The First Adventure With My Woodie FAILED: 1951 Ford Country Squire New Project!

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Anonymous Prije 3 dana
"you wont find what you need at a local autoparts store" you would be surprised. I can usually find basic parts for my Ford Super Deluxe at autozone.
Ander Ander
Ander Ander Prije 4 dana
Why would anybody put wood on the outside of a car....??
Tony King
Tony King Prije 4 dana
there might be hope for you yet num nuts 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Tony King
Tony King Prije 4 dana
at last you wanker a car with style 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Pohatu Mata
Pohatu Mata Prije 9 dana
Expensive POS. You definitely made that guy happy getting rid of his headache.
Trey White
Trey White Prije 12 dana
where do you find your cheap hoopties?? im interested in getting an older land yacht!! Thanks.
dannyrighi Prije 13 dana
The reason why I stoped watching his videos was the little man called ninja , despicable man
Pohatu Mata
Pohatu Mata Prije 9 dana
With someone with your English, it was a good loss. Won't be missed!
Mike MacDowell
Mike MacDowell Prije 13 dana
It's crank, not crack. I think
bill barry
bill barry Prije 15 dana
That car is going to Skyrocket in value. It's going to Skyrocket in value because it's so simple and so cool. Millennials and younger are going to get sick of the complications of the new vehicle and the Millennials and younger with money are going to start seeking those cars out. Thank God those idiots didn't chop it up.
Ian Cole
Ian Cole Prije 16 dana
This is stunning, love it
Backyard Mechanic Restorations
Backyard Mechanic Restorations Prije 17 dana
Never get rid of this car it’s beautiful
Charlie B
Charlie B Prije 19 dana
I put a Ron Francis kit in my 50.
RRocr Prije 23 dana
You've made a lot bigger mistakes than that. Let us know when you want to sell it.
2003evodave Prije 26 dana
How do you insure all your cars! I am going to guess under the umbrella of an auto dealers license.
SALAH ALJERI Prije 27 dana
Nice car I have a Ford country squaier it is a hoopty
Zack Schilling
Zack Schilling Prije 28 dana
Hoovie wants Wizard to look at his Woody...he also needs Wizard to look at his new wagon!
Jim Kirk
Jim Kirk Prije 29 dana
I would have kept the Ford Rapture, & Sold the other Fords!!
Rob Mastro
Rob Mastro Prije 29 dana
I hope you still own this one. Properly sorted youll have a rare and valuable vehicle. Very nice woody.
mark g
mark g Prije mjesec
Stick with what you disrespect, but buying an unrestored 70 year old car that has been sitting for a decade+ and taking it to a modern garage that turns cars quickly for a profit is asking to have the car sit there for 6 months to a year while someone finds time to work on it. Either that or you will pay $10K at shop rates to have someone learn how to wire and work on a 70 year old car they have never seen before. As for value, stock '49-51 Fords are declining in value as the owners pass away. Sure, that woody could be worth $80K if you spent $60K putting it on a modern chassis, a 400HP LS motor, automatic, airconditioning, modern seats, a killer stereo, billet wheels, etc. so it handles like a modern car. Tastes are changing.
Michael Houska
Michael Houska Prije mjesec
This guy's funny lol
notfiveo Prije mjesec
For that price I would have expected a powder coated frame off restoration. That car was meant to sit in a museum, not for driving.
gotham61 Prije mjesec
Hoovie: I want to give you a tour of my woodie. HRpost: Video flagged for obscene content.
N Christensen
N Christensen Prije mjesec
first crack? crank?
Toosuna Kabooma
Toosuna Kabooma Prije mjesec
If you drove it only after midnight and before noon, it could be considered a "morning woodie"
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prije mjesec
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Mark Chandler
Mark Chandler Prije mjesec
These are around the most common woodies. How about a Chrysler Town & Country, 1940s Olds or Pontiac.....
Mark Chandler
Mark Chandler Prije mjesec
Fords used real wood for exterior trim through 1953 on fords as well as Mercury.
Jean Requa
Jean Requa Prije mjesec
I don't think. The dash is 51. Read bles 49, or 50
Douglas Dixon
Douglas Dixon Prije mjesec
I guess deep down my 51 year old self is still a 13 year old because I couldn't stop laughing everytime he said woody. I thought all of us men owned a woody.
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis Prije mjesec
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W. Loczykij
W. Loczykij Prije mjesec
Wood on a car... So even arizonians can complain about corrosion. Termites that is.
thenormalyears Prije mjesec
thenormalyears Prije mjesec
jokes on you, I dont even watch the videos of exotic cars I only like it when you have weird or cool stuff
ep-1000 Prije mjesec
Is there a clutch on this car ?
Paul Hardman
Paul Hardman Prije mjesec
Beautiful car. So glad you are hot rodding the flathead!
Ashton Young
Ashton Young Prije mjesec
26 yrs old and would rather see classics 😂
Just Fun and Games
Just Fun and Games Prije mjesec
After washing, don't forget the Lemon Pledge!
Jay McArdle
Jay McArdle Prije mjesec
Millennial: Ya know what would be really cool? A carbon fiber wrap..... Awesome car
thamojster Prije mjesec
Im a millenial and i think lambos are ugly as sin
Jan Reeves
Jan Reeves Prije mjesec
Ford built the flathead V8 engine through the 1953 model year.
73F100 Prije 2 mjeseci
I am a Ford guy too and love your car! But the Art Deco period ended in 1935 so.....
223 Prije 2 mjeseci
Fords air filter is a bong the flathead air filter is litteraly a v8 powered bong
Tom Sparks
Tom Sparks Prije 2 mjeseci
Where are the outside rearview mirrors? The music sounds like it's from a safety film.
kblopp Prije 2 mjeseci
My first adventure with my Woodie was NOT a failure.
TheEternal1 -
TheEternal1 - Prije 2 mjeseci
12:40 close you're eyes and listen
Troy Ehnisz
Troy Ehnisz Prije 2 mjeseci
Great investment it’s the only car in your collection that will be worth more in a few years
Kārlis Rupeiks-Roķis
Kārlis Rupeiks-Roķis Prije 2 mjeseci
Its 69 years old. Nice
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
tyler the original mini was the fisrt to have a drop down number plate in the boot/trunk lid
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
I must say it is a great looking example of a woody
Alan Winge
Alan Winge Prije 3 mjeseci
Might as well chop it up and put in newer V8 with valves in the heads. The estimate will depend on how much the Wizard is spending on the huge boat that he has now. Put the old supercharger on it .
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 3 mjeseci
Wax on wax off
Joey recoil
Joey recoil Prije 3 mjeseci
Sorry this 1951 woody is way cooler than any Lambo Ferrari Mercedes BMW that I’ve seen on his channel
mwyatt222 Prije 3 mjeseci
Let Jonathon Ward and ICON have that car!
Simon T
Simon T Prije 3 mjeseci
Waiting for part II!
Paul Sontag
Paul Sontag Prije 3 mjeseci
Indeed. Opens his wallet every episode!
RadialSkid Prije 3 mjeseci
Why on Earth would anyone hack up a historic car that nice to turn into another useless, faddish "resto mod" that will be completely worthless in ten years? I'm glad it was rescued.
azhurelwarrior Prije 4 mjeseci
More classics PUH-LEASE, but please don’t just chuck a crappy looking modern radio in this. The beautiful art-deco radio is such a time capsule!
creditelectric Prije 5 mjeseci
And those b's were seriously going to work their horrible magic on it & chop it ??
Zack Magruder
Zack Magruder Prije 5 mjeseci
What do you think of It
SimonTek Prije 5 mjeseci
It's amazing to put a vehicle to the year my dad graduated college
Kurk Prije 5 mjeseci
Who in their right mind would hack up a gem like this into a hot-rod?
Just Gonna Get Better
Just Gonna Get Better Prije 5 mjeseci
Some one's going to tell me how many times Hoovie says wood or Woody in this video right here⬇️⬇️
bfoot2211 Prije 5 mjeseci
I’m still holding my breath for an update please please please.
Bryan Shaffer
Bryan Shaffer Prije 6 mjeseci
Wouldn't the woody be illegal due to the lights not being in a fixed position
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 6 mjeseci
Wow this is such a cool car
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 6 mjeseci
Tim Allen would have such a crush on this. On Home Improvement they had an episode where Brad and Tim decide to rebuild the original Flathead instead of drop something faster in it to preserve it's history.
Mana Steele
Mana Steele Prije 6 mjeseci
Wanna look under my woodie
NortelShortel50 Prije 6 mjeseci
“Yes mechanic, put tires on it so I can take it to another mechanic”
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins Prije 6 mjeseci
Must be one of very few left, not to have been rodded. Why not keep it that way?
DrTittieSprinkles Prije 6 mjeseci
It would've been a tragedy to chop up such a gorgeous original car to make another restomod that would be out of style and tacky in 10 years
Sid3300 Prije 6 mjeseci
What happened to the Wagoneer?
Rm Carr
Rm Carr Prije 6 mjeseci
why are you buying new wheels? take a steel brush drill motor attachment and work the inside of the wheels.... spray them with krylon dull aluminum and mount the tires... easy peasy... you seriously need to earn how to deal with old cars...... the fact that your mechanics didn't know this surprises me....
tonibisha Prije 6 mjeseci
I swear that mechanic looks albanian to me
haas fogle
haas fogle Prije 7 mjeseci
you brought it to the wrong shop. 6 volt is fine..... my 64 porsche is 6 volt as well as my supercharged flathead 34 ford. both driven regularly.
j debarge
j debarge Prije 7 mjeseci
I just found this page 🤔💪🏾
R Johnson
R Johnson Prije 7 mjeseci
Hotroding that car would have been a crime.
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Prije 7 mjeseci
23:50 *warning* Don't ever put any car fluids especially oil in your mouth even if it is a small amount, car fluids are made out of harmful chemicals and they are harmful and carcinogenic
Notscott Prije 7 mjeseci
This is my favorite of all his cars
mercedesbenzformula1 Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m a millennial and I want to see more old stuff too. Modern stuff is cool but everyone is doing that on youtube
Dr Snooz
Dr Snooz Prije 7 mjeseci
LS swap that shiz, yo! JK. That's a beautiful example. It pains me to think about how many other pristine, rare cars like that are getting chopped up for resto-mods. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their underwear for doing it.
Racerboy221 Prije 7 mjeseci
Yes, I do love your new Woody! Very cool ride!!
David Brennan
David Brennan Prije 7 mjeseci
Watched it three times. Love the obtainable cars over the super cars any day.
PAUL Joseph W
PAUL Joseph W Prije 7 mjeseci
~~***Born Jan 15th...1951**!!..My dad had the same Ford..I loved climbing into the back seat**!! with 3 brothers....We had to help scrap off the old Varnish,,every 2 years,,.. My dad went & sold the Woody for...$$$$..$500 bucks***..1966..Now, Im dressing up my VW NewBeetle with Real Wood...**
REX WICKLAND Prije 7 mjeseci
There’s nothing like the sound of a hot rodded flat head.
REX WICKLAND Prije 7 mjeseci
That ‘51 woodie is gorgeous.
yeahman1975 Prije 7 mjeseci
This reminds me of my papas, when he was a kid.
Random Stuff In Oregon
Random Stuff In Oregon Prije 7 mjeseci
Love it! I'd say it's about 100x more interesting than a Lambo too.
veldur00 Prije 7 mjeseci
Middle of this video Top Gear commercial popped up :D
YUKI JINJUJI Prije 7 mjeseci
Big ass fan in background
Victor Schlecker
Victor Schlecker Prije 7 mjeseci
Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of carz.
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark Prije 7 mjeseci
Ford is king, I love the full-size pickup trucks and vans.
Michael Eaton
Michael Eaton Prije 7 mjeseci
Millennial here. Lambo's are okay but are unobtainable for most working class folks. More interested in old stuff that I actually have a better chance of owning in my lifetime.
No Name
No Name Prije 7 mjeseci
There's just something more natural and human about 50's cars. This car is wood, metal and glass. Little to no plastic. Leather seals, and no computer. This car has no brain. It was designed to be driven by someone with their own brain. You have to be sharp and focused to drive this, because one mistake could kill you.
mangojuice Prije 7 mjeseci
Where is the lambo stuff edit:30k for this??
Papa Chis
Papa Chis Prije 7 mjeseci
Hoovie: This engine is a peach. It starts first time and sounds absolutely great. Wizard: Sure does. It’s built like a tank. No computers or nothin’. Hoovie: Let’s f%#k it up then with some non-essential mods. Wizard: But, every extra horse you put in it will reveal weaknesses elsewhere. And it’s a piece of history. Hoovie: Yeah, but it only cost 30K and I can earn more from HRpost if I wrench the prop and blow out the diff. Wizard: Hopefully it will burn out the clutch and smash the trans as well. Hoovie: Sounds like a plan then.
Barry Webber
Barry Webber Prije 7 mjeseci
What a beautiful car, pure 50's Americana! Thanks for posting.
Marcos455 Ferro
Marcos455 Ferro Prije 7 mjeseci
I love your woodie, keep these vintages coming!
J Smith
J Smith Prije 7 mjeseci
Best car you've had in a long while. :)
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon Prije 7 mjeseci
Can't believe a place wanted to chop it and drastically mod it. Glad it worked out you could save it from that fate and keep it more original. Sounds and runs smooth; once all the other mechanical/electrical parts are resolved, you could probably trust it on a cross country trip, no problem.
Mr. Louis
Mr. Louis Prije 7 mjeseci
Ford Excursion with a 6.0 yes you are a nut job. Biggest piece of crap I ever owned in my life
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