeseci
The sport model came with a M steering wheel or has it been replaced?
Ben Bryson
Ben Bryson Prije 6 mjeseci
you idiot, lol
Alex Eden
Alex Eden Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel your frustration Hoovie! I really want one as it was a dream car as a kid yet the reality of actually owning what is one of the most iconic and best looking BMW’s ever is pretty dire... talk about reality check!
nicolas m
nicolas m Prije 6 mjeseci
I had a 95 with the 4.0 engine and never had a problem got something newer at 120k but was a great car. Loved the seats
Si Raff
Si Raff Prije 6 mjeseci
"This time I got a good one". 20 years old, deferred maintenance and repairs, headliner drooping, obviously knackered suspension, check engine light on and so on. By a good one we don't mean a shiny sh1tbox.
Mike Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m a proud owner of 1999 740i FL. Aaaand I remember driving it just yester... ehm...last summer exactly whole one day after being serviced for few months. Still renting the garage hoping for the best.
Jan-Hendrik Bussmann
Jan-Hendrik Bussmann Prije 6 mjeseci
You keep showing one BMW after the other and call all of them junk. It is quite funny that in Europe, they are viewed a lot differently. Most of them have some type of the six-cylinder Diesel engine and work just fine even after 200.000 miles. Are they free of any problems? Of course not, but show me one car that is and still has a similar technology level.
Jan-Hendrik Bussmann
Jan-Hendrik Bussmann Prije 6 mjeseci
@Michael Buczko I did kinda expect this answer. That series of cars seems to have a big following in the US, but they are very, very rare in Europe. Anyway, it is more about the fact that any car will have issues at 20 years of age just because of the fact that everything made out of rubber or plastics, gaskets and so on will simply need work. This is not specific to BMW. This E38 had no issues that any other car of that age would not have had. Timing chain guides, leaking gaskets, suspension shot. Where is this any different to any other car? He is just going "You said this was the best BMW and it is still junk." No, it is still old, that's it and we can play this game with any car. It is a sad truth that any car without serious collectible status will not be worth the money to properly restore it.
Michael Buczko
Michael Buczko Prije 6 mjeseci
Lexus LS400 or LS430 > BMW 7 series
jesdadotcom Prije 6 mjeseci
Pleases me to see someone suffering to keep these beauties on the road.
Sons R A Lars Too
Sons R A Lars Too Prije 6 mjeseci
... not sure I buy that it only has 80k on it , mine is tight but the interiors are really horrible ... Mechanically mine have been great w inline 6s
Sons R A Lars Too
Sons R A Lars Too Prije 6 mjeseci
... since when and who says a 740i or a 540 i was awesome ? ... Nobody that I know of , short term they were ok , long term junk and expensive ... Seats and interior were more refined no doubt but BMW inline 6s go FOREVER ... This dude bothers Me , I have an 89 735i with 80k.on it and I wouldn't trade for that 740i if he gave Me 5k ... And I.know My car isn't worth much but I do have a fantasy of buying a 745i turbo setup w intercooler and that should kill it for sure .
Sons R A Lars Too
Sons R A Lars Too Prije 6 mjeseci
... the greatest 7 series was a 735i and they Run FOREVER
chemmech1 Prije 6 mjeseci
if you find the electromechanical areas in need of renewal let me know there hoovie zke 3 etc. stuff that runs the servotronics also has to be gone thru about 18 modules in the car need renewal etc. beyond the mechanical areas ....
Sophie Hawthorne
Sophie Hawthorne Prije 6 mjeseci
Correction, Americans have never made a good car...... ever. Your domestic cars are primitive,, ugly and creak like an old boat.
Hunter Fisher
Hunter Fisher Prije 6 mjeseci
Bmw hasn't made a good car since the eighties.
alex knaus
alex knaus Prije 6 mjeseci
I had the exact car 2001 BMW 740I sport in silver. it was expensive and a headache but i loved it! drove so well
ralphinator2 Prije 6 mjeseci
But if you fix everything, you have an amazing and beautiful car for under $12000. And most of that price is because you didn't learn to wrench yourself.
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