Here's Everything That's Broken On the Cheapest Plymouth Prowler In The USA

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Jacob James
Jacob James Prije 2 dana
Did the PT Cruiser designers steel the Prowler front grill?
Jeffrey Loskoski ll
Jeffrey Loskoski ll Prije 2 dana
The Beetle was cool.....imo.
James Ross
James Ross Prije 4 dana
Imo this is the silliest show on HRpost
Eli Prije 19 dana
That's not Pounds its Euros..
MyWillypilly Prije 20 dana
IDGAF. THE pt cruiser and prowler were styling risks that were so needed and innovative. Hate on them all you want
Mike MacDowell
Mike MacDowell Prije 21 dan
I used to have an automotive stethoscope. The ear pieces are hollow plastic or rubber which avoid you putting 12 volts direct to your brain when you accidentally touch something you shouldn't have. Nice feature
richard cutts
richard cutts Prije 22 dana
"I can still kind of pull it and get it up for now." That speaks for itself.
Johan Liera nunez
Johan Liera nunez Prije 25 dana
Wizard looks like bubbles from trailer park boys
FIFO Crew Prije mjesec
I am amazed. When I first saw Hoovie's Garage, was when Tavaris gave you that van from pimp my ride. I thought you were a doofis but I actually find your shows very entertaining. I have been binge watching today. Well done.
Pablo Bronsun
Pablo Bronsun Prije mjesec
@"Hoover". If you have such disdain for Chrysler products, then quit buying them. There are plenty of mopar fans that appreciate the products from the trend setting, innovative company from Auburn Hills. We will buy and enjoy the used ones out there, instead of You insulting the product and then fucking them up! Go buy some boring Toyotashitgarbage or something like that.
Fernando Prieto
Fernando Prieto Prije 2 mjeseci
Why arent you wearing a mask guys?
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
Being from Massachusetts, whenever i see him lift a car and it’s spotless underneath I feel nothing but pure rage
Z N Prije 3 mjeseci
How is the wizard old enough to have a daughter that drives??
Slacker1967 Prije 3 mjeseci
You have to be a growler to want one of those.
MyRegardsToTheDodo Prije 3 mjeseci
13:16 That's Euros, not GBP.
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett Prije 3 mjeseci
Delete those bumpers!
PK C Prije 3 mjeseci
A old pilot and the Prowler. Is Yuri from SPs in heaven?
DOCUMAX Prije 4 mjeseci
It is a terrible color, though. If I had one first thing I'd do is get it a cheap matt black paint job.
Colton Taylor
Colton Taylor Prije 5 mjeseci
I wanna see hoovie get a 2003-2006 chevy silverado ss 🙌
Neil Perry
Neil Perry Prije 5 mjeseci
It was designed from chip goose hemisfear car he designed at art college.
Argh JayEm
Argh JayEm Prije 5 mjeseci
The price for the Lynx was in Euros, not British Pounds.
PeferG17 Prije 6 mjeseci
Stops working on Lambo to look at that fucking 90s abomination... lol
Cackah C
Cackah C Prije 6 mjeseci
Anyone else catch “It’s a cougar on the seat” “ yeah they’re always” ends dirty joke real quick lol
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
At least it's puuuuurpllllle!!!
Squirrel Killa
Squirrel Killa Prije 6 mjeseci
You look and sound high or drunk in all of your videos
Steve Dunch
Steve Dunch Prije 6 mjeseci
I cringe every time his voice goes real high and he says “WHIIIIZARD!”
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman Prije 6 mjeseci
I just thought about it, and I can't remember the last time I saw a prowler on the road. They've gone extinct. Like they should have been in the first place...
loenigma69 Prije 6 mjeseci
$2,700 is very reasonable.
S R Prije 6 mjeseci
"Probably had a poster of a Prowler on my wall." We all managed to pop 3 balloons at the fair and win a Prowler poster mounted in a cut-your-fingers-off glass and cardboard sleeve.
metro2002 Prije 6 mjeseci
Those front bumpers. omfg those are ugly. I like the look of the rest of the car
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Prije 6 mjeseci
Why does this guy remind me of a less funny Daniel Tosh?
bagehi Prije 6 mjeseci
That engine. I had so many problems with that engine.
85 Studios
85 Studios Prije 6 mjeseci
Wait a second.. I just looked the Window Motor up on Rockauto and the Most expensive Window motor they have for it is $379.79 MOPAR 5003206AB {#5003206AA} and it is for the right side.. That one has a 1 day delay on it.. The least expensive one they have is $46.79 and it is a remanufacturing job. Basically you send in your part and they remanufacture it for you CARDONE 42449 {#5003206AA, 5003206AB} Remanufactured The Regulator can be found there also MOPAR 5003205AB {#5003205AA} $974.79 Which they only have the left one, and the Right one is out of Stock.. You could have saved a few Dollars instead of a grand. Not sure which Auto Parts outlet you are going through.
Doubting Rich
Doubting Rich Prije 6 mjeseci
Lotus not yours then? Wizard cheating on you by working for someone else?
Achronic Deth
Achronic Deth Prije 6 mjeseci
I just bought a $900 BMW 325XI guy thought it was about to blow up was a quart low on oil nno suspension to speak of power steering was dry. Took a day to fix it all now shes purring smooth
0ins Prije 6 mjeseci
Please add a yellow paint job with purple flames
Strumptavian Roboclick
Strumptavian Roboclick Prije 6 mjeseci
Neat, gay I guess its interchangeable in this vid
Strumptavian Roboclick
Strumptavian Roboclick Prije 6 mjeseci
Why do you have so much stuff.. why do you have so much money I guess?
Alkali Wreck
Alkali Wreck Prije 6 mjeseci
Those were Euros € for the lynx, not Pounds £
Revener666 Prije 6 mjeseci
That is a nice idea, so you don't have to put a long screwdriver to your ear.
friendly fire
friendly fire Prije 6 mjeseci
Great video! You sound a lot like Jeff goldblum lol
John V
John V Prije 6 mjeseci
Chrysler and quality don't belong in the same sentence
Pfuscher-Alex Prije 6 mjeseci
bro I love that color! my A4 B5 has almost the same:)
Dave Downing
Dave Downing Prije 6 mjeseci
Looks like the Wiz has his hands full.
Ken Gullaksen
Ken Gullaksen Prije 6 mjeseci
I love everything about this video. Thank you for making my day better.
John Wellings
John Wellings Prije 6 mjeseci
Great channel,much enjoyed
Lasse Kviesgaard
Lasse Kviesgaard Prije 6 mjeseci
Cool Atary shirt Wizard 👌🏻
TheGeo4202 Prije 6 mjeseci
Was that a DnD reference on the v.w.!!?!?!
Maxphyspage Prije 6 mjeseci
"the Cheapest Plymouth Prowler In The USA" I watched the video but didnt catch how much was paid for it???
Steve Clarkson
Steve Clarkson Prije 6 mjeseci
He paid 15,000
Doug N
Doug N Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m new to the channel. Does this guy have more money than he knows what to do with? Wondering why he would buys these cars with all these expensive repairs. I love watching and seeing the low quality control all these manufacturers have.
Professor Chops
Professor Chops Prije 6 mjeseci
I always wanted to see someone do an LS swap with a stick shift in this car. For some reason everyone always leaves that wimpy v6 with that vomit inducing automatic in it. And don't tell me the LS won't fit. People have squeezed plenty of them in to miatas.
Illyrian4life Prije 6 mjeseci
wizard is awesome. hoovie seems like he mocks car guys. asshole
manofweed1 Prije 6 mjeseci
A lot of people seem to hate these. They don't seem so bad to me.
SoCal720&E30 Prije 6 mjeseci
Kool shirt 👕 man where did you get it
TheBeingReal Prije 6 mjeseci
20+ years old. Things die.
Stuart Bear
Stuart Bear Prije 6 mjeseci
crumdoggy Prije 6 mjeseci
why they did not put a v-8 in these cars....tis a shame.
Paul Deckard
Paul Deckard Prije 6 mjeseci
I enjoyed the video laughed at the thing when it came out now I want one just for giggles. Funny how we change
LetTheWookieWin Prije 6 mjeseci
The Wizard is a cool dude....also reminds me of Bert from Big Bang Theory 👌
rooster sideburbs
rooster sideburbs Prije 6 mjeseci
cant you buy a new prowler door
MoparFam 300C
MoparFam 300C Prije 6 mjeseci
Hellcat Swap The Prowler!
Dr. Detroit
Dr. Detroit Prije 6 mjeseci
The car Chrysler really should have built was the "Howler", the V8 version, that was not made.
Z N Prije 3 mjeseci
Except for the hideous boat deck rear end 🤢
DJ Soru
DJ Soru Prije 6 mjeseci
Nothing an engine swap can't fix
TJ Harrell
TJ Harrell Prije 6 mjeseci
Same damn 3.5 that was in my '99 Concorde, complete with the goofy V-belt driving the A/C compressor. You couldn't pay me enough to ever own another Chrysler anything.
Bryan Joseph
Bryan Joseph Prije 6 mjeseci
A $1,000....
Mack Jones
Mack Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Given the car's age as well as the government regulations. Factor in the financial limitations Chrysler had so they had to use parts they already had from other cars they produced. This car is actually pretty good quality. None of the problems it had were major. If you have access to a fabrication shop. You can easily manufacture a custom replacement for the window regulator. No other manufacturer produced a factory made hotrod. So being unique like that has value. Still why would you EVER put a LS engine in this when you can put a FCA Hemi in it!? Personally I would try to shoehorn a Hellephant in it. Save the LS for the Mustang.
fraidykat Prije 6 mjeseci
Plymouth made cars in the 30s too, and those cars have been used for hot rods every bit as much....not everything was a 1932 Ford tribute...
kfm908 Prije 6 mjeseci
v6 is a great engine .400 horsepower is unnecessary in this car.
CNT Prije 6 mjeseci
When 20 years old Chrysler car is more reliable than a 5 years old BMW or Rolls Royce
aterack833 Prije 6 mjeseci
Pull the regulator and show it, I bet you can find someone on here who knows what will fit, also the gear can likely be 3D printed by any number of HRpost content creators and it won’t cost much more than shipping since most of them love a challenge
aterack833 Prije 6 mjeseci
There are three types of cars I like, literal tanks (BT-42, IS3, Tigers), super light body cars with powerful engines (maybe electric added in for power curve aid) and super light cars with small fuel efficient engines and electric for added efficiency
Duo Dua
Duo Dua Prije 6 mjeseci
The wizard is a GENIUS.
Michael Sackstein
Michael Sackstein Prije 6 mjeseci
here's the regulator:
Andrew Medanich
Andrew Medanich Prije 6 mjeseci
I just bought the cheapest prowler in the nation all original
magicmanap123 Prije 6 mjeseci
euros not British pounds
Marc Jourdain
Marc Jourdain Prije 6 mjeseci
Why Chrysler still makes cars? Coz poeple buy anything.
Art Tafil
Art Tafil Prije 6 mjeseci
An easier list would be what’s NOT wrong. There are only 8 things wrong with the prowler, CHRYSLER!!!
Art Tafil
Art Tafil Prije 6 mjeseci
Needs a set of ARDUN heads! Not a Dodge intrepid, it’s a Dodge Decrepit!
Alsharif Games 99
Alsharif Games 99 Prije 6 mjeseci
6:20 If you rev it you would blow his ears out
George Ybañez
George Ybañez Prije 6 mjeseci
Just the fact that you didn't need a tow truck means you should sell it fast.
WilsonBlock100 Radio
WilsonBlock100 Radio Prije 6 mjeseci
Doug's lil bro, Kilmer's youngest son
EZ James
EZ James Prije 6 mjeseci
That's Dr. Wizard.
En-ga-neer !
En-ga-neer ! Prije 6 mjeseci
OMG that Lotus is SWEEEET......
Kerry Hales
Kerry Hales Prije 6 mjeseci
Another “quality Chrysler” product.
Aqua Green ORAganics
Aqua Green ORAganics Prije 6 mjeseci
Window regulator motor is good it's the track the cable has come off or broke through one of the pulleys or bushings. Not the hard to source the bad piece change the cable and ree-mount. Use to rebuild the all the time not just for the proweler but for a lot of hard to find ones, did one for an x-5 not too long ago. Done 300-400 usd. Takes about 3-4 hours tops. That includes over hauling the mtr. Just a bad track. Get a hold of me if you can't get one.
Mikej1592 Prije 6 mjeseci
I always wanted a Prowler, I saw one in a local used car dealer but it was such a shady looking joint I didnt even want to set foot in there, but man, that was the closest I ever was to one. Some day I will buy one. some day.
David Kendrick
David Kendrick Prije 6 mjeseci
Stick to talking about the car.
BackwoodsNomad Prije 6 mjeseci
Please remove those plastic bumpers.
skuzlebut82 Prije 6 mjeseci
That's not Tustins Prowler is it? His parents bought him one back in the day. I live in Wichita, so we probably know the same people.
HERPY DERPEDY Prije 6 mjeseci
Ah yes the good ol Budget Supercharger
bully056 Prije 6 mjeseci
Now, find the matching trailer!
Daniel Dulu
Daniel Dulu Prije 6 mjeseci
There is a piece of foam on the hood rod, just saying.
whalesong999 Prije 6 mjeseci
Funny, my '99 Plymouth Voyager also recently developed worn out anti sway bar links and the passenger side window regulator. What a service facility wanted for the repairs was ridiculous so did myself. I'm an old school tech and mechanic, industry nowadays is hardly recognizable to me.
Olympic Class Modelers Club
Olympic Class Modelers Club Prije 7 mjeseci
Want to buy a 86 F150 General Lee truck with a fried 302? Got one
Olympic Class Modelers Club
Olympic Class Modelers Club Prije 7 mjeseci
That was euro, not pound
Olympic Class Modelers Club
Olympic Class Modelers Club Prije 7 mjeseci
I had a model of that car, purple too. Wanted that car so bad, man I was naive lol
Aaron B
Aaron B Prije 7 mjeseci
What does this guy do for a living?
Brian LRROVER Prije 7 mjeseci
Soo 2jz swap it and done
Nexus of ice
Nexus of ice Prije 7 mjeseci
"Wherever it fits" seems to be the design mentality of this car. To be honest they probably made the sexy body design first and then asked themselves... "How are we going to make this a functional car now?"
Aiden Berliner
Aiden Berliner Prije 7 mjeseci
Does anyone notice how this 3.5 v6 sounds just like the new ford gts 3.5 v6
Agoraphobic Adam
Agoraphobic Adam Prije 7 mjeseci
Maybe it's just me But I think it would have been interesting if they had at least put a 5.7 liter engine in the Prowler.
PureCountryof91 Prije 6 mjeseci
Waaay to big.. but sadly the prowlers were just random parts on a space age aeroframe
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