Here's Everything That's Broken On My Cheap Ford Excursion 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel

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Hoovies Garage

Prije 11 mjeseci

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TrainBrain Prije 9 dana
Those are super great until something does break... still love her but had a bad experience.
erich84502ify Prije 11 dana
7.3s are good
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Prije 15 dana
If that 7.3 was a 6.0, wizard would be getting a lot more money.
alextheromanian Prije mjesec
What’s the mpg on those giant turds?
T Bone
T Bone Prije mjesec
This guy got the deal of the century. Nothing better than a 7.3 Excursion.
I had an Expedition. Worth every penny until I dropped a tree on it.
Haas M
Haas M Prije 2 mjeseci
How’s the mpg
gabriel alvarez
gabriel alvarez Prije 2 mjeseci
I have ford excursion 2004 v10 with 380.000 miles on and runs like a champ this thing are something ous
TheRealAlpha2 Prije 2 mjeseci
I've always felt some anxiety with these lifts. I know they "ker-chunk" sound it makes is normal but it always sounds like fatigued metal that's about the snap a drop 2 tons of motor vehicle on you. That opening was hilarious, but I was still expecting the lift to wobble a bit.
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken Prije 3 mjeseci
When you were talking about all of that weight at the beginning of the video, I thought you were referring to my mother-in-law.
Lars Bambi
Lars Bambi Prije 3 mjeseci
I can't stop watching Hoovies garage and Vise grip garage ! 2 greatest youtube channels!!
Juan Cervantes
Juan Cervantes Prije 3 mjeseci
If you ever sell this please get a hold of me!
Sam Fuller
Sam Fuller Prije 3 mjeseci
I believe then it was the international engine.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Executives must have been walking around when they made this one.
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks Prije 3 mjeseci
Warranty voided
Hunter G
Hunter G Prije 3 mjeseci
If everyone drove Ford excursions you’d be out of business 😂
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije 3 mjeseci
You should buy a Bronco.
Brandon Stacy
Brandon Stacy Prije 3 mjeseci
waittt is that one chris fix bought
Bjoern Altmann
Bjoern Altmann Prije 3 mjeseci
I think you just topped off Icon Derelict conversions: a Rolls Royce engine in an old pickup 😂
Mach SCGA Prije 3 mjeseci
The Excursion doesn't actually weigh 8,000lbs the GVWR is 8,000lbs.... The GVWR is the maximum it is allowed to weigh after you load it up with people and cargo before you break the law and start to be dangerous.... The dry weight of the excursion is probably only 4,000-5-000lbs which is what a crew cab F-350 would be close to.... You likely have 2,000-3,000lbs of pay load you can add to the vehicle on top of the dry weight of the Truck
Freddy Pedraza
Freddy Pedraza Prije 4 mjeseci
I like how the Hummer H2 is next to it Both vehicles were freaking behemoths, and both got canceled because fuel economy wasn't that great But GM & Ford: hummer h2 and excursion cancelled since they're too big GM & Ford be like: wanna buy a lifted dully double cab truck?
dante siru
dante siru Prije 4 mjeseci
Lmao the intro
Thomas Augenstein
Thomas Augenstein Prije 4 mjeseci
So nobody’s gonna say shit about this guy licking up motor oil like it’s maple syrup?
Jay Charland
Jay Charland Prije 4 mjeseci
Emmanuel Mcallister
Emmanuel Mcallister Prije 4 mjeseci
That's a good buddy right there! Selling 8 glow plugs, 2 valve cover gaskets and uvch kit and installation for $550 for one glow plug. I understand why he"s so happy to see you when ever you come into his shop.
thomasbabb686 Prije 4 mjeseci
Sorry but have to comment. The 7.3 powerstroke engine is not made by Ford. It's made by international. The only powerstroke made by Ford is the 6.7 introduced in 2010.
Josh C
Josh C Prije 4 mjeseci
When he tasted the oil I lost it hahahaha funny
Juan F
Juan F Prije 4 mjeseci
One of my favorite vehicles, currently own a V10 model with 300k miles looking for a diesel.
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Prije 4 mjeseci
Try a suburban 2500 with an 8.1
ED C Prije 4 mjeseci
Ford built thought
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris Prije 4 mjeseci
Except ford didn’t make the 7.3. It’s a international motor
Vikturus22 Prije 4 mjeseci
I genuinely love this truck for the stupidest reason. It's America on wheels and those seats look really fucking comfortable
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Prije 5 mjeseci
The HEUI 7.3s don’t need the glow plugs to start above 35 degrees. For those in climates where it never gets below 35 just turn them off/put them on a switch.
Shaman Baray
Shaman Baray Prije 5 mjeseci
The Wizard is awesome and I like the Ford, but that whiner guy that bought it is really annoying!
Shaman Baray
Shaman Baray Prije 5 mjeseci
The Wizard is awesome and I like the Ford, but that whiner guy that bought it is really annoying!
Cold Beer
Cold Beer Prije 5 mjeseci
What did your wife do for a coat today?
Paul Adam
Paul Adam Prije 5 mjeseci
mtscountrytime86 Prije 5 mjeseci
Ricky Zazueta
Ricky Zazueta Prije 5 mjeseci
What's cheap?
mjb B
mjb B Prije 5 mjeseci
Welcome to the dumbest automotive channel on HRpost 🤣🤣
Wabefuhon Prije 5 mjeseci
The listed weight is it's capacity without suffering damage. It could handle an additional 1k without suffering damage but at minimal possibly struggle to lift at that weight.
Nolan Schmitz
Nolan Schmitz Prije 5 mjeseci
The reason is the best ford engine ever made it’s because it ismade by international, international Designed that engine
Steven Yoo
Steven Yoo Prije 5 mjeseci
This is my dream car
speshul Prije 5 mjeseci
My expedition are too light, to pull my farm trailers
speshul Prije 5 mjeseci
My wife says no, but I say yes
speshul Prije 5 mjeseci
This is the suv I need to take care of my farm I Maine
John Barron
John Barron Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s a Ford. It was trash to begin with.
enutrof dr
enutrof dr Prije 5 mjeseci
like your mama
thelocustemperor Prije 5 mjeseci
11:30 watch the Wiz work the real magic on the Hoov!!
thelocustemperor Prije 5 mjeseci
You aren't a hoarder Hoovie, you're a gun type personality. You like to buy 'em then sell 'em faster than you can buy 'em. No big deal, except you like to poor money into them, no problem. Gun guys sometimes put loads of money into making their guns better and then sell them, you just like to do it on a much bigger scale...
stvc01 Prije 5 mjeseci
Loser u tuber
Saleh Prije 5 mjeseci
These vehicles whoes gave ford tough name.
K C Prije 5 mjeseci
Oh snap, I spy with my little eye a VW Corrado 😍 4:15
LMFAO Prije 5 mjeseci
Honestly I just appreciate your honest unbiased opinion on the vehicles you buy dirt cheap vs comparable models
gr3yh4wk1 Prije 5 mjeseci
Damn wish we had a mechanic who you know and can trust implicitly, instead of some dodgy geezer who takes a sharp intake of breath when your just taking it in for an oil change or something!
Brian Hind
Brian Hind Prije 5 mjeseci
You think a "power Joke" is the best engine Ford ever made ? God save us all from power jokes !
yiyoto Prije 5 mjeseci
horrible buying compulsive disorder and you endorse me lol!!!!!
A Thompson
A Thompson Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie, after the purchase of your Excursion, I went out and got my own. So I wish that you'd pull yours out from the back burner and do some updates that Excursion owners typically do. You could also take the lead by doing a partial bedliner paint job, wheel and tire upgrade from newer f250. You get my drift? We want more Excursion!
Jake Ryan
Jake Ryan Prije 6 mjeseci
Okay he actually sounded like a crackhead asking for subs to buy more cars lmaooo
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams Prije 6 mjeseci
Just a touch of Jeff Goldblum
spartalives Prije 6 mjeseci
I typically don’t trust oem or mechanics but his was good, no bs. But here’s a pro tip for actually fixing gasket leaks: gasket maker from auto zone. Apply this in addition to your bs oem seal. Then you won’t have leaks.
Sal Gonzalez
Sal Gonzalez Prije 6 mjeseci
I always wanted a excursion, I am also a hoarder, I have a 1993 f350, 1995 f150, 1996 bronco, & 2020 ram
Tony Horner
Tony Horner Prije 6 mjeseci
It goes to show how long things can last when you take care of them. I found this strangely satisfying.
Vikturus22 Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm starting to like these big trucks. I like this one for the stupidest reason. Those seats are so big and comfortable I'd buy just for that haha
B F Prije 6 mjeseci
8 minutes of attention deficit disorder with cars to get to the point. 4 min to explain the problem/resolution and price. I understand you need potatoes to go with the meat, why not talk about Excursion history or it’s abilities or something relevant? To each his own. This, it isn’t for me.
greggv8 Prije 6 mjeseci
$550? Hoovies cheapest repair bill ever. Some of those Excursions had the problem with the ECU just pouring fuel through the engine so it would leave a trail of diesel vapor. F-350 pickups had it too. In some cases the vapor could ignite. Yay! 7600 pound flamethrower!
yamahonkawazuki Prije 6 mjeseci
damn i want this lol. its a damn bus but a quarter mil is still a baby. ive seen 7.3s maintained with over a mil on the clock. this would make a great daily driver tyler.
yamahonkawazuki Prije 6 mjeseci
you hear those clak clak clak noises when it goes up thats the fall down safety. ( if it loses pressure it will lock into the last one it hit on the way up. so MIGHT drop an inch)
Zack Alba
Zack Alba Prije 6 mjeseci
Hoovie are you selling your excursion?
jt worxs
jt worxs Prije 6 mjeseci
You need a 15,000 lbs bendpak lift
brickwal92tt Prije 6 mjeseci
My '99 Expedition wants to be an Excursion when it grows up! I'd like dibs on it if you decide to sell it please....
7th floor is no more Q
7th floor is no more Q Prije 6 mjeseci
Everything is broken you just don't know ow it yet. Its a Ford 7.3. Better have icp cam sensor injectors hpop etc on hand.
BrCks House
BrCks House Prije 6 mjeseci
Glad to assist in your conclusion
Benjamin Beebe
Benjamin Beebe Prije 6 mjeseci
Spotted: Corrado at 4:13
Steven Doolittle
Steven Doolittle Prije 6 mjeseci
Not true... there are so much problems with the 7.3 power stroke. Head bolts heads and its a FORD. LOL
Santhosh John
Santhosh John Prije 6 mjeseci
Why you're all car are breaking
John Harden
John Harden Prije 6 mjeseci
I wanna know where he’s getting a injector , valve cover gasket , glow plug kit for $550
Alan Stephenson
Alan Stephenson Prije 5 dana
He never mentioned injectors
zachary carlson
zachary carlson Prije 6 mjeseci
The Best engine ford made... It was made by international
Toshaheri Talvinen
Toshaheri Talvinen Prije 6 mjeseci
I love my excursion. 7.3l in it is even better.
sailorman Prije 6 mjeseci
I have the same problems with my Bently and Roles Royce. What a small world.
Vikturus22 Prije 6 mjeseci
I gotta laugh at how heavy this truck is. The engine alone is 2400lb and weighs more than my first car!
Mun Strum
Mun Strum Prije 6 mjeseci
can we take a moment to appreciate a hardworking man named david out doing his best
Andrew Castro
Andrew Castro Prije 7 mjeseci
These suvs are easy to make fun off. They weren’t so popular
fitter70 Prije 7 mjeseci
I want that vehicle!
Cameron June
Cameron June Prije 7 mjeseci
The only ford that ever worked.
MCSM Jesse
MCSM Jesse Prije 7 mjeseci
The first time I seen this “boat” was in N.C.I.S Los Angeles
Adam J
Adam J Prije 7 mjeseci
Why buy anything with 200k miles it's just pointless
Mike Huffaker
Mike Huffaker Prije 7 mjeseci
"It'll hurt but it'll be fun." Yup, he's apparently a Masochist
Bertus Louw
Bertus Louw Prije 7 mjeseci
They don’t make them like they used to back in the day. New vehicles is junk compared to the Ford Excursion and similar vehicles of that era.
Richie Stuntingham
Richie Stuntingham Prije 7 mjeseci
no one gonna mention how he knocked his noggin at 6:06 lol
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Prije 7 mjeseci
Nicu Marc
Nicu Marc Prije 7 mjeseci
Hi Hoovie,just subscribed to your channel because i highly respect and watch your channel.Just a favor to ask.....when you get bored of this Ford,can i have it,of course buy it?!I live in California and it will never rust here!I hate when i find them rusty and beyond repair or with the horible 6.0 diesel.I see you buy and sell various vehicles but this one its a mothership for me and my family!
MechnTech Beau
MechnTech Beau Prije 7 mjeseci
My 2000 F350 with it's 7.3L has 767955 miles on it as of 12am when I pulled into work today
MechnTech Beau
MechnTech Beau Prije 7 mjeseci
The 7.3L powerstroke isn't a Ford engine. It's an International engine.
when the hood drops
when the hood drops Prije 7 mjeseci
Keep buying ford's and you will do fine.
Cristian Hernandez
Cristian Hernandez Prije 7 mjeseci
Hell yeah all hail 7.3s love mine
Shane Horner
Shane Horner Prije 7 mjeseci
i do not think you can claim to be the dumbest automotive channel
Mike Bott
Mike Bott Prije 7 mjeseci
TYLER!!! I’ve been looking for that exact excursion!!! Please sell to me!!!!!
Daso Prije 7 mjeseci
in some moments Hoovie sounds like Robert Dunn from Aging wheels.
Your View
Your View Prije 7 mjeseci
It is crazy that they are appreciating. I have seen more on the road in the last few years than all other years combined
Jochen Heiden
Jochen Heiden Prije 7 mjeseci
My dad has a 2003 F250 with the 7.3. Transmission needed to be rebuilt at 140k miles but the engine has been bullet proof.
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