I Bought the Cheapest Aston Martin Rapide in the USA! Less Than a New Honda Accord?

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 9 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 9 mjeseci
In B4 people start criticizing my parenting. SUPPORT THE NECK!
Jalen Pambid
Jalen Pambid Prije mjesec
Not sure if this is a different year compared to the rapide Doug reviewed, but Doug had said the screen doesn’t show an Aston logo but Hoovies did, and the rear doors on Hoovies don’t roll the windows down a lot compared to the one Doug reviewed
I I Prije 4 mjeseci
Why are you taking out loans to buy cars?!
Jay Edwards
Jay Edwards Prije 4 mjeseci
My neck hurts just watching this 🤕
Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II
Donald Sturge Anthony McKenzie II Prije 4 mjeseci
kansasandinmisery I had to skip to the middle. I just felt jitters.
Jay Son Wong
Jay Son Wong Prije 5 mjeseci
@Hoovies Garage you were already there and opened the rear door. Why didn't you get inside and show us the rear seats space with you sitting in the back?
Andrew Bowlin
Andrew Bowlin Prije 10 dana
If it breaks will it be cheaper than an accord to fix?? Haha hell to the no.
space14605 Prije 14 dana
If its really 2 ford 3.0's get rid of it before it biows head gaskets
A Luke Toohey
A Luke Toohey Prije 14 dana
bit of billy bob thornton in you hoovie
Goose God
Goose God Prije 17 dana
how you're holding that kid gives me anxiety
Rusty Chapman
Rusty Chapman Prije 23 dana
The name's Bond, Boogie Bond.
Commentator541 Prije mjesec
Astons are basically coach bult cars and that won’t in these times as everyone’s standradsa re too high. You can either go all the way back to full on analog cars with many options one can order to customize it, you can become a tuning house or you can sell to one of the bigger manudacturers to enaure r&d fall on your shoulders.
Commentator541 Prije mjesec
Why oh why was that interior so boring and bland? They fixed things with the DBX finally
Omar Lynn
Omar Lynn Prije mjesec
At 12:58, what’s the switch on the bottom of the the steering wheel?
David Molano
David Molano Prije mjesec
Are you interested in selling? Lmk thanks!
arainla Prije mjesec
That interior is beautiful vs the current trend to just a collection of screens. I don’t get why you would bash such a beautiful interior?
Frank Farago
Frank Farago Prije 2 mjeseci
I had a 2003 Audi TT Coupe. Front windows did the same exact thing. Why is this "strange" exactly?
Josh Pilisuk
Josh Pilisuk Prije 2 mjeseci
This makes me wish I had access to dealer auctions, you get so many crazy deals
Kevin Roby
Kevin Roby Prije 2 mjeseci
I just brought one from the auction do you have any info on brake pad interchange parts number 2011 aston martin rapide
Lee Price
Lee Price Prije 2 mjeseci
Just your average family sedan.
docx Prije 2 mjeseci
kinda sounds like my dads taurus ngl lol
Bryan Escalona
Bryan Escalona Prije 2 mjeseci
This is THE car I would buy if I had the money
2012listo Prije 2 mjeseci
Newsflash Funnily looking father makes beautiful baby!
Ayy Vlogs
Ayy Vlogs Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah no, used gen ones tthat you would actually want are 90-100k used (want as in low mileage pristine condition) not beaten up, high mileage, salvage beaters
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams Prije 3 mjeseci
All parents watching this vid like me asking themselves “how does it fit that baby carrier”?
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams Prije 3 mjeseci
“Loan” how many is that now!? Yikes ..HRpost money still coming innn
neonmatt24 Prije 3 mjeseci
Great price as far as the car, but the upkeep and maintenance on that car is going to be hell!
NOO NOPE Prije 3 mjeseci
borrowed money for a car? figured u cashed all ur buys lol
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
at 44K$ it isn't accord price, its twice an accord price. accord starts at 23900$
Badledgend117 Prije 3 mjeseci
The only better looking Aston than this imo is the DBS
edoardo casagrande
edoardo casagrande Prije 3 mjeseci
nice red miata behind
Mi Papi
Mi Papi Prije 3 mjeseci
You are Fn funny 😆
ROBERT DAVIS Prije 3 mjeseci
Logical reason why this car depreciates more so than any car on this planet................................JUNK.
Linus Dersjö 2
Linus Dersjö 2 Prije 21 dan
Bitemyshinny Metalass
Bitemyshinny Metalass Prije 3 mjeseci
Sweet purchase. Do you really need to close the exhaust valve. I say keep it open. Sounds great.
DB Cooper
DB Cooper Prije 3 mjeseci
Add the cost of maintenance and parts... Yeah, Pass. Theres always a reason why things are cheap on re-sale. PS: It's British 😂
King Leung, RA, LEED AP
King Leung, RA, LEED AP Prije 3 mjeseci
Good kid! At least not cried for even once?! 🤣
Alec H
Alec H Prije 3 mjeseci
Next you need a Cygnet.
Mike King
Mike King Prije 3 mjeseci
So where did you get that car for that price? I gotta call bullshit
Linus Dersjö 2
Linus Dersjö 2 Prije 21 dan
Bruh, do you seriously think he faked it?
throughdude23 Prije 3 mjeseci
First thing to do get rid of that horrible interior color. Aside from that it looks like a mix of a Lincoln, stinger and genesis.
Big Joe
Big Joe Prije 3 mjeseci
$44k? Bro I could go buy a hellcat with that
KillerKrab Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t know what Honda Accord costs $44,000😂
Kevi Kiru
Kevi Kiru Prije 4 mjeseci
Did you bring the baby just to increase your HRpost viewership and therefore earning to cope with the new reality?
Austin Haley
Austin Haley Prije 4 mjeseci
This is an underrated car
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
All the cheapest are in the south I hate living in the rust belt!
Legend27 Prije 4 mjeseci
the wife scared af looking for the baby
Chris Gee
Chris Gee Prije 4 mjeseci
A Honda Accord only costs 27k brand new This car is almost double that😂😂😂
BJ Harper
BJ Harper Prije 4 mjeseci
Bank owners when they see hoovie walk into a bank : 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
BCGTR Prije 4 mjeseci
Idk where an accord costs $44k
Кирилл Михалин
Кирилл Михалин Prije 4 mjeseci
His son is never going to end up in Nissan Leaf when he grows 😁
rick chavez
rick chavez Prije 4 mjeseci
What a beauty!
Cars : Fix & Tips. DIY
Cars : Fix & Tips. DIY Prije 4 mjeseci
Yes but, it will eat up 1 accord per year in maintenance. You forget to say that.
Brett Dawson
Brett Dawson Prije 4 mjeseci
Smart people will spend a little more for the Honda and save a ton of money in the long run
Milk man
Milk man Prije 4 mjeseci
Hi Doug dem-
Sanō Kaizen
Sanō Kaizen Prije 4 mjeseci
A new well optioned Honda Accord is $30,570 to $38,990 ..title was cap lol
Pepe Shadow
Pepe Shadow Prije 4 mjeseci
Dad, you are insane!!!😁😇
Seven Ηaze
Seven Ηaze Prije 4 mjeseci
They don't even make a $44,000 Accord? Wtf. False title
Marc B.
Marc B. Prije 4 mjeseci
At least the baby is adorable:) Why do you want to go so FAST, 0-60?? You want to be seen in it. Like in a DB9. Your not 16yo in a used riced up Civic.
Akram Bekzada
Akram Bekzada Prije 4 mjeseci
Congrats, it's definitely a beautiful car. That single decision will likely help put your Aston Martin mechanic's two kids through college, fund his man cave, paint his house and redo his entire kitchen. I'm sure he's very grateful.
sincity RRT
sincity RRT Prije 4 mjeseci
Ok guys THERES SOMETHING AMAZING HERE ! the shift paddles. They are stationary. On the column vs wheel. So the steering wheel turns, paddles stay where they are. I love this! Bmw fucked that up.
Susan Devine
Susan Devine Prije 4 mjeseci
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster Prije 4 mjeseci
The repairs and servicing won’t be less than an Accord.
rajesh1174 Prije 4 mjeseci
Cute baby
everything will be ok
everything will be ok Prije 4 mjeseci
For me the rapide is easily one of the best looking cars ever made, and for this price a complete bargain.
Spy.Sno Prije 4 mjeseci
Dave Ramsey would not like this man
DonCarpenterRadio Prije 4 mjeseci
Living in Kansas, I wonder how you can afford the tags and property tax on these crazy cars. The fees are insane in this state!
rgg2.0 Prije 4 mjeseci
I like this car tbh
Mohd Safwan Arabi
Mohd Safwan Arabi Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm suprised, married but did not wear a wedding ring 😁
Lisa Dolliver
Lisa Dolliver Prije 5 mjeseci
That was my friends dads old car he has a rolls-Royce now
Gertg Derften
Gertg Derften Prije 5 mjeseci
Who the hell gave 588 dislikes..... are you insane?
DrumtotheBass Woop
DrumtotheBass Woop Prije 5 mjeseci
What’s James Bond going to drive, if Aston go under ? ☹️
Kid Car Critic
Kid Car Critic Prije 5 mjeseci
Amit Karki
Amit Karki Prije 5 mjeseci
Cheaper than a accord wht?
Darth Bane
Darth Bane Prije 6 mjeseci
We'll go put him down😂😂😂😂
Stefan Czechorski DDS
Stefan Czechorski DDS Prije 6 mjeseci
Rapide = "a European express train" .
rooster sideburbs
rooster sideburbs Prije 6 mjeseci
44k for a honda accord?
Dat Way
Dat Way Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie bought that baby straight cash on some baller shit
Artur Gord
Artur Gord Prije 6 mjeseci
That what you do with your child there is wrong
Liam Browne
Liam Browne Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m a Liam. I get told it’s a beautiful name !!
Are you sick, are you comparing this from accord, cuz, accord is lame as hell already...
V LM Prije 6 mjeseci
All those expensive cars you have in your shop you had to take a bank loan out to buy a car that’s priced to a new Honda Accord?
just gytis 123
just gytis 123 Prije 6 mjeseci
Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp Prije 6 mjeseci
Can you trade it in for an Accord?
Roblox_craft guy
Roblox_craft guy Prije 6 mjeseci
I’ll buy a panamara
Roblox_craft guy
Roblox_craft guy Prije 6 mjeseci
Correction: I would buy a panamara
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson Prije 6 mjeseci
@Tyler Hoover:Thanks man, and cute kid too.
James Caballero
James Caballero Prije 7 mjeseci
But when the accord breaks it doesn’t cost $7,000 dollars to fix lmao
Phil K
Phil K Prije 7 mjeseci
Bad news...the plastic key is the valet key. Assuming you're missing the sapphire 'key' you're looking at $2800 to replace it
Sam nelson
Sam nelson Prije 7 mjeseci
Drake had one of these
knightwing4 Prije 7 mjeseci
I found a Rapid for $42,000 with 42,000 miles on it. Take that Hoovie. LOL 😂
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Prije 7 mjeseci
What about it’s quirks and features? Oops, wrong HRpostr. 🤓🤭
Neil Perry
Neil Perry Prije 7 mjeseci
They ran fine but the glass cockpit display, was it's Achilles heel, but now the dashes can be made to work by us English garagista's . The original Lagonda based on the sixties DBS and then designed the Lagonda and the Aston Martin Bulldog which is being built to run. But also designed the XJS based Railton convertible which I've seen in real life. Beautiful car, the gentleman concerned is William Towns but he also designed the Hustler kit car based on the Mini and metro in the UK and many more other cars.
Neil Perry
Neil Perry Prije 7 mjeseci
Dude blacken the grilles to make it meaner .
golf raven
golf raven Prije 7 mjeseci
Gosh, don’t drop the baby 😬
Tom Scott
Tom Scott Prije 7 mjeseci
@hoovie based on this piece of "consumer advice" i went out and got one of these last week instead of buying new. Best decision ever, words cant describe how beautiful this car is in the flesh and it sounds incredible.
Melvin Noble
Melvin Noble Prije 7 mjeseci
Congratulations on your hansom son! Enjoy that AM!
WICKEDLEE LOOPY Prije 7 mjeseci
Still cost you more than a honda....
Markus Webb
Markus Webb Prije 7 mjeseci
I absolutely love your green mustang bro... I’m a self proclaimed cat guy, but I have no clue what year or model it is😂
JJ2009M Prije 7 mjeseci
First doug owned a Aston Martin and now Tyler?
Emin Muradov
Emin Muradov Prije 7 mjeseci
11:15 that guy got an erection, you can see the bike move. What a good purchase, I can't brag about anything. Awesome car.
didafm Prije 7 mjeseci
How expensive are these on maintenance and parts?
rick hayden
rick hayden Prije 7 mjeseci
Hint: british automobiles are dogs, beautiful but dogs.
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire Prije 7 mjeseci
That child is too small for that car seat
Bruce Langlois
Bruce Langlois Prije 7 mjeseci
"You can only sell so many burgers through a drive through." Is Tyler making up proverbs now?
Sebastiaan P
Sebastiaan P Prije 7 mjeseci
Damn I love the interior. It actually looks pretty damn practical when you fold the backseats down.
Kentucky boy
Kentucky boy Prije 7 mjeseci
Support that kids head and get his arm in there. Lol. Making me nervous.
Jeffrey LaPuente
Jeffrey LaPuente Prije 7 mjeseci
Aww Liam he’s so precious
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