I Bought A Very Broken E30 BMW 325IX, Yet It Still Shows How New BMW's Are Losing Their Soul

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Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole Prije 5 sati
every30000miles not 3000 micomunication 14:00
Samuel Eizenga
Samuel Eizenga Prije 3 dana
I bout one of these as a project car I'm about to weld a new subframe into the front, I'm glad someone else is getting into the ix on youtube.
Christopher Bethel
Christopher Bethel Prije 4 dana
Has to be either an '89 or '90. The 88s had aluminum bumpers and Recaro style seats and the 91s had air bags. All of the 1988 US 325ix models were 5-spd coupes, which is pretty cool.
eriksboy Prije 5 dana
Back in those days 1986...me and my BMW 325.....Glory days...never come back. Sold my latest BMW 530 couple years ago.....I'm not sure it will be another one.....value lost and model not applied to me any more. Great channel tank's
gedski1200 Prije 5 dana
Before the E30, BMWs had a reputation for rust buckets. This era of BMWs raised the game
Connor Horne
Connor Horne Prije 7 dana
Really nice shop owner to offer you to DIY with supervision. Class act
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Prije 8 dana
Selling my 91 325iX 5-speed post college was the absolute worst decision. I miss it every day.
GeorgiePhilly Prije 10 dana
Iconic who cares if it’s breaking lol
Kopiwerks Prije 11 dana
The zip-tie at 9:47 is essential - two of mine have it now after I cut the same hose on the fan. the fan flexes backwards under aggressive acceleration/spirited drive. At least that's my theory coz I was stepping on it when it happened.
S325i BMW
S325i BMW Prije 12 dana
most reliable engine of bmw ever made M20B25 ❤
MrLossFTW Prije 12 dana
X In The End Is What Bother Me 😔
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon Prije 13 dana
once fix you can never go wrong
Matt Hammock
Matt Hammock Prije 13 dana
That repair bill was ridiculously cheap.
Valerian Pantsulia
Valerian Pantsulia Prije 14 dana
Goddammit BMW what are fun people, ashamed to say how much money they spend and lost on this goddamn BMW? this company should bankruptcy E39 BMW have a hundred more issues it's made it deliberately BAD quality just to suck the money from the customer, Goddammit BMW company & BMW engineers
Ossi Muurinen
Ossi Muurinen Prije 15 dana
My friend has one of these that was tuned by some factory in the 80's. It's got a turbo, a BBS bodykit and Recaro seats (front and back).
André Wolff
André Wolff Prije 15 dana
Love the E30 - they're actually getting expensive here in the homeland, unless you get a total dumpster, of course. Especially if you're going for a 325 (and why wouldn't you) it'll cost you. The M3 is totally out of space, naturally.
HeinrichErnst1 Prije 15 dana
Had the same color and body as a - more affordable to me - 316i - loved the handling and style - still miss it. Anyone here who has nightly dreams of driving a long gone car....?
Wayland C
Wayland C Prije 15 dana
BMW 2 Series needs more respect.
Explore Cracow
Explore Cracow Prije 18 dana
If European cars are so bad and BMW in particular why they are the main theme of your channel? RR, Bentley, BMW, Merc, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Maseratti etc. Where are the great Americans cars?
HH Jones
HH Jones Prije 18 dana
It's the real Hoovie! Nice car and a fun project that will be worth the effort.
Shawn Bottom
Shawn Bottom Prije 19 dana
My only problem with a classic car like that: crash safety. All it takes is some texter crossing the center line and you’re a goner. No amount of nostalgia or social validation for driving something “cool” is worth that. Also the same reason I won’t buy a motorcycle as much as I like them.
cswann8 Prije 20 dana
5:32 Why did Hoovie show an image of a Hyundai?
Ace Azzab
Ace Azzab Prije 22 dana
Would you sell it?
Patricio Munoz
Patricio Munoz Prije 24 dana
Damn thing is coated in oil lol
justsomeguy Prije 24 dana
17:28 yeah if you started doing that I would stop watching.
Caleb Da Great
Caleb Da Great Prije 24 dana
Cool..I’ve been owning an 87’ 325i for some years now...definitely is a great car but one thing for sure is that it’s over 30 years old lol ..a lot of TLC needed. Enjoy bro!
Dan Turcas
Dan Turcas Prije 25 dana
That w220 amg in the back tho
zerocapacitance1 Prije 25 dana
The lights coming on are due to low voltage
Zombie Head
Zombie Head Prije 26 dana
That 325iX is a tank, such a shame to see so many 80s German tanks being battered to death and NOT cared for. Believe me when i say this, if you fix it up and make it run and drive as it should, watch how suddenly the value would sky rocket. But yes, the 80s era of BMW is arguably the last of proper BMW.
Pete boy
Pete boy Prije 27 dana
....an american talking about a german car is just like neanderthals braggin`bout computers...just too funny...
negusplox Prije 28 dana
protip: you can get diagnostic codes by doing the stomp test! turn key to on, fully depress the accelerator 3 times in a row and the check engine light should blink out a code for you to read. bought a '91 318is in January this year, she's been my daily & my pet project. there's really nothing quite like these car, they have their own souls & it honestly honestly feels more like a person than it does just a machine. cheers Hoovie!
Scott Bramhall
Scott Bramhall Prije 28 dana
Ninja always smiling when dueshy brings in a car. Huge check will be coming, hahaha
Dino Pappous
Dino Pappous Prije 29 dana
If Doug DeMuro was reviewing this he would say...."THIS is a ticking time bomb!!!"
Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn Prije 29 dana
he sounds like Jeff Goldbloom.
chris jones
chris jones Prije 29 dana
Hi Wizard, would you work on this? No, I've told you, they're junk, it's not something I want in my workshop.
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Prije 21 dan
It's an older one wizard likes them
Rich Secker
Rich Secker Prije 29 dana
The first time I sat in an E30 I was a bit disappointed how basic it seemed inside. Then when I drove it, I realised it just has everything you need, exactly where you need it, perfect ergonomics. Best BMW ever.
seraph1926 Prije 29 dana
They're no longer driver's cars, they're simply status symbols for moronic millenials who don't know any better: case in point they whined to get the window controls moved from the center console where they made sense (left hand on wheel, right hand on gearshift and can operate window buttons) back out to the goddamn doors so now i gotta swap hands. That's what I loved about my E30, and it was so connected to the road you could feel it through the steering wheel, now it's just numb.
Joe Cripps
Joe Cripps Prije mjesec
I'd love to drive one of these (or preferably the 2wd equiv. - I'm not sure if we got this 4wd in Europe) - but I have an e46 330i manual which I bought v cheaply (aprox $2500/100k miles) and have had for 4 years and I do think this is a better car, they are sill aprox this price. I'd love to see you do something on this - its a lot quicker and has more of the mod cons without the negatives of the electronic era - surely the sweet spot?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Prije mjesec
Hoovie is absolutely living the dream life
KJ Schrauber
KJ Schrauber Prije mjesec
Wooow, he doesn't even know to do stuff on a Car Besides Repairing the car on his own . then he's always out to say that the shitty cars he has bought which were neglected for ages from like the 10 previous owners that it's the brands fault so it's BMW fault that the previous owners have neglected the car and that he is so stupid and has bought them in this condition, when he could have gotten a good condition One, if he had spend more money. Don't take me wrong I Kinda like this video but he's just bashing BMW all over the place and this is German engineering, form German engineers and I am from Germany these guys are definitely not stupid they know what they're doing electronics and other stuff just does fail because people neglect their cars and don't do the maintenance and regular oil changes like every 8000 of 6000 miles. Don't Let yourself get fooled in the US That BMW is unreliable BMW's are reliable if properly maintained. then they are the best cars in the world same with Mercedes partially also with Audi and VW If you want to neglect the car And never change the oiler and the fluids and everything and don't repair. then go buy a Toyota or a Vauxhall but then don't say that neglected BMW's represent like all of BMW's cars and that they're bad in general this guy is just so wrong. I understand him and his humour but like I think he got and will get a lot of negative feedback because he's just bashing the brand and that's just stupid of him. How about doing an oil change yourself then you know how to maintain a car and what it means to keep it running and keep it in good shape and you'll also keep the cost down if you do repairs yourself and you learn stuff for life .
Hrvoje Grgić
Hrvoje Grgić Prije mjesec
I actually miss those days of car industry, because these days just changing a light bulb by yourself takes a science degree. And there are lot of things that you can live with when they are not working, but not a broken light in night or winter conditions.
M. M.
M. M. Prije mjesec
why its xdrive? :D
Alex P
Alex P Prije mjesec
New BMWs are absolutely disgusting. It's a shame, BMWs of the past are some of the most perfect cars ever made. I just finally bought an E30 this week, and in as bad shape as it is, it's way better than the garbage they're producing today.
Jonas Courtney
Jonas Courtney Prije mjesec
you are the smartest automotive channel.....
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije mjesec
Easy fix for the detailing.
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije mjesec
The ninja looks like an elf. He is so much more knowledgeable that the Wizard.
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius Prije mjesec
I love this car. I could use this for sure. If you feel generous send it to me.
Another KnafGuy
Another KnafGuy Prije mjesec
I love my straight 6.
Sir Chris
Sir Chris Prije mjesec
I’m one of the biggest BMW fanboys and advocates out there but I do agree that they need to put more quality into their newer vehicles. More craftmenship needs to go into it. They own Rolls Royce and those cars are handcrafted and beautifully made they need to follow suit with the BMW brand
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Prije mjesec
The new BMW grill... Looks like a Bugatti and a BMW had an affair for the next generation... And I love my BMW'S!
Joseph001 Prije mjesec
When check engine light on and break light on on old cars is usually the battery or the alternator.
Joseph001 Prije mjesec
I love the chassis on this car I would drop an S2000 engine and trans and drive train on this beautiful automobile.
HazewinDog Prije mjesec
$2600?! I think I know what I'm buying... who cares if things breaks if it's that cheap to fix wtf
john moser
john moser Prije mjesec
Nice old E30 Tyler that's pretty low miles Unfortunately with time lotsa things wear out and at least it's cheaper than some old school awd cars ought to be fun to see how it turns out
john moser
john moser Prije mjesec
You should've bought an old Audi sport quattro
john moser
john moser Prije mjesec
It's a bmVW Jetta mk2 with all wheel drive lol
chassis807 Prije mjesec
inferior minds make inferior cars
Tuneman1984 Prije mjesec
I went to a private school for high school in the early 2000s and these E30s were the must-have car for many of my friends. Off the top of my head, I know of at least 3 friends who had 325is coupes, one had a '91 318is, and another had a 325i sedan. You were right about the backseat being spacious as a much thinner past me rode in the back of the coupes often. I really wanted one but it never came to pass, but one day I'll have to find one of these to re-create part of my high school experience.
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije mjesec
Love you guys i almost bought this same car same year but it was black in 1993 was a great car
mr grumpy
mr grumpy Prije mjesec
0-60 6.5 secs not 9 ..
Geo G
Geo G Prije mjesec
Please sell it to Tommy Faye so he could make it great again promise he won't sleep on it LOL
BrotherMud Prije mjesec
I wish luxury still meant high quality build, materials, and cush. Ditch the tech.
carrier7676 Prije mjesec
BMW’s used to be known for the shark 🦈profile, but the "pig snout" 🐽🐷 profile on the new M3 and M4 looks lazily slapped on at the last minute and doesn’t even look cohesive with the rest of the cars design or body lines. They have made it clear that the newer cars were designed with attracting the Chinese market and its just horrible! The designer of this embarrassment (Domagoj Dukec) really f*cked it up all for the sake of china and making a name for himself, in that he wanted to “change up” the styling of BMW. Yeah, way to go dickhead🤦🏻‍♂️!
the joshman
the joshman Prije mjesec
the elites are all woke now. & everything woke runs turns to shit.
Lezcano Prije mjesec
Christian Chan
Christian Chan Prije mjesec
Why a carpet in a garage?
Mark Bowles
Mark Bowles Prije mjesec
Interesting......manual crank roof. Great car....real 4x4
David Vitan
David Vitan Prije mjesec
Makes me miss my 318is E30. No power but super sharp predictable handling. Needed a timing chain so I sold it for less than 1000 Euros. Otherwise it was perfect
Sonny Nguyen
Sonny Nguyen Prije mjesec
most of the fixes are common easily fixed problems.
RangerCLZ Prije mjesec
The state of BMW is sad. A car manufacturer that made some truly Iconic cars in the past has gone on to make nothing more than unreliable mediocrity. Even if some models of their most iconic cars were unreliable, people still love them. Their new cars might go fast, but don't have any character to them, and are unreliable and as expensive as ever. I don't know who the lead is at design for the cars, and the head of marketing, but they need to lose their jobs, and better people need to take their places. On the total reverse from this, you have Porsche. A company that thoroughly embraces the tradition they have set down over the last 60 years, and uses that to influence the design of the new cars. Their engines get continually better, the design of the 992 generation 911 that calls back to classic Porsche looks. A design team that listens to feed back from customers. People have roundly criticized the 718 Cayman for being 4 Cylinder, and 2 years after launch, Porsche yeets the 2.5L GTS model and brings in a NA flat 6 for their GTS 4.0 and GT/Spyder cars, and people love it. I firmly believe that if EU/German restrictions for cars weren't in place, that Porsche would have some even better things going on. - And then they have their real money makers, the Macan and Cayenne SUVs. SUVs that basically do everything you could want it to. I think I've seen a growing number of their SUVs on the road in the last year and a half, and I can understand why. BMW, we know you can do better.
Ben Gold
Ben Gold Prije mjesec
They are not kidney any more there are huge nostril........
Hein S
Hein S Prije mjesec
ok boomer, anymore complaints that cars arent like the old days?
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe Prije mjesec
Obviously some kid in their 20's with no perspective on the world is running BMW's social media. The bar for everything just keeps getting lower and lower and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for accepting and rewarding mediocrity for so long.
Kevin Harper
Kevin Harper Prije mjesec
I had a BMW 325is and it was one of my favorite cars to drive. Later I had an E36 which I think was a better car but not as much fun to fling around. My last BMW was an E46 which was not horrible but not as good as the E36 and where I think BMW started to lose the point. The E90's and later were crap as were the later cars got worse.
Giovanni Garbarini
Giovanni Garbarini Prije mjesec
Claus Luthe designed cars to appeal customers. Everyone who came after just wanted to make silly "statements".
John McShera
John McShera Prije mjesec
On the Euro e30's with the sump nut facing outwards you can change the oil and filters without jacking the car up or dirtying your hands. You can change all the bulbs out in 10 minutes, Alternator takes half an hour. These were seemingly built entirely with the Diy mechanic in mind and apart from that are very comfortable and great cars to drive and enjoy.
Snotric Prije mjesec
No it's not fine going to slavebatterycars🤮
Procat Procat
Procat Procat Prije mjesec
Well said, BMW has totally lost it's way, and it seems to refuse to accept advice from the motoring media or even top flight car designers
n0hara Prije mjesec
beautiful carrrrrrrr
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy Prije mjesec
I’m surprised no one mentioned those plastic valve covers also tend to warp not just crack.
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
Stop the Philosophical Zombies Prije mjesec
BMW is using plastic valve covers now? Wtf?
MSFT PPT Prije mjesec
Let me know when you’re ready to sell 😂
BruceLudwick Prije mjesec
Just don't crash it... hrpost.info/history/kZyXqZ3PodiXem0/video
loonattica Prije mjesec
@17:36 Ninja captures the essence and appeal of this channel in two words: “typical you.”
loonattica Prije mjesec
How much oil you got on that carpet?
Song Huang
Song Huang Prije mjesec
Couldn't agree more about the new front end. I thought Lexus had the ugliest grill. BMW has one-upped them.
Joachim Fjeld
Joachim Fjeld Prije mjesec
Change your motor mounts to avoid the engine moving forward. This is why you cut your house on the fan. Also an original bump stop that bolts to the sump and pushes against your cross beam, that should be installed on all these, if they made one for the iX...
HereIgoAgain Prije mjesec
A small piece of black electrical tape can fix those warning lights according to "Car Talk" :) Every time Tyler shows up at Johnnie's shop, he thinks: "Dang, I just scrubbed my floor."
fo3 Prije mjesec
I like the E30 but they were a bit simple, for example has anyone told hoovie they have a battery for their warning light system? An old nicad that often leaks and causes malfunction. I like the design of the E30 though and those older Hoffmeister, Bracq, Luthe and Spada designs compared to E39 and E36, E46. Shame the E36 M3 and E39 M5 are so great engine wise but so ugly, but they're your best choices for performance without engine swapping (no timing belt either, not a fan of the E30 M20 engines). Get a E24 635csi with an M30, or a E34 M5 with a m30s38, or S5x swap a E30 or E34 IMO if you can't get a E36 m3 - (their best i6 imo).
Paul rivera
Paul rivera Prije mjesec
BMWs are designed to generate money for... BMW.
Alexander Tsantes
Alexander Tsantes Prije mjesec
What a breath of fresh air to see a car with great 360 driver visibility compared to blindspot laden modern cars with their ridiculously sloped rear windows
Rémi Fasolla
Rémi Fasolla Prije mjesec
Greatest BMW ever? Very possibly!
P.G. Brexit
P.G. Brexit Prije mjesec
£500 to Buff & detail that car. It's worth Being VERY, VERY CAREFUL.
P.G. Brexit
P.G. Brexit Prije mjesec
If all that paintwork is Factory Original . It will Buff with Compound & come Back like New. It may take a While ( 2 or 3 Days ) 3 Buffs High Grit, Med' Grit, Then a Mild grit polish. or a wet sand & buff ? In the worst places. Begin with a Mild light Compound & Move up on the Worst areas. Do NOT Take OFF Too much paint. Leave some for the next man to Polish or in another 20 or 30 years ?
2003evodave Prije mjesec
Hooo,,,,bull shitzen! That new electric Beemer looks great. What do you want a retro electric? (Go convert your e30)
ZiGa:S Prije mjesec
I agree, E30 is perfect example how BMW is loosing its soul bit by bit every year :'( I would buy a new E30 for everyday driving in a hearth beat if I could. And I would love to have such a knowledgeable mechanics in my area and even offering a discount if I would work on my car. What a dream.
P.G. Brexit
P.G. Brexit Prije mjesec
If that car costs a couple of Grand to put right, GO FOR IT. even at 5 Grand. No e30 is ever beyond repair unless Crashed or Rotten with corrosion Everywhere. That car would be £20,000 +++ in the UK. When all Finished & looking Mint. ( a RHD 325i 2 door with full history etc maybe £30 k ?? ) In the UK People buy New FAKE service History books. & Wind Back the Mileage Many times on A BMW e30. Common Practice in the 80's / 90's. Some got wound Back by 100,000 or 200,000 miles & looked no different. BMW e30 /e34 Cloth seats Last at Least 200,000 miles usually. & still look like New. Not a stitch out of place. They Built QUALITY into every Inch of an e30/ & e34. Never be FOOLED By the BLATANT LIE, Great car Poor Quality Seats. It's " BS " you are being Conned. Fake Mileage is Fraud in the UK. Under the " SALE of Goods ACT. " I had a Renault Van. the drivers seat was almost as new at 340,000 miles. I know Because i had that van for 10 + years. it was Under 3 yrs old when i bought it. & that was a RENAULT VAN. not BMW Quality. The Rubber Floor mat was intact with no holes or signs of major wear at 340,000 miles. & was Clean & shiny Running Great all the way to 115 mph. MPH not Kms. and delivering 30 mpg avg. UK mpg. (No speed limit in the isle of man & German Autobahns. )
VIncent Arguimbau
VIncent Arguimbau Prije mjesec
BMW besides losing its soul and its mind with the enormous radiator grills they are putting on their new models, even the hybrid ones. Radiators are meant to dissipate heat generated by the wasted energy of an internal combustion engine where only 30% is converted to mechanical force that reaches the rear wheels. The bigger the radiator just shows the bigger the wastrel you tell people you are by driving the thing and then that its ugly, well ....... There is a reason I haven't bought a BMW since the 1980's and the Black M5 was the ultimate driving machine I wish I had gotten
Brad Prije mjesec
I had a RWD 318i. That was the best handling car I have ever owned - a blast to drive. Crazy it was so underrated.
P.G. Brexit
P.G. Brexit Prije mjesec
BMW will Never sell me a car Past 1996 the e34 or e30. Regardless of my car buying budget. with £/$ 75,000. I would buy As many e30's & e34's as i could find. & spen the rest on storage space. & Full Restorations.
merlinzipp Prije mjesec
The new BMW ethos is Lunatic L______ Logic, LLL. You will like it or you are stupid and not one of us. We will now ridicule and shame you for thinking and saying something we do not approve.
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