Here's How Much It Cost To Own The Cheapest Rolls-Royce Phantom For 2 Years: Goodbye Old Friend!

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Vasileios Paterakis
Vasileios Paterakis Prije dan
Gary Mendez
Gary Mendez Prije 3 dana
How does he afford this? Lol
shananagans5 Prije 13 dana
I always find it amazing when people let cars sit for extended periods of time. My grandfather bought a new Cadillac in 1960, Coupe DeVille. The generator went out on it the first year he had it. The story goes, the nearest dealer was a 3 hour drive away, my grandfather got in an argument with the dealership about getting it fixed at a local repair shop. That didn't work out so he just parked it in the garage and got another car. It sat there under a cover, inside a garage until the 90s. I really wanted it but didn't have a good place to keep it until I was out of college. Grandma ended up selling it right before I was ready. She got totally conned too. If memory serves, she sold it for $700.
Glenn Rogers
Glenn Rogers Prije 15 dana
If you have the cash! I would go for the Ford GT40. You wont loose money!
Jetero Heller
Jetero Heller Prije 24 dana
Can't argue with the economics here. Just can't relate to it.
HigherGround TV
HigherGround TV Prije mjesec
Can you say tax write offs
Elias Tsaltas
Elias Tsaltas Prije mjesec
why do you wast your money on shit cars.
Baby doll Toys
Baby doll Toys Prije mjesec
Hi I have a question I just purchased the wheels like you purchased for my phantom did they go on with no problem I have not installed them please let me know
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf Prije mjesec
Well for a thousand a month, what else can you drive that's this nice? That's a challenge, get the Ford GT sooner or later. It's the nicest of the Ford GTs. Doesn't matter if daddy Doug has one
Jason Prije 2 mjeseci
Ford gt
Alain-Daniel Tankwa
Alain-Daniel Tankwa Prije 2 mjeseci
Let's hear about the phantom before u get thru half the video
Alain-Daniel Tankwa
Alain-Daniel Tankwa Prije 2 mjeseci
Let's hear about the phantom before u get thru half the video
Josh Pilisuk
Josh Pilisuk Prije 2 mjeseci
These numbers make me want to buy a RR, couldn't afford a new one but a used one is very doable
Elliot Blake
Elliot Blake Prije 2 mjeseci
Title says Rolls, video shows Camaro, good stuff.
Viktor Gartner
Viktor Gartner Prije 2 mjeseci
That intro though 😂
Dominic Borgert
Dominic Borgert Prije 3 mjeseci
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
there is no way you earn money from your channel. the amount of depreciation a year you loose on your car fleet plus interest rates, over pass the amount of your yearly income from you tube.
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
What about the interest you lost for the loan ?
Andrew Brown Cole
Andrew Brown Cole Prije 3 mjeseci
The Rolls-Royce is currently for sale in Charlotte North Carolina according to CARFAX
mcc11505 Prije 4 mjeseci
$26,xxx / how many miles? or $13,xxx per year for maintenance. Thanks for all the info. xox
Ahjay Ahjay
Ahjay Ahjay Prije 4 mjeseci
I like how you kiss the cars. I give you 10/10 points for that!!!
Ken Welch
Ken Welch Prije 4 mjeseci
Well when you break it down like that how can I not afford to buy one! Lol here I've just been wasting my money getting a $500 beater and driving the wheels off for a couple of years.
Geoff Marsh
Geoff Marsh Prije 4 mjeseci
The obvious choice, not the parts bin Mercedes, is the now to be discontinued Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, and you can dump the dreadful AM Rapide as well, if you still have it.
Mike Aninger
Mike Aninger Prije 5 mjeseci
I’d say the SLS and start compiling a fleet of Gullwing cars. That’d be two down... 🤍
Mike Aninger
Mike Aninger Prije 5 mjeseci
Wraith Convertible
Blayne Prije 5 mjeseci
shmee and doug demuro have gt's
He Is Hephaestion
He Is Hephaestion Prije 5 mjeseci
basically he leased that bad boy for two years for around 1083.33 a month..not terrible. lol
RB Aviation
RB Aviation Prije 5 mjeseci
You lost more money than my car is brand new. 🤦🏾‍♂️
ilja gavrilow
ilja gavrilow Prije 5 mjeseci
Hi Ford GT40 of course super. But he is very expensive madly. Buy better Mercedes SLS AMG. Or are there more options to buy?
Steve Dunch
Steve Dunch Prije 5 mjeseci
I don’t understand the logic. Buy a car. Repair it. Sell it 2 years later... Lose over $20,000 and think that’s a good deal
chabka34 Prije 5 mjeseci
Ford GT definitely
Austin McBride
Austin McBride Prije 5 mjeseci
The last car he financed
Andrey Haifisch
Andrey Haifisch Prije 5 mjeseci
only Carrera gt
Grzegorz Szymonowicz
Grzegorz Szymonowicz Prije 5 mjeseci
Chris Linfors
Chris Linfors Prije 5 mjeseci
I probably shouldn’t. But I have to ask, does Doug approve of you calling him “Daddy Doug” or has he commented on it? 😂
CreepinWhileYouSleepin Prije 5 mjeseci
Father Douglas lol
B A Prije 5 mjeseci
I'd say it's time for you to get a Brand New Toyota Camry.
Dave Grindey
Dave Grindey Prije 6 mjeseci
SLS all day long given VFM and expected long term maintenance
Socks With Sandals
Socks With Sandals Prije 6 mjeseci
Merc SLS with any V8 engine. All your other choices are ordinary in comparison.
Christian Christiansen
Christian Christiansen Prije 6 mjeseci
Did you include finance costs? I seem to recall that you took out a loan when you bought the car. If you want a fair comparison to leasing (which is essentially just another way of financing) e.g. a new S-class, those costs should be included.
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis Prije 6 mjeseci
I’d go with the SLR MCLAREN
Martin Smarda
Martin Smarda Prije 6 mjeseci
Unbelievable, but....the most reasonable choice would be the SLS. And it´s probably the best car. a Milano QV, the Wizard would love it :D
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Prije 6 mjeseci
SLS for sure! Beautiful gullwing!
TeamDiamond Prije 6 mjeseci
But the money you made off making videos about it 😌. Yeah you came out on top .
TransDerwinOverdrive Prije 6 mjeseci
Does he actually drive any of these cars?
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 6 mjeseci
SLS AMG. Mercedes is entering a new period of prosperity starting in 2010 where they're able to compete with Japanese brands for reliability, beating them in quality, and delivering more features and gadgets. The E-Class in 2011 only lost to the Lexus ES and Caddy CTS that year while having more to offer in terms of reliability.
SadFace Prije 6 mjeseci
Daniel Cilantro
Daniel Cilantro Prije 6 mjeseci
*~daddy uwu doug~*
man on a mission
man on a mission Prije 6 mjeseci
boogie7778 Prije 6 mjeseci
How about a nice low key luxury, sheep in wolfs clothing: Audi S8 or RS6? Of the given choices the SLS is pretty nice, though I would like to see an honest review of the classic BMW Z8. Love the show being a car guy as well.
Terry Cummings
Terry Cummings Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the Ford gt🇺🇸🇺🇸🏁🏁
gratefuldean69 Prije 6 mjeseci
jamie johnson
jamie johnson Prije 6 mjeseci
are you insane? get a acura and stop being a wasteful rich kid
gratefuldean69 Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeah I got a question on cars and bids. Does the car need to be running to sell?
Peyton Adickes
Peyton Adickes Prije 6 mjeseci
SLS amg
Tamas Bodo
Tamas Bodo Prije 6 mjeseci
Get an SLS, they're already starting to appreciate, great investment.
sanchovonshtoop Prije 6 mjeseci
Get the Lexus LFA
Rutger Wolf
Rutger Wolf Prije 6 mjeseci
Rolls Royce!!!!!!
Michael May
Michael May Prije 6 mjeseci
Always loved the SLS
Kim Rene Liestøl
Kim Rene Liestøl Prije 6 mjeseci
Prock Jack
Prock Jack Prije 6 mjeseci
get a 02 thunder bird lol
Andrew Loera
Andrew Loera Prije 6 mjeseci
Maybe he'll listen to you... WE WANT A DOG SCORE
Isaac Gorton
Isaac Gorton Prije 6 mjeseci
cavalier liberty
cavalier liberty Prije 6 mjeseci
*talks about dogging a car he's selling* ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK
Ambiant Relaxing and Healing Music
Ambiant Relaxing and Healing Music Prije 6 mjeseci
SLR Maclaren by far!
Old Man Khaki
Old Man Khaki Prije 6 mjeseci
the camaros airbag looked like a jiffy pop bag about to blow
Alin-Cosmin Schneider
Alin-Cosmin Schneider Prije 6 mjeseci
Ford GT very unreliable
Fahn Draco
Fahn Draco Prije 6 mjeseci
i would love to see you get the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG...
Dr Brown
Dr Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
you could buy videobobs old rolls royce phantom and make a youtube miniseries about this car -> might be a funny youtube idea.
Fu Chen
Fu Chen Prije 6 mjeseci
Voting no on Germans. They are so poorly built under the hood.... I think get a late SRT Viper, those were very well built.
Lucille West
Lucille West Prije 6 mjeseci
Love this channel!
Lucille West
Lucille West Prije 6 mjeseci
SLR Mac then Ford GT
Макс Наконечний
Макс Наконечний Prije 6 mjeseci
SLR and SLS are great but they will bore you and you gonna sell them rather quickly. So Drophead coupe waterspeed is the choice.
Andy Slagter
Andy Slagter Prije 6 mjeseci
SLS AMG Gullwing
paulg Prije 6 mjeseci
Ford GT
Nickorator Prije 6 mjeseci
Over the Speed Limit
Over the Speed Limit Prije 6 mjeseci
bet u never thought of this..... a Spyker C8!! never gonna depreciate!!!
cooper8318 Prije 6 mjeseci
Of that list id say SLR. Im not a fan of the shnoz on it but its a very interesting car
James Sharkey
James Sharkey Prije 6 mjeseci
You are a total dork but I’ve followed you from day one. Keep going dude much love from a British / Californian!!! Mercedes SLS for sure.
Shawn Houck
Shawn Houck Prije 6 mjeseci
Lose almost 30k? No biggie to Tyler. I luv it!
Pedro pablo Molina valdivieso
Pedro pablo Molina valdivieso Prije 6 mjeseci
Bentley Azure!
Dawid K
Dawid K Prije 6 mjeseci
The cheapest SLR, that would be great!!
Maxim Bollansée
Maxim Bollansée Prije 6 mjeseci
Hands down SLR
Duo Dua
Duo Dua Prije 6 mjeseci
Love your channel btw. It's brilliant and very entertaining.
Duo Dua
Duo Dua Prije 6 mjeseci
1st choice - SLR McLaren (dream car) 2nd choice - SLS AMG Gullwing
Cale Western
Cale Western Prije 6 mjeseci
HOOVIES RIPPED US OFF. This is my favorite channel on HRpost, so much so my girl ordered me a shirt for my birthday. That's tomorrow, and she sadly informed me she ordered the shirt over a month ago and it never came. Contacted HOOVIES garage for an update or refund to only get no response. Very poor business practices. BEWARE EVERYONE!!!
gratefuldean69 Prije 6 mjeseci
Wait wuh?
Patryk Mlacki
Patryk Mlacki Prije 6 mjeseci
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Ford GT! Surely the cheapest to own. None of the others have the heritage to back up its chops.
Nic Gatewood
Nic Gatewood Prije 6 mjeseci
supra Prije 6 mjeseci
droot Prije 6 mjeseci
I know this isn't on the list but a BMW Z8 Bond BMW from the early 2000's would be awesome and you could do a bond episode... If not then the gullwing would be a cool car to see you go over.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 6 mjeseci
0:02 The Rolls knows what you've done and is not pleased.
Zach Waldauer
Zach Waldauer Prije 6 mjeseci
Ford GT all the way
Trystan Franziskus
Trystan Franziskus Prije 6 mjeseci
ford gt or the sls
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Prije 6 mjeseci
buy the sls Mercedes
Harry Keeping
Harry Keeping Prije 6 mjeseci
The drop head would be incredible. Such a rare car
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije 6 mjeseci
69696 LOL
To Mo
To Mo Prije 6 mjeseci
Goodbye phantom and gives a five min ad for selling his camaro. Still watching though!
Terel Patrick
Terel Patrick Prije 6 mjeseci
SLR or SLS could go either way
Pikachu4600 Prije 6 mjeseci
TheSchaefmeister Prije 6 mjeseci
Ford GT - all day, everyday!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije 6 mjeseci
Video starts at 5:50
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