Here's Why The Ford Powerstroke 7.3 Turbo Diesel Lasts Forever (And Why New Fords are Junk)

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 4 mjeseci
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven Prije mjesec
@big daddy the weak spot is the transmission the 4R100 was kinda crappy.
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven Prije mjesec
@EternalResonance creek? Like a small river runs through them?
EternalResonance Prije 2 mjeseci
ford suspension system trucks creek way before chevys. chevys body rusts waaaay less that fords. fords in winter weather rust fast.
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven Prije 2 mjeseci
@big daddy only about 1 million...
big daddy
big daddy Prije 2 mjeseci
how many miles will you get out of this engine if its maintain took care of???
Louie M.
Louie M. Prije 6 sati
Wow, such intelligence displayed.
Hutch Prije 15 sati
I'd always go for one that will run over one with all the fancy gadgets that you don't really need. I don't need a huge screen to stare at in the dash, my seats to massage me or the truck to tell me when I can get over into the next lane or not and all this BS that has driven the cost of vehicles up. As long as she runs good and the heater& A/C blow I'm good to go.
Tim Hoppin
Tim Hoppin Prije 18 sati
This dude doesn’t have even a slight clue what he’s talking about.
Kenneth Dougall
Kenneth Dougall Prije 6 dana
7.3 litre diesel probs get 120 bhp at best. What are you Americans doing with such big engines and such small output
ryles Prije 7 dana
Ha! Daddy doug. I kept on not subscribing and skipping to the carmax bid....that ALMOST made me subscribe. Almost.
Brian D.
Brian D. Prije 8 dana
What was the cost to do the glow plugs?
Richard morgan
Richard morgan Prije 13 dana
I’ve been selling fords a year seen a lot of hate between manufacturers, but they all make good trucks. If you’re going to buy a Ford or any make, buy it from Athens Ford. They have a lifetime powertrain warranty on all their new inventory.
superstar64 Prije 15 dana
I got a basic barebones Ford Ranger and that’s why I love it. That F-250 is going to break down in at most a few years, and I don’t even want to call it a diesel truck. Also, my truck has less potential for computers to fail.
Jason Cummings
Jason Cummings Prije 15 dana
6.0 after an extra 20,000 hard earned cash rules the roost!
John Sassano
John Sassano Prije 20 dana
Check out my custom bed build for a 7.3 watch till end for final product
Nick The engineer
Nick The engineer Prije 21 dan
This is hilarious. It looks like these guys have been shrunk next to those enormous Fords 😆
Ken Guru
Ken Guru Prije 21 dan
Comparing that F-250 with an S-Klasse is like comparing apples with grenades.
Paul Lebed
Paul Lebed Prije 23 dana
Are we watching a review on a truck by a dude that thinks the 6.7s are twin turbo? 😂😂
OJ_502 Prije 23 dana
The 6.7 powerstroke isnt twin turbo Ed 😂😂😂
Jonas Courtney
Jonas Courtney Prije 24 dana
power power power.....more things to break...
Spark Y
Spark Y Prije 27 dana
17 minutes of that short guy trying to justify that truck.
Mr. Butterworth
Mr. Butterworth Prije 27 dana
I’ve had my ‘97 E350 7.3 van for 2+ years, bought it for $1,800. I’ve put considerably more in for repairs, but none engine related! At 350,600 miles, the engine is rock solid. And it hasn’t had a proper oil change the entire time I’ve had it. But that is on the agenda!
Gorilla Cookies
Gorilla Cookies Prije 27 dana
Thats far from the only good ford ever built. There are significantly better fords in existence
Josh Christian
Josh Christian Prije 29 dana
I wanted a 7.3 Excursion. I also wanted better than 8mpg in my area and only tow a small boat and trailer. So I bought a Chevy with the smaller engine. The Excursion is the only Ford SUV that is still worth a shit, but, is also overkill. Not that it doesn't make my pecker stand up.
Josh Christian
Josh Christian Prije 29 dana
Lmao, the 2018 Ford has a flickering dash and the check engine light on. At least the Chevy version will run for 400k miles with that light on.
Josh Christian
Josh Christian Prije 29 dana
This Excursion is the best truck Ford has made since the mid '90's.
Chris Z
Chris Z Prije 29 dana
Nothing beats the 7.tree turbo whistle
Dan.vaku Prije mjesec
We have a 2016 6.7 in a bus with 350,000 miles. The biggest issues we've had; 2 turbos have went bad. One at 200k, then at 275k Had to reseal vacuum pump (bolts get loose on it) and oil filter housing. Thermostats started to break apart and stick open around 320k Accessory pulleys, main water pump, and tensioner done around 250k 2 constant codes, Bank 1 lean, SCR conversion effeciency Transmission still going great, and overall not bad reliability other than the turbos going a little earlier than normal.
Nino Prije mjesec
What twin turbos? Just one on my 2000 7.3 liter powerstroke. He must have been thinking about the new one while driving in the old one. Yes the 7.3 has its defects here and there like leaks at the turbo pedestal is a common one. You do your maintenance on your truck it will last you along time over 300,000 miles so far runs like a champ. I hate these new vehicles so many sensors and features that don't need to be on there to make a vehicle start up and drive. Vehicle manufacturers are making the newer vehicles too complicated for the average person the work on it so they hope you bring your vehicle to be service at their dealership. Thats is their goal. Get yourselves a dependable diesel truck 4x4 prefered. These new all electric vehicles are going to take a while before you can travel across the country. You can't even travel across Califonia not enough power recharge stations. Have a good day everyone.
Charles Greer
Charles Greer Prije mjesec
When he said i don't have to shut it off at the drive threw i laughed. I love 7.3s I right now own a low miles f350 4door duelly has the lariat package. Clean as new inside and out. Got it for a steel at 15 thousand. And yes I cut it off in the drive threw. Several times bc when im close to the order speaker I dont want to disturb the person ordering or at the window paying. Dont want to be the ass hole with the loud truck.
SKY King
SKY King Prije mjesec
I bought an F250, XLT, 7.3 in 1997. In 2020 it has 117K miles on it, and never has had any corrective maintenance required. Just normal servicing. The 7.3 was most reliable diesel ever produced that I know of. think the International 7.3 dump truck engine was the best idea Ford ever had.
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid Prije mjesec
The 6.7 cummins is a rock
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid Prije mjesec
The 6.7 is pretty reliable just DPF is a little faulty
Razor- wolf89
Razor- wolf89 Prije mjesec
The 2018 f-250 only has a single turbo
Tyler Kraver
Tyler Kraver Prije mjesec
Well these guys are annoying... love my 7.3 I’ve had 6.0s,and a 6.4 they were both turds on wheels
Daeso Prije mjesec
6.0 is great. Got an ‘06 Ford F-250 and it’s great.
DanteGTZ Prije mjesec
I love how both of them admit that the $80,000 new truck is a 125,000-150,000 miles truck and they both seem ok with that, like it's acceptable. That's one of the biggest problems with new vehicles today. Manufacturers are building crap with gadgets instead of building longevity... because people are stupid enough to buy them. People are dumb enough to believe a $500-$1000+/mo vehicle payment is a never ending, modern fact of life. Oooooof.
Michael Toner
Michael Toner Prije mjesec
Check engine light came on surely after leaving dealership.🤔 My daily driver is a 2002 Ford F350 dually with a 7.3 l diesel. Outfit it with a utility body and rolls at 14500 pounds. We have 5 6.7 l Turbo diesel Fords where I work. My truck is more reliable.😁
Bryan Adu
Bryan Adu Prije mjesec
U said the Lamborghini was reliable?
Black beast
Black beast Prije mjesec
The worst thing I did was trade in my 7.3 f250 for a 07 6.0 that thing spent more time in the shop then the road then I got a 6.4 that thing would break down on the road at least the 6.0 made it back to the shop then I got a 2013 6.7 and that truck never brakes down but the 2017 power stroke has a lot of electronic issues so I got a L5P duramax and that truck is a beast but I still have my 2013 6.7 it’s a grate running truck hands down
Junior Ruiz
Junior Ruiz Prije mjesec
Wow really a Ford truck not reliable come on yall really going to believe a guy who thinks BMW is reliable lol
Evan Bayne
Evan Bayne Prije mjesec
Best ford ever made ? And the only good ford? Uhh the 300 cubic inch inline 6 is the best engine ever made
Ricky Ricco
Ricky Ricco Prije mjesec
It is not fast lol
j myers
j myers Prije mjesec
6.7 three times the power and three times the trouble. the 7.3 is a dinosaur but they last forever and far easier to maintain. i bought a 6.7 and i miss my old 7.3. 6.7 far too overpriced
Mitzi Cherry
Mitzi Cherry Prije mjesec
You're gonna regret selling that Excursion!
hyperbike 3
hyperbike 3 Prije mjesec
Whoa whoa whoa fords do last forever u just gotta pick the right ones 7.3l trucks 4.0l rangers 4.6l crown vics 6.2l trucks all super reliable. But yes ford made some lemons 5.4l was the biggest piece of crap ever made
Richard Romano
Richard Romano Prije mjesec
Did you Note the Upper radiator hose on your 7.3 is the wrong hose it should also be behind the serpentine belt instead of through it
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson Prije mjesec
Check out the rumble app, you can double your mint muny.
Matt Karrer
Matt Karrer Prije mjesec
And I can’t like your channel anymore buy more fords
Wesleey Sutton
Wesleey Sutton Prije mjesec
My cousin has an amg gtr and it’s been in the shop more then it’s been in his garage
Nick Clark
Nick Clark Prije mjesec
I had a dpf go on on a Ford. It caused so many other problems, it spent weeks in the garage and a huge bill. Sold it and bought a petrol Honda. Life is now good 👍never again
Dmk Pit
Dmk Pit Prije mjesec
Well My last 7.3 in my F550 convinced me to go back to gas when I bought my 2019 1st 2 months I had the 550 Broke a rocker on and stuffed a push rod Into the engine and could never get it back, Replace the motor And then changed rockers Once a week, I guess better than the alternative breaking something more serious the rockers acted like fusible links between the valve train As soon as they see over a 150 horsepower they pop hahahaah....ohh And that bumper guard is absolutely hideous and destroying that truck Yes I know my opinion
Matt's firewood videos
Matt's firewood videos Prije mjesec
The 7.3 is indestructible
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly Prije mjesec
LOL the 6.7 is single vgt turbo
Freedom Freedom
Freedom Freedom Prije mjesec
In love the 7.3 but man they are noisy and gutless!
American Truck Nation
American Truck Nation Prije mjesec
True, the 6.7 is better anyway. I’d rather spend my money on a deleted 6.7
twin turbo
twin turbo Prije mjesec
my 7.3 has 285 k. runs great. pull camper and trailer. Whoot phukinWhoot so kisss my limited slip
Brandon Bulman
Brandon Bulman Prije mjesec
“I see it gets 12.8 miles per gallon” dude who believes the lie o meter up top...these guys have no idea what they’re talking about...I mean come on...Wikipedia lol
Nasryth Funes
Nasryth Funes Prije mjesec
Expeditions are better lol
new truck lasts if you take good care of them
parker King
parker King Prije mjesec
That 7.3 will tops go for 20k
b r
b r Prije mjesec
The reason new ones suck is because the old ones were bad for business
Minnesota4red1976 Prije mjesec
We service a fleet that has dozens of 6.7 Powerstrokes. Many with over 500k on them. Not all new Ford's are junk. 7.3's were bulletproof, but they were absolute pigs stock. I've owned a couple of them so yeah I know... Worst thing about the new ones are EGR, DPF, and DEF systems. But other than deleting, Cummins and Duramax all have the same crap for emissions..
David 171!
David 171! Prije mjesec
Well, let’s see...sun roof is going to break,death wobble will hit before 20k miles,hopefully you don’t get any crappy fuel and wipe out that $10k fuel system...and on and on...
The Truth and the Life
The Truth and the Life Prije mjesec
Chip it, it will toss you in your seat a kill the 6.7. 3k into the 6.0, best engine and trans on the market.
The Truth and the Life
The Truth and the Life Prije mjesec
@American Truck Nation As you know, International is one of the largest engine builders in the country. 6.0 has issues without a doubt. In the scheme of things, it's a cheap fix. My point is two fold: Buying a new diesel today, if you plan on keeping, it will be cost prohibitive. 150k is what is anticipate to bvv e the death sentence as the cost to maintain and repair the emissions will be too costly. 6.0, now 130k under my watch is flawless. Howrver, you have to permanent fix the inherent problems. Buy a 6.0 today for 15k, throw 3500 bucks into it, you have a relatively inexpensive truck that will go 1M miles. You can chip these motors without head studs, not past 28-30 psi boost. Truck today throw on all this tech glitz and have substantially jacked the prices up. 50k/60kfor a gas truck? Not for me. 71k loaded desiel King Ranch? Smoking crack if you ask me. I have 190k on the clock.
American Truck Nation
American Truck Nation Prije mjesec
6.0 good? Said no one ever! That is the reason it was discontinued as fast as it was! The 6.0 fell apart! They have no resale because of how bad they are! The 6.0 and 6.4 were the reason Ford ditched navistar!
nissan Brown
nissan Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
All you had to do to banks turbo upgrade it came.with a tune and full exhaust. Once you did dat you gained another 100hp.
nissan Brown
nissan Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
And push start is not new it goes alll the way back to the 30s
nissan Brown
nissan Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
Stupid ass ford bring back the excursion with a new upgraded 7.3 single turbo. With 500hp.
nissan Brown
nissan Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
Cummins 7.3 was the best diesel engine all the way up to 2007
nissan Brown
nissan Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
I take the old school 7.3 over this new shot anyday i rather ad all the bells and whistles.
KD's Outback Garage
KD's Outback Garage Prije 2 mjeseci
That ia beautiful machine
Daniyal S.
Daniyal S. Prije 2 mjeseci
the 6.7 is easily the best powerstroke to come out. when they are deleted they are miles better than the 7.3, the 6.0 and 6.4 are just complete shit engines. the 7.3 is a legendary tank but horribly slow and horrible fuel consumption. the 7.3 makes 450 torque while the 6.7 makes near 1000 torque. its not even close. i love the 7.3 but the 6.7 is god tier compared to a 7.3. Also these new 6.7s have already seen a million miles with no issues, also they are single turbo not twin..
Ryan Buck
Ryan Buck Prije 2 mjeseci
I had one of those that exploded flew up 15 feet in the air.
chris zapata
chris zapata Prije 2 mjeseci
Did he just say 6.4...reliable..
Anthony Soza
Anthony Soza Prije 2 mjeseci
I own a 6.7 Scorpion Ford and and 7.3l Turbo diesel. I’ll say this that 6.7 is a little fucker man. Once that Dpf shits it’s an overhaul. I’ve since deleted it and the power Ford was hiding underneath that EGR is isnane. It’s literally a whole new pick up. Now my 7.3 I’ve since tuned it and upgraded turbo and straight piped and it’s safe to say that fucking thing will not die. Its incredible how much Ford put into the 7.3 early 2000’s. I’m pushing 350k miles and I wouldn’t hesitate to drive cross country with it. The 6.7 idk man you really have to keep an eye on it.
Silent but Deadly
Silent but Deadly Prije 2 mjeseci
Only one that’s not worth having is the 6.4. The rest will last for a long long time if maintained properly. 6.0 was a headache but can be made bullet proof and is one of my favorite powerstrokes.
Denkha94 Prije 2 mjeseci
As soon as the warranty is out you will dump it. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Adrian Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm a bit of a Ford guy, but only until the late 80s, the 90s and newer I see as absolute junk...
Bill Bob
Bill Bob Prije 2 mjeseci
Confused about the hate for the 90s trucks. The 90s trucks through 1996 were the exact same trucks as the 80s ones with a different grill and headlights.
Blake Miller
Blake Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
Im pretty sure this man just said fast and 7.3 in the same sentence... trust me that 6.7 smoooooooooookes it, and remeber how much the truck ur driving weighs u got a 1000lbs of tourq
Taylor Gaston
Taylor Gaston Prije 2 mjeseci
This video barely discussed the 7.3 and excursion. Click bait
alphatrion100 Prije 2 mjeseci
This guys "lasts forever" means "i owned one for 2 years and it didnt blow up". He also owns 20 cars so he doesnt do alot of miles in any of them.
BadWolf762 Prije 2 mjeseci
They seem like the kind of guys who buy a Powerstroke because they're trendy and they can pretend to be real men on the weekends.
BadWolf762 Prije 2 mjeseci
Evan Mitchell
Evan Mitchell Prije 2 mjeseci
This specific f250 has a single garret turbo they got rid of the dual turbos after 2014
m1ke2001 Prije 2 mjeseci
stop the 6 liter hate 6 liter lives matter
blueoval250 Prije 2 mjeseci
Pascal G
Pascal G Prije 2 mjeseci
Muricans: Complaining about a Engine thats downsized from 7l to 6l Me driving a 1.6l TDCI: I totally can rely
mz tech
mz tech Prije 2 mjeseci
And here in India we barely have any suv with 3L+ egnine, most of them being 2.2 L. For sedans , it's 1.2L-1.6L and for hatchback 0.8L-1.2L
Noah Larsen
Noah Larsen Prije 2 mjeseci
Do you guys even know diesels?
Jon Ross Anderson
Jon Ross Anderson Prije 2 mjeseci
My name is Jon Ross
Ringer Refill
Ringer Refill Prije 2 mjeseci
6.7ls are bulletproof 6.0s and 6.4ls are junk 7.3l last forever but are complete turds...5.0s are bulletproof 4.9ls are bulletproof 4.6l good .motors 5.4ls good motor 6.8l good motor 5.8l bulletproof I can go on I dont know a bad ford motor tbh theres alot of gutless fords but they last forever n the ones that are bad only lasted a couple years (6.0 and 6.4) and the 5.4ls get a bad rep for ppl doing the bare minimum for repairs and beating the poop outta em
Shawn Schroeder
Shawn Schroeder Prije 2 mjeseci
NOTHING beats OLD. You have to be an absolute IDIOT to buy a new computer infested pile of shit nowadays. That old Excursion will run longer and better than the new one. But people have these HUGE EGOS and just can't "belittle" themselves into an old vehicle...what would people think since that DEFINES most people. Their car. UNreal.
A. H.
A. H. Prije 2 mjeseci
when americans compare a Ford Truck with an S-Class all Germany ist laughing with tears in our Eyes 😂😂🇩🇪🇩🇪
Brad Hanrahan
Brad Hanrahan Prije 2 mjeseci
My truck was 78,000 and my boss had a 150,000 dollar ford and I will put money on it that it was nicer ride
Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper Prije 2 mjeseci
3:25 That is not the only good Ford. The Crown Victoria, specifically the P71, was an excellent car. The only consistently good model Ford vehicle made in the past 20 years.
Cuh Prije 2 mjeseci
The Sock Monkey!
The Sock Monkey! Prije 2 mjeseci
This is the crossover we never knew we needed
Lane Miller
Lane Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol a 2001 s class
Eric Wade
Eric Wade Prije 2 mjeseci
Lmao dumbass, 6.7 has a single turbo, just got done pulling one off our 2011 f250, learn your vehicles
Gord Prije 2 mjeseci
We had a 1994 F-Superduty (450 cab and chassis) which had the 7.3L Powerstroke which was available mid model year to replace the non-DI engine. It blew the turbo a few times early ownership until we changed the rear end ratio to drop the revs. Retired it at 495k km as we out grew it and the reefer box wore out. Apart from a few oil drips it ran great considering how hard it was ran.
Brian Aust
Brian Aust Prije 2 mjeseci
The 6.0 is great once bulletproofed with head studs and EGR removal and then a nice tune makes it a beast. The bottom ends are quite stout 👍 I’ve had a ‘04 F350 and it has been awfully reliable. Lariat with leather and all the power features here but massaging seats and silly power step and 360degree nannie cam for a mere $48,000 in 2004 and it’s still worth half that because it’s cared for and clean and without a gazillion miles on it..
PadgettDieselPerformance Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s not twin turboed 🤦🏼‍♂️
alain kov
alain kov Prije 2 mjeseci
hellooooo to those shoes. Scary!!!!!
Jason Skiles
Jason Skiles Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm sad. We had to sell are excursion
Jacob Dove
Jacob Dove Prije 2 mjeseci
If u think that the F-250 is fast u should see my new 1500
Younginfamou$ Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey now I wouldn’t say new Fords are junk
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