Installing a Subaru Boxer Engine Into A Porsche Spyder Tribute: The Beck Build Begins!

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 2 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 2 mjeseci
So obviously we aren't the first people do to this ever. Beck told us we were probably the first people to do it ourselves with their own kits. Every other time the owners have opted for final assembly at their facility.
RuyLopezQB6 Prije mjesec
I hope you put the Fibersteel screen on it so it looks more like the original race cars. Looks much better than the chrome one that Beck do, IMO
Dreamz Singz
Dreamz Singz Prije 2 mjeseci
I think the Tv is on the wrong channel! (Should be channel 2,3,or4)
Jason White
Jason White Prije 2 mjeseci
Re: TV \ VCR - You can't solve a problem with 2 unknowns. You need a good proven video source first to check the TV works, if it does then your VCR is f#cked, if it doesn't then the TV is f#cked. Could both be trash TBH 🤣🤣🤣
sinformant Prije 2 mjeseci
Nooooo!you ruined the movie for me!
John Shinners
John Shinners Prije 2 mjeseci
VCR heads need to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, then adjust the tracking
Boating with Cody
Boating with Cody Prije dan
Next video: My Spyder’s head gaskets blew!
Frank Mummolo
Frank Mummolo Prije 4 dana
VCR heads are dirty. Been there. Done that. No biggie.
Scott Carlon
Scott Carlon Prije 6 dana
Hey Tyler, why did you choose a Subaru motor over a correct Porsche motor ? Cant imagine it was just cost. . . .either way it will be an awesome build of an iconic classic.
philliumo Prije 13 dana
Why not just convert it to a BluRay player?
stephen mcbride
stephen mcbride Prije 15 dana
In the conversion van. The vcr is just dirty and needs the tracking set. For the tracking, there should be a set of buttons or a dial on the vcr(or remote) to dial it in(then clean if you want). If not, replace it with a dvd player (still old school like the van).
jim dordan
jim dordan Prije 16 dana
what a waste if you wanted a subaru engine in a car then keep in a subaru ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dumb vw porsche engine is more then enough for that car.
Rob S
Rob S Prije 16 dana
Take a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol and clean the one or maybe two little heads in the vcr. Problem solved.
Dewey Rayburn
Dewey Rayburn Prije 17 dana
Is it absolutely necessary that somebody's mouth starts running like a duck's ass, instead of getting right into the meat and potatoes of the title?
Peter Telford
Peter Telford Prije 19 dana
Gidday from Australia. Yes I'm 47 years old so I know you need to use a head cleaner tape for the VCR and adjust the tracking on the VCR IV also got a couple of boxes of about 200 VCR movie's if you want them .lol
Lino Vieira
Lino Vieira Prije 20 dana
get some webers on the speedster
John Pick
John Pick Prije 20 dana
Congratulations Tyler ! Maybe it will turn out that these Corporate Gigs and their M&A process you will have Doug Demero reporting to you as his Superior ? Lol Remember the saying: "Be nice to people on your way up; cause you will see them on your way down".
Luke Chamberlain
Luke Chamberlain Prije 21 dan
who else saw the maseratie in the back round that was featured
jpspen Prije 24 dana
Tracking !
Vincent O'flynn
Vincent O'flynn Prije 26 dana
The VCR has tracking heads taht can tuned and cleaned...Nb, built by humans not robots...!Love your chanel BTW
Chase Szebelledy
Chase Szebelledy Prije 27 dana
Pls keep the cl65
eddie bowens
eddie bowens Prije 27 dana
Hay wizard GM Sucks!
ItsVorts Prije 28 dana
Car Wizard is like a Garage for your cars.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prije mjesec
The swanky pamphlet briefly wander because date endoscopically dam athwart a outstanding bathroom. skinny, finicky brother-in-law
Art Deco Dreamer
Art Deco Dreamer Prije mjesec
Hey Hoovie & Wizard, on the VCR you might check the Tracking adjustment?
Wesley Rivera
Wesley Rivera Prije mjesec
*Weezerd* is just fun to say lol
Dustin Stewart
Dustin Stewart Prije mjesec
I’ve always loved these Porsches 👍👍 exactly what I would have done ✅
Richard King
Richard King Prije mjesec
VCR has dirty heads!
Alex Munro
Alex Munro Prije mjesec
Did you try adjusting the tracking on the video?
Rémi Fasolla
Rémi Fasolla Prije mjesec
New smartphone. New Google account. Just realizing today, I forgot to follow hoovies garage with the new account. Haven't watched for 3 months. Nothing very interesting since then. Now realizing I can live without hoovies garage (+Tyler's voice ain't the most pleasant. And he talks a lot) I'm Not following again. No, I'm not making that mistake!
Bill King
Bill King Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm sorry but just no.
Luther Tarver Sr.
Luther Tarver Sr. Prije 2 mjeseci
They do still sell DVD VCR combo’s and if you look online there about $800-$1200
Canuckster1169 Prije 2 mjeseci
I hear red letter media has a stellar vcr repair shop
Rob Young
Rob Young Prije 2 mjeseci
Clean the heads of the VCR and adjust the tracking. If that doesn't work then just buy a new one.
JackstandJohnny Prije 2 mjeseci
Really Hoovie? The actual point of the video and you dont get to it until the last 20% of the video? Youre on some bullshit these days. Unsubbed.
Fast Post
Fast Post Prije 2 mjeseci
Say what you will about BMW but the inline 6 is the best gas engine, and nothing comes close to a BMW ride and handling. 😀
Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang Prije 2 mjeseci
man the memories of the 90s and grandma's PPV porn TV that could randomly unscramble movies
sebastien delnatte
sebastien delnatte Prije 2 mjeseci
For the VCR. Try to clean the head with cotton bud and alcohol 90%
John Wh
John Wh Prije 2 mjeseci
A background on his BJ experience. Did Tyler just say that?
dsm3ds Prije 2 mjeseci
If I had serious amounts of cash I wouldn’t buy mega expensive cars, would have a nice fleet of special 20-30k cars.
promethbastard Prije 2 mjeseci
Hope that EJ has MLS head gaskets! ;)
Gavin Lang
Gavin Lang Prije 2 mjeseci
the tracking on the vcr needs to be adjusted.
Mike Bifulco
Mike Bifulco Prije 2 mjeseci
Verrrrry much looking forward to that Beck ending up on Cars & Bids😍
Calvin Prije 2 mjeseci
I came here for a BJ experience and I wasnt let down
Frans Prije 2 mjeseci
The vcr issue could more than likely be a head issue, ie the heads are dirty. get the vcr head cleaning kit which looks just like vcr cassette
FCValle Prije 2 mjeseci
i want that van so bad
Depreciation Nation
Depreciation Nation Prije 2 mjeseci
We were invited to share and film in Mr. Becks space Tuesday. Looking forward to the completion of this project.
Kevin Song
Kevin Song Prije 2 mjeseci
The head probably needs a clean and realignment
Merp Prije 2 mjeseci
Tracking? Use the tracking on the vcr!
LaserDisc Prije 2 mjeseci
Mike and Jay at Lightning Fast VCR Repair from RedLetterMedia will sort yas out. 😂
Lucas Oliveira
Lucas Oliveira Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah the good old fine tuning of a VCR, even before it starts chewing your tapes. Good old times, said no one ever
bradfocl Prije 2 mjeseci
I've seen a real Spyder and the interiors don't look that good, although TBF the one I saw was a race car.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop Prije 2 mjeseci
On the VCR, Heads need to be cleaned, you can use a head cleaner tape but if it’s really and you can take it apart and clean with alcohol and a q tip. Or ship it to me and I’ll give it a shot.
Ron Barr
Ron Barr Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think I could get used to living in the Midwest with the snow and Ice in October.
Baba Booey
Baba Booey Prije 2 mjeseci
You need to adjust the VCR's tracking adjustment.
Jerry Diecidue
Jerry Diecidue Prije 2 mjeseci
Try adjusting the tracking on the vcr - it may fix it
Roxbury Ma 02119
Roxbury Ma 02119 Prije 2 mjeseci
Your B J experience...come on man 😂😂😂
rhouse21 - RC Physics
rhouse21 - RC Physics Prije 2 mjeseci
You just need to use a VHS head cleaner on that VCR and it will be fine. ;-)
glenn johnson
glenn johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
The VCR is old it probably needs a head cleaning. Good luck on that. Replace it with a cheap DVD player and done!
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 2 mjeseci
If you keep the W126 it will replace the Aston Rapide because it's a car you can eat, smoke in, leave litter behind, let people in the winter get in, and have parts for from Rock Auto. Honda has never produced a car as good as the W126. You can have them in a v8, but its not important. Whats important is you can be in a car for 45 minutes or 5 minutes and you wouldn't know the difference. If you keep the W140 you will have the most expensive production line car Mercedes ever built, in rare coupe configuration. You will miss the ripple door texture, the sturdy switches, and military-grade doors. This is the car for you. Not for your passenger, the 2nd seat is merely for symmetry, the rear bench is for luggage. If you keep the CL65 you will have a memento from CT season 2 of the best car, and hilariously you probably might actually like it better than the SLS, since 00's excess is a campy time capsule of chrome, wood, and BIG shifters. They thought stuffing more wood, modes, and buttons was "more" back then. This is your "I'm too smart for a Lambo" car with tacky wood panels, but at the same time heated and ventilated everything, ABC suspension (when it works), SBC (when it works), radar cruise (usually works), and 120mph supercruising speeds (I've done it) with the engine and transmission not missing a beat. The SLS will replace the Lambo, 911, and maybe even the 348. You're falling for MB pretty hard LMAO which is completely unexpected since I'm a long time viewer ex-Porschefile who showed up because of Apollo 911, watched the various dumpsterfire supercar builds, and daily drove a european sports car for almost 10 years. For someone who owns every single, often much newer and expensive alternative to an MB platform (Rolls, Lambo, Rapide, Range, 348, 911), you keep finding a way to restore clunkers with major potentially ownership-ending faults back to perfect running order and they keep leaving an impression on you of quality, dependability, and history. Where else can you fill an interesting 15 minute video with history and not tire smoke, Doug Demuro powerpoint presentations, rap music, or loud noises. Porsches were fun to rip around and gloat to normies in, but I prefer a 20 minute drive to do menial errands with no radio, rear sunshade up to block the haters, occasionally pushing a tactile satisfying switch to adjust my HVAC, getting out in Italian sneakers to get mcdonalds, closing a heavy, solid door behind me, and already looking forward to coming back to my German-built handmade office of a car.
Chris Himself
Chris Himself Prije 2 mjeseci
Rolls Royce thought using a 20 year old engine with outdated suspension, braking, and fuel system was peak performance, but applying 12 mechanical gauges to meter things nobody cares (golly I wonder what my oil tempurature is) about in place of a smarter screen (think 1999 Porsche 911 computer) for their 60 year old owners or driver was a luxury feature.
Jeffrey Izzard
Jeffrey Izzard Prije 2 mjeseci
James Dean died with half the horsepower.
R.. Mill
R.. Mill Prije 2 mjeseci
The heads of the VCR probably just need to be cleaned. Look on ebay and get a head cleaner
vmaxmercer Prije 2 mjeseci
6:50 VCR, have you tried adjusting the tracking or cleaning the head. VCR's are not very complicated.
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett Prije 2 mjeseci
The vcr needs a head cleaning or just replacement
Aidan Dare
Aidan Dare Prije 2 mjeseci
Red Letter Media still service those VCRs I think!
immrnoidall Prije 2 mjeseci
remember tracking?
Vincent Cook
Vincent Cook Prije 2 mjeseci
the VCR needs to be cleaned!!!!!!!
Damien Rogers
Damien Rogers Prije 2 mjeseci
I think it’s the t.v. Not the vcr or maybe get new video and audio cables
Firebird Sweet
Firebird Sweet Prije 2 mjeseci
Ice and salt in October?
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
Peep the fleetwood brougham In the background! Someone tell me what is that gorgeous thing!
KumRuzvalt93 Prije 2 mjeseci
Clean the head on that VCR and you have a great chance it will work. Also most of them are using SCART cables so you can buy an adapter and maybe attach DVD player :D
Capricious Cavy
Capricious Cavy Prije 2 mjeseci
Make sure it's on the right channel. i.e. TV probably needs to be on channel 3 or 4 as it uses the coax input unless TV has actual video input. If you have a modern TV with a coax, try it instead to rule out/confirm if TV or VCR is having issues.
M Dollar
M Dollar Prije 2 mjeseci
Please stop saying “wizard” like that!
Tomo Adji 95
Tomo Adji 95 Prije 2 mjeseci
The woody engine is so beautiful...
Mitch Prije 2 mjeseci
You should take the VCR out and send it to 12voltvids, he does great work on VCR's!
John Smith
John Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Sell the done ones maybe??
John Smith
John Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
The wizard must own you in repair bills.
NoCap 757
NoCap 757 Prije 2 mjeseci
i remeber this like it was yesterday and im 33 now i think the vcr just needs to be cleaned what a thorwback it just brought back so many memories
Doug Jeter
Doug Jeter Prije 2 mjeseci
the VCR heads need a good cleaning
Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey Prije 2 mjeseci
Another Mercedes? Hello, I’m Tyler Hoover, and I have a Mercedes problem. . . .
El Mystico_83-2JZ
El Mystico_83-2JZ Prije 2 mjeseci
I wouldn't mind a nice Mercedes donation 😇
JM Prije 2 mjeseci
Just go to radio shack and buy a new VCR..
Leigh Taylor
Leigh Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
Larry McIntire II
Larry McIntire II Prije 2 mjeseci
You need to adjust the tracking on the vcr.
Stephen Mayer
Stephen Mayer Prije 2 mjeseci
I got a vcr in haysville if you need a hookup.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Your bj experience 😒
Ola Petri Ade
Ola Petri Ade Prije 2 mjeseci
At around 6Ö30 where you started playing the VCR, I think the problem is a dirty play head. You can clean it with a VCP head cleaner to resolve it, or use cotton wool.
Jesse T
Jesse T Prije 2 mjeseci
VCR and TV on Channel 3 🤷‍♂️🤣
Garrison Bro’s vintage cars
Garrison Bro’s vintage cars Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s a dream car
Samus Aran
Samus Aran Prije 2 mjeseci
you need a major mod - weight reduction. don't ride with the wizard
Wolfgang Hilbrich
Wolfgang Hilbrich Prije 2 mjeseci
looks like the output channel oft the vcr and the input of the tv are not in may be able to tune those
the servant
the servant Prije 2 mjeseci
you wore the slave mask. instant dislike. Concoffer isa devil lie.
tnexus13 Prije 2 mjeseci
Does the vcr have manual tracking? Might just need that tweaking?
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Prije 2 mjeseci
Cars need colours other than black/silver/grey
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Prije 2 mjeseci
Might Need to tune the VCR into the TV
Jon Haddock
Jon Haddock Prije 2 mjeseci
VCR has blocked heads on the rotating drum. Pop the lid, spray the tiny head slots with cleaner and you'll blast the bits of oxide shed from worn tape away and it'll be fine!
m1t2a1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Try cleaning the spinning head of the VCR. That looks like the dirtiest head ever, which stands to reason.
Peter Wede
Peter Wede Prije 2 mjeseci
I wanna buy that orange Porsche 😃👍
PAUL HAMMERSLEY Prije 2 mjeseci
why are you wearing the face nappy,
K way nr1
K way nr1 Prije 2 mjeseci
wait, you laugh at the bmw and then show that van like it's worth something? hilarious
Kevin D. Korenthal
Kevin D. Korenthal Prije 2 mjeseci
The TV/VCR issue appears to be the copywrite protection. You need a descrambler between the analog connection between the 2. Total old school issue.
Nuraku82 Prije 2 mjeseci
I've often wonder the opposite, could you put a Porsche engine into a subaru brz? I feel brz engine is it's only downfall. To me that would be an awesome project
Cycle9568 Prije 2 mjeseci
Speedster needs a Turbo!
Tess Prije 2 mjeseci
11:40 - My mind is screaming ‘Install an intake above the engine and install a supercharger’. But that’s just me.
IAN OLMO Prije 2 mjeseci
Make sure the VCR is on ch.3.
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