Here's How Much It Cost To Own The Cheapest Rolls-Royce Phantom For 2 Years: Goodbye Old Friend!

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Ahjay Ahjay
Ahjay Ahjay Prije 16 dana
I like how you kiss the cars. I give you 10/10 points for that!!!
Ken Welch
Ken Welch Prije 16 dana
Well when you break it down like that how can I not afford to buy one! Lol here I've just been wasting my money getting a $500 beater and driving the wheels off for a couple of years.
Geoff Marsh
Geoff Marsh Prije 17 dana
The obvious choice, not the parts bin Mercedes, is the now to be discontinued Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, and you can dump the dreadful AM Rapide as well, if you still have it.
Mike Aninger
Mike Aninger Prije 26 dana
I’d say the SLS and start compiling a fleet of Gullwing cars. That’d be two down... 🤍
Mike Aninger
Mike Aninger Prije 26 dana
Wraith Convertible
Blayne Prije 28 dana
shmee and doug demuro have gt's
He Is Hephaestion
He Is Hephaestion Prije mjesec
basically he leased that bad boy for two years for around 1083.33 a month..not terrible. lol
RB Aviation
RB Aviation Prije mjesec
You lost more money than my car is brand new. 🤦🏾‍♂️
ilja gavrilow
ilja gavrilow Prije mjesec
Hi Ford GT40 of course super. But he is very expensive madly. Buy better Mercedes SLS AMG. Or are there more options to buy?
Steve Dunch
Steve Dunch Prije mjesec
I don’t understand the logic. Buy a car. Repair it. Sell it 2 years later... Lose over $20,000 and think that’s a good deal
chabka34 Prije mjesec
Ford GT definitely
Austin McBride
Austin McBride Prije mjesec
The last car he financed
Andrey Haifisch
Andrey Haifisch Prije mjesec
only Carrera gt
Grzegorz Szymonowicz
Grzegorz Szymonowicz Prije mjesec
Chris Nils
Chris Nils Prije mjesec
I probably shouldn’t. But I have to ask, does Doug approve of you calling him “Daddy Doug” or has he commented on it? 😂
CreepinWhileYouSleepin Prije mjesec
Father Douglas lol
B A Prije mjesec
I'd say it's time for you to get a Brand New Toyota Camry.
Dave Grindey
Dave Grindey Prije mjesec
SLS all day long given VFM and expected long term maintenance
Socks With Sandals
Socks With Sandals Prije mjesec
Merc SLS with any V8 engine. All your other choices are ordinary in comparison.
Christian Christiansen
Christian Christiansen Prije mjesec
Did you include finance costs? I seem to recall that you took out a loan when you bought the car. If you want a fair comparison to leasing (which is essentially just another way of financing) e.g. a new S-class, those costs should be included.
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis Prije 2 mjeseci
I’d go with the SLR MCLAREN
Martin Smarda
Martin Smarda Prije 2 mjeseci
Unbelievable, but....the most reasonable choice would be the SLS. And it´s probably the best car. a Milano QV, the Wizard would love it :D
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Prije 2 mjeseci
SLS for sure! Beautiful gullwing!
TeamDiamond Prije 2 mjeseci
But the money you made off making videos about it 😌. Yeah you came out on top .
TransDerwinOverdrive Prije 2 mjeseci
Does he actually drive any of these cars?
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 2 mjeseci
SLS AMG. Mercedes is entering a new period of prosperity starting in 2010 where they're able to compete with Japanese brands for reliability, beating them in quality, and delivering more features and gadgets. The E-Class in 2011 only lost to the Lexus ES and Caddy CTS that year while having more to offer in terms of reliability.
SadFace Prije 2 mjeseci
Daniel Cilantro
Daniel Cilantro Prije 2 mjeseci
*~daddy uwu doug~*
man on a mission
man on a mission Prije 2 mjeseci
boogie7778 Prije 2 mjeseci
How about a nice low key luxury, sheep in wolfs clothing: Audi S8 or RS6? Of the given choices the SLS is pretty nice, though I would like to see an honest review of the classic BMW Z8. Love the show being a car guy as well.
Terry Cummings
Terry Cummings Prije 2 mjeseci
Love the Ford gt🇺🇸🇺🇸🏁🏁
gratefuldean69 Prije 2 mjeseci
jamie johnson
jamie johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
are you insane? get a acura and stop being a wasteful rich kid
gratefuldean69 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah I got a question on cars and bids. Does the car need to be running to sell?
Peyton Adickes
Peyton Adickes Prije 2 mjeseci
SLS amg
Tamas Bodo
Tamas Bodo Prije 2 mjeseci
Get an SLS, they're already starting to appreciate, great investment.
sanchovonshtoop Prije 2 mjeseci
Get the Lexus LFA
Rutger Wolf
Rutger Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
Rolls Royce!!!!!!
Michael May
Michael May Prije 2 mjeseci
Always loved the SLS