Here's Why The 4th Generation Chevrolet Camaro Is Loved By Many, Even Though It's Junk

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C J Prije dan
You can put a couple of grand in one of these and smoke $50k modern cars all day.
David arruda
David arruda Prije 3 dana
The only thing that I didn't like about my 94 z28 was the off-putting steering wheel.
Peyton Davis
Peyton Davis Prije 6 dana
You only think that because you had an automatic. A manual shift LT1 is something else entirely.
Joseph Short
Joseph Short Prije 6 dana
Well it’s the lt4... If you’re going to review the 4th gen, get a 98-02 ls1
Gigi Prije 10 dana
Here is cold start of my LS1 in Country Georgia:
InfiniD Overland
InfiniD Overland Prije 13 dana
Should of done the trap door mod for the fuel tank lol. I loved my 96 with the T56 trans
xTheHampster Prije 14 dana
These cars especially the LS gens are loved for their very affordable hp and pretty inexpensive to modify/work on.
Jakob Holgersson
Jakob Holgersson Prije 14 dana
Such a shame you got rid of it. I think it's one of the best looking American cars ever and I'd loved it if you'd put an even more illogical sum of money to give it independent rear suspension. Perhaps you can get one again, only with the face lift and a manual box?
Tim Tritt
Tim Tritt Prije 17 dana
going 60MPH in a 40 zone at the 9:20 mark.
Gigi Prije 17 dana
Does this Camaro feels faster than your 348?
JBM425 Prije 18 dana
You had once talked about why someone might invest more in parts and repairs than an old car is worth, and mentioned emotional or sentimental value as being one reason. This Z28 underlines that precisely, and in this case it's totally justified. It is one of those cars that just screams to be driven, and once you've driven or ridden in it, you remember something like this fondly.
Gary McRoy
Gary McRoy Prije 19 dana
He acts like he made this video in a time other than 2020. Sorry the new camaros are not still designed off the old design and havent been in a while
Sellingtowin Selling
Sellingtowin Selling Prije 24 dana
Whilst living in tenerife years ago we got 9 adults in a friends camero, and drove to the shit
Ray D
Ray D Prije 28 dana
I disagree about the 5th Gen. It was a huge success and I think it outsold Mustang every year of its production. The 6th gen peformance wise is hands down the best Camaro ever made.
Alex Nicholas
Alex Nicholas Prije mjesec
I just picked up a 2002 with a T-top in silver leather's a six banger but it's got 119 thousand miles and looks pretty cool and I'm over 65 so it's a good fit. Try a Morris Minor Woody Wagon if you like wood...I've owned two and I was going to go with yellow gold pearl...very lightly and with a jet with black fenders and yellow body and one with yellow fenders and a black body...yellow Oak wood. That way you can bet people they don't remember what color the fenders are and you always win....hehe.
Jarmal Jackson
Jarmal Jackson Prije mjesec
So a 4th gen is junk? Lmao I got a 94 mine would smoke ur junk
Trent Sainer
Trent Sainer Prije mjesec
I've got a '97 Z28
Tom Cat
Tom Cat Prije mjesec
They are not junk they are just driven hard because that's what they do they are still worth every penny it's better than a pony car Ford Mustang who wants to ride a pony when you can ride a horse power
Gear1993Head xxx
Gear1993Head xxx Prije mjesec
It was only expensive because you cant do the work yourself... Which is fine but labor isnt cheap.
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya Prije mjesec
"It has no technology in it whatsoever, except what it needs to make it run." I'm sold.
Ignacio Ramirez
Ignacio Ramirez Prije mjesec
My favorite camaro body 93-02. 🇺🇸
BaD MoJo
BaD MoJo Prije mjesec
I drive my 4th gen everyday
Ted Orrino
Ted Orrino Prije mjesec
Not my favorite but fun to drive.
BluRaven1 Prije mjesec
I regret selling my 94 back in 2013 it had over 200k miles but still ran like a champ no matter how hard i beat it. Except the rearend i did heads and cam. I built the transmission to take the new power but the rearend grenaded lol but with the way i drove it i am surprised that's all that exploded.
Timpriss Fort
Timpriss Fort Prije mjesec
383 stroke it upgrade the heads ad thumper cam long tube headers re work the 4l60 hit it with a 150 shot then do another video.
70Kenny Prije mjesec
So WHAT if they were “looking forward” with this thing? This is the ugliest Camaro body style of all! The 2010 and later Camaros are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank God Chevy looked back to the roots of what made muscle cars desirable instead of “forward,” because the ‘93-‘02 Camaro proves that sometimes “forward” really sucks.
Nico Toscani
Nico Toscani Prije mjesec
Not junk.
Tom Kruze
Tom Kruze Prije mjesec
New Z28 and Mustangs are Stupid expensive. The people that want them can’t afford them. Ask yourself what exciting Auto does GM build anymore? Nothing! Maybe the Corvette but to expensive for most. GM has no excitement they will die in America soon. Wait and see
RFA Radio FREE AMERICA Prije mjesec
They were fun , fast and had better visibility than newer ones 90s era
Hanpark Prije mjesec
*laughs in 3rd gen*
Maker DIY
Maker DIY Prije mjesec
The last of simplicity is the 4th gen with the LS1. I'll see you around town Hoovie.
Kenny Deever
Kenny Deever Prije mjesec
Gotta be the worst car youtuber to date, always hates and criticizes anything that isn't exotic and costs over 100k, doesn't do any of his own maintenance, buys cars to only review and then sell, pure garbage.
Colt 604
Colt 604 Prije mjesec
Gen 4 was styled like a fighter jet. Gen 5&6 were styled like a bad remix album.
Michel C
Michel C Prije mjesec
Cool video, but IMHO that Camaro body style screams trailer park, mullet, cheap and FUGLY 😆
Utah county Picazo's page
Utah county Picazo's page Prije mjesec
In my opinion the 2010 Camaro was a failure because the chassis was too heavy And the fact that it was an Australian car chassis and then given to us just like the GTO they flopped because in America we want bad ass cars not used Australian car chassis rebadged I hope that trend ends
Utah county Picazo's page
Utah county Picazo's page Prije mjesec
If you ever have to do a fuel pump there is a video showing that you can cut from the top and make a little door and save yourself about 1000 bucks in labor almost anybody can do it just a quick tip if anybody ever ends up owning a 4 gen
Tommi Jyurro
Tommi Jyurro Prije mjesec
267000 miles on nothing but oil changes and basic maintenance for my '93 v6. Limping it to a swap
Mango Dango
Mango Dango Prije mjesec
I got a v6 no rust and a set of winters and a SBC out a silverado same year w everything for 1600
Ricardo - Lissete Cervantes
Ricardo - Lissete Cervantes Prije 2 mjeseci
I love that car. I had the same year same engine. Everything the same except the color. My was marron with black on top. I really miss it. That was my first car. I I had the money, I would look for it and buy it at whatever price just to get it back. I think this is one of the best Camaros. Red with black is win win. I am a fan of red Chevy vehicles. I had a Chevy S10 Xtreme. After seen this video I am really looking for a Camaro again. Is a matter of time to find it.
A B Prije 2 mjeseci
Always wanted an SS in this body style. Maybe one day.
Luis Valles
Luis Valles Prije 2 mjeseci
This car is the greatest car to ever exist , love my 95 camaro 💙
Waylon Hoss
Waylon Hoss Prije 2 mjeseci
I had a 96. Dailymsriver 6 months of the year. Every year till 2017. Never needed anything. I sold it because I was two crippled to get in and out of it and was going through a rough time financially. Biggest mistake ever
KckDwn Prije 2 mjeseci
The biggest atrocity is that he picked up an automatic Z28. What a waste...
Brett Harrington
Brett Harrington Prije 2 mjeseci
"It's easy to fix" "This is just a simple, bare bones vehicle. This is the last of that." -Reverse flow cooling system that MIGHT go a week without a leak -Most advanced optical distributor of its time, pain in the ass to diagnose issues -Can't change water pump without removing fans, preferably radiator too -Better not take that Opti through a car wash with undercarriage spray... Not sure how you spent $4k...just did all you did plus front&rear pads/rotors, clutch & resurfaced flywheel, rebuilt steam pipe system, flushed all fluids, rear main, and a Hurst Billet-Plus shifter to top it all off. Spent right about $1200...
mr. chevyboy
mr. chevyboy Prije 2 mjeseci
I became a member of the 4th gen family as soon as i got my licence, i posted on facebook i needed a car and dude said i got this 98 5spd v6 i sell it to for 500, needless to say i bought it and 207 bucks later i was legal
Jason Rushing
Jason Rushing Prije 2 mjeseci
What’s wrong with John Mayer?
Mike Stlouis
Mike Stlouis Prije 2 mjeseci
I just picked up a triple black 02 35th anniversary with the badging Z28 with 55k miles leather,auto and it’s drives like a dream. For $6k it’s like a new car.
Rick Jordan
Rick Jordan Prije 2 mjeseci
What you said at the end I completely agree with you you are 100% right and a beautiful Camaro too
aldo1999 Prije 2 mjeseci
5.5 to 60 with a tail wind!! IT JUNK!
BCASHY DOLLAZ Prije 2 mjeseci
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije 2 mjeseci
Love that car except for the engine placement
madnutts Prije 2 mjeseci
98-2002 is better int and better brakes + ls1. I put lowered springs, adjustable shocks and 18's on mine and it's the best handling car I've ever driven. I'll take one of these in good shape over a 2010 every time.
metvelle Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't forget about the opti-shart distributer on those lol
Nicholas Livoti
Nicholas Livoti Prije 2 mjeseci
Looks good to me. I’d own that as a weekend toy.
Colton Cleveringa
Colton Cleveringa Prije 2 mjeseci
I had one but it nickeled and dimed me the whole time still loved it though
cinder 99
cinder 99 Prije 2 mjeseci
What a surprise the same lame g.m. interiors remarks. As if any other car brand from 80's or 90s interiors were any better, I remember my brothers 94 mustang gt had a shit plastic interior also but nobody ever talks about them. I had a 83 mustang, I remember the honeycomb speaker grills in dash would break when you touched them.
Sylvain Joly
Sylvain Joly Prije 2 mjeseci
Have to disagree with the “slow” 5.5 sec 0-60, sorry
Jacob Carrillo
Jacob Carrillo Prije 2 mjeseci
If you don't want it....lll take it.
david boehm
david boehm Prije 2 mjeseci
Arkansas Ferrari
Jay AR
Jay AR Prije 2 mjeseci
I bought one for 6800, with an LQ9, a nice cam and 799 heads. An Orginal SS car with upgraded C5 brakes, and c5 Wheels and a full Kooks 3in straight pipes. And a Turbo 350 sadly but will a gear vendors overdrive fit on a turbo 400, where a LS1 t56 used to go. Other than that built 4l80 with 3200stall is the plan. it has a truck ECU too lmao.
Paul Mahon
Paul Mahon Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm sorry. This car is pure shit. I owned one, along with six other Camaros from 67 to 93 (drove a 69 Z28 in high school) and the 4th gen pissed me off so bad and it cost me a lot of money in repairs. The fourth generation is the reason they killed the Camaro. It was garbage and people knew it and stopped buying it.
Mat J
Mat J Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you get real nervous doing videos or do you have Parkinson's?
ysidro torres
ysidro torres Prije 2 mjeseci
Just bought a.95 z28. Needs cosmetics but.runs like a champ.
LeGoogle Chrome
LeGoogle Chrome Prije 2 mjeseci
Catfish LS1 > LT1 4th gen 🤷‍♂️
Endtimeguitarist Endtimeguitarist
Endtimeguitarist Endtimeguitarist Prije 3 mjeseci
Only $4,000? Dude give me the number of your mechanic because where I’m from they’ll bleed you dry for a fourth of that work.
White Buffalo
White Buffalo Prije 3 mjeseci
Go find you an 98-02 ss all leather interior with performance suspension and at least a h/c/i package or better and tell me you’re riding in a piece of junk.. I’d have to slap the shit out of you
mwyatt222 Prije 3 mjeseci
My son had a 2018 raptor ford to trade in w/ low miles. We drove everything. It was a blast. The Camaros, the Ford Gt500 shelby, a shelby truck, new vettes, new BMW's, hellcats etc. The Camaros are the worst of the new cars lMHO. He bought a new Ford Raptor.
Kent Cruse
Kent Cruse Prije 3 mjeseci
I love my Camaros. 98 & 02 SS convertibles. Bought them 18 & 20 years ago. Sorry I can't help your sponsor Hoovie. Been shaving my head 21 years now! :-)
Musk Jr
Musk Jr Prije 3 mjeseci
Dude got a cheap ass 4th gen lol. He has the oldest model year (1993-2002) no t tops automatic and the weaker v8 in the LT1 (~275 hp) when the LS1 (~335 hp) can be had. ‘01-‘02 z28’s are where it’s at.
Karon Bell
Karon Bell Prije 3 mjeseci
Can I but this?
King Louie
King Louie Prije 3 mjeseci
And fighter jet
King Louie
King Louie Prije 3 mjeseci
Kia's and hundiys could do circles around it ay? What the frig are you smokin bro lol
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts Prije 3 mjeseci
Did it still have the original mullet in the glove box? Those were factory issue by GM back in the day.
Teddy Hartshorne
Teddy Hartshorne Prije 3 mjeseci
My first car was a 93 Z28 and I loved it. My 01 trans am ws6 was awesome. Loved these cars.
scottzy breschon
scottzy breschon Prije 3 mjeseci L98 and zr1 se t record and the Lt1 was even better then a L 98 as it already had 11 to 1 comp and see
The KrazycarGuy
The KrazycarGuy Prije 3 mjeseci
We want an affordable fun Camaro. Any new good Camaro is just to expensive.
Dane Johnson
Dane Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
I had a 1994 Camaro Z28. I loved it. All I did to it was put a shift kit on, had the transmission built, drilled and slotted rotors, full exhaust ( headers, and all that) and some repairs. It was a blast
1997 Camaro SS
1997 Camaro SS Prije 3 mjeseci
"Junk" but the slightly built 5.7 LT can gap a 05 stang
Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh Prije 3 mjeseci
I remember working at a major chain parts store and we were just getting the headlights in for these cars. It was the most expensive one on the shelf around $30 and not even 15 minutes after we stocked them, someone comes up to the counter and wants to return it without a receipt......LMAO, she got turned down quickly!
Dboyslim reaper
Dboyslim reaper Prije 3 mjeseci
Can i please have it?
bmf572 Prije 3 mjeseci
So following the logic here, any vehicle without fuel injection, power steering, power brakes, electric windows/locks, keyless entry, hydraulic clutch, air conditioning, etc etc etc are all JUNK! Right?
black wulf
black wulf Prije 3 mjeseci
Looks like a fun car to drive.
Jeff Johnon
Jeff Johnon Prije 3 mjeseci
I had the Firebird version with the T-56 6 speed,there was nothing not thrilling about it,it was fast,fun,and cost a fraction of todays muscle.
bmf572 Prije 3 mjeseci
What? No standard traction control? No electronic steering or brakes? No computer doing everything? No radio that, when it fails, prevents the AC from working? You mean I actually have to DRIVE the vehicle! What? What a piece of junk! Whatever!!! I had a 97 SS that was an awesome vehicle!!! Got great gas mileage, had plenty of power, didn’t handle bad and looked great! Once it was out of warranty I did a 396 Lingenfelter, installed a full suspension kit from bilstein, added a x-brace from a convertible, strut tower braces and subframe connectors. After all that it was a beast!!! Walked away from many Vipers and corvettes!!!
none of your fucking business
none of your fucking business Prije 3 mjeseci
yea but did you fix it yourself or had someone else fix the car up for you
BNRZ28 Prije 3 mjeseci
I’ve had 3 fbodys . My first was a white 1994 z28 which I sold then I had a red 2002 z28 which I sold a few years back , as of 2018 I bought a blue 2002 z28 which is a project car now undergoing a turbo build 🐌. Love these cars for the price and performance u can’t really beat it
Alexander Bickley
Alexander Bickley Prije 3 mjeseci
7:45 why did I get some jeff goldblum vibes from the walk around the car and the hand movements lmao😂😂😂
James Jackson
James Jackson Prije 3 mjeseci
Why are we surprised a 90s car has no technology and that today's passenger cars can run circles around it? Go back to those 90s passenger cars and see how it measures up.
Terri Mullett
Terri Mullett Prije 3 mjeseci
lol me watching you shift gears in a auto Camaro knowing its electronic trans and shifting doesn't do anything. and as a Camaro fan the new one doesn't cut it because they did a terrible job of remaking a 67-69 style Camaro by putting too much rice looking parts on it
Kâzım ÇOKOĞULLU Prije 3 mjeseci
i should say the LT1 is a reliable engine if you do basic maintenance... i did spark plugs, distributor cap - rotor and water pump, and changed some radiator and heater hoses and it runs flawless. i drive it daily since its my only vehicle, and did many long night trips and never had poblems in the middle of the way... additionally 4th gen fbody owners are so helpful in the facebook groups, they share every single info they know, they helped me a lot when i have troubles. i feel proud to have a 97 z28... a great car and a great community.
Tyler 660
Tyler 660 Prije 3 mjeseci
My stepdad has a 2000 z28 and I love it
Dump Godby
Dump Godby Prije 3 mjeseci
Its not junk. That crap Benz and BMW is junk
Rolando Vasquez
Rolando Vasquez Prije 3 mjeseci
Great analogy they just copied and pasted on the newer camaros had not thought about it like that
lol lol
lol lol Prije 3 mjeseci
5.5 seconds is pretty quick wtf. The real problem with these things is that they have the gm 7.5 inch rear end which is glass. I know 3 people who have blown them up. The mustangs were slow as fuck but at least they had the 8.8 rear end which was solid
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons Prije 3 mjeseci
The '90s were just great.
Big Wrench Garage
Big Wrench Garage Prije 3 mjeseci
GM vampire cars. Park it outside in the daylight for one day in the summer and the plastics inside, especially the dash, will disintegrate and warp beyond any possible restoration. Not unlike the German vampires made of modern BMW engine plastics.
Cameron Mataka
Cameron Mataka Prije 3 mjeseci
I own and have owned/driven many 4th Gen F bodies. The engines and trans are great....the rest of the car is crap. They were domestic engine stand with seats.
Gustavo Melendez
Gustavo Melendez Prije 3 mjeseci
You have no idea how much do you can upgrade a 5.7 LT1 is there reason why people like LT1
pancudowny Prije 3 mjeseci
Fact: The GM Series-II 3800/3.8L V-6 wasn't in the Camaro/Firebird until the '96-m/y.
EZ05 Prije 3 mjeseci
I'll give $1500 for it.
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