Here's Everything the Porsche Dealer Found Broken On the Cheapest 911 *THEY FAILED*

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 8 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 8 mjeseci
Savage Scotty? I'm so going to miss those fancy parties!
m gray
m gray Prije mjesec
I think they will be missing you at their little shitty parties and they are the ones missing out!
Blessed Dad
Blessed Dad Prije 2 mjeseci
You ready to get the $6k back now? I’ve always wanted a scruffy 911 since I was a kid
Martinez John&Kristy
Martinez John&Kristy Prije 3 mjeseci
i wish i could have any car right now i just started a job and don't even no how i will get to and from work every day but if you have any junkers laying around i can pay you in payments my address is 15779 ave 327 ivanhoe ca 93235 my name is john p martinez im realy serac about buying a car if you will work with me on payments
Neil Perry
Neil Perry Prije 4 mjeseci
Did any have a SNG moment, hoovie is wil weaton grown up..... Lol any the wizard is a med bay hologram. His struts a bit limp, perhaps it's from EDF.
Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald Prije 4 mjeseci
Endless money pits as they age. 😆
Rick Uyeda
Rick Uyeda Prije 9 sati
Skip to 7:30 to avoid the blah, blah, blah......
Kyle Bailey
Kyle Bailey Prije 12 sati
If the dealer did a half ass inspection they probably would've ripped you off even more by charging you ungodly amounts of money and then doing half ass work to fix it.
nelson arias
nelson arias Prije dan
I’m tryna get invited to the dealership party.
จิรายุ ธนบดี
จิรายุ ธนบดี Prije dan
As you always know, the dealer is the stealer.
Ander Ander
Ander Ander Prije 2 dana
How long before someone can't say the truth anymore....I think we are there.
David E. Vogel
David E. Vogel Prije 2 dana
With 175,000 miles, I wouldn't take it for free.
Gavin Boot
Gavin Boot Prije 5 dana
I clicked to find out what waswrong with car,,what i got was an uninteresting story of some dealership,,,
irmux skeptic
irmux skeptic Prije 6 dana
if wizard yank you with double price you still get more whahahahah
irmux skeptic
irmux skeptic Prije 6 dana
tovarishc just finished bentley gues what next him project will be :DD
RPMChannel Prije 8 dana
wish i got a mechanic wizard like you :D i else i have to become one @@
Gurshminder Hundal
Gurshminder Hundal Prije 8 dana
That's hovvie rate gave us something for a regular guy
Kit Carson
Kit Carson Prije 10 dana
Birmingham, AL has a “dealership campus” immediately off of I-459 slightly west of the city…
Veradel97 Prije 10 dana
your friend who got screwed by land rover would have had a legal case
julesbaby47 Prije 11 dana
OMG fantastic vid, the Porsche dealer should be closed down!
Filip Borówka
Filip Borówka Prije 11 dana
Fix it by yourself.
Mike Sam
Mike Sam Prije 11 dana
Required viewing for anyone thinking about buying an old Porsche, BMW or Mercedes! Run Forrest Run! Ha
ANDY SOPER Prije 11 dana
Iv just noticed he sounds like kermit the frog😃
F R i S K K i E
F R i S K K i E Prije 11 dana
How much did you buy it for again?
C&D Gaglia
C&D Gaglia Prije 12 dana
Any contact links for the "Wizard"
kkushalbeatzz Prije 11 dana
Look up Omega Car Clinic in Newton
Jim Henry
Jim Henry Prije 12 dana
And,And my RDX Acura!!! I have learned to never,never,ever buy a used European car.
Holly Griffin
Holly Griffin Prije 15 dana
Foolish young fellow !
Simply Wonderful
Simply Wonderful Prije 15 dana
Why would you take a Porsche to be diagnosed by a Nissan dealer in costume? Nissan cars don't measure up dude! Camera didn't shake for us, good images stabilizer lol
Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards Prije 17 dana
I would totally buy a a 911 for that $ and do everything on it myself - those damn dealer only auctions ......
Tony Damiani
Tony Damiani Prije 18 dana
Using the scan tool should have been part of the inspection. Wow
Perry Hargrave
Perry Hargrave Prije 19 dana
Does the wizard know/recommend a good place for porsche in the Seattle area?
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Prije 20 dana
kick em while they down??? this seems to be a case of "hoogmoed before the fall" or "arrogance getting the better" ... these mega builds are a sure sign of the late 90s and early 2000s where real estate fraud was rampant (and still sadly is) its the same boomer-fed era in which all the now dying malls were build; because screw serving the community, screw balance of economics, the hedge funds could just speculate on the imaginary value of the brick and mortar and the idea and prospects that after 2002 and 2008 were never ever ever going to be met, the developer already cashed and gone leaving a schmuck or even worse the community to pay for the damage done.
Youtube Execs. HATE whites
Youtube Execs. HATE whites Prije 21 dan
Imagine thinking screwing over a highend customer for 10k is good business sense. LOL!!!
Albert Luu
Albert Luu Prije 21 dan
The first 8 minutes of him having a PMS rant.
Don Stevens
Don Stevens Prije 21 dan
We all need a car wizard in our lives 😢
Jeff Sawyer
Jeff Sawyer Prije 22 dana
Fascinating! Thanks.
Magaleh79 Prije 22 dana
They didn't even lift up the car!!
MrJeepsterman Prije 24 dana
too much rambling
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner Prije 26 dana
Hoovie gets really emotionally genuine LOL you see the real man behind the gimmick LOL
anthony aguilar
anthony aguilar Prije 28 dana
He never goes over what they are asking $4000 for.....I don't really think the dealer is out of reality, your looking at an OLD Porsche... That is what it costs.
matthew adams
matthew adams Prije 28 dana
He was just working to a number that you might accept. Until next time. Hen the fun begins.
Waveman Prije 29 dana
Every time I hear Hoovie say The Wizard I think of the guy in Seinfeld that says he is THE WIZARD! Plus dealers hire anyone no one is really specialized in a certain car unless it's from a small shop that gets all the business anyways! I know having worked at Mercedes 20 years ago!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prije mjesec
The coordinated shrimp thoracically disappear because bill lilly replace across a lewd toast. annoyed, alike produce
curezilla Prije mjesec
Who goes to a dealer expecting a thorough, affordable job? They always over charge 2 to 3 times in the labor, the parts are 5 times the cost of getting them yourself, and if you are stupid enough to let them work inn your car, there will be more to fix that they "find" broken when you come to pick it up. I've been driving for 30 years, and it has always been that way. If you have a garage other than a place to park all your cars, you know that. The way this guy acts, I doubt he owns a socket set.
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije mjesec
Omg hoovie I almost bough a cheap mini cooper. I did not buy it😕😕😕😕
Dman FormulaOne
Dman FormulaOne Prije mjesec
I once had a dealer say our body shop fitted a dodgy headlamp when it was repaired that failed it's MOT. Turns out they actually supplied it to us and it wasn't UK spec. How we laughed.
zorbathegreek192 Prije mjesec
Well done on the correct pronunciation of Jaguar! The majority of Americans say it with a W
petebhz Prije mjesec
Dealers anywhere in the world will rip you off... Mercedes here in Brazil wanted to charge me $2.500 to replace a secondary air pump on my SLK 55 AMG... i end up expending $500 to replace it with my car wizard $400 on the part (bosch) and $100 labor...
Truthisauthority Prije mjesec
I recently purchased a cayman and had the inspection done at the Porsche dealership and they missed just about everything as well. Their prices were insane too. This was on the east coast. Glad I found a nice local place.
Tommy Call
Tommy Call Prije mjesec
they probably gave you the inspection like that because they knew you weren't going to fix a thing
Douglas B.
Douglas B. Prije mjesec
"I don't want to kick them when they're down", no, you stomped.
m gray
m gray Prije mjesec
You are the most forgiving individual person, I will not say to a fault, because we need more of people like you in the world! So you don't need to apologize for your supposed rant! Just thought I had to share that! If I had the money and the confidence I would love to do what your doing!!
ETr4d3 Prije mjesec
I had a jeep some years ago. And here they are part of jag-land rover. After doing some off roading my jeep needed a new rear axle. Dealer quoted me 3500 for parts only. I fixed it for 1100, that included parts and labour in a random garage near my house. 10 years later my dad is still driving my old jeep
kelly McCormick
kelly McCormick Prije mjesec
Love the programme mate, but fuck me the theme tune sucks, most annoying tune I've ever heard.
frogbastard Prije mjesec
Hey Wizzard,once they open the US Canadian border,Maybe I'll drive down from Ottawa,Canada to Kansas and have you do some work for me and still save some money.PS: I really enjoy Hoovies and what to buy and not to buy episodes.Great pairing. Cheers
AC John
AC John Prije mjesec
I moved from LA to Wichita and I love it, super cheap, but it's a horrible place for nice cars. Straight, boring roads. Hail. Tons of bugs hitting your car in the summer. Poorly maintained, muddy roads. Deer and lots of other roadkill type animals. It's a working class town, so I felt weird driving a nice car next to somebody who's out of work, driving a car that's falling apart, down on their luck. Great city and great people, though!
Bao Bo
Bao Bo Prije mjesec
Has this guy got St Vitus Dance or is it too much coffee?
AUTOdidact Prije mjesec
Never ask a dealership what's broken on your car 😎
Karl Anttila Sr.
Karl Anttila Sr. Prije 2 mjeseci
Tires needed replacing...this 911 had 3 different brands! New quality Michelins or Pirellis, or similar, $2,000+/set of 4.
SGT Tom Bailes
SGT Tom Bailes Prije 2 mjeseci
That's why I take my Porsche 911 996 to Porsche Builders of Athens, GA.. And my 911 1980 Super Carrera to the best guy in town!!
Big Bird78
Big Bird78 Prije 2 mjeseci
I was looking at 2001 996 just like this but now I’m having 2nd thoughts 💭
Brian N
Brian N Prije 2 mjeseci
They included the items that pay out best.
David Prije 2 mjeseci
An American who can pronounce Jaguar properly. Instant sub!
casey crynes
casey crynes Prije 2 mjeseci
Irvine, CA, that is
casey crynes
casey crynes Prije 2 mjeseci
Just got a quote for a Porsche Irvine pre purchase inspection, $471!?
D G Prije 2 mjeseci
Adams Angels
Adams Angels Prije 2 mjeseci
Things must be slow at the wizards shop this is an advertising commercial for his services......
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Prije 2 mjeseci
Take your mechanic list to Porsche and get your money back!
cacoon Prije 2 mjeseci
What if the air bag is a bad fuse or relay?
Roy H
Roy H Prije 2 mjeseci
Same in the UK, find a good independent mechanic and stick with them. I do feel sorry for main dealers they are put upon by manufactures to maintain boutique facilities and offer nonsense and levels of service that us car people just don't want. The charge is excusable however there are some pretty major items that affect the drivability of the car. Missed engine mounts, brakes, suspension. After all the Porche is a drivers car? I worked in a Jaguar Dealership many years ago in a service department the mechanics just wanted bonus and I can't tell you how many times we changed disks and rotors needlessly. There was a skip out the back with rotors with 000s of serviceable miles in them.
Sal Sheikh
Sal Sheikh Prije 2 mjeseci
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 2 mjeseci
With rear spoiler they look amazing....without? Like shit....same as back in the day with 911's
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Prije 2 mjeseci
Spray contact cleaner in the seatbelts couple....take care if that srs light no prob
Ricardo Angel Santiago
Ricardo Angel Santiago Prije 2 mjeseci
The Wizard is awesome!!!
991.2 Prije 2 mjeseci
In germany, it is 220€ per hour, so 260 usd..
citic101 Prije 2 mjeseci
wow $ 190 erhhh
JBL-Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
This is what I like about independent mechanic shops. They usually don't charge you for an inspection. Takes him 5 minutes to scan the airbag meanwhile Porsche wants another 1.5hrs at $190/hour on top of the $190 they have already charged this man. I had a similar experience at an Acura dealership. 45 minutes to scan the ECU for power steering faults for a warranty issue that they refused to cover... takes no more than 5 minutes to scan...
JBL-Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
A used airbag module is at most a few hundred dollars from the scrappers :D
A Large Wooden Badger
A Large Wooden Badger Prije 3 mjeseci
What about the IMS Bearing?
David Wilson
David Wilson Prije 3 mjeseci
It is totally fair to compare the things that each mechanic found. It's not fair to compare their price with Wizard's special discounted price that he gives you.
nick Good
nick Good Prije 3 mjeseci
This is definitely something to bulletproof you're self over time local shops custom style
Andrew Harpin
Andrew Harpin Prije 3 mjeseci
They're not "dealers", they're "stealers"
QuatersKK Prije 3 mjeseci
F*** me mate, just get to the point. Way too much gassing about stuff nobody interested in.
jo bo
jo bo Prije 3 mjeseci
I had a Porsche Carrera 4S and paid over $6K over the course of 16 months for the St. Pete Porsche dealer to sort out the top opening mechanics. Finally got rid of it. Consider yourself lucky.
Steve Solo
Steve Solo Prije 3 mjeseci
Fun to watch.
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos Prije 3 mjeseci
Crazy price at the dealership and they missed a lot of important item the Wizard caught. I'm not surprised.
JOSH Prije 3 mjeseci
The world would be a lot better place if we all had a wizard in our life. It’s almost impossible to find a honest mechanic. Especially when it comes to diesel trucks and they find out you work in the oilfield. They automatically assume your a millionaire.
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle Prije 3 mjeseci
This video underscores why I try to do as much of my own maintenance as I possibly can on my vehicles. Dealer visits are a last ditch effort to save me from having to replace a car...or get a recall done.
phantommaggotxxx Prije 3 mjeseci
anyone wanna link these auctions?
asiaexpat62 Prije 3 mjeseci
As I was told by my Dallas Porsche dealer, "if you can afford a Porsche, you can afford our service." That is why I sold mine the next week.
Walker Pendleton
Walker Pendleton Prije 2 mjeseci
Funny like damn son
Michael Price
Michael Price Prije 3 mjeseci
Boring. Talk, talk, talk until the car wizard.
Greg Crabb
Greg Crabb Prije 3 mjeseci
This sounds like a Sonic automotive center. We have something like this here in Franklin, TN....Porsche, Mini, Jaguar, Audi all have their own little areas and then Mercedes is on the other side of the interstate...all owned by Sonic Automotive. We bought our S500 from the MB dealer, they persuaded us since "we are a dealership and certified MB technicians have gone over this car closely"....but they didn't even catch the accelerator pedal failure (common problem in those cars). Push the pedal to the floor and the car doesn't by wire pedal. I got a genuine MB one from ebay and installed it myself in 20 minutes for $150. But other issues with the dealership...we won't buy from a Sonic dealership ever again. I have an indie VW/Audi/Porsche repair place I take my VW to. They are honest and fair and have ALWAYS done the job right the first time.
Paul Anders
Paul Anders Prije 3 mjeseci
If it IMS wasn't updated, it'd be insane not to do it on a running 175K 996 motor.
Billy Gore
Billy Gore Prije 3 mjeseci
What about the IMS etc.
Woodysdrums Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow rich people problems. 40 million out of work. In my state Illinois 1 million would have been evicted bit govenor gave 1 month moratorium extension. Keep crying.
Keith Hoekstra
Keith Hoekstra Prije 3 mjeseci
More than 2 minutes with this guy and I'm very annoyed. Who subscribes to this dweeb?
Martinez John&Kristy
Martinez John&Kristy Prije 3 mjeseci
Vladislav Robinson
Vladislav Robinson Prije 3 mjeseci
Definitely depends on the shop. I rarely go to Porsche Grand Rapids, always do everything myself (85' 944 so pretty easy to work on and learn), or use an independent shop if its something I can't do in a parking lot or I don't have the tools to, but never had a problem with them. Once explained the part I needed for my steering wheel (later found out they are called horn sleeves), and they knew what I was talking about, ordered them, and I picked them up a week later for $5 + Tax. Sucks that you had to go through this crap.
space14605 Prije 4 mjeseci
You wouldn't really use Bosch plugs would ya? Tell me it aint so wizard.
Jacob Michals
Jacob Michals Prije 4 mjeseci
Where is your masK?
Alphabeto K9.Statics
Alphabeto K9.Statics Prije 4 mjeseci
$7000 for an oil change, two filters, and turning two screws. Prije 4 mjeseci
The Wizard is tops, such a cool guy.
jason england
jason england Prije 4 mjeseci
You paid for an hour inspection and you got an hour long inspection. We see this all the time when someone brings in a 15-20 yr old Porsche with a ton of miles and hate when you give them a real inspection for everything you truly need and its a $15-20k quote, they freak out that they didn't even pay for that for the car. So the dealer is bad if you don't quote everything you need and bad when you do.
Lucas W
Lucas W Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm a service advisor at a Honda dealer. When someone brings their car in for an inspection, I charge them 1 hour ($135), and I make sure the technician tells them EVERYTHING going on with the car. I do not let them do a half ass job on checking out the car. 1 hour diagnosis to basically do a multi-point inspection is gravy work, and I insist the techs be very thorough in their inspection. Most of the time, the tech's spend like 15 minutes on the car tops...The least they could do it be thorough.
UNCLE SAM Prije 4 mjeseci
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