Which Lamborghini Should I Sell To Avoid Bankruptcy??? Gallardo vs. Murcielago

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CasualHour Prije dan
So much money just to still be gapped by a teenager in their swapped civic.
John Collins
John Collins Prije 4 dana
Hoovie in August: "2 Lambos is ridiculous. I am selling one". Hoovie in December "Look at my 3 Lambos."
bmxer4ever Prije 6 dana
Wizard rubs hands together... "Lambo money"....hahaha!
O.I.M Prije 6 dana
Sell the Fiat Abarth!
Arnold Santiago
Arnold Santiago Prije 6 dana
Why do you always start like you have to pee?
Wicked Gamer & Collector
Wicked Gamer & Collector Prije 10 dana
I really like the way how you make your video's 😄
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Prije 11 dana
*warning* 8:34 Don't ever taste or put in mouth any car fluids or parts because that is very carcinogenic and harmful. even a small amount can be harmful
Jimmy Gymnasium
Jimmy Gymnasium Prije 11 dana
Why couldn’t you just ask Jake from StateFarm?
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Prije 13 dana
Sell both so you don’t go broke
Goose God
Goose God Prije 17 dana
Hoovie: pulls into garage with lambo Wizard: :))))) "Lambo money to make"
Tyson Cowan
Tyson Cowan Prije 17 dana
So Hoovie is Jeff Goldblum's illegitimate son right? Or at the very least hus Understudy for the cheapest off Broadway way play in America.
ZxRx7 Prije 18 dana
Seeing this after I saw this channel get blessed with a Countach and Diablo VT roadster. So I guess, you own 4 Lambos now.
SaiberTop Prije 21 dan
murcielago costs more then gallardo
BloodAcidPro Prije 22 dana
Sell the orange.
bob Smith
bob Smith Prije mjesec
Sell the Murcielago, one of the Bentleys, payoff the Gallardo.
Mr P
Mr P Prije mjesec
sell the murci
Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu Prije mjesec
Wizard seems like a nice guy
Mikael Carlsson
Mikael Carlsson Prije mjesec
Of course sell the Gallardo for top dollars...... renovate the Murci to excellent condition and put a Tavarish exhaust on it and enjoy it properly. Then the world will have another rescued Murci..... You and the Wizard are two fun guys to watch... Mikael from Sweden
1MANARMY Co Prije mjesec
I saw this was gonna scroll past thinking why is that a video nobody can relate to this. Just pick one. WE!! NO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM lmao
Antonio Uzzle
Antonio Uzzle Prije mjesec
who had the red benz???? mannnnnn
A P Prije mjesec
Thought this was a joke so I clicked on it. Now all I have to say is who gives a f__k.
Jd Dm
Jd Dm Prije mjesec
Bankruptcy? Or divorce?
T-Roy C
T-Roy C Prije mjesec
Sell them both and make yourself debt free then stop financing anything
tookie cookie
tookie cookie Prije 2 mjeseci
Do Lamborghinis come in Automatic?
tookie cookie
tookie cookie Prije 2 mjeseci
Hi which car is Automatic and which car is manual?
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse Prije 2 mjeseci
Sell the Merci. Keep the Gallardo is Mint.
Thomas Prije 2 mjeseci
Get rid of the puke green Mustang
Tony Gareth
Tony Gareth Prije 2 mjeseci
I really like Murcielago but this one isn’t in great condition
Protector K9
Protector K9 Prije 2 mjeseci
I'll stick with my toyota
Kaushik Patel
Kaushik Patel Prije 2 mjeseci
Keep the mercy because it has a v12 and the Gallardo gotta b10
Dylan Payment
Dylan Payment Prije 2 mjeseci
ditch the roadster! Gallardo is a dreammmm
James Surber
James Surber Prije 2 mjeseci
We used to joke about the mechanic's boat payment coming due. Not a joke.
Cal T
Cal T Prije 2 mjeseci
I would keep the Gallardo, but this is Hoovies Garage. The Gallardo isn't a hoopty and the Merci most certainly is.
Sneaker Heat
Sneaker Heat Prije 2 mjeseci
Keep the blue one
sameer shaikh
sameer shaikh Prije 2 mjeseci
Sell the murci. Simple as that.
OllieBhalla Prije 2 mjeseci
Gallardo is nicer I’m sorry😂
TA Crown
TA Crown Prije 2 mjeseci
Sell the Murcie!
Aybüke Gökçe Yavaş
Aybüke Gökçe Yavaş Prije 2 mjeseci
Murcielago (I probably misspelled it dont come for me). I has caused u nothing but problems since u got it. If u sell the other one, in the long run, keeping Gallardo is more beneficial in every way.
Michael Schäfer
Michael Schäfer Prije 2 mjeseci
Mr_Monrovia Prije 2 mjeseci
Such opulence America! Tapestry in car garage!
Lynwood Prije 2 mjeseci
I would say sell the Merci, and keep the Gallardo in my opinion is what I would say except that you current situation with the debt and because of that I say to sell the Gallardo and keep the Merci free and clear.
1972 AMC Ambassador
1972 AMC Ambassador Prije 2 mjeseci
Too late
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
Lambo poop shower
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
Sell the bentley
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
Hooptie yaht! LoL
SM Tactical
SM Tactical Prije 2 mjeseci
Just use flex seal on the transmission
Elias Lopez
Elias Lopez Prije 2 mjeseci
Can you do a give away so my dad can win a lambo
Shamrock Prije 2 mjeseci
5:20 B5 S4 GANG
Khandker Hasan
Khandker Hasan Prije 2 mjeseci
Hold on to the gallardo and sell the merci. The gallardo is way too nice
Ayoub Moussaid
Ayoub Moussaid Prije 3 mjeseci
Damn wizard is living la 80s vice vida
Joey recoil
Joey recoil Prije 3 mjeseci
Warlock: don’t sell the Lamborghini merci it’s my meal ticket
Martin Zwicker
Martin Zwicker Prije 3 mjeseci
Nothing cliché about your mechanic buying a yacht . . . cough, according to click and clack the tappet brothers en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_and_Ray_Magliozzi
Grgeory Rawlins
Grgeory Rawlins Prije 3 mjeseci
Hoosier check out streetspeed717 channel he just had a yellow one and loved it.. He is a really good guy and would take care of it...I think it would be a good collaboration between you two
Rusty P
Rusty P Prije 3 mjeseci
Man these r not investment grade cars..better take that money , put it in the stock market...
NOO NOPE Prije 3 mjeseci
hoovie alone supports this guys garage LOL
Diane Askew
Diane Askew Prije 3 mjeseci
Get rid of the orange one, plus the v12 coast more to maintain, plus it was problematic when u got it.
Max Ceballos
Max Ceballos Prije 3 mjeseci
Am I the only one who hates the gallardo front end?
nick Good
nick Good Prije 3 mjeseci
White people problems.
トヨタチェイサー私は大好き Prije 3 mjeseci
Sell gallardo cuz they dont cost much and the murci is going up in price and when it has alot of value sell it then
Marlboro M2C
Marlboro M2C Prije 3 mjeseci
Sell the the yellow Murcielago
Nicholas Wiseguy
Nicholas Wiseguy Prije 3 mjeseci
I wonder how much car oil and grease wizard has ingested in a year.
1972 AMC Ambassador
1972 AMC Ambassador Prije 2 mjeseci
More than he should
Kap 0
Kap 0 Prije 3 mjeseci
Why not open rental company :D you got quite few cars which could bring some cash :D you got at 6 cars which might bring nice cash :D
Bert Kanne
Bert Kanne Prije 3 mjeseci
Gated manual will be the far more valuable car in time.
Evan Phifer
Evan Phifer Prije 3 mjeseci
Fuckn both get a muscle car
Charlie Sthill
Charlie Sthill Prije 3 mjeseci
sell the gallardo.
felicetanka Prije 3 mjeseci
Murciélago = bat in Spanish
Tayte Currie
Tayte Currie Prije 3 mjeseci
You clearly don’t drive the Gallardo that much so why wouldn’t you sell it
phantommaggotxxx Prije 3 mjeseci
Sell the ugly orange one lol.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly Prije 3 mjeseci
Third world problems
Trenton Crowder
Trenton Crowder Prije 3 mjeseci
i think he should drive the merci for about a year and see if it is better than the gallardo
Argenis Perez
Argenis Perez Prije 3 mjeseci
Sell both and buy a huracan
Larry King
Larry King Prije 3 mjeseci
Says to his wife, "Times are tough honey! We are going to have to sell one of our Lamborghini's!" I wish I had those problems.
konv3505 Konstantinos_vr
konv3505 Konstantinos_vr Prije 3 mjeseci
Nazimelon Prije 3 mjeseci
i honestly like the gallardo so much more, visually and just as a package
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams Prije 3 mjeseci
11:35 both hand off wheels drives on pure instincts Niiiiiiiiiice!!!😬😬😬
JK Prije 3 mjeseci
Sell the galardo.. yes it’s gated, but it still a gallardo, while murcielago is an icon !
Donavin Carter
Donavin Carter Prije 3 mjeseci
Mitchael Hollingsworth
Mitchael Hollingsworth Prije 3 mjeseci
me: which 200,000+ mile 1980s japanese subcompact car do i sell to avoid the insurance payments?
Jack for fun
Jack for fun Prije 4 mjeseci
I recon sell the murci cuz the gallardo is in perfect mint condition , unlike the murci, its a manual :)
rusty wrench wooden bench garage
rusty wrench wooden bench garage Prije 4 mjeseci
If I was you I would sell all those cars and get a dodge challenger scatpack
Californium Prije 4 mjeseci
You have too much money pal 😂
Saad Rehman
Saad Rehman Prije 4 mjeseci
Sell Gallardo, the muri will make more content
Billy PRaz
Billy PRaz Prije 4 mjeseci
Sell Both it’s all Materialistic
amiro dusk
amiro dusk Prije 4 mjeseci
Just buy yourself a Toyota Camry and drive it till it dies. You'd have to drive it for 1000 years to pay the same maintenance of one year for a Lambo.
Wesley Cooper
Wesley Cooper Prije 4 mjeseci
To avoid bankruptcy you should sell them all.
Brian Joyce
Brian Joyce Prije 4 mjeseci
The Wizard busts out another thousand, of Hoovie $$$$$$s
Richard Dietzen
Richard Dietzen Prije 4 mjeseci
Don’t sell anything, just tell Deutschebank that your tax returns are being audited and you’ll pay them 10 cents on the dollar. Worked for someone famous.
John Pace
John Pace Prije 4 mjeseci
I'd have to keep that orange one to romp around with. Hell I cringe when a giant grasshopper smacks my window in a old tundra much less a perfect car I cant even spell the name of and have to stress getting a scratch on.
Nexpr0 Prije 4 mjeseci
Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers Prije 4 mjeseci
Sacrifice the merci...u can get another
morten van basten
morten van basten Prije 4 mjeseci
I am more like: Should I buy a new pair of shoes or a set of winter tires ?
Jin Park
Jin Park Prije 4 mjeseci
Sell neither. Buy two more. Earn your self described dumbest auto youtube channel claim.
The Green Viking
The Green Viking Prije 4 mjeseci
Don't sell the Wizards meal ticket!! :P
Matthew Polley
Matthew Polley Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep the Murciélago. Murciélago means bat, so keeping it and destroying your economical future is rather appropriate for 2020
Shiraz Syed
Shiraz Syed Prije 4 mjeseci
Market is high on murcielago sell the Gallardo look up they are going almost 300k good piece
shovington67 Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep the Gallardo. Super charge it, or turbo it, depending if you want low end grunt or, higher end revs. Keep the usage mild, and you'll still have a dependable car with Murcielago acceleration.
ultimaetsolder Prije 4 mjeseci
Are you still making videos?
SPEEDBOARD Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep the gated manual!!
encinobalboa Prije 4 mjeseci
Wife could get a second job. Just sayin.
RUSS FOGGAN Prije 4 mjeseci
You could sell me the Azure instead
heijxje Prije 4 mjeseci
With 15W50 oil I hope you do not drive that car in winter. I'd use 0W40 ACEA C3 specification year round. Then again in Kansas the temperature range is so extreme that it might require 0W** in winter and **W60 in summer.
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