Here's Why I'm Getting Rid Of My Jeep Gladiator After 1 Year: Not Worth the Hype???

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 2 mjeseci

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 2 mjeseci
Who's hungry? Hit up Freddy's today, tell them Hoovie sent you haha.
ZBruh Prije 8 dana
I LOVE FREDDYS! Make me want to eat there more lol
John Matrix
John Matrix Prije 15 dana
@Roy Morales you have lost it
Roy Morales
Roy Morales Prije 15 dana
Edward Hansmann
Edward Hansmann Prije 23 dana
Hello Jeep wranglers how does wish Jeep made something different looks more different style Capture member that truck is a message trouble nightly for sage trip so it is a little smaller than most people think about
phantom walker
phantom walker Prije mjesec
@Hoovies Garage destroyed the front of your ''prius'',. yeh,i bet,. it would cost twice the purchase price to fix it.write off..go prius,n f got more money than b.... [ sense ]
Charles Batsold
Charles Batsold Prije sat
When a guy states that he drove a prius and only put 3k on the gladiator in a year, you loose all credibility. Sorry
Al Birdsall
Al Birdsall Prije dan
OK.. 1st.. you are SO out of touch with Jeep culture with your massive ego. 2nd, that wrangler you used in CO was probably a rental. Stick to what you know best... standard issue full sized boring GMCs or F150s that run your massive empire over asphalt just fine.
Jumperman Prije dan
Seems like you’re wasting a whole lot of money.......
Max Ramirez
Max Ramirez Prije 2 dana
Dude drove a Prius wtf did you expect!? 😂 Money doesn't buy good taste 👉🏼
Lawrence Robert
Lawrence Robert Prije 2 dana
Buddy, stay on topic! It took half way through to get to your first gripe.
Schmiddy JkWrangler
Schmiddy JkWrangler Prije 2 dana
Who said the Gladiator had good towing capacity?? Chrysler didn't.. It feels like a luxury car vs a truck because it is. People like you expecting a tank, you bought a watered-down wrangler with a over sized base. Just like the JLs and some JKs. People purchase them an return them a year later because of ride, gas mileage, an the fact its not a rover. People are stupid and happy to waste their money. I'm happy to watch an be entertained by foolish jeep owners not understanding what a Jeep is. Just like the girl who sunk hers in mud an wonders why it's not working properly..
Laurent Gagnon
Laurent Gagnon Prije 2 dana
You never buy the first year model
Paul Westhoff
Paul Westhoff Prije 2 dana
They’re junk!
Jorge Alviso
Jorge Alviso Prije 3 dana
I want a diesel one
OverlandRS Prije 3 dana
First, launch, and limited editions rarely appear on time and never survive their initial depreciation. Just look at my Focus RS, Mazdspeed3, or Mazda RX8 Shinko as examples no collector value at all all have been abandoned as well. Interesting video.
Ruben Ortega
Ruben Ortega Prije 3 dana
It’s a great keep, I love my gladiator. I have exactly the same truck.
Spencer T
Spencer T Prije 3 dana
Meh, I love my glad off roading and on the road!
Barbie Ward
Barbie Ward Prije 3 dana
I would give anything to own one ! Nice review
Milco Marchetti
Milco Marchetti Prije 4 dana
A lot of billshits, I am sorry I have lost15 minutes of my life
PacManQue M
PacManQue M Prije 4 dana
I never heard a white person say “hooptie” 😂
Kevin James
Kevin James Prije 4 dana
50k for this......and you had to buy and own it before you realized that was ridiculous.....?
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly Prije 4 dana
Captian Over: "Hoovie, do you like movies about gladiators?" Apparently not.
ronoldi henriquez
ronoldi henriquez Prije 4 dana
My six speed Gladiator Rubicon is so much fun never gets boring to drive.
bigrr64 Prije 4 dana
u good with mowing down dogs uh? that's good to know
Kala Dorrington
Kala Dorrington Prije 4 dana
Awww I love this! Phil is a good friend of mine ☺️
Keith Vieira
Keith Vieira Prije 4 dana
thing is garbage of course your're getting rid of it!!!
munk469 Prije 5 dana
Love Freddy’s
Soyboy of Busan
Soyboy of Busan Prije 5 dana
I love the idea of this truck. It ticks all the boxes for me, as I don't need a lot of the "truck" stuff other than a bed would be nice to have. However, Jeep thinks I'm made of money, because these are asking easily double what I would ever pay for any vehicle. No cool or fun truck is worth that kinda ridiculous price point. Do they realize I can buy an old F series AND a Focus ST for the amount of money they are asking?!
NMI REC Prije 5 dana
Girl truck
NMI REC Prije 5 dana
Well when you're yuppie...
Jojo jayjay
Jojo jayjay Prije 5 dana
please go get a toyota tundra...
YENKO DAVI Prije 5 dana
I can get 2 tundras and a nice gibson les paul now that you sold this crap!!!
Dominador Roque
Dominador Roque Prije 5 dana
It cannot ...
Dominador Roque
Dominador Roque Prije 5 dana
Every jeep or whatever brand have different up&down..comments of an owner..I cannot perfectly give what you expect.Its like us human being..different body shape..looks..& attitude.
GetoverYourself Prije 5 dana
Sold my Gladiator after 5700 miles, and several dealer trips. Went back to a Tundra Pro.
Jimmy Jimerson
Jimmy Jimerson Prije 5 dana
I live in raytown mo right near you so funny small world
Aura Flare
Aura Flare Prije 5 dana
this would be perfect for where i am...Botswana, Africa Edit; the steering wheel is on the wrong side tho LOL
Erik Brown
Erik Brown Prije 6 dana
If u want a truck get a truck I own a wrangler had zero interest in that gladiator Was cool for like a week
iforc Prije 6 dana
Well, Jeeps suck, put a bed on it and it’s sucks even more. It’s a crappy vehicle with a bed on it. Now it’s ugly too and heavier.
Fred VanHeddegan
Fred VanHeddegan Prije 6 dana
People like you should not buy the Rubicon model. You will never use the lockers or winch ready bumper
J K Prije 7 dana
It sure if car review or burger plug
Jason Blaniar
Jason Blaniar Prije 7 dana
Are you Jeff Goldblum's son? I like the mannerisms, rythm and tone of your voice. Anyone else hear it?
Ray Christensen
Ray Christensen Prije 7 dana
I'd really like to see one of these as a regular cab.
AhDab UllDoYa
AhDab UllDoYa Prije 9 dana
Big mistake swapping the gmc for the jeep my god that thing was a beauty
Jason Metz
Jason Metz Prije 9 dana
If you want a full size truck capability, buy a damn full size and stop bitching about a mid-size that doesn't tow like a full size. Go back to your bougie luxury "truck".
Linda H
Linda H Prije 9 dana
And I hear with the roof off, the people in the back get a wind tunnel effect. Their mouths would be eating air. lol
Linda H
Linda H Prije 9 dana
I was interested in the Jeep Gladiator until I saw the price. Screw that.
Mateo V
Mateo V Prije 10 dana
15:20 The rapping made me Unsubscribe
Johnny Freeman
Johnny Freeman Prije 10 dana
The Freddy's where I lived closed down....shame....I enjoyed eating there....and the Gladiator is a cool concept,that I wasn't expecting to like,but given a choice it would definitely be a full size 4 door truck....probably an F150.....
CloudKickerCam Prije 10 dana
I remember thinking about trading my ‘16 Jeep in for the Gladiator Launch Edition, until I heard the price 🤣
Batang Batangenyo
Batang Batangenyo Prije 11 dana
It’s too expensive for nothing
Didier Loratet
Didier Loratet Prije 11 dana
My god. Whattah fkn sook this bloke is 🤦🏽‍♂️
mike7357 Prije 11 dana
Do NOT watch past 15:20! You'll be sorry if you do.
90_s13 Prije 11 dana
"Full size truck, full size truck. They're the same money." Yep you are correct but which one is going to depreciate faster?
CJ JENSON Prije 11 dana
Please stop calling Chrysler sh#t jeep! It's not, it never will be! Unless you spend $ 20,000 on upgrades it will always be 💩
BS smith
BS smith Prije 12 dana
Well we sure seen this coming didn't we..... Overpriced, under powered and doesn't do a single thing very well 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
BS smith
BS smith Prije 12 dana
And way way too much useless unwanted technology!
Mark T
Mark T Prije 12 dana
Simple. FIAT involved is a deal killer. Garbage.
Jack El Dogo
Jack El Dogo Prije 13 dana
284HP is not enough? Funny, the last Jeep pickup had around 100HP I6 engine.
Andy Holguin
Andy Holguin Prije 13 dana
Pretty accurate review. Gladiator is definitely a disappointment. Definitely a shameful performance for off-road. Tow capacity is also embarrassing.
KENNY J Prije 13 dana
And what they don't tell you if you go in the mud with it. It voidz the warranty..
Cambo Paul
Cambo Paul Prije 13 dana
Up 23% year over year in 4th quarter though...
Zack Prije 13 dana
When you come to Hot Springs I had better know about it! I live like 30 seconds from the Freddy's and even though it is really good they still tore down my favorite car wash to build it!
TJ Izzy
TJ Izzy Prije 13 dana
Its Gronk if he never played sports lol
n5sdm Prije 13 dana
So basically ......."I sold the rolling couch and purchased a camping chair based on "lifestyle signaling" it did not fit my couch lifestyle."
jason hisey
jason hisey Prije 13 dana
I’m disappointed I clicked on this video
J Gigs
J Gigs Prije 14 dana
Jeep the biggest piece of junk I own
Thanos Kobbi
Thanos Kobbi Prije 14 dana
I only like willys jeeps anyway. They where built better.
Miles Flanagan
Miles Flanagan Prije 14 dana
Your first mistake was considering a Jeep instead of a 4Runner. Oh well, no one's perfect ;)
Dakota Rodgers
Dakota Rodgers Prije 14 dana
You coming to the Jonesboro Freddys??
Fish Prije 14 dana
For someone who doesn’t tow often and rarely goes off roaring this truck might work better. To my understanding it’s more in line with a Tacoma or Canyon/Colorado...only with the price tag of a loaded Ram or F-150.
Jayson G
Jayson G Prije 14 dana
Truck looks like shit
Michael Yolch
Michael Yolch Prije 15 dana
I'm only 6 months into a lease on a Gladiator and desperately want my Grand Caravan SXT back! I'm a 6' 1" 240lb larger framed guy and the driver's seat/cockpit of this thing is very narrow and uncomfortable. My right knee digs against the 4x4 shifter. The entire interior is about as big as a compact car that's connected to a tiny bed that can't haul anything terribly substantial. I fell for the "cool factor" to haul my new bass boat...but I'm already counting down the days until this lease is over. UGH! I'm an idiot! :(
Zachary Peery
Zachary Peery Prije 15 dana
Dude should have kept the Denali
Chris Shupert
Chris Shupert Prije 15 dana
I live in Ottawa, I’m glad you guys brought Freddy’s in.
Cody Ash
Cody Ash Prije 15 dana
They really do suck. It could’ve been pretty cool but between the lame design and the god awful pricing, they just shot themselves in the foot.
Beacon Sharman
Beacon Sharman Prije 15 dana
TACOMA is Toyota
Ty Zimmy
Ty Zimmy Prije 15 dana
He keeps comparing the gladiator to other vehicles but it's not those vehicles its it's own thing, it's like an all terrain tire, it's not great at anything but it's good at everything.
The Graceful Savage
The Graceful Savage Prije 15 dana
the only people that buy these are jeep nerds who need a pickup but dont want to spend less money for more truck with the big 3 truck companies.
Devdoesitbest Prije 16 dana
Wait you didn't realize it was a disappointment when you bought it
Ivaylo Petkov
Ivaylo Petkov Prije 16 dana
Why are you comparing a midsize truck to full size trucks? I know that price is a big factor, but trucks come with a lot of options. Honestly, the same can be said about full size trucks. If you are looking at a full size truck with a lot of extras, you can probably find a cheaper super duty that can tow more.
gc82000 Prije 17 dana
A modern Fiat getting to 200k this should be a great series.
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon Prije 17 dana
Why would you buy one to start with......WW2 technology
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes Prije 18 dana
Here's everything I hate about this Gladiator, and now it's someone else's problem. Haha ... in all honesty, very nice of you.
BPRIME Prije 18 dana
That was awesome!
Ken Scialoia
Ken Scialoia Prije 18 dana
What is the towing capacity
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel Prije 19 dana
Cali Cherokee chief
Cali Cherokee chief Prije 19 dana
I’d rather put 5k into my Jeep and rape that thing offroad 😂😂
Michael Hubbard
Michael Hubbard Prije 20 dana
If Jeep would just lower their ridiculous price then they just might sell a lot more of them
John Wick
John Wick Prije 20 dana
for the asian market, Jeep makes their vehicles in China... I won't make a mistake of buying an overpriced Jeep that is made in China
Scott Seaman
Scott Seaman Prije 20 dana
Thanks for the honest feedback, I wish Jeep would have done something different with the rear doors myself
Joyrd Joyrd
Joyrd Joyrd Prije 21 dan
Funny I am in other country and take virginity wife hoovie in 2001 now she America wowsss
Terrance Thomas
Terrance Thomas Prije 21 dan
Don’t ever buy a Jeep again ya cry baby, I took the top off and the winds in my face 😢😢😢
Greg VanderBoom
Greg VanderBoom Prije 21 dan
I loved Freddie's steakburger in Victorville California! Wished they made a 2 door gladiator.
Brian Edgett
Brian Edgett Prije 21 dan
Then stop letting other people tell you how you can live. If they are important to you then keep them in your life.
conifergreen2 Prije 22 dana
I own a junkie Jeep. One of the worst vehicles I have ever owned.
Nismoleb89 Prije 23 dana
Its a jeep... unless you're a white girl that runs off Starbucks for bloodm you're not gonna be impressed.
Super Crew
Super Crew Prije 24 dana
LOVE my Gladiator!
Glenn Bryant
Glenn Bryant Prije 25 dana
I think it looks great you seem like a whiner
jimmy cagle
jimmy cagle Prije 25 dana
Definitely a Prius guy! Yeah, get rid of it and get another Prius!
Robert L
Robert L Prije 25 dana
Points down for listening to cnn 👎🏻
DMs Dms
DMs Dms Prije 25 dana
Overpriced and why no 2 door
Mike Derenne Jr
Mike Derenne Jr Prije 25 dana
Good thing everyone is wearing their masks ladies 🖕
Jeff Dyashuk
Jeff Dyashuk Prije 26 dana
Problem is Your expectations didn’t meet the car, maybe wrong expectations
rlovell383 Prije 26 dana
Guy who drives a Prius, then buys a Gladiator is going to make a video like this.... LOL
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