I Bought A Cheap BMW M Coupe 1 Year Ago, But I Was Too Embarrassed To Tell You!

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Eric Jay
Eric Jay Prije 5 sati
That car is sexy as hell. It and the e30 M are the only BMW products worth a shite IMHO. Oh, and the 2002 obvsly👌
so lefty
so lefty Prije 3 dana
Geo/chevy metro hatch is THE pizza delivery car. Delivery people don't drive german cars, they'd be out of work every month getting shit fixed
Christopher Pache
Christopher Pache Prije 8 dana
Owned one and loved it.
Henry Rodier
Henry Rodier Prije 9 dana
Go figure a car to good for Hoovie and a BMW to boot
James Payne
James Payne Prije 10 dana
that's a beautiful car I have always liked the shooting break
The car guy
The car guy Prije 12 dana
Endless money pit - S.K.
Jim Prije 13 dana
Commonly known as the clown shoe.
Verner471 Prije 16 dana
In Deutschland heisst dieses Ding Turnschuh.
Trev Prije 19 dana
Makes me uncomfortable when he calls Doug his “Daddy”
Trev Prije 18 dana
@Frank White i wonder if his wife calls Doug daddy too
Frank White
Frank White Prije 18 dana
Yes. Very uncomfortable. And he does it all the time. Weird ... to say the least.
Bb King
Bb King Prije 20 dana
Dam that is the coolest bmw ever
Dennis In South Tampa
Dennis In South Tampa Prije 21 dan
"And Then You Don't Have To Smell The Pizzas As Much With That Cover Over It". Hah?????
Alex Galvez
Alex Galvez Prije 22 dana
Idk why but I love how it looks
Attack Roflchopter
Attack Roflchopter Prije 25 dana
I have some pizza delivery under my belt. 20 years off and on. DO NOT buy an M coupe for delivering pizza lol. Get a civic, camry or corolla. Those are the gold standard for cost efficient pizza delivery, haha. This is one my fav BMW's I love hatchbacks.
Immortal Gaming PS4
Immortal Gaming PS4 Prije 28 dana
I own a 2001 Z3 Roadster and it runs great it’s an amazing car fast lightweight and a great look in my opinion
Josh Christian
Josh Christian Prije 28 dana
Cue the Ambiguously Gay Duo theme song.
Tyler Crooks
Tyler Crooks Prije 29 dana
Should’ve just given it to me since I’m a pizza guy
C P Prije 29 dana
That reminds me of my 2001 ///M Z3. I loved that thing!
Paul J
Paul J Prije mjesec
the clown shoe sounds great
George C
George C Prije mjesec
Back when I was a kid my mum had a clownshoe, could fit in the boot with the dog. Good times, good car
Shawn M.
Shawn M. Prije mjesec
Mike Moxley
Mike Moxley Prije mjesec
Another super video, thanks
Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu Prije mjesec
Great small car, lot's of fun... your E38 is close to a flat tire? :) left front one ... thnk's for the video again
Salted, Lightly
Salted, Lightly Prije mjesec
the *TWISTED METAL* cut scene!!!! hahahaha
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez Prije mjesec
Wdym the convertible model doesn’t handle well?? How wrong you sound, the bmw z3 roadster handles like a beauty better than any car I’ve driven
smokesgtp Prije mjesec
Why would you sell this?
smokesgtp Prije mjesec
I don't see the embarrassment. Those things are legendary.
Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey B. Prije mjesec
Local guy had one with a license plate that said darthvdr....perfect plate.
Sonny Brooks
Sonny Brooks Prije mjesec
1st time I have seen this model 👀
ant l
ant l Prije mjesec
I'd be honored to take it off your hands
Taruk Mongto
Taruk Mongto Prije mjesec
It's a Bread Van, not a clown shoe.. bloody yanks. They're also fucking incredible.
Manny Prije mjesec
I could see hoovie with a corvette aerowagon...that would check off everything on his list and his kid can sit in the back
manuel lares
manuel lares Prije mjesec
is verry ulgy Car tyler
jamie cowan
jamie cowan Prije mjesec
best looking bmw ever
benjamin overholt
benjamin overholt Prije mjesec
I have always loved these cars. Ugly but beautiful.
john jennings
john jennings Prije mjesec
Looks like a 2000 Daewoo Lanos hatchback clone.
Robert Myers
Robert Myers Prije mjesec
"BMWs are crap and I am not fond of them" he says with another one in the background?
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Prije mjesec
More like you were too embarrased because it looks like the Incredibly Gay Duo's car. And yes, they're a thing, PC Police... LMFAO.
Mystery Man
Mystery Man Prije mjesec
I want to know if Hoovies is smart and voted for Trump
R Prije mjesec
Hey Hoovies, can you buy a Romanian Dacia? Thanks
J. Church
J. Church Prije mjesec
Favorite car ever. GORGEOUS car in my opinion.
Clinton Turner
Clinton Turner Prije mjesec
I was trying to talk my lady best friend into buying one. She settled into a goldish Z3. She later got breast cancer and died...a Christian. Her car handled like my Smart Car.
XDrogar Prije mjesec
Is that a coincidence that the ad is when u start the motor? 🤔
Andres Ramirez
Andres Ramirez Prije mjesec
Some Americans are so spoiled that they can feel embarrassed for having a BMW sport car. Am I the only one that noticed this?
nelson2020 Prije mjesec
3:00 from this angle, this car looks like a Lamp Cutlet - yuk!
Get lost today
Get lost today Prije 2 mjeseci
Wayne and Garth would be proud... just saying!
R Ytwe
R Ytwe Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it just me, or is this car just beautiful
KGTHREAT Prije 2 mjeseci
Daddy Doug
DeanoGTO Prije 2 mjeseci
When I saw this car for the first time as a kid, I thought it was weird but awesome. It's such an odd but cool car and there used to be a blue m coupe near where I lived, until speed bumps were put in then I never saw it again...
jaay.glizzyy Prije 2 mjeseci
You should get a ISF
Ruaraidh Walker
Ruaraidh Walker Prije 2 mjeseci
M Coupes are awesome! The 3.2 M engine is a monster (although I don't think you guys in the US get the full 321bhp engine do you?). Shame the boot floors can tear themselves to bits but not too hard get fixed. Great wee car.
Riccardo Mora
Riccardo Mora Prije 2 mjeseci
You take bargain bin shopping to whole new level. Impressed.
Joost Brouwer
Joost Brouwer Prije 2 mjeseci
the cabrio was ugly as hell,but this one is worse
Billy Letbetter
Billy Letbetter Prije 2 mjeseci
Should have kept the 911 Turbo
Gunner Berger
Gunner Berger Prije 2 mjeseci
Ayy shout out to the #PigTrail ! It’s beautiful right now
John Petersen
John Petersen Prije 2 mjeseci
Buy an audi plz I want to see you fix one maybe an s4?
alain kov
alain kov Prije 2 mjeseci
The only thing in common between his shoes and that BMW is that both can be called "clown shoes". Those shoes make no sense to be....like what are those?!
Jerry Oso
Jerry Oso Prije 2 mjeseci
You should buy a e46 m3 because I mean..jus cause lol
Indi Singh
Indi Singh Prije 2 mjeseci
I would be embarrassed to be seen in one too. Good job on parking it up, that's 1 year of embarrassment saved.
AbeO DEZ Prije 2 mjeseci
Usually how many cars do u have at any given time lol?
B D Prije 2 mjeseci
Get track insurance.
B D Prije 2 mjeseci
You need to go to the track and leave the baby at home! And if the woman needs to go to the track, you need to watch the baby.
B D Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait... did you just open the hatch without the key????
E 710
E 710 Prije 2 mjeseci
Salomondrin gave one of these away a couple years back ... good times .
kingkobra Prije 2 mjeseci
I only asked about about it almost every video I like z3m coupes and I like plum crazy but that looks terrible on that 911
Hubjeep Prije 2 mjeseci
1:17 "Rotors turned?" I haven't heard that in years. Go to RockAuto and get new ones (and I'm cheap)!
maverick buckley
maverick buckley Prije 2 mjeseci
Wait.. 6500rpm? No ITBs? 240hp ? How come? In the UK theyre like 340hp, 8k RPM.
midodeeb Prije 2 mjeseci
He called Doug daddy
Dubsy Dubs
Dubsy Dubs Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't like BMW's generally but I do like that rather alot.
SSDeathstar Prije 2 mjeseci
It is a great car. But if not used properly it just screams midlife crisis.
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Prije 2 mjeseci
This is one of my favorite bmws. I own my favorite.
hank zero
hank zero Prije 2 mjeseci
The famous upside down ball sack
joseph hertzberg
joseph hertzberg Prije 2 mjeseci
Weird video, because this car is excellent
Somuchen Prije 2 mjeseci
Early 1-Series is considered very reliable here in Germany. It is called the "Sport-Shoe" ;)
Mic Rib
Mic Rib Prije 2 mjeseci
The Mullet of sports cars, business in the front minivan in the back
Garren Graves
Garren Graves Prije 2 mjeseci
I drive the pig trail every weekend, the most fantastic road I’ve been on
Julien Pouliot
Julien Pouliot Prije 2 mjeseci
The M coupe is insane. Love this car!!!!!
Shahroz Jabbar
Shahroz Jabbar Prije 2 mjeseci
This car is amazing
QuickStix26 Prije 2 mjeseci
Always wanted one of these.
Are u Mad Inc
Are u Mad Inc Prije 3 mjeseci
Vw gti would be a perfect fit or corrado
James Galam
James Galam Prije 3 mjeseci
More like COVID 19 and realizing 65% of his money is in cars
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse Prije 3 mjeseci
Germany's AMC Pacer.
mbsnyderc Prije 2 mjeseci
GDP GDP Prije 3 mjeseci
I would buy it for one dollar 💵
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy Prije 3 mjeseci
As a former Papa John's delivery driver. I can tell you they're not suction cups. They're big ass magnets that scratch the SHIT out of your roof...
Oveida Sinclair
Oveida Sinclair Prije 3 mjeseci
That is an ugly car, I would be embarrassed being seen driving it
Oveida Sinclair
Oveida Sinclair Prije 2 mjeseci
@mbsnyderc My Lexus RX350
mbsnyderc Prije 2 mjeseci
Compared to what.
Olli Prije 3 mjeseci
It sounds so amazing! good old 6 cylinder times - they are gone 😢
mbsnyderc Prije 2 mjeseci
BMW still makes inline 6 engines.
Kevin Rayo
Kevin Rayo Prije 3 mjeseci
What settings you're using on the gopro?
Arvin Rashid
Arvin Rashid Prije 3 mjeseci
Track e39 m5
Miljörör för Språkpartiet
Miljörör för Språkpartiet Prije 3 mjeseci
These were ugly even when they came out. It's like a hitop Compact xD
mbsnyderc Prije 2 mjeseci
I like it.what do you drive?
Pickle Supply Company Yep!
Pickle Supply Company Yep! Prije 3 mjeseci
The M Coupe is a supercar, make no mistakes. It also has a rear end like a girl in a rap video. You accidentally did something smart, Tyler. Get it sorted and nice so the next guy can enjoy it and hopefully preserve it. This is an American car btw. Made in Spartanburg.
Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark Prije 3 mjeseci
Great car wish they made more
Zack Smith
Zack Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Go find a Volvo S60 R for the track. Such a fun and quirky car!
TxDrivingGirls Prije 3 mjeseci
cue the Twisted Metal Opening Theme @ 0:36 !!!!!
Ihate allofU
Ihate allofU Prije 3 mjeseci
Typical first world problems......being EMBARRASED for BUYING A CAR on IMPULSE.....That's just hilarious.
Boating with Cody
Boating with Cody Prije 3 mjeseci
THIS is the car you’re embarrassed about buying?
Flavia Pitariu
Flavia Pitariu Prije 3 mjeseci
This makes me think of an rx8
shane woodard
shane woodard Prije 3 mjeseci
U wrecked it
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine that! I commented on a video from 2 years ago about an update with the 996 Porsche LS and the Corvette race! And where those vehicles are?! Now I know, hahahaha.
Malte Laurids Brigge
Malte Laurids Brigge Prije 3 mjeseci
How did you buy that car in the 1st place? They cost a fortune. What did you pay? And why are you selling the car, they're excellent.
Johnny Deutschemark
Johnny Deutschemark Prije 3 mjeseci
914 is WAY better for pizza transport since the mid-engine keeps the rear trunk very warm.
Used Car Man
Used Car Man Prije 3 mjeseci
One of my favorite cars!!!! Sell to me please!?!?!?!
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