Was Spending $15,000 On An Old BMW 7-Series A Mistake? E38 My Lunch!

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Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell Prije 2 dana
You bought the right car! i couldn't agree more with your assessment on the e38, and i've been saying the same thing about them since they replaced it with the hideous mess that came after it! I'd be over the moon to have that... obviously the 750 would be nicer... but that is one mint e38! Keep it!
michael123 cody
michael123 cody Prije 3 dana
Hey hoovie if you need garage door motors I own a garage door company and can hook u up with some. They really have some really nice motors out there now. U definitely don't want ti put some cheap motors on that nice garage. Mcody336@ gmail.com
Denys Tronenko
Denys Tronenko Prije 6 dana
When you decide to give away this "chef-d’œuvre" let me know ;) Or maybe you'll accept my offer in 150$ :D I'd take it to the frosty winter of Montreal :)
Ameen Khalid
Ameen Khalid Prije 7 dana
The transporter the first movie they used a 735i
Kaden Wijayatilleke
Kaden Wijayatilleke Prije 25 dana
“The only BMW I own” *Yeah let’s all ignore the BMW in the top left corner on the lift in his garage*
Adam K
Adam K Prije mjesec
My father used to have a 2001 740Li. His was also a Florida car. He ended up trading it in for a CPO E66 760Li due to the cheap price for its V12. He deeply regrets that decision to this day cause even under warranty the 760 with under 100k miles was in the shop at least 3 weeks waiting on parts each month.
Levan Goderdzishvili
Levan Goderdzishvili Prije mjesec
Just a month ago I bought a ‘98 Bmw 750 V12 and I love it
Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. Prije mjesec
Hey Hoovie, has your "check brake lights" warning come on yet? 😄
October Surprise
October Surprise Prije mjesec
This was a $100k vehicle brand new, 15k to have it in great shape is not bad. It seems high bc they can be picked up so cheap, but that's just bc their value is driven down by people afraid to do the maintenance.
SDC Prije mjesec
Spend is totally justified. E38 B12 Alpina next?
J H Prije 2 mjeseci
The wizard will work on Mercedes, old Rolls-Royce, old Jags, Range Rovers, Lamborghini.... doesn't want to touch a BMW. If the Wizard doesn't even want to touch a BMW, I certainly know I don't want to own one.
Shawn Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoovie : My only BMW Z3 M in background : Am i a joke to you ?
1972 AMC Ambassador
1972 AMC Ambassador Prije 28 dana
Allen T Davis II
Allen T Davis II Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey Doug I have a small suggestion if u hate BMWs so much just stop buying them I love my BMW with no issues or problems 😂😂😂
macapple5 Prije 2 mjeseci
The last of the great ones!
Mitchell Brown
Mitchell Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
'BMW anxiety' is mechanic talk for 'I'm lazy'.
T H Prije 3 mjeseci
Still have the e38?
Travis Colson
Travis Colson Prije 3 mjeseci
Maybe leave the other BMW out of your video when you say you don't own another BMW! HAHA
[Panda] UngsySenpai
[Panda] UngsySenpai Prije 3 mjeseci
Hey would you be interested in an e31 ?
egn83b Prije 3 mjeseci
That would be a perfect off engine swap bmw.
Sadok Barbouche
Sadok Barbouche Prije 3 mjeseci
shouldve got the 750il v12 that is an incredible car
Peter Shim
Peter Shim Prije 3 mjeseci
Wizzard has BMW anxiety... what about AUDI or Volvo anxiety?
Irrelevant Prije 3 mjeseci
That 7 series is awesome you did the right thing but I think you know that
Jason WB
Jason WB Prije 3 mjeseci
BMW is a lease car now. I used to do maintenance on HVAC systems at a BMW dealership. The manager in shop used to work for Toyota. He told me lease them. New ones are always in for warranty work. Luxury now is too many bells and whistles, most that I would never use. Luxury used to mean reliability.
Mark Wakefield
Mark Wakefield Prije 3 mjeseci
I think it was worth it. But it’s now about maintaining it.
R Saxena
R Saxena Prije 3 mjeseci
The last of the best BMW's. Most of the new cars are junk. Electric steering, ugly grills, fly by wire. E38, E39, E46 M3 E36 E30, E24, 2002's these will always be the purist ultimate driving machines.
Dennis Bird
Dennis Bird Prije 3 mjeseci
Billy Masterson
Billy Masterson Prije 4 mjeseci
I only came across your channel a few months ago and didn't know you knew WatchJRGo! (I also discovered his channel a few months ago.)
chassis807 Prije 4 mjeseci
Buying anything German is a mistake. Complete unreliable junk after six months of use.
Zaid Mousa
Zaid Mousa Prije 4 mjeseci
e38 is one of the best looking bmws ever made
Mattia Zanni
Mattia Zanni Prije 4 mjeseci
Deliciously Infectious!
Bill Diaz
Bill Diaz Prije 4 mjeseci
I have three BMW's, a 1991 525I with 233,000 miles, 1994 BMW 530I with 260,000 miles, and a 1999 BMW 740Il with 211,520 miles on it. I bought all three of them used with 130,000 miles on the 91, 136,800 miles on the 94, and 119,000 on the 99. I have to replace the timing chain guide on the 99. I have not had the issues you are experiencing, thank God for that!!
20ilunga Prije 4 mjeseci
I spend on mine almost $9000 in the engine ONLY, but now the car runs, sound, and drive like new and no rattles on startup just smooth
John K
John K Prije 4 mjeseci
Tyler...you are the same way I'd be if i could afford to do what you do. I have this weird thing where you can't put a price on nostalgia...and it's not just that...i feel the same way about that body style of bmw being the best ever made. I have similar feelings about other cars, and, for those particular ones, i love to see them bought, and put right. I tinker myself a little... Like, any decent example of car i buy (out of necessity, not hobby) i still like to buy the factory spec (mostly) for anything that needs fixed...and, sort of, put them back to their former glory. I'd certainly do it as a hobby if i could afford to. Keep up what you do, and know that their are other people that see things like you do!
stellina dallera
stellina dallera Prije 4 mjeseci
trinity and madison
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons Prije 4 mjeseci
9:02 obviously not seized
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons Prije 4 mjeseci
"The only bmw of the 6 cars behind me." *Z3 stares in disgust*
EricStricks Prije 4 mjeseci
I own a single rim to this car. And it is beautiful.
Trash bag
Trash bag Prije 4 mjeseci
What an absolute beauty that E38 is!!
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury Prije 4 mjeseci
lol who in his right mind would buy a new BMW ? maybe someone whos printing money . junk .new or 20 years old.
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Prije 4 mjeseci
Dead serious I would give you $15k for it right now. Regretted selling mine for many years.
DJ Yems
DJ Yems Prije mjesec
Shut up.
Steven Prije 4 mjeseci
Every time I see a cool car that's within my price range: "Let's check some youtuber channels like Hoovies and see if they've bought one. Ok, you know what, an FD isn't so bad..."
James Fraley
James Fraley Prije 4 mjeseci
Based on the wear pattern from his wallet, Hoovie probably owns that one pair of jeans and only wears his own T-shirts - smart, more room in your closet for a Mini Cooper maybe ;)
Jared Prije 4 mjeseci
Everytime I am looking at wanting to get myself a BMW, this reminds me not to. Stick to VAG 👍
TAMAGOTCHI Prije 4 mjeseci
just get an Audi 😏
Brian O'C
Brian O'C Prije 4 mjeseci
It's a beautiful car, nothing drives like a BMW.
Joe Garofalo II
Joe Garofalo II Prije 4 mjeseci
lol that thing is just as ugly as the new ones
Bart Sprengelmeijer
Bart Sprengelmeijer Prije 5 mjeseci
Z3M: Am I a joke to you?
FryChicken Prije 5 mjeseci
$15k for a V8 flagship German Sedan with all problems fixed is really not bad at all. Put it into perspective a bit. For that money you could get some generic japanese washing machine with like 100 horsepower.
Zac HK
Zac HK Prije 5 mjeseci
looks like the car has useless headrest XD
mfmf100 Prije 5 mjeseci
I actually think that’s quite a lot of car for the money and it seems like it should be a while before anything too expensive happens. The grill on the new one looks deformed in comparison.
Tim Kane
Tim Kane Prije 5 mjeseci
Love the e38!
David T
David T Prije 5 mjeseci
15000 EUR is not outrageous for that car. I think there would be buyers in US too.
Basil Tan Wheels
Basil Tan Wheels Prije 5 mjeseci
Great channel and content! And it is worth it as the E38 is special and timeless looking indeed. I have done the same over here in Malaysia ..... spent almost US$15K on my 1999 728iA and am enjoying the car!
A Man
A Man Prije 5 mjeseci
Does anyone know who Hoovie bought the E38 from? He mentioned a dealer in Florida.
FuriousDevi Prije 5 mjeseci
Ridge Wallet - pay more for less XD Litteraly the most overpriced wallet you can get ....
Aaron Costello
Aaron Costello Prije 5 mjeseci
Early 2000s BMWs are pretty good cars. The last era of BMWs I would actually buy. Sure, $15k is a touch much, but it should be good to go for another 50,000 miles. They are reasonably reliable once you go through the plasticky cooling system.
david c smith
david c smith Prije 5 mjeseci
Where do you get all this money to buy this shit ? Do your parents know how much you spend on shit !
Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews Prije 5 mjeseci
ill def take a Jason Statham or Pierce Bronsan BMW 7-series any day over a new one!
modeltocnc Prije 5 mjeseci
after another 81k miles you will face even more expensive repair.
احمد العراسي
احمد العراسي Prije 5 mjeseci
Bmw cars when they work perfectly without any issues ,they are amazing cars .
Lexus LS430
Lexus LS430 Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie, thanks for the inspiration! We compared your 2001 BMW 740i to our 2001 Lexus LS430 (for $2,200US) hrpost.info/history/ZZuedJaqf8mAaqw/video
Ron Klijn
Ron Klijn Prije 5 mjeseci
It's worth it.
klusmanp Prije 5 mjeseci
That rug really ties the garage together.
Nathan Jackson
Nathan Jackson Prije 5 mjeseci
hoovie so littered with cars he doesnt know whats behind him...
Corey Francesca
Corey Francesca Prije 5 mjeseci
Whatever you do, DON'T SELL THAT E38! It's perfect!
Stefan Alexis
Stefan Alexis Prije 5 mjeseci
Charles P
Charles P Prije 5 mjeseci
I personally like the current body style 7 series. and stop saying "my only BMW" !! lol
Stiletto Prije 5 mjeseci
“If it’s worth it to you it’s worth it” Translation- “I think that it’s really stupid you waste so much money on this crap, but I don’t care because most of the time I profit from it, and it’s not my crap anyway”
Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl Prije 5 mjeseci
So Hoovie defying Scotty Kilmer and buying old German junk when they become money pits. Johnny The Car Ninja, lets people work on cars in his garage with their own parts, but makes house calls?
Reeeaaalllyyy Prije 5 mjeseci
I think it’s worth it ! 😂 look at that ugly giant grille on the new one
mplewp Prije 5 mjeseci
The most beautiful sedan on earth. the silouette from hood to trunk is just :D
Nevin Thomas Babu
Nevin Thomas Babu Prije 5 mjeseci
Hey ....change your cameras!
Maximilian Frankfurter
Maximilian Frankfurter Prije 5 mjeseci
I think ITS Worth it.
quaaludes Prije 5 mjeseci
"your 7 series doesn't have comfort access" "My 7 series.. runs" Rip
Matthew Bowler
Matthew Bowler Prije 5 mjeseci
Only bmw z3 in the back 😂
EDDIE LEAL Prije 5 mjeseci
I wouldn't put too much faith in carfax reports. Consider the following. 1) Not all totaled vehicles end up with the negative “reconditioned or salvage” title. A Carfax report will show if a vehicle was totaled only if two things happen. First, someone has to create and submit the paperwork which changes the status of the title to reconditioned or salvage, then second, Carfax has to have access to that information. 2) There is no centralized database for accident reports/repairs, or automotive repairs. Not all insurance companies disclose or share their accident information to Carfax. Carfax admits that there are thousands of accidents each day which will never show up on a Carfax report. Even if Carfax reports an accident, it cannot inform the buyer the extent of the accident damages, or the quality of any repairs. 3) Carfax DOES NOT verify its information provided by its sources. Carfax cannot tell if the information it received has been tampered or input mistakes of the vehicle identification number (VIN) 17 letters and digits. These mistakes can cause a Carfax report to wrongly show "mileage discrepancies, airbag deployment, accident damage, salvage, etc.…" Any database manager will tell you, “garbage in, garbage out”. 4) Carfax is a "history" report not a “current” report. There will always be a time lag from when a negative incident occurs to a vehicle and when (or if) it is reported to Carfax. This time lag can be significant and allow a damaged vehicle to be sold before Carfax reports the negative information. Carfax is not liable if the information in the report is not current. A history report is like any tool, and there is a limit to what each tool can accomplish. History reports give partial historical information only. No history report can tell you the current condition of any component or system. The ONLY way to determine the current condition of the used vehicle is to have it professionally inspected by an ASE Certified Master Technician for all the mechanical and electrical systems, and Body & Frame Specialist for accident damage. It may cost you to do this but consider what you will lose if you purchase a lemon. Lastly, keep in mind. You cannot negotiate your best deal unless you know the exact condition of the vehicle.
Aye Dee
Aye Dee Prije 5 mjeseci
I'll give you $8k for that beauty
Lucille West
Lucille West Prije 5 mjeseci
Do you have a video on how you insure the Hooptie Fleet!
John Becay
John Becay Prije 5 mjeseci
keep your wallet in your front pocket. they are much more difficult to pick pocket and they do not contribute to sciatica pain...
interspherian Prije 5 mjeseci
BMW enthusiasts check out „M539 Restorations“ here on HRpost.
Brad Stancel
Brad Stancel Prije 5 mjeseci
Love these cars. Have to agree with Tyler that they don't make them like that anymore. I think you keep that one and if you do it was finally worth every bit that you put into it.
hendo337 Prije 5 mjeseci
This car, the E39 and previous M5 are all my favorite BMW sedans.
Johnny Deutschemark
Johnny Deutschemark Prije 5 mjeseci
Drove the previous series a '98 (?) or so, 7 Series and yes, it is worth it, even nice crisper lines IMO. Nothing on the road like it. 15 large w/80,000 miles, not bad.
C MH Prije 5 mjeseci
BMW = Brought My Wallet.
Tomas Prije 5 mjeseci
Tomas Prije 5 mjeseci
Matija Mandic
Matija Mandic Prije 5 mjeseci
Are we all just pretending we can't see the Z3 literally 10 metres away?
jacob van halteren
jacob van halteren Prije 5 mjeseci
That's cause the 5 series is the luxury sport vehicle
Jonathan McCully
Jonathan McCully Prije 5 mjeseci
No BMW is worth having. Should have gotten an LS400 and called it a day. At least that thing wouldn't have broken until it reached 500,000 miles. Also I don't understand what the 7 series is supposed to be. Very comfort oriented but also sporty? Those two don't really mix.
malangope Prije 5 mjeseci
After watching hoovies videos I'm never gonna own a BMW again unless it's given to me for free.
Random Fixes & Restorations
Random Fixes & Restorations Prije 5 mjeseci
Hoovie: 15 grand in, jeez, to much. Me on my '01 E39 Touring: so far I'm with ... 13 grand? Eh. Still need like 7 more including new paint, or 9 grand. Eh. It's worth it. But it's an old BMW, they need some love and care, and like 15+ grannd every 20 years, and you get another 20 years out. And no, mine's got the M54 inline 6. Bulletproof. Also, good work on buying a Good BMW, now lean back, and relax and enjoy it. And Rest in Pice to JR's M6. I knew it'll blow. Oh well. He gots his money back out, still a shame.
anshul kumar
anshul kumar Prije 5 mjeseci
13:43 here comes the hideous horizontally layed pig nose called BMW 7 series
Ultra_N1 Prije 5 mjeseci
This 7 Series is one of the best looking 7 series of all time. When I was a kid I was super fan of the E38
Tim Burns
Tim Burns Prije 5 mjeseci
Use Alcantara when you redo the headliner.
Well that went badly
Well that went badly Prije 5 mjeseci
The BMW 7 series you meed is this one! hrpost.info/history/gq2biJ2weZSQiZw/video
stuart smith
stuart smith Prije 5 mjeseci
I can't love any modern BMW's with those huge ghastly grills. BMW make your grills 3x smaller.
John Smith
John Smith Prije 5 mjeseci
Go subscribe to watchjrgo. He has a Miata shirt on
Chris Horrill
Chris Horrill Prije 6 mjeseci
I’ve got one. 1998 735. £1700 to buy, £1000 on day one to get to a good mechanical level to be used for long daily distance, £700 spent 12 months on. Only other thing it needs is new headlining @ £300 and it will be good as new. Get 35mpg on a run, £180 for a years insurance and £240 tax. It’s the cheapest car I’ve ever owned and the most reliable (with a brand new c class hybrid on the drive that breaks down quite often). Love it.
Steve Mac
Steve Mac Prije 6 mjeseci
By far my favorite BMW Sedan
David Nunya
David Nunya Prije 6 mjeseci
I had a e38 a e32 and currently working have a e66 I loved them all and not one of them ever left me on the side of any road even out of state
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