I Bought a Barn Find 1993 Camaro Z-28 and Started it for the First Time in 10 Years!

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 10 mjeseci
Currently at the hospital in full labor! I’m told the birthing process goes more smoothly the more you all hit the subscribe button!
Silicon Magician
Silicon Magician Prije 3 mjeseci
@Dark Charizard 31 omg
sally goon gotz
sally goon gotz Prije 5 mjeseci
Buick grand national
Philip Manwaring
Philip Manwaring Prije 6 mjeseci
Congrats and best wishes to you and your wife Tyler.
Aye Dee
Aye Dee Prije 8 mjeseci
Congrats Tyler, hope all is well!
LouieXIIII Prije 9 mjeseci
How much do you want for the Camaro?
Rolando Arriazola
Rolando Arriazola Prije 8 sati
24:46 si quema cuhh!😆
Daniel Vasev
Daniel Vasev Prije 3 dana
Only watching you how long you keep pushing the starter motor telling me how much you and your friend understand from cars.... unbelievable ... And this glasses guy he needs to change them ... he cut the exhaust for this really no way so many joint sections are visible on the video 2 nuts a few inches from where he makes the non-reasonable cut....
VDPEFi Prije 3 dana
I fell in love with these when GM decided to sell these, the Cadillac STS and the blazer in selected vauxhall dealers in the UK. My dad bought an STS because kids etc but these things in the showroom just looked incredible alongside the boring rubbish we got here.
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije 4 dana
.....why did you cut the exhaust when there were compression clamps....?
Not Ethan Sanchez
Not Ethan Sanchez Prije 4 dana
6:56 he went to go push the clutch in to start the car and realized it was an automatic
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson Prije 5 dana
most of us f body owners cut a panel out from the trunk and fabricate a door for east fuel pump access
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson Prije 5 dana
watch out for panhard bars lol
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson Prije 5 dana
i just got a 97 z28 with 90k miles im the second owner i stole it for $3500
Sidewayz MackTV
Sidewayz MackTV Prije 5 dana
First of all y’all messed up initially by cutting the exhaust and not dropping the rear end. An easier route is from the top and cutting through the trap door. Secondly that $1000 bill was because he didn’t know what he was doing and lastly good 🍩 doughnuts. Y’all tap in for all your LS n LT needs I’m the LS swap master on the West Coast hello💪🏾🤧
cuda 74 - gaming videos
cuda 74 - gaming videos Prije 9 dana
It’s a really nice car for a barn find
Brandon roberts
Brandon roberts Prije 10 dana
Horsepower is 275 stock not 285 the ss would have been 290
Gigi Prije 10 dana
Here is cold start of my LS1 in Country Georgia: hrpost.info/history/aauaebOvhrOtaoY/video
rocky ridge homestead
rocky ridge homestead Prije 11 dana
1969 ford f300 or f350 flat bed 7.3 powerstroke swap 5 speed 4x4
James Bowling
James Bowling Prije 11 dana
ive always known those tips to be called bow tie tips not sure if thats correct or not but thats what everyone in my area calls them, i have a 95 trans am that my dad got me while i was in high school an its sitting with around the same millage as this car but it had a accident an it doesnt get stored in a garage. it was fixed back mechanically an drives fine but it needs paint now from all the yrs an to take care of the accident that it had. but i love the car. i'll never part with it cause of all the nostalgia it gives me. i always wanted the ss camaro , firehawk and a mustang cobra. i have a sn95 cobra now, still got my old trans am and ive had a couple z28s an i still got some time to get a ss but my trans am will never be replaced.
LittleOldBoat Prije 11 dana
I've never worked in the shop that I didn't demand a CO2 fire extinguisher on my first day!
terje kristian johansen
terje kristian johansen Prije 13 dana
love to si a cool opel gt 1900 whit V8 LS1 LS3 enginEN swap ;) ;) love opel gt. from norway, LOVE YOUR COOL CARS
Dylan Grossman
Dylan Grossman Prije 16 dana
Trying to crank it over for so damn ling will wear that motor right out
JBM425 Prije 18 dana
Gotta say, I love that drumbeat sound it made while you cranked it the first time! (BTW, sometimes I have a difficult time remembering whether I'm watching a Hoovies Garage or a Car Wizard video. :) )
JBM425 Prije 18 dana
Funny what you dig up when you go searching an auto recycling yard for BMW parts... :)
Rodney Parker
Rodney Parker Prije 21 dan
Shit rolls down hill as they say. 😏
Travis Terrell
Travis Terrell Prije 23 dana
Wizard is closer to my age than I realized! He was only a freshman in high school when this Camero came out. Also, this car is a bit less nice than they first thought with all those mods. The welded-in frame rail stiffeners especially would be difficult to cleanly reverse.
ChaosZombie999 Prije 26 dana
I love how calm the car wizard.. was.. over a fire.. um..
Njderig Prije 27 dana
Hahahaha this guy is a real character. Entertaining and knowledgeable. Subscribed!
Lucky-Rowe Prije mjesec
Buy the Wizard a headlamp flashlight for Christ sake!!
Lucky-Rowe Prije mjesec
I have a 1994 Z/28 with a 6 speed with only 72,028 miles..how the hell did the drivers seat not fall apart on the upper part? They must not have put on their seat belt when driving is all I can think how the seat edge isn't trashed.
Clive Broome
Clive Broome Prije mjesec
It's really really stupid to be revving this thing up like that. Oil,hoses and belts could all let go you you would be stuffed.
Carlos Belo
Carlos Belo Prije mjesec
Trap door mod the fuel pump and never look back
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis Prije mjesec
The toast literally drag because waiter expectedly burn save a unkempt south america. old, delicious vibraphone
baba mama
baba mama Prije mjesec
I have to say it: This mechanic doesn't seem to know what he is doing, he is basically guessing and adding up the labor cost. Too expensive.
Vin Tenag
Vin Tenag Prije mjesec
There is no hatch under the carpet to get to fuel pump??
RC Reapers
RC Reapers Prije mjesec
Why did it catch fire?
Steven Foster
Steven Foster Prije mjesec
its been sitting for 10 years lol give it hell...
Gordon Gekko
Gordon Gekko Prije mjesec
i don't know how the hell i got here
Lykan Zepheyer Wolf
Lykan Zepheyer Wolf Prije mjesec
What is that intro song? Ive heard it everywhere and cant find it
Ricardo - Lissete Cervantes
Ricardo - Lissete Cervantes Prije 2 mjeseci
I want it.. I really want it. Sell it to me....
Kenneth Grant
Kenneth Grant Prije 2 mjeseci
Its easier to take the back seat out and cut an access hole for the fuel pump.
Jacob Carrillo
Jacob Carrillo Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotta change the Fuel filter too!!!!!
Will G
Will G Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie, I have noticed you guys do not wear Safety Glasses when working on your cars... I can tell you it is not fun to get either chemicals or pieces of metal/rust in your eye. Please find some comfortable safety glasses and wear them.
Oscar Cuevas
Oscar Cuevas Prije 2 mjeseci
What square puts on a seat belt to take a ride around the block LOL
Steffy Hobmann
Steffy Hobmann Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh how I would love to have this car!
Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter Prije 2 mjeseci
Does anyone else enjoy the way he says wizard 🧙‍♀️
Dan Reed
Dan Reed Prije 2 mjeseci
ummm if you were just going to change the pump why not just cut a access hole from the trunk up top? Me and a friend took turns with a hatchet in the junk yard once to access one in a similar spot. With a shop and the correct tools making a access patch panel would be simple.
Dave 365
Dave 365 Prije 2 mjeseci
It ain't over till something is burning. 🔥🔥🔥
A M Prije 2 mjeseci
The wizard? More like Fire Marshall Bill.
A M Prije 2 mjeseci
GM should have put an access door on all their models for easy removal. But they couldn't even be bothered to upgrade a 25 cent part to fix an ignition switch that killed many women who used bowling balls for key chains.
WIL E NELSON Prije 2 mjeseci
Luis Villa
Luis Villa Prije 2 mjeseci
I had this car mechanically it was a piece of shit the 3.8 V6 way better mechanically, although lt1 is a good engine working in the engine bay is a bitch for a do it yourselfer after 75k miles they go fast down the toilet
TONY BELAS Prije 2 mjeseci
great video really fun! thanks so much
chris lee
chris lee Prije 2 mjeseci
Bad mechanic: You need 8 new injectors. Wizard: I'll fix your 8 injectors myself. It's little tricks like this that give me lots of respect for the Wizard. Keep it up!
Nick Brodeur
Nick Brodeur Prije 2 mjeseci
Jason Montefusco
Jason Montefusco Prije 2 mjeseci
Trap door mod lol
Jerry Armour
Jerry Armour Prije 2 mjeseci
go to visegrip garage and watch him take a care that hasn't run for 29 years stored outside in a field and drive it home 600 miles
Julio Gonzo
Julio Gonzo Prije 2 mjeseci
I had a '00 and always feared the fuel pump failing. It never did thankfully
CamaroAmx Prije 2 mjeseci
I have a 93 z28. Looks to be the same options but mine’s a darker red. I’ve had it 12 years now. Bought it with 128,000 miles on it and now it has 177,000 on it (it was never my only car). A couple of optisparks (needed one when I got it, replacement MSD one cracked, back to a factory replacement one), 2 exhaust systems, front lower control arms, 2 sets of tires (first set was used), front pump on the trans, 2 rear shocks, and 1 fuel pump (trap door mod). Need to fix a leaky trans line and a leaky rear main seal and it needs a paint job bad.
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
What pain in the anus
Shipfus Are Laifu
Shipfus Are Laifu Prije 2 mjeseci
Sounds like typical Chevy owner music, although I'm a bit surprised there wasn't any Nsync or Backstreet Boys in it.
mwyatt222 Prije 3 mjeseci
I killed my opti-spark 95 Z28 w/ one engine clean. It never ran the same again. I sold it shortly after.
Sister Mary Catherine
Sister Mary Catherine Prije 3 mjeseci
That car is possessed
A Y Prije 3 mjeseci
are you guys newbies or what ?! a car that sat for 10 years, before you dare cranking it, you change the Oil and filter, and you drain all the fuel you can and put new Fuel in it. thats the minimum you do. I really find it weird that Car Wizard did not think about that. he should know better.
Duman Atv fix
Duman Atv fix Prije 3 mjeseci
You should find a old model T or A (barn find ) and test on channel
OffdaRoots Prije 3 mjeseci
10 yr old sitting camaro with SQUARE tires. A nice burnout made em ROUND n slick
Andy B
Andy B Prije 3 mjeseci
You should do a older british car like a healey or mga.
Mikkel Bom Simonsen
Mikkel Bom Simonsen Prije 3 mjeseci
For my Fiat Uno 1.4 ie, 1991, I removed the back seat, un-screwed the fuelpump and pulled it out. Imagine how italian engenuity could have saved the car wizard's day?
You Sad
You Sad Prije 3 mjeseci
That car is beautiful.
Keith’s Kustoms
Keith’s Kustoms Prije 3 mjeseci
It is a option to cut a access hole in the floor to get to the fuel pump, then you don’t have to drop the tank.
Big Wrench Garage
Big Wrench Garage Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh the joy of 80's/90's camaro/transam tank dropping fun!
Big Wrench Garage
Big Wrench Garage Prije 3 mjeseci
Before you go look at one for sale, tell the seller to wash the engine. When you show up, the optispark...will become a willnotspark. ..and you'll get a good price.
Issa Bendeck
Issa Bendeck Prije 3 mjeseci
here all that would ve cost you less than half of that lol hoovies come down to honduras you will be saving alot of money your self
Issa Bendeck
Issa Bendeck Prije 3 mjeseci
so you got mi same car i have owned for 20 years i hope you keep it for long time like i have , congrat jost put it in your collection
z/28 z/28 69
z/28 z/28 69 Prije 3 mjeseci
Should of done the fuel pump. Trap door.
Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner Prije 3 mjeseci
I'd love to get a mustang same year and day or close too it lol it would be my only car ever lol
Jeff Stern
Jeff Stern Prije 4 mjeseci
Add for Fixed don't waste your money the cheapest thing is the sender unit you must pay monthly charge!
Rich McIntyre
Rich McIntyre Prije 4 mjeseci
Nothing like watching the Wizzard and Hoovie trying to convince each other that "it's not too bad" while the shop floor burns. Tech tip, don't buy a car that has been sitting for 10 years because it looks nice. I've seen corpses that look good but the dude is still dead!!
Templeton Peck
Templeton Peck Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovie, you should colab with Vice Grip Garage. He's right up your street. Talk about hoopties, he fixes cars that haven't run in 20 years and then drives them 600 miles.
Alphabeto K9.Statics
Alphabeto K9.Statics Prije 4 mjeseci
The only problem starting the 4Gen. was that you needed to scoot over out of the way, all the way to your house. The metal brace falling on Wizard's head was your fault.
John Jones
John Jones Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey man I hope you were kidding about crying. Don't be a sissy just fix it.
Larry Z
Larry Z Prije 4 mjeseci
After 10 minutes in... I will never buy 4rth.. gen camaro
My2CommonSense Prije 4 mjeseci
I have never understood purposely destroying a car.
Charlotte Prije 4 mjeseci
It took all of the wizards strengths 😆😄
ShartingFish Prije 4 mjeseci
It's a GM, being on fire is a normal event.
phillip mulligan
phillip mulligan Prije 4 mjeseci
Be prepared for spiders to Be repelling out of the headliner while driving on the freeway!!
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos Prije 4 mjeseci
I have always loved Camaro models, all years. You have yourself a nice looking one!
Daniel Flo
Daniel Flo Prije 4 mjeseci
that was the dragons wizard hehe
kana4114 Prije 4 mjeseci
Ha! It sounded like a “hit-and-miss motor” on the lift! You need to by the Wizard an LED headlamp...enough of the flashlight in the mouth trick.
Mike Normandy
Mike Normandy Prije 4 mjeseci
I think my favorite thing is watching Hoovie and Wizard work on cars TOGETHER! - It's amazing Brotherly, Kansas, Auto YT'ers, LOVE!
China Doll
China Doll Prije 4 mjeseci
i have a 97 z28 30th anniversary edition camaro that has been sitting in a OPEN feild for 10 years, (under the hot sun, and winter cold for 10 YEARS) (43k miles) put a battery in the ol girl, she fired right up first crank, the car is in immaculate condition, i mean absolutely spotless, no pully rust, no rotted lines, interior was perfect, perfect car, no problems, put a fuel pump in her, hit the injectors with a screwdriver, she ran like she was rolling off the assembly line, 2 years later, she’s my every now and then weekend car, it’s sad how many z28s end up like mine and yours, keep restoring m8👍
Phil P
Phil P Prije 4 mjeseci
Im a little confused on why you guys cut that exhaust there was litterally a clamp right next to where u cut and u could of just pulled that apart right there...
Phil P
Phil P Prije 4 mjeseci
Honestly threw up in my mouth a little when i realized its an auto...🙁😓
Tim Otheus
Tim Otheus Prije 4 mjeseci
Hoovie's going to need a starter...
Vincent O'Hara
Vincent O'Hara Prije 4 mjeseci
Tell me they dumped the old fuel from the tank....?
Ryan Twomey
Ryan Twomey Prije 4 mjeseci
beautiful example still do not like the 4th gen camaro bodystyle
Donald Smith
Donald Smith Prije 4 mjeseci
Those normally have a port in the rear hatch for the fuel pump
Fitness with David
Fitness with David Prije 4 mjeseci
"Fire extinguisher! Run!" Most excited I've ever heard the Wizard!
Joe Hoover
Joe Hoover Prije 4 mjeseci
Some would cut a hole in the floor pan to have access to the fuel pump etc...
test414 EFF
test414 EFF Prije 4 mjeseci
it's much easier to cut out a hole in the trunk to get to the fuel pump
Timothy Ballinger
Timothy Ballinger Prije 4 mjeseci
I know I'm not the only person who installs a trap door to get to the fuel pump lol! Put the carpet back over the hole and no one will ever know
Big Big
Big Big Prije 4 mjeseci
If it's not too late my number is 818-626-7812 I will show you pictures of me as a baby in that same exact Z28 93 red with the hardtop automatic LT1 and it would be a dream come true if I could by that same car
Big Big
Big Big Prije 4 mjeseci
Please sir let me buy that car because my dad had the same one growing up and I would love to buy that car
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe Prije 4 mjeseci
Did you put the gas cap back on? it's pressurized system.
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