The $30,000 Disaster All Mercedes SLS AMG Owners Fear. CAN WE SAVE MINE???

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage Prije 2 mjeseci
I've known Magic Mike for years and years, over a decade, longer than the Car Wizard actually. 4:00 was an obvious joke (he knew I was joking) but if you want to take it as an Ellen Degeneres moment, go ahead... It did look rude, it was rude looking at it out of context. Sorry if you think I'm a terrible person now.
donmarcco Prije 23 dana
Croatia forgive you :)
iron man
iron man Prije mjesec
An ellen moment? You mean you finally are coming out of the closet , no worries and no surprise
James Power
James Power Prije mjesec
lol if you have a mechanic friend we always take jokes well, I saw Mike's smile dont worry Hoovie, we wont let 2020 get you
loonattica Prije mjesec
I figured as much and didn’t give it a second thought. If anyone wanted to judge you, the video showing your double digit car collection would be the likelier choice. You MIGHT be Satan incarnate, but who could tell? This example of you apologizing for your behavior is almost as nice as you were being when you shooed the stripper guy away. You could butch it up a bit and still seem like the nicest dumb car channel on YT.
Dale Pearce
Dale Pearce Prije mjesec
@Mens Lifestyle Do you have a problem with someone providing context? What is the problem with explaining to people who obviously did not understand? If you don't explain people complain, if you do explain you complain. Do not defend yourself over this comment or are you sensative? Dick.
Webstar22 Prije dan
Bad news, Debby does Dallas was stuck in the vcr!😂🤣
good life 777
good life 777 Prije dan
Hey Hoovies, Just happened to stumble on this video and the title scared me a little (ok a lot) because I have a 2011 SLS Coupe. Couple of questions: What is the mileage on your SLS and do you know if the trans fluid had been changed before? I have 5,500 miles on mine, but the trans fluid has never been changed. One reason is I do not trust the dealership to do it. Watching your video it seems fairly easy once you know what is involved, and correct me if I am wrong but it seems to change the trans fluid all that is involved are drain plugs. I think it is time to do mine as condensation can affect fluids. Would it be possible for you to list exactly what fluids are needed for the trans? Thanks much appreciated. At the risk of this being a shameless plug here is a link to my SLS
Out & About
Out & About Prije 2 dana
Every time the Wizard says "and things of that nature" I hear it in Riley Martin's voice.
Alex King
Alex King Prije 4 dana
Best vehicle of the whole video was the Ford Lightning! 🤣🤣
evenfunnierguy Prije 5 dana
I was today years old when I learned there are mechanics who proof-taste maintenance fluids.
John Kasza
John Kasza Prije 7 dana
$800 fluid change???? Buy Japanese instead of that German crap..
Evander Jameson
Evander Jameson Prije 11 dana
The AMG GTs also has dry sump, not just the SLS. When my GTS was in Mercy service, the manager told me they just replaced the DCT in another one. $55,000!! And that's what they billed Mercedes under warranty! It would cost we poor owners more. Mine has run regally, but that issue looming over has me damn worried. 😬
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres Prije 14 dana
Zip ties and duct tape will work on the cover!
Brett Prior
Brett Prior Prije 17 dana
Wow...more tech goes into each and every GM truck and SUV to accommodate steering and engine placement, without just tilting everything like a backyard hackanic, than goes into an uber expensive POS Gwagon. Not surprised really.
Eric Vreeland
Eric Vreeland Prije 17 dana
Another source for your vibration could be those General Grabber tires. I have had bad luck with those tires, they vibrate a lot. The tires feel like they are square; especially when they are cold. Get rid of them asap!
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell Prije 20 dana
And the whole time, Tyler tells them not to mix the liquids up! Don't make a mistake!. Geez. Tyler has a 6th sense.
Nadeem Rauf
Nadeem Rauf Prije 21 dan
Mr Wizard is very nice & humble guy 😚🤗
LNA REA Prije 24 dana
Watching this while knowing what will happen gives me anxiety
josif nightranger
josif nightranger Prije 26 dana
G is a jeep not a truck 😠😂
Darth Goggins
Darth Goggins Prije 26 dana
Tastes like caca doodoo
Dario Cardillo
Dario Cardillo Prije 27 dana
Amg gt’s have dry sumps
relicrecoveryspecialist1 Prije 28 dana
I love it. Powersh*t😂😂 can’t say that on HRpost. Oh, you can say it on HRpost. Mainly the F word or other major cuss words are what they get keywords for demonetization purposes. The bald wizard is fine😁
Permanent Calligraphy
Permanent Calligraphy Prije 28 dana
Mike fucked up lmao
Punished Candy
Punished Candy Prije 28 dana
Charlie Ali
Charlie Ali Prije 28 dana
Disaster averted. Wait... :/
wotrulke Prije 29 dana
Fabulous car 🚙
Richard Sizemore
Richard Sizemore Prije mjesec
Why did they use a diesel oil? Does it meet the 229 rating for your gas Mercedes?
President Evil
President Evil Prije mjesec
I have the toy version of this car on my desk lol
Bruce Fisher
Bruce Fisher Prije mjesec
Note to newbies watching this: This is NOT a transaxle....trans and differential are in separate cases using separate fluids, like the Vette..... in transaxles, trans and diff share one case and fluid.
Jonas Courtney
Jonas Courtney Prije mjesec
engineering makes you wonder how still works...
Richard Graham
Richard Graham Prije mjesec
Why 2would you buy a complete new propshaft for the G Wagon, can you not just replace the spiders?
notfiveo Prije mjesec
Why do I keep hearing Jeff Goldbloom?
Neal E. Kaufman
Neal E. Kaufman Prije mjesec
Love your channel...have for years... Please,please ,please stop saying wizard like your a three year old....getting real annoying....REALLY...
Hans Weixelsaft
Hans Weixelsaft Prije mjesec
My 450 SEL 6.9L had a factory dry sump setup.
Gene Whitman
Gene Whitman Prije mjesec
Woud be helpful if Wizard's prices were real world, not special Hoovie pricing.
Built-Not-Bought Prije mjesec
Hoovie talks like Jeff goldblum sometimes...
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Prije mjesec
❤ for this little hoovie.
andrew allen
andrew allen Prije mjesec
And then there is the clutch in my VW Splittie. 10 dollars US for a new friction plate :)
Harpinder Sanghera
Harpinder Sanghera Prije mjesec
More videos like this, getting Top Gear vibes from the first part. Great production
Momo Prije mjesec
15:12 that sound 😂
Charles Aec
Charles Aec Prije mjesec
arPos Kraft
arPos Kraft Prije mjesec
@20:40 the best oil for maritime deep sumps...which figures since you are driving a boat (a gordeous boat but still)
XJLuxury Prije mjesec
Ben Bryson
Ben Bryson Prije mjesec
14:30, so did wizard actually have it right and mike "corrected" him and switched it? Or something else?
Austin Jolley
Austin Jolley Prije mjesec
Why replace the driveshaft if the ujoint is blown out?
Hugh Oxford
Hugh Oxford Prije mjesec
It's not get-rag, it's g'trag, like Gdansk
Pm Prije mjesec
hahahaha how daring !!! no American car beats German cars.
9256andrew Prije mjesec
It seems like a good reason to do without a transmission and buy a tesla.
Avijit Kundu
Avijit Kundu Prije mjesec
someone please tell me where can i find this intro music????
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget Prije mjesec
Dont eat the car. Wizard procceeds to drink oil.
bekir kurt
bekir kurt Prije mjesec
sls amg is one of the best car of all times
Cheepchipsable Prije mjesec
A good way to have a maintenance failure is interrupt the mechanic while he is doing the job. Asking questions constantly and pointing out the lose bit of plastic while he is about to fill something, or tighten a drain plug is a good start to making sure he forgets where he is at in the procedure.
Diesel Prije mjesec
20:28 why do you use diesel oil?
Mikes Tech Rescue
Mikes Tech Rescue Prije mjesec
you buy a new camera or did you hire someone to record you now?
AdamG1983 Prije mjesec
"Let's not put the wrong fluids in the wrong places, please" *F*
Hector Garmao
Hector Garmao Prije mjesec
How about the e-SLS?
tim ford
tim ford Prije mjesec
I think Hoovie has a cod piece obsession to add to his yoga pants fetish.
Hubjeep Prije mjesec
20:30 I use that in my S52 BMW engine. Delvac had a $10 rebate/gallon last year, ended up being $12/gallon.
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Prije mjesec
This makes me 😥 sad. We all make mistakes but the wizard did step up to the plate. I have respect for that
Pascal MARTIN Prije mjesec
DSG is not new technology and has always been troublesome/expensive. It's a manufacturer's con to keep their workshops busy and their pockets lined. Amazing to drive when new and that's about it. :)
sync232 Prije mjesec
Magic Mike channel when?
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Prije mjesec
Thought running the car to check the fluid was a common thing?
M Cole
M Cole Prije mjesec
Real life back to the future moment!😆
Christopher Prije mjesec
I think the torque tube is actually made of carbon fiber
Grey Dog
Grey Dog Prije mjesec
They convinced Wizard he had the fill ports backwards 15:00 , but Wizard was correct until they changed his mind
Douglas Blair
Douglas Blair Prije mjesec
The fun time of gaining back the customer's trust after a minor fluid flip :) A into B rather than A into A and B into B :)
Patty jay
Patty jay Prije mjesec
Wizard it will be:Foo Motul ain’t cheap😜
Dr. Skillz
Dr. Skillz Prije mjesec
Anyone else watching this after the fluid mixup?
MrDuncl Prije mjesec
The Wizard should have tasted both old and new to select the right fluid :-)
WJ Vlodek
WJ Vlodek Prije mjesec
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Prije mjesec
Went to watch it to look at the fluids looked at I glance 11:16, 18:40, 20:30
Kieran Strahan
Kieran Strahan Prije mjesec
Almost, missed this ep and saw the mixup. So went back to get it in order XD
Rhett Munson
Rhett Munson Prije mjesec
Wrong, all wrong....
Bebo Rodner
Bebo Rodner Prije mjesec
. See.. latest video after this was filmed. the wizard even said maybe we should check the video again. Majic Mike should've known better, but what the heck everyone makes mistakes.
PAUL ZOULAMIS Prije mjesec
How shrewd and cunning is Hoovie?? not buy this content...looks scripted
emiel vd
emiel vd Prije mjesec
not the right engine oil
mr manu
mr manu Prije mjesec
The look on your face when he said $800
Kay EM
Kay EM Prije mjesec
Hi... I'm from the future... That sls is fucked
MoparFam 300C
MoparFam 300C Prije mjesec
Broke life Builds
Broke life Builds Prije mjesec
14:35 - 14:57 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Broke life Builds
Broke life Builds Prije mjesec
I think its the wrong fluid in the wrong hole.
Broke life Builds
Broke life Builds Prije mjesec
Luis UA6
Luis UA6 Prije mjesec
14:54 that didn’t age well
Tommy Greist
Tommy Greist Prije mjesec
Icy Upti
Icy Upti Prije mjesec
Bro he put the wrong fluids in
Byn 163
Byn 163 Prije mjesec
14:53 Nope you were right Wizard.
Moscow HQ
Moscow HQ Prije mjesec
sammybee Prije mjesec
That’s the wrong fluid
Shaun _.
Shaun _. Prije mjesec
12 days too late.
Mark Hide
Mark Hide Prije mjesec
send the old vcr to 12 volt vids. he would have a field day! he may have a cure...
Gory Gusto
Gory Gusto Prije mjesec
23:58 Corrado
James 73
James 73 Prije mjesec
Hmmm, in a previous video you stated the MB 300 SL as your favorite car of all time. Were you not aware that the six cylinder engine in the 300 SL is also mounted at an angle to clear the hood? Also, in the Sixties, Dodge and Chrysler had a slant six in their Dart and Valiant models that no doubt powered those cars for millions of miles.
savethemanual Prije mjesec
You are supposed to check the temp of the oil after changing it using the Star diagnosis tool and also check it has not been overfilled also there is a specific torque setting on the plug. If you want to protect a 30k transmission do it properly
rolly doucet
rolly doucet Prije mjesec
4.32 "Complete new shaft will be here next week" Is the universal joint not available? I had the same issue with a "U" joint on a BMW 320i. The only worn part of the driveshaft was the rear U joint. BMW said no U joint was available but a complete new driveshaft was, for $1800. A German parts supplier in Toronto got me a U joint for $49. That was 5 years and 60,000 miles ago. It turns out the replacement U joint is actually a Volvo part, and the supplier was aware of that.
Dude...Are you sure??
Dude...Are you sure?? Prije mjesec
Aren't you and LegitStreetCars buddies? Thought you knew him…? If not, you should look him up on HRpost he just might know a thing or two or three on MBs. You know him dude, I'm sure you are friends.
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije mjesec
Oval office...LOL
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh Prije mjesec
watching wizard taste fluids makes me feel sick LOL
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki Prije mjesec
I've known Magic Mike for years and years, over a decade, longer than the Car Wizard actually. 4:00 was an obvious joke (he knew I was joking) but if you want to take it as an Ellen Degeneres moment, go ahead... It did look rude, it was rude looking at it out of context. Sorry if you think I'm a terrible person now.
Yismeicha Prije mjesec
I will not be surprised when Wizard gets tounge cancer.
FireFoxuser2 Prije mjesec
9:09 "Rob... ugh" hahahaahah best comment ever
Anoop Varghese
Anoop Varghese Prije mjesec
Had to double check it was hoovies garage, without the theme song
Darryn Pittman
Darryn Pittman Prije mjesec
Love you hoovie always make my day better man. Hopefully one day I can meet you and talk hoopties
Buster Donut
Buster Donut Prije mjesec
"Wizard Rigging" 🤔🤔🤔
Old Man In A Boxster
Old Man In A Boxster Prije mjesec
There isn't anything inherently wrong with DCTs, but you have to get the R&D right. Unlike VW/Mercedes/Ford.
Gianna Giavelli
Gianna Giavelli Prije mjesec
someday you will be mine - goddamn beautiful car
Markku Pesonen
Markku Pesonen Prije mjesec
It's better have old oil than not oil at all.
allgonquin Prije mjesec
Is it just me or does Magic Mike look related to Johnny the Car Ninja?
Quinn Mangum
Quinn Mangum Prije mjesec
Who is very dicky this video. I’m done with the shit
Quinn Mangum
Quinn Mangum Prije mjesec
Quinn Mangum
Quinn Mangum Prije mjesec
Humble your self my niggah
The Prodigal Son 2
The Prodigal Son 2 Prije mjesec
Can I buy this Mercedes for 32$? I saw you let the Porsche Cayenne for 5$ so I thought I would try for the SLS, ill give it a good home 😍🤣🤣🤣 SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...
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