Here's Why I'm Sending My Cheap Alpina B7 to the Junkyard: MECHANICALLY TOTALED

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 8 mjeseci
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Devin Morris
Devin Morris Prije 2 mjeseci
I love my Ridge Wallet. Last kind of wallet I'll ever buy
James Walton
James Walton Prije 5 mjeseci
Why did they not put neoprene Valve seals in at the factory.
NFSstarman 3
NFSstarman 3 Prije 6 mjeseci
could be the supercharger leaking oil
David Cecil
David Cecil Prije 7 mjeseci
Those wallets are too damn expensive. The wallet I have now does need replacing, but it was less than $10 and I've had it for about 10 years. Even at $1/year, I'd spend less on traditional wallets before I died. No one that buys a Ridge wallet is going to use it until they die. They'll buy another one eventually. Why spend $75 to $100 when $10 will do? Spend the rest on car upgrades!
NY NY Prije 7 mjeseci
Summer Jones
Summer Jones Prije 3 dana
It took him ten minutes to put a scope down there to look at the cylinder why didn’t he do that in there first place instead of pulling the engine out.
Just Donut
Just Donut Prije 3 dana
God, I'd love to see that alpina with vw 1.9 TDI swap :D
NMI REC Prije 4 dana
Ls swap it
Jeffrey Cheng
Jeffrey Cheng Prije 9 dana
The best BMW is the one you never buy.
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 14 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 14 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Proctor’s Gamble
Proctor’s Gamble Prije 19 dana
A family friend is a BMW engineer from before 2000 in München. He is so angry about what they have done to the company and the cars. Total garbage.
Rooted Onion
Rooted Onion Prije 26 dana
Thank you hoovie, you have saved me from buying a cheap bmw
Richard Graham
Richard Graham Prije 26 dana
$106 for a credit card sized piece of metal....shame on you! No wonder Johnny is always smiling, he must be seeing Dollar signs every time you show up.
Scott Pratt
Scott Pratt Prije 29 dana
I cant stop watching these vids...
Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu Prije mjesec
I would make a long term project and make it back in running condition:)
Tommy Taylor
Tommy Taylor Prije mjesec
Keep the car replace the engine and transmission for a Chevy engine or Ford engine and go from there and put a Chevy or Ford transmission to
A. M.
A. M. Prije mjesec
All that time spent on it, all that expensive repairs and still it is worthless junk! All that money is just going down the drain. Imagine how many people you could feed or buy clothes or urgent medicine for. Merc, BMW, Audi and many other manufacturers are polluting our planet and wasting our limited resources by deliberately making poor, unreliable vehicles and they force people to keep buying new cars with 'planned obsolescence' (using cheap plastic parts, too many electronics, deliberately making things impossible for other mechanics to repair on their vehicles, 5000% price hikes for old parts in some cases, etc.). Criminal charges should be brought against any company that does this.
Rad Show
Rad Show Prije mjesec
Hoovie: How much did you get? I have two anchors in my life and my wife wants them gone. 2002 S600 \ 2005 760i .. I want to trade them both for electric unicycles and be done with them forever. Are they worth $2500 each as parts? in Washington State? KARS FOR KIDS? :)
R. Van Der Vaal
R. Van Der Vaal Prije mjesec
I had a 2003 745Li E66 brand new from the dealership at the time and it lasted me 15 years and it had around 150k miles on it when I got rid of it. Had to do a lot of work on it while I owned it. I now have a certified pre-owned 2016 740i M-Sport package G11 with 27k miles on it so far. I love the 7 series but the V8 was too much work, so I opted for the I6 engine this time. I will save the V8 for a Hemi Ram or maybe 392 Charger.
Ricardo R Dorantes
Ricardo R Dorantes Prije 2 mjeseci
Un buen mecánico repara lo que está mal En un motor en fin
THE BEST SOCCER Prije 2 mjeseci
I have the n62 engine too and its smoke when idle for a long time it’s terrible
Page Potts
Page Potts Prije 2 mjeseci
Any know where Johnny shop is located ?
tyrone crawford
tyrone crawford Prije 2 mjeseci
I would drop an Ls in her
Kid Car Critic
Kid Car Critic Prije 2 mjeseci
I bought the alpina from the junkyard!!!
Billy Tran
Billy Tran Prije 2 mjeseci
Couldn't you just swap the Alpina engine with the V12 from the 760iL?
Mark Lsx
Mark Lsx Prije 2 mjeseci
Ls swap it and keep it
Muniandy Ilengeesvaran
Muniandy Ilengeesvaran Prije 2 mjeseci
bob avon
bob avon Prije 2 mjeseci
You should have never have paid your car ninja mechanic for the valve seals. I have said he is not a mechanic , but a rip off artist and he looks dumb. Since you have bought the car used and I have mentioned that the engine looked dirty, it is obvious that the oil was not changed on time. So stop blaming a company that you worked for and face the facts You bought a car that was abused.
Maanav Khurana
Maanav Khurana Prije 3 mjeseci
BMW: Ultimate Broken Machine
Nate Jones
Nate Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
CPS CPS Prije 3 mjeseci
Your wallet is thin because of hoopties like this one
mathew marzette
mathew marzette Prije 3 mjeseci
Just went thru this. Supercharger seals go bad and blow oil in the motor. Cyl number 1 sees all the oil and detonates and kills the hole.
georgknofler Prije 3 mjeseci
Nonsense sells in the internet. The tuned car today sells for 150.000. You can`t compare that with a Lexus. Mercedes/BMW or Lexus/Honda/Infinity? Want the original or the copy? What do you expect from such a car that run 100.000 miles? How much do you lose when you buy this car new and sell it after some years? You will never drive such a car at a discount price. Also you never know how the car was treated. A repair of 11.000 for the turbo ist still a bargain.
Digital On Screen
Digital On Screen Prije 3 mjeseci
No mechanic but couldn't they bypass or disable the sc for testing purposes then test for smoke. I don't think the scoring was so bad, it would probably chew a quart of oil every 2 moths or so.. But that's like every bmw.. lol
Robert Blakely
Robert Blakely Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoovie: Did you dump this POS yet? If not, a perfect solution for you: For less than the replacement supercharger cost, you can drop in an Aluminum block 6.0 or 6.2 Liter GM LS engine (go port not D.I. injection) and a GM 6L80E transmission. Simple, reliable 400+ horsepower on regular gas. Maybe a whole new chapter for Hoovies!
Eric Rombouts
Eric Rombouts Prije 3 mjeseci
Replace with a chevy drivetrain for a quater of the price
Michael Aniszewski
Michael Aniszewski Prije 3 mjeseci
Buy a New BMW
Luís Teixeira
Luís Teixeira Prije 3 mjeseci
You should be better served with an Audi. Bmw doesn't know how to get rid of oil leaks, poor sealings, chain snaps, cracked blocks, warped heads. Its crazy the amount of problems a bmw can get in a short time.
Air Legal & Promotion
Air Legal & Promotion Prije 3 mjeseci
Have you ever thoguht of using a XADO product to solve that problem on bores or even Ceramizer. Either of those should do a good job of repairing that surface so it is super smooth.
dylan williams
dylan williams Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a 2008 BMW 750li that I still daily drive and it’s in absolute perfect shape surprisingly no problems with anything no lights or codes.
Fat Bastardo
Fat Bastardo Prije 3 mjeseci
Endless money pit, ~Scotty Kilmer~
Super Shifter
Super Shifter Prije 3 mjeseci
Noooo part it out!
John Johns
John Johns Prije 3 mjeseci
No smoke...maybe fully synth oil.....and heh, from Oil Company, ppppllleeeassseee warm it up before reving to red
David W
David W Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey hoovie... Don't junk that car. Sell it to me so I can Tesla engine swap it
Derek Chung
Derek Chung Prije 4 mjeseci
"I failed. I cannot charge you for that".... because one million people will watch this. Johnny doesn't want his reputation ruinned by this. My question is if the cylinder walls are all scored. Why didn't he see that?
TheAmazingMrMcFlyy Prije 4 mjeseci
Dude, how could you just junk both 7 series like that after dumping all that money into it, what a waste , you should be ashamed Hoover !!!
Blockpartyvintage Prije 4 mjeseci
The car ninja is one honest lad! Rare find!💪👊
John K
John K Prije 4 mjeseci
Why the hell does a car company that prides their entire brand on quality and refinement...produce such a complicated and over engineered piece of junk??? I understand that they are probably (underhandedly) trying to get rich folks to just buy the next new model...therefore increasing their profit in sales....but, seriously? If rich people start to think like normal people one day...or even if enough normal people speak up...BMW is going to completely lose all credibility and eventually they will lose their entire company. No skin off my nose....just a thought.
MrErnstxxx Prije 4 mjeseci
Hi hoovie , love the channel man :) , I’ve been thinking about you junking the alpine and I totally get it good call but I started to wonder if anyone has done a engine swap from a American maker like a ls7 crate motor or something similar . Ppl used to do it a long time ago when the jag v12 motors blew up . I’d imagine it’s way harder now with all the systems you’d have to tie together . Have a great day and keep up your great work thanks buddy !
Felipe Rainer
Felipe Rainer Prije 4 mjeseci
Dannie Fowler
Dannie Fowler Prije 4 mjeseci
If its junk and too expensive to fix drive it like u stole it till it breaks completly then junk yard it
THE SCIENCE OF TRUTH Prije 4 mjeseci
Why you just don't sleeve that 1 cylinder that engine still good
John Gallagher
John Gallagher Prije 4 mjeseci
I hope he paid the mechanic for his work, he didn’t really confirm either way.
Bigdaddyd82 Vapes
Bigdaddyd82 Vapes Prije 4 mjeseci
In all honesty I love the way a BMW drives. Especially the 90's ones. But dude.. seriously they should be ashamed of themselves for producing such junk!!! For the $ they charge.. planned obsolescence should not be in their business model so predominantly!! Bimmer ppl will always want the next NEW model. It's disgusting and shameful. Just my $0.02 🤷‍♂️
Chris Werner
Chris Werner Prije 5 mjeseci
Just swap the engine and trans to something reliable
Werner Danler
Werner Danler Prije 5 mjeseci
If only one cylinder is scored like that then something got in it to do that. That is not related to the quality of the engine itself. You could see that the supercharger is bad with all that oil in that tube Jonny took out. Probably where most of the smoke is coming from. How hard would it be to rebuild it? You can always source an i6 to drop in it. You don't need a 500 horse power 8!
Greg Linarelli
Greg Linarelli Prije 5 mjeseci
Could you use the high pressure fuel pumps from Alpine on the other?
Michael Heffernan
Michael Heffernan Prije 5 mjeseci
B roken M motor W orks
Bill Diaz
Bill Diaz Prije 5 mjeseci
I did not hear how many miles he has on this bmw and other ones he purchased. Could he just get another motor like a 740Il as the last resort and install one?
gcmc2 gcmc2
gcmc2 gcmc2 Prije 5 mjeseci does a scored bore account for inlet tracts full of oil ? You sure this ninja isn't wearing his headband too tight when he gets dressed up ...?
Rickard Bergendahl
Rickard Bergendahl Prije 5 mjeseci
Then LS swap it you dummy...
shannon hill
shannon hill Prije 5 mjeseci
I was going to buy a second hand 7 series but decided not too.. thankfully haha I realised if I can’t afford a new bmw I definitely can’t afford an old one
techbest zone
techbest zone Prije 5 mjeseci
An ls2 would be nice in that engine bay... Just saying...
techbest zone
techbest zone Prije 5 mjeseci
My question is why didnt you replace the engine straight away I am pretty sure that you can find a decent engine on eBay cheaper than the repair on that one...
Charles Choi
Charles Choi Prije 5 mjeseci
Car Ninja: “I failed. No charge.”
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez Prije 5 mjeseci
No leaking valve seals on our Mercedes’s just saying.
lawzsocom Prije 5 mjeseci
Atleast he is still going to pay him🇺🇲🙏✝️
Frank Morales
Frank Morales Prije 5 mjeseci
Why am I hearing Jeff Goldblum in a higher voice...
MrDreamcastx Prije 5 mjeseci
Modular or LS swap
Gregory Timmons
Gregory Timmons Prije 5 mjeseci
I really think your "car ninja" should have known that one bad hole needed to be sleeved. I understand the economic realities of having to dig deeper but he had that engine out and tore down to some extent. True it's more money but Don't you think you would have liked it a lot better sleeved in the one bore and new rings in all the cylinders? Of course then there is the supercharger issue. Unless that was a symptom of the bad hole or that and valve guides/seals. I wonder if a newly rebuilt engine would have helped it fetch more money if a real Alpina fan would have been seduced into paying more. Got to be some appeal to a long list of engine work/upgrades. Or do ya just put in the same faulty chain guides so the same issue comes up again in a few more years?
Bill Sully
Bill Sully Prije 5 mjeseci
I would of fixed it. it would of been a project only problem is people don't want old BMW anymore
Larry Sliwa
Larry Sliwa Prije 5 mjeseci
I'd pull that supercharger and rebuild it slowly, it can be done. I wouldn't give that scored cylinder a second of thought, I've seen much worse from an engine that by all accounts and tests ran perfectly.
Edo Dem
Edo Dem Prije 5 mjeseci
Hey Hoovies Garage you have so many cool cars that I dream of having them, I really liked your BMW ALPINA B7 that I dream of having 1 in my life LoL.... whit that being said my B-Day is coming up and I really want a car for my B-Day because I could not afford to own a car so you think you could make my dream come true? LOL I know I’m stupid for telling you this
ThisChick Prije 5 mjeseci
Wanna do something with my 14 chevy cruise? Engine lights been on for a yr, mechanics dick me around and pretend to fix it.
Iwai Halimi
Iwai Halimi Prije 5 mjeseci
Never buy any BMW excpt 3series BMW break a lot
BaZoOkA LMR Prije 5 mjeseci
i’d buy this car just to keep it in my garage , is my dream car ❤️😭
Jermaine Mcdonald
Jermaine Mcdonald Prije 5 mjeseci
Is it possible to replace the current engine with a E46 engine
Teagan Ostrow44
Teagan Ostrow44 Prije 5 mjeseci
no rip
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
Instead of putting a single dollar in the stock drivetrain...I'd just swap a complete GM performance LSA crate engine and trans into that car and make the true Ultimate Driving machine...that is fast, easy to maintain and reliable.
Tom Sugden
Tom Sugden Prije 5 mjeseci
Have is sleeved and get the supercharger rebuild.. It's that simple
Andy W30SEY
Andy W30SEY Prije 5 mjeseci
Should have just rebuilt the supercharger and sold the car? Someone would have loved it and the cylinder scoring would have lasted for ages without really affecting the car to much? That way the Alpina would live on and be someones pride and joy of such a special car!
Jake de Kleuver
Jake de Kleuver Prije 5 mjeseci
If it needs another motor the easy solution is to buy a low mileage wreck from a damaged car auction which will cost less than $2k! Extract the engine and sell the transmission, wheels and other good bits etc to get most of your money back. I've done it many times.
Polo Ledodo
Polo Ledodo Prije 6 mjeseci
The first thing to do was to chech the cylinders with the boroscope before doing a week long job. Waste of time and miney.
Boyca 1600cc
Boyca 1600cc Prije 6 mjeseci
Zielig sukkeltje hahahahaja
Eric Loz
Eric Loz Prije 6 mjeseci
SCOTTY KILMER HAS ENTER THE CHAT: BMW are all money pits get a Toyota instead
TheGoldenWolf Prije 6 mjeseci
RickAP Prije 6 mjeseci
I wouldn't call it "enjoyment" more like "morbid curiosity"
S T Prije 6 mjeseci
You took the engine down so far you should have rebored at the time!
Priyanku Baruah
Priyanku Baruah Prije 6 mjeseci
Great video. Though Ridge wallet is overpriced junk
The Chronicles of Daniel Doe
The Chronicles of Daniel Doe Prije 6 mjeseci
Fix it and don't drive it, it's a collector car.
Emiljano Cakalli
Emiljano Cakalli Prije 6 mjeseci
Johnny guy,looks like he is Albanian :) is he?
james James
james James Prije 6 mjeseci
BMW like all manufactures make their money on spares where the margin can be 1000% as opposed to the car where the margin can be 30% or much less.
herb ward
herb ward Prije 6 mjeseci
No leak down test ?
herb ward
herb ward Prije 6 mjeseci
Dude, for decades BMW stood for Burn Money Weekly. How is it that you subject yourself to such abuse ?
Mehdi Damircheli
Mehdi Damircheli Prije 6 mjeseci
Dude most people drive these cars smoking like that for 100k miles who cares .
MR M3 Prije 6 mjeseci
Just get a e90 or F80 F90 worth your buck.
MR M3 Prije 6 mjeseci
Sell me the rims
Josh Moss
Josh Moss Prije 6 mjeseci
5.0 Coyota? LS7? It'd actually work then
ajhatti2011 Prije 6 mjeseci
It can be fixed, but you have to grab a bunch of money and spend it all. The ninja is a bad ass mechanic also. Props to him.
T M PH Prije 6 mjeseci
If Lexus produced their LS, GS, or RC to fail like BMW 7 series upper management or staff directly responsible for it would do the honorable seppuku. But BMW would just build more craps and sell it to the guilible buyers🤷🏽‍♂️
mafiadoller Prije 6 mjeseci
I was going to get one of these until I found out you can't find parts for the supercharger...I was reading about a guy who has one of these and he had to have bearing custom made for the supercharger....bump that
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Prije 6 mjeseci
Lexus 4 life
mrbob581 Prije 6 mjeseci
9:34 big ass fan on the ceiling? (Mirror image in that glossy paint on hood) I love those fans! 👍😎
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