I'm Not Manly Enough To Drive My '66 Mustang, But Prius Electric Power Steering Will Fix That!

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 11 dana

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Dean Bailey
Dean Bailey Prije 3 sati
How cars do you have at Wizard's shop?
tizmon Prije 18 sati
even though i’m completely aware that my comments had no influence on your decision to keep the bentley, i feel bad for asking you to keep the car only because you have wizard on your side. i was ignorant. the car is not functional.
lh Prije dan
You'll never see this, ever. I do think it might be nicer to call him Chilla instead of Chinchilla. It would probably hurt my feelings if one of my old buddies nicknamed me that. Js 😔
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Prije dan
I don't have power steering on my civic but luckily it's very light and I don't have her wide tires on it
Justin Carter
Justin Carter Prije 2 dana
i love the wizard man.. he’s seems so genuine
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly Prije dan
He has his own channel
jamesmaybrick2001 Prije 2 dana
It’s odd to see people ignoring the pandemic. Not a mask in site. Not a great look.
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams Prije 2 dana
Everybody needs a Wizard in their life!
quicksiler Prije 3 dana
If you ever need to make room for any of those cars, you let me know, I’ll gladly accept donations.
Conspicuous Live Media
Conspicuous Live Media Prije 3 dana
Convert the Turbo R to a modern fuel & ignition system like Haltec.
Bernard Warr
Bernard Warr Prije 3 dana
I think you’re motor runs lean at full throttle and a piston ring got hot, sized in the bore and broke the piston
Bernard Warr
Bernard Warr Prije 3 dana
Incredible the glass in the woody
JSD Prije 3 dana
LS swap the Bentley with WatchJRgo
K_V_N Prije 4 dana
No. The Prius steering won't ruin your Mustang....Your Mustang will ruin your Mustang. 😝
Christopher Brockett
Christopher Brockett Prije 4 dana
Anyone have more info about the power steering conversion kit?
Chains Cooper
Chains Cooper Prije 4 dana
The title got me. I had to read it 3 times and then squint. I take two twinkies with my scotch.
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson Prije 5 dana
Hoovie - "Good instructions easy to follow" magic Mike "yeah not too bad" did anyone forget this is the same guy that put the wrong fluid in the wrong hole?? im half expecting this cars steering to be turn left to go right and right to go left
Paul Putter
Paul Putter Prije 5 dana
Just crush that bently! Use the scrap money to pay off the lambos.
HARRISON WOOD Prije 5 dana
My HRpost feed is nothing but car guys who live in Kansas and hoovie I have to say you are the most entertaining! Lol sorry jr
7ViewerLogic Prije 5 dana
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson Prije 5 dana
The only Bentleys that are good is a die-cast model!..can't break down. 😄
Sgt. Kong
Sgt. Kong Prije 5 dana
Bro ham. Haha I love it
Charles P
Charles P Prije 5 dana
"This is suppose to be my beater Bentley" wow lol
mst3kanita Prije 5 dana
Time to scrap that Bentley.
Ragdoll Racing
Ragdoll Racing Prije 5 dana
Bin the Bently
Paul Prije 5 dana
How long before the Wizard becomes Hoovie's private shop?
3DGEM3 Prije 6 dana
Reguarding the woodie, lookup the wifes wagon on breaking bad, it shows the piece you need for the rear.
Nick Prije 6 dana
M Oh eN eeey... I need his job... Please?
Kyle Daponte
Kyle Daponte Prije 6 dana
350 swap it lol.
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman Prije 6 dana
used car collector.....
David Bugea
David Bugea Prije 6 dana
Funny. My 2012 Mustang has adjustable electric power steering, so you’re not being too untrue to the Mustang’s heritage by adding it. I’m thinking of adding electric power steering to my Samurai, but I drive it so infrequently (and only on my farm) that it’ll be a very low priority.
dennis885600 Prije 6 dana
I heard that the classic Mustang stearingbox is really inefficient. It’s pretty hard to turn the wheel so I can imagine that Tyler put a power steering unit into it. Although I have manual steering in my 54 Mercury. It’s heavy but not too bad
Aleksandr Романов
Aleksandr Романов Prije 7 dana
How can you get a job in your garage for a wizard ???
Xavier Xi
Xavier Xi Prije 7 dana
A generation of weaklings.
Ryan Langan
Ryan Langan Prije 7 dana
The Bentley is like a stray cat, except instead of feeding the Bentley, the Bentley feeds Wizard.
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth Prije 7 dana
The OEM Mustang power steering was what all Fords, even the Lincolns, had. One pinky could swing the wheel all day. Not exactly precise road feel. And the OEM front and rear drum brakes could kill you if you needed to stop after a puddle.
Glenn Dorzok
Glenn Dorzok Prije 7 dana
gotta love the "pillow top" headliner.
patrick patrick
patrick patrick Prije 7 dana
Has a hard time driving a 66 mustang....puss, and its a replica get 350 lame
Tom The Plummer
Tom The Plummer Prije 7 dana
Happy ending...😏
VW Girl
VW Girl Prije 7 dana
Try Ace Hardware for those mounting pieces you need. I've gotten a few weird trim hardware parts from them that no one else had. Strange but true.
Nohills Design
Nohills Design Prije 7 dana
He reminded me of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where the dude kicks the Ferrari thru the window
Boring Old White Guy
Boring Old White Guy Prije 7 dana
I have to admit that by this point I would begin to remove every mechanical bentley part with parts that are anything BUT bentley. Clearly it was designed to sit rather than run so unless that is your goal perhaps it's time to take it in a different direction. Oddly enough I keep hearing "AMG" quietly in the back of my mind.
Noah Rochon
Noah Rochon Prije 7 dana
Why was there no intro music because we all know the music is the best part if it’s a hoovies video it’s all downhill from the intro
deepchillzone Prije 7 dana
Yes, hello Wizard? I'd like to make an appointment for an oil change on my car? What do you say? Call again at the end of 2021?? But..but Why?? Oh? The shop is filled with Hoovie's hoopties??? can't he just buy one normal functioning car?? Hello?......Hello mister Wizzard? U still there???
Crystal Pony
Crystal Pony Prije 7 dana
I farted owo
James Turner
James Turner Prije 7 dana
Kick the Bentley one more time for me.. LMAO
East or West
East or West Prije 8 dana
Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic
Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic Prije 8 dana
T-Bag now doing Jr Mint style work. What's Jr Mint up to now? Zip~
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Prije 8 dana
fix oil leaks when you find them,then you wont have to come back later ,not herd cars that are left till later will come back to bite
DanielRichards644 Prije 8 dana
Hoovie is single-handedly keeping the Wizard in Business
Andrew Loera
Andrew Loera Prije 8 dana
2:49 Sexually a really nice van 😂🤣
Andy Clark
Andy Clark Prije 8 dana
Time for an engine swap or maybe even electric ⚡️ motor swap for the Bentley. Do it! Please.
Sheldon W
Sheldon W Prije 8 dana
Its a mustang, you aren't manly in that thing period
pweilnau Prije 8 dana
Starting to look like Hoovies version of Jay Lenos Garage.
wgn wheels
wgn wheels Prije 8 dana
How many cars do you have have lost track
OMGWTFLOL Prije 8 dana
Bro-ham is a ham you bring your bro. Brougham rhymes with roam, but I'll assume you know that and are joking around.
Joost Brouwer
Joost Brouwer Prije 8 dana
I think it is high time to give the bentley the grave it deserves
Smuckers T
Smuckers T Prije 8 dana
7:11 Worlds strongest fingernails
Cindy Sue
Cindy Sue Prije 8 dana
Nice that the van is going to help someone if not I was going to offer 25 hundred for it that thing is sweet.
Maddee 25
Maddee 25 Prije 8 dana
Sell that freakin Bentley
Chad Damron
Chad Damron Prije 8 dana
Is there a link where u sell your stuff wizard fixes? 💥💥🔥😎👍
NoEye Deer
NoEye Deer Prije 8 dana
😂 u know wut? i'm actually watchinn the original chase rite now… and u know wut? ur right. u ain't manly enough to do anything. VICTIM
Maik Prije 8 dana
Toyota supra pls
Captain Coffee Cake
Captain Coffee Cake Prije 8 dana
Wonder if the rings were not gapped corrected and if the others are the same
Senator Chinchilla
Senator Chinchilla Prije 8 dana
6:42 Chinchilla?!
peter PETER
peter PETER Prije 8 dana
ifd ever u wanna buy more junk i got a pair of shoes from 1985 u can have for under 1000.00
Tim Ramich
Tim Ramich Prije 8 dana
I think what's worse than regifting is if the person sells what you gifted them. Sometimes people will give me stuff because they simply don't want it and want it gone to make room. If I don't use it and someone needs it, I give it away. But as far as a personal gift, no way.
Charles Henshaw
Charles Henshaw Prije 8 dana
The Woody will never be as broken as the Bentley. ✌
Kenan Prije 8 dana
3:35 I hope you never will give away that woodie, now one will look after it as you probably will, keep it until you die.
David Sharp
David Sharp Prije 8 dana
I want to see Hoovie redo the Bullet scene. Plus maybe Hoovie needs some weight training.
Andrew M562
Andrew M562 Prije 8 dana
@Hoovies Garage the Bentley came back the very next day the Bentley broke down so it went back to the shop the very next day the Bentley went to the shop it just couldn’t stay away
Wills Nasey
Wills Nasey Prije 8 dana
Hoovie doesn’t own any vintage cars. You yanks call any car pre 2000 a vintage
Richard Nunn
Richard Nunn Prije 8 dana
Looks like Wizard is closer to buying his private island in 2021
Wizzy959 Prije 8 dana
Hi Hoovie Go to scrapyards for those reflectors(+holders) and re-chrome it
A-aron Prije 8 dana
Please stop driving the Bentley Turbo R.... I like the car.
Riaz Yusuf
Riaz Yusuf Prije 8 dana
Had this fast back had the cougar tail lights it would've been a very desirable car.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Prije 8 dana
So many Hoopties, so little time!
Richard K MuseVid-Metal RVREVO
Richard K MuseVid-Metal RVREVO Prije 8 dana
Brougham is pronounced Braam Teacher at school had this name
Matheus Leite Péres
Matheus Leite Péres Prije 8 dana
Tyler, don't use that stang ALL the way heavy, you'll have tendinited
CarsAddiction.com Prije 9 dana
You'll get more money out of that Bentley if you fix the body onto a tank and start crushing your "End of Life" cars with it. Imagine the YT views!
Edward The Aussie
Edward The Aussie Prije 9 dana
Chin chilla needs to revive his channel XD
Daniel Bentley
Daniel Bentley Prije 9 dana
that fresh wagoneer looks niceeee
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Prije 9 dana
Here the G & H in Brougham is silent like Brouam, but then we Aussies butcher the English Langauge. :D :D :D :D
Furness Prime
Furness Prime Prije 9 dana
I would love to have a wagoneer with like a Hemi conversion.
1972 AMC Ambassador
1972 AMC Ambassador Prije 7 dana
How about hellcat 😏
J P Prije 9 dana
I don't get the popularity of the Jeep Wagoneer. I sold those junk piles when they were new in 1984. They were rattling squeaking, ill handling, under powered hunks of junk when NEW. For sure they didn't get better with age.
ajdahun Prije 9 dana
link to prius power steering kit?
Gary Dahl
Gary Dahl Prije 9 dana
Love the brougham
MyCarGoZoomZoom Prije 9 dana
Is the wood on the jeep a wrap?
John Robinson
John Robinson Prije 9 dana
you are such a girl
Lettuce Carrots
Lettuce Carrots Prije 9 dana
You should haul the Bentley Turbo R to Wizard’s rural homestead and torch that POS and then bury it.
Grill ED
Grill ED Prije 9 dana
I havn’t seen any mustang 🐎
TheRealMrRoboto Prije 9 dana
@Hoovie - I never thought I'd ask you - Can I buy your Woody?
Patrick Gunderson
Patrick Gunderson Prije 9 dana
At 9:52 if you can't find an OEM part for that corner, we could 3d print a bracket for it.
1offoriginal Prije 9 dana
Headliner hoovie the wagoneer needs a headliner
E Prije 9 dana
Hey hoovie I have a parts grand wagoneer and I have that little piece
Lying Eyes
Lying Eyes Prije 9 dana
Uh oh the Christmas van is in the shop???
Thrayambakeshwara Prasad Punnam
Thrayambakeshwara Prasad Punnam Prije 9 dana
I thought my earphones died when I didn't hear the intro music.😂😂😂😅
superfurball89onyoutube Prije 9 dana
I knew the Bentley turbo would still have problems in 2021
vanillaHchrist Prije 9 dana
If Action Bronson and Bubbles from TPB had a baby, you’d get Wizard
Sam Hale
Sam Hale Prije 9 dana
That mustang gt 350 is CLEAN. I have a 66’ gt and a 66 convertible but have had a hard time finding the fastback. Hoping to find one soon
Nick Y
Nick Y Prije 9 dana
The car wizards shop looks like a gta hanger
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